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International Cycling Classic - Superweek - NE

USA, July 9-25, 2004

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Race 3 - July 11: First National Bank Maritime Bay Classic

McCook escapes and Pic takes a win

By Kristy Scrymgeour

Podium including Carlos Vargos (Endeavour), David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley),
Photo ©: Kristy Scrymgeour

Dave McCook (McGuire Pro Cycling) and Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) took out today's Race of Superweek showing their sprinting finesse to the people of Manitowoc. Pic now wears the leaders jersey for the women's series and in the men's event the yellow leaders jersey was handed over to Carlos Vargas (Endeavour Cycling Team).

The course was a basic four-corner set up around Washington Park in Manitowoc, with wide open straights and corners. Both the men's and the women's race was riddled with sprint primes making both races fast and keeping the bunch together for the majority of the race.

In the women's race attacks were frequent with Suzanne Sonye (Helen's Cycles) and Keri Soraci (TDS) being quite aggressive early in the race but the Genesis Scuba team anxious to keep the race together for their sprinter, Pic. Brooke O'Conner (Colavita Olive Oil) was very successful in winning the majority of the primes saying that it would help "pay for [her] airfare home. I was going to go for the overall points," she said, "but I'm not going to be here for the full series, so I figured that I'd go for the sprint primes."

Eventually after 60 kilometers of racing the event came down to a bunch sprint which Pic took easily from Magen Long (The Bicycle Store) and Andrea Hannos (Rona). Pic said she really owed the win today to her team. "I didn't feel that good today," she said. "It was a fast race because of the primes and I felt like I sat in a lot. The team was good and they held it together for the sprint."

Again in the men's race multiple small breakaway attempts filled the race but all were reeled back in very quickly on the fast course. The big money primes made the race very exciting, one in particular seeing Robbie Ventura (USPS) leading out the $300 prime with Jonas Carney (Jelly Belly) caming around the final corner so far in front of the other contenders that he was able to sit up and roll to the line to take the money.

With 14 laps to go, a couple of small breaks joined forces and a break of 13 riders formed, which proved to be the decisive move of the day. With the bunch moving in on them a few times, it was the voice of Harm Jansen echoing across the park, who was convincing his fellow breakaway riders that this was the break that could stay if they all worked together.

It did stay and with two laps to go a bell rang to announce a final $300 prime for the penultimate lap. McCook made his move to take the sprint and kept it going after the sprint line to solo the final lap to victory. "I timed it really well," he said. "Nobody was thinking that I would hold on after the prime but I really committed myself to it and it worked out."

Jansen came in bike lengths ahead of the rest of the break to take second place and moved himself up to second place in the overall series in doing so. "When [McCook] took off I wasn't going to chase him because I knew he'd beat me in a sprint anyway. I had to wait for the other to chase him."

Jansen is very well known at the Superweek series and had some kind words to say about the event whilst on the podium. "I don't think there's any other racing series that matches this one. You guys have got it together and I think it is underestimated."

Taking third place in the race was Australian Richard England (Team MGZT) who was very pleased to be standing on the podium for the first time at Superweek. "I took some inspiration from one of my teammates who has been right up there every day. I started a bit too far back for the sprint to catch these two," he added referring to McCook and Jansen.

Tomorrow's stage is a road race held over a 10-mile circuit in Alpine Valley, a place famous for Wisconsin's ski fields. Each lap consists of short steep hills, making for quite a challenging stage.


Images by Kristy Scrymgeour/


1 David McCook (McGuire Pro Cycling)                              
2 Harm Jansen (Helens RPM)                                        
3 Richard England (Team MGZT)                                     
4 Carlos Vargas (Endeavour Cycling Team)                          
5 Jimmy Hansen                                                    
6 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (LaGrange)                                  
7 Brian Sheedy (Team Seasilver)                                   
8 Robbert Van Der Stelt                                           
9 Emile Abraham (Team Monex)                                      
10 Frank Dierking (ABD Cycling Team)                              
11 Gavin Chilcott (Dewar's Racing Team)                           
12 John Semmelhack (ABD Cycling Team)                             
13 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                                   
14 Marvin van der Pluym (Van Hemert - EuroGifts)                  
15 Adam Curry (Revolution Cycling Team)                           
16 Ryan Nenninger (ABD Cycling Team)                              
17 Karl Menzies (Team MGZT)                                       
18 Brian Jensen (HRRC)                                            
19 Victor Ayala (LaGrange)                                        
20 Steve Tilford (BikeSource)                                     
21 Fran Travieso (Cyclist Warehouse)                              
22 Josh Goodwin (Team Monex)                                      
23 Jim Baldesare (ABD Cycling Team)                               
24 Sterling Magnell (Sierra Nevada)                               
25 Colin Beardsley (McGuire Pro Cycling)                          
26 Rahsaan Bahat                                                  
27 Steen Rose (Northwest Cycling Club/Alkek Velodrome)            
28 Bret Glembachi (ISCorp/Nova)                                   
29 Mark Leffler (Rocknasium)                                      
30 John Bergmann (McGuire Cycling)                                
31 (unknown rider)                                                
32 (unknown rider)                                                
33 Nicholas Reistad (Endeavour Cycling Team)                      
34 Max Clauson (GS Ciao)                                          
35 Jay Ku                                                         
36 Dave Riemersma (IS Corp/NOVA)                                  
37 Wes Hartman (Team Mack)                                        
38 Andrew Manart                                                  
39 Duke Merren (Cyclist Warehouse)                                
40 Evanlo Zimmerman                                               
41 Skye Kraft (Eastside Cycling)                                  
42 Jonas Carney (Jelly Belly)                                     
43 Garrett Peltoten (Endeavour Cycling Team)                      
44 Matt Delks (PCW Cycling)                                       
45 Jordan Roessingh (IS Corp)                                     
46 Adam Biwan (IS Corp)                                           
47 Dustin Stein (AST Cycling)                                     
48 Dean Myers (Twin Peaks Racing Team)                            
49 Willie Gonzalez (Cyclists Warehouse)                           
50 Maciej Pike-Biegunski (The Bike Shop)                          
51 John Cimbura (AST Cycling)                                     
52 Stefano Barberi (JC Investors)                                 
53 Thomas Hallock (Northwest Cycling Club)                        
54 Alejandro Garcia (Jc Investors)                                
55 Raul Bello (Cyclists Warehouse)                                
56 Aron Huerta (Village Peddler)                                  
57 Gregg Medinilla (Team Monex)                                   
58 Kyle Gritters (Team Monex)                                     
59 Paul Kronser (U.W. Health cycling)                             
60 Adam Mills (HRRC/Maclaren/Bike Source)                         
61 Andrew Hargarter (Hampshire Cycle Club)                        
62 Leonardo Martinez (Cyclists Warehouse)                         
63 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                      
64 Justin Sommer (Hampshire Cycle Club)                           
65 Michael Macedon (Team Mack)                                    
66 Gunter Hermanni (JC Investors)                                 
67 David Kay (Bellin Health)                                      
68 Paul Sumner (Rocknasium)                                       
69 Leandro Contreras (Cyclists Warehouse)                         
70 Jeff Courter (GS Ciao)                                         
71 Drew Deters (Homeland Communities/Reality)                     
72 Chris Bolling (2CC/Pony Shop)                                  
73 Jacob Nielsen (Glud & Marstrand Horsens)                       
74 James Holmes (TEAM MACK CYCLING ASSOC)                         
75 Ben Anderson (UW-health)                                       
76 Neil Shirley                                                   
77 Bill Stolte (HRRC)                                             
78 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                            
79 Eric Warnsman (Northwest Cycling Club/Alkek Velodrome)         
80 Granam Howard (ABD Cycling Team)                               
81 David Sachs (Alberto's Sport)                                  
82 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                      
Sprint Points - Men - Round 1
1 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                  
2 Victor Ayala (LaGrange)                                         
3 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)                                  
4 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                             
5 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                       
6 Wes Hartman (Team Mack)                                         
7 Max Clauson (GS Ciao)                                           
Sprint Points - Men - Round 2
1 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)                                  
2 Andew Crater (Team Monex)                                       
3 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                  
4 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                             
5 Adam Curry (Revolution Cycling Team)                            
6 John Cimbura (AST Cycling)                                      
7 Nicholas Reistad (Endeavour Cycling Team)                       
Sprint Points - Men - Round 3
1 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                  
2 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                       
3 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                             
4 Richard England (Team MGZT)                                     
5 Brian Jensen (HRRC)                                             
6 Emile Abraham (Team Monex)                                      
7 Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Glud & Marstrand Horsens)           
Sprint Points - Men - Round 4
1 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)                                  
2 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                  
3 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                             
4 Karl Menzies (Team MGZT)                                        
5 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                       
6 Garrett Peltoten (Endeavour Cycling Team)                       
7 Peter Knudsen (Schroeder Iron)                                  
Sprint Points - Men - Round 5
1 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                  
2 Victor Ayala (LaGrange)                                         
3 Nicholas Reistad (Endeavour Cycling Team)                       
4 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                       
5 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                                    
6 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                       
7 Brian Hammer (Hampshire Cycle Club)                             
Overall standings
1 Carlos Vargas (Endeavour Cycling Team)                        46 pts
2 Harm Jansen (Helens RPM)                                      39
3 Frank Dierking (ABD Cycling Team)                             37
4 David Mc Cook (McGuire Pro Cycling)                           33
5 Emile Abraham (Team Monex)                                    31
6 Jacob Nielsen (Glud & Marstrand Horsens)                      30
7 Jimmy Hansen                                                  26
8 Robbert Van Der Stelt                                         25
9 Wes Hartman (Team Mack)                                       24
10 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (LaGrange)                               21
11 Ricardo Hernandez (JC Investors Racing Team)                 21
12 Robbie Ventura (US Postal Service)                           20
13 Richard England (Team MGZT)                                  20
14 Karl Menzies (Team MGZT)                                     20
15 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                               19
16 Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Glud & Marstrand Horsens)        18
17 Andew Crater (Team Monex)                                    17
18 Jacob Nielsen (Gm Horsens)                                   16
19 Steve Tilford (BikeSource)                                   16
20 Nicholas Reistad (Endeavour Cycling Team)                    15
21 Brian Sheedy (Team Seasilver)                                14
22 Neil Shirley                                                 13
23 Ryan Nenninger (ABD Cycling Team)                            11
24 Gavin Chilcott (Dewar's Racing Team)                         10
25 John Semmelhack (ABD Cycling Team)                            9
26 Michael Ebert (ABD Cycling Team)                              9
27 Juan Gaspari (National team aregentina)                       9
28 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                                  8
29 Sterling Magnell (Sierra Nevada)                              8
30 Jay Ku                                                        8
31 Marvin van der Pluym (Van Hemert - EuroGifts)                 7
32 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)                                7
33 Adam Curry (Revolution Cycling Team)                          6
34 Fran Travieso (Cyclist Warehouse)                             6
35 Steen Rose (Northwest Cycling Club/Alkek Velodrome)           5
36 Zach Fiocca (Higher Gear)                                     5
37 Aron Huerta (Village Peddler)                                 4
38 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                           4
39 Brian Jensen (HRRC)                                           3
40 Victor Ayala (LaGrange)                                       2
41 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                     2
42 Brant Hendler (West Michigan Coast Riders)                    1
43 Kasper Larsen (Horaens)                                       1
Sprint standings
1 David Fuentes (Morgan Stanley)                                71 pts
2 Victor Ayala (LaGrange)                                       40
3 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling Team)                           40
4 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)                                33
5 Juan Euavetet (National team argentina)                       28
6 Andew Crater (Team Monex)                                     24
7 Nicholas Reistad (Endeavour Cycling Team)                     23
8 Carlos Vargas (Endeavour Cycling Team)                        17
9 Robbie Ventura (US Postal Service)                            16
10 Paul Richards (Team MGZT)                                    16
11 Troy Critchlow                                               15
12 Frank Dierking (ABD Cycling Team)                            12
13 Karl Menzies (Team MGZT)                                     11
14 Richard England (Team MGZT)                                   8
15 Jacob Nielsen (Gm Horsens)                                    8
16 Walter Perez                                                  7
17 Gregg Medinilla (Team Monex)                                  6
18 Sterling Magnell (Sierra Nevada)                              5
19 Adam Curry (Revolution Cycling Team)                          5
20 Brian Jensen (HRRC)                                           4
21 Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Glud & Marstrand Horsens)         4
22 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                                  3
23 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                     2
24 Garrett Peltoten (Endeavour Cycling Team)                     2
25 Emile Abraham (Team Monex)                                    2
26 John Cimbura (AST Cycling)                                    2
27 Wes Hartman (Team Mack)                                       2
28 Fran Travieso (Cyclist Warehouse)                             2
29 Jim Baldesare (ABD Cycling Team)                              2
30 Ryan Nenninger (ABD Cycling Team)                             2
31 Neil Shirley                                                  2
32 Brian Hammer (Hampshire Cycle Club)                           1
33 Peter Knudsen (Schroeder Iron)                                1
34 Max Clauson (GS Ciao)                                         1
35 Stefano Barberi (JC Investors)                                1
36 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (LaGrange)                                1
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                   
2 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                  
3 Andrea Hannos (RONA)                                            
4 Brenda Lyons (ABD Cycle Club)                                   
5 Jennifer Yaeso (Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team)                   
6 Suzanne Sonye (Helens Trek/VW)                                  
7 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                  
8 Kerry Soraci (TDS Telecom)                                      
9 Julie Tatar (America's Dairyland)                               
10 Catherine Walberg (KENDA)                                      
11 Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)                              
12 Christina DeKraay (Team Fuji)                                  
13 Lauren Trull (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                              
14 Brooke O'connor (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                        
15 CarrieAnn Kopernik (Coyote Cycling)                            
16 Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)                                      
17 Mindi Martin (Team Kendra Tire)                                
18 Kerry Cohen (Athletes By Design)                               
19 Elizabeth Morse (The Bicycle Store)                            
20 Rebecca Anderson (America's Dairyland)                         
21 Megan Monroe (America's Dairyland)                             
22 Rachel Eichers (America's Dairyland)                           
23 Alison McNulty (Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle)                 
24 Alexis Brown (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                              
25 Leigh Ann Valletti (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                        
26 Sarah Tillotson (Athletes By Design)                           
27 Chelsea Harris (Stone creek coffe/One percent more! Racing)    
28 Alisha Little (ABD Cycling Team)                               
29 Stacey Bertsch (Mercy Cycling Team)                            
30 Caroline Soong (Purdue University)                             
31 Rachael Couch (Valdoro Mtn Lodge)                              
32 Jim Baldesare (ABD Cycling Team)                               
33 Pam Hinton (Dent Wizard)                                       
34 Cheryl Roth (Helens/Trek/VW)                                   
35 Barb Harick (Grand Performance/Bianchi)                        
Sprint Points - Women - Round 1
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                   
2 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                  
3 Kerry Soraci (TDS Telecom)                                      
4 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                  
5 Brooke O'connor (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                         
Sprint Points - Women - Round 2
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                   
2 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                  
3 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                  
4 Brenda Lyons (ABD Cycle Club)                                   
5 Alisha Little (ABD Cycling Team)                                
Sprint Points - Women - Round 3
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                   
2 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                  
3 Andrea Hannos (RONA)                                            
4 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                  
5 Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)                                       
Overall standings
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                 38 pts
2 Andrea Hannos (RONA)                                          38
3 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                35
4 Brenda Lyons (ABD Cycle Club)                                 32
5 Jennifer Yaeso (Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team)                 27
6 Christina DeKraay (Team Fuji)                                 23
7 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                21
8 Brooke O'connor (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                       20
9 Kerry Sorpaci (TDS Telecom)                                   19
10 Leigh Ann Valletti (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                      17
11 Suzanne Sonye (Helens Trek/VW)                               15
12 Kerry Soraci (TDS Telecom)                                   13
13 Rebecca Anderson (America's Dairyland)                       13
14 Julie Tatar (America's Dairyland)                            12
15 Elizabeth Morse (The Bicycle Store)                          12
16 Catherine Walberg (KENDA)                                    11
17 CarrieAnn Kopernik (Coyote Cycling)                          11
18 Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)                                    11
19 Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)                            10
20 Kelly Benjamin (Athletes By Design)                           9
21 Lauren Trull (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                             8
22 Rebecca MvcH (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)                           8
23 Mindi Martin (Team Kendra Tire)                               8
24 Kerry Cohen (Athletes By Design)                              5
25 Megan Monroe (America's Dairyland)                            3
26 Stacey Bertsch (Mercy Cycling Team)                           1
Sprint standings
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                                 25 pts
2 Emily Gloeckerner (TOS/Shwabe)                                14
3 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                                13
4 Andrea Hannos (RONA)                                           8
5 Brenda Lyons (ABD Cycle Club)                                  6
6 Brooke O'connor (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                        6
7 Kerry Sorpaci (TDS Telecom)                                    4
8 Kerry Soraci (TDS Telecom)                                     3
9 Leigh Ann Valletti (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                        3
10 Kelly Benjamin (Athletes By Design)                           3
11 Christina DeKraay (Team Fuji)                                 2
12 Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)                                     1
13 Alisha Little (ABD Cycling Team)                              1
14 Alexis Brown (Genesis Scuba /FFCC)                            1