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La Vuelta de Bisbee - NE

USA, April 23-25, 2004

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Stage 1 - April 24: Sulphur Springs Road Race, 79.3/39.7 miles (M/W)

La Vuelta de Bisbee Stage 1 – Sulphur Springs Road Race

Blanchard & Sherwin triumph in Sulphur Springs

Gaggioli and Frattini move to top spots on GC

By Steve Medcroft

Kate Sherwin (Team Kenda Tire) and Scott Blanchard (Eclipse Racing) won Saturday morning's La Vuelta de Bisbee Stage 1. In both races, the outcome was determined by careful team control of the front of each race and a final, gutsy push by the winning racer. Being fast and relatively tough to win on breakaway, this morning's course created a perfect opportunity for contenders to make moves in the GC competition so Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile) and Davide Frattini (Monex) both used successful tactics in winning time bonuses to knock off the top spots in each race.

The cycling gods were kind to racers. The morning featured mild temperatures (70 at the start), relatively low winds and absolutely clear skies. The course rolled out of Bisbee, passed the famous and now-defunct Bisbee open-pit copper mine, across the rolling hills of the surrounding community, to finish on a wide, fast and only-slightly uphill highway back into town.


The men's race saw more successful breaks on the road (with one group over three minutes away at one point). But the major teams in the race, Landis Trek/VW and, especially, Monex, led Tempo and brought the groups all together for the final approach into town. From there, it was all jockeying for sprint position.

The jockeying forced eventual winner Blanchard up against a highway retaining wall. "Six guys went early," he said. "Too early -- about 900 meters out. The guy on the front blew up." Blanchard, riding with three teammates from Tucson-based Eclipse Racing, says he was fresh after being able to sit in most of the day -- benefiting from the tactics of the major teams. "I got lucky, got good momentum, and was able to get a small gap." The gap held and he won the stage three bike-lengths ahead of the next rider.

The main group quickly followed though and included all the major GC threats (Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators), Frattini, and Drew Miller (Team Landis Trek/VW), locking the GC as it sat on the road leaving Frattini (who gobbled up sprint bonus points) with the lead.


Sherwin, in Bisbee with five teammates and sitting only 1' 12" back on GC, won after a final-miles breakaway. 42 miles into the aggressive 45-mile contest, Sherwin, with two other riders, was able to make a break hold in the gradual uphills of the lead up to the finish.

"People were attacking all day," she said. "But none of the attacks would stick." Approaching the final climb, she followed an attack on the main group by GC leader Brooke Ourada (Team Victory Brewing). "I think she realized that she was alone because she kind of sat up," Sherwin said. "So I attacked." Two other riders, second-place finisher Suz Weldon (Tamarack/Goldy's) and third-place finisher Sandra Kold (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling) bridged up. "We worked together after that," said Weldon.

Behind them in the main group rode Ourada and Lynn Gaggioli (second in GC at the beginning of the day). "Victory Brewing had been chasing every break," Gaggioli said. "But no-one chased when the three girls got away. I think we all figured there was time to chase it back down."

"The officials told us we had 30 seconds," Sherwin said. "Then 40." The trio then was told that the main group was closing in. "I just put my head down, never looked back and held on to the finish, Sherwin said. Her two break mates came in one after the other just behind.

In the group behind, Gaggioli felt like the main pack had waited too late to chase and attacked. "It hurt coming up the final climb and I just, just couldn't catch the three at the end." But she did come close enough to gain a few more seconds (to accompany a 15-second filed-sprint bonus she earned on the roads) advantage over Ourada and secure her GC lead (9 seconds ahead of Ourada, 27 over Weldon).

Stage 2 - April 24: Warren Time Trial, 10.6 miles

About five hours after the road race finish, racers will line up in reverse GC order for the relatively flat time trial. Which means more shake up in GC could be in store for us.

Race notes

At the start of the Men's A and Women's race, race officials called one particular team of riders to the front of the group. They were being given the honor of leading the neutral roll-out for each race. For three miles, every other racer would follow behind out of respect. It wasn't the winner's team, as is tradition.

It was a contingent of active and reserve members of the US Armed Forces team, which contains reserve and active members of every branch of the service. Officials wanted to acknowledge the sacrifices the US military is making on all our behalf's in combat theaters across the world making the honor of leading the roll-out their fitting gesture.


Images by Jason Elhardt/


1 Scott Blanchard (Eclipse Racing)                           2.55.35
2 Chad Beyer (Domenics)                                        
3 Peter Baker (Team Snow Valley)                               
4 Jacob Erker (Team Seasilver)                                 
5 Michael Lange (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)              
6 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                                 
7 Neil Shirley (Team Seasilver)                                
8 Chris Gruber (Unattached)                                    
9 Todd Terlecki (Giant Factory Team)                           
10 Edward King (Louis Garneau Racing)                          
11 Jason Karew (Eclipse Racing)                                
12 Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling)                              
13 Andew Guptill (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                    
14 Drew Miller (Landis/Trek/VW)                                
15 Adam Livingston (Team Seasilver)                            
16 George Ganoung (US Armed Forces)                            
17 Clayton Barrows (Rocky Mountain Cycling Ed Fnd)             
18 Robbie King (Louis Garneau Racing)                          
19 Todd Hageman (Cole Sports)                                  
20 Gregory Abrahamson (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)               
21 Tom Crawford (Broadmark Capital Elite)                      
22 Evan Elken (Broadmark Capital Elite)                        
23 John Osguthorpe (Ogden One)                                 
24 Trent Hornus (US Armed Forces)                              
25 Ryan Dewald (Team Snow Valley)                              
26 Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators Cycling Team)                
27 David Wenger (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)              
28 Peter Penzell (US Armed Forces)                             
29 Wayne Puckett (Team Spine)                                  
30 John Hackman (Velo Club LaGrange)                           
31 Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)                           
32 Peter Fairbanks (GP - Bianchi)                              
33 Mike Zagorski (Velo Club LaGrange)                          
34 Jacob Hunter (Team Revolution Racing)                       
35 Curtis Gunn (Veloworx Racing)                               
36 Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling)                           
37 Mike Dietrich (Fiordifrutta)                                
38 Matt Gilbert (Team Monex)                                   
39 John Hunt (Village Peddler)                                 
40 Owen Jeffries (Rocknasium/CBE)                              
41 Roy Pickavance (CenturyTel)                                 
42 Keith Miller (Team DARE)                                    
43 Michael Hernandez (Reno Wheelmen)                           
44 Daniel Ramsey (Team Seasilver)                              
45 Erik Van Den Akker (Reno Wheelmen)                          
46 Axel Santiago (CenturyTel)                                  
47 Stuart Press (Velo Club LaGrange)                           
48 Bartek Fidelus (Ranchos Cycling Club)                       
49 Logan Garey (Unattached)                                    
50 Tim Carolan (Landis/Trek/VW)                                
51 Philip Wong (Fiordifrutta)                                  
52 Mari Holden (T-Mobile)                                      
53 Kevin Nicol (ACA)                                           
54 Evan Lawrence (Team Hammer Gel)                             
55 Dylan Sybel (Symmetrics Cycling)                            
56 John Salskov (CZ Racing)                                    
57 Geoffrey Rapoport (Velo Club LaGrange)                      
58 Ryan Hamity (Rocky Mountain Cycling Ed Fnd)                 
59 Thomas Hallock (Northwest Cycling Club)                     
60 Kurt Hackler (Ibex/Fitwerx)                                 
61 Enrique Ospina (Team Monex)                                 
62 Matthew Holecko (Arizona State Cycling)                     
63 Shawn Olin (US Armed Forces)                                
64 Matt Bromen (Velo Club LaGrange)                            
65 Greg Bourque (Team Seasilver)                               
66 Matt Sadauskas (Team Seasilver)                             
67 Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)                         
68 Jacob Rubelt (Landis/Trek/VW)                               
69 Zach Winter (Hayden Frontier Cycling Team)                  
70 Steve Mlujeak (US Armed Forces)                             
71 Andy Bestwick (HDCC)                                        
72 David Robinson (Broadmark Capital Elite)                    
73 Carl Decker (Broadmark Capital Elite)                       
74 Ryan Yee (Team Monex)                                       
75 Michael Gallagher (US Armed Forces)                         
76 Sean Cahill (US Armed Forces)                               
77 Jose Quintero (Ranchos Venezuela)                            0.19
78 Devin Zoller (Hayden Frontier Cycling Team)                      
79 Mark Weideman (High Sierra Cyclists)                             
80 Matt Lorenz (US Armed Forces)                                    
81 Mark Cunningham (Symmetrics Cycling)                             
82 Omer Kem (Broadmark Capital Elite)                               
83 Josh Goodwin (Team Monex)                                    0.24
84 Aaron Smathers (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)             0.45
85 Nick Kiernan (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)                   
86 Scott Kasin (Team Lucky Lounge)                                  
87 Jason Spencer (Atlas Cycling)                                0.56
88 Hugh Moran (Atlas Cycling)                                       
89 Drew Deters (Team Seasilver)                                 1.05
90 Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)                            1.11
91 Zachary Vestal (Jimmy D Racing)                              1.16
92 Justin Morgan (Broadmark Capital Elite)                      1.49
93 John Reed (Team Lucky Lounge)                                2.02
94 Brian Lemke (Landis/Trek/VW)                                 2.39
95 Dave Reid (Landis/Trek/VW)                                       
96 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                        
97 Pat Caro (Team Monex)                                            
98 Russell Cree (Broadmark Capital Elite)                       2.59
99 Mike Herdman (Team Monex)                                    3.16
100 Peter Knudsen (Team Seasilver)                              4.14
DNF Joel Hennings (Atlas Cycling)                                   
DNF Owen Gue (Team Hammer Gel)                                      
1 Kate Sherwin (Team Kenda Tire)                             2.02.52
2 Suz Weldon (Tamarack/Goldy's)                                 0.00
3 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                  0.11
4 Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile)                                      0.18
5 Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)                                 0.24
6 Sandy Espeseth (Team Victory Brewing)                             
7 Sima Trapp (Tamarack/Goldy's)                                     
8 Jennifer Stevens (Red 5 Racing)                                   
9 Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)                                
10 Deneen Brown (Landis/Trek/VW)                                0.23
11 Brooke Ourada (Team Victory Brewing)                         0.24
12 Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)                                
13 Chrissy Ruiter (Basis)                                           
14 Kristin Johnson (Basis)                                          
15 Jennifer Todd (Red 5 Racing)                                     
16 Johanna Buick (Team Victory Brewing)                         0.32
17 Heather Woodhouse (Team Kenda Tire)                              
18 Maria Molina (Ortho-Evra)                                        
19 Maria Castaneda (Ortho-Evra)                                     
20 Dorothy Wong (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                    
21 Rook Campbell (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                               
22 Kirsten Robbins (Team Victory Brewing)                           
23 Lisa Hunt (The Olympic Club)                                     
24 Maureen Middleton (Landis/Trek/VW)                               
25 Marie Rosado (Ortho-Evra)                                        
26 Sarah Barber (Richardson Bike Mart)                          0.43
27 Rebecca Stengel (Mountain Velo Cycling Team)                     
28 Sheila Orem (BBC)                                                
29 Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)                            0.49
30 Nadine Bruhn (Red 5 Racing)                                      
31 Maggie Luciano-Williams (Landis/Trek/VW)                         
32 Maegan Daigler (Helen's/Trek/VW)                             0.55
33 Corinn Clark-Danielli (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)       1.00
34 Marielle Aunave (Unattached)                                 1.05
35 Betsy Sellers (Team Kenda Tire)                                  
36 Rosanne Lent ( Intl Ltd)               1.10
37 Michelle Beltran (Red 5 Racing)                                  
38 Emily Westbrook (Tamarack/Goldy's)                               
39 Mary Georgetti (Mystic Velo)                                 1.21
40 Jacqui Lockwood (Team Kenda Tire)                                
41 Mary Rudy (US Armed Forces)                                  1.49
42 Jana Repulski (Tamarack/Goldy's)                                 
43 Kate Gracheck (Unattached)                                   1.57
44 Jennifer Stern (Arizona State Cycling)                       3.28
45 Mindi Martin (Team Kenda Tire)                                   
46 Kele Hulser (Basis)                                          3.43
47 Diane Shaline (Durango Wheel Club)                           3.54
48 Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire)                                    
49 Louella Holter (PSCC Gregg Specialized)                      4.03
50 Lauren Dorsch (Tamarack/Goldy's)                             4.23
51 Graciela Perez (Unattached)                                      
52 Marlene Zuhl (Mountain Velo Cycling Team)                        
53 Holly Hagan (Durango Wheel Club)                             6.44
54 Paula Higgins (Landis/Trek/VW)                               7.34
55 Karen Kraus (Team Kenda Tire)                                8.52
56 Katherine Farago (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           22.41
DNF Rebecca Cooke (Grand Canyon Racing)                             
General classification after stage 1
1 Davide Frattini (Team Monex)                               3.05.26
2 Jacob Erker (Team Seasilver)                                  0.03
3 Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators Cycling Team)                  0.10
4 Scott Blanchard (Eclipse Racing)                              0.20
5 Drew Miller (Landis/Trek/VW)                                  0.22
6 John Hunt (Village Peddler)                                   0.24
7 Dylan Sybel (Symmetrics Cycling)                              0.26
8 Peter Fairbanks (GP - Bianchi)                                0.34
9 Mike Dietrich (Fiordifrutta)                                      
10 Michael Lange (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)              0.36
11 Tim Carolan (Landis/Trek/VW)                                 0.38
12 Matt Sadauskas (Team Seasilver)                                  
13 Philip Wong (Fiordifrutta)                                   0.40
14 Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)                              
15 Adam Livingston (Team Seasilver)                             0.43
16 Robbie King (Louis Garneau Racing)                           0.50
17 Geoffrey Rapoport (Velo Club LaGrange)                       0.52
18 John Osguthorpe (Ogden One)                                  0.57
19 Ryan Dewald (Team Snow Valley)                               0.58
20 David Wenger (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)                   
21 Matt Bromen (Velo Club LaGrange)                                 
22 Michael Hernandez (Reno Wheelmen)                            0.59
23 Daniel Ramsey (Team Seasilver)                                   
24 Peter Penzell (US Armed Forces)                              1.03
25 Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling)                               1.04
26 Clayton Barrows (Rocky Mountain Cycling Ed Fnd)              1.09
27 David Robinson (Broadmark Capital Elite)                     1.11
28 George Ganoung (US Armed Forces)                             1.12
29 Carl Decker (Broadmark Capital Elite)                        1.14
30 Kurt Hackler (Ibex/Fitwerx)                                  1.17
31 Bartek Fidelus (Ranchos Cycling Club)                        1.18
32 Chad Beyer (Domenics)                                        1.19
33 Owen Jeffries (Rocknasium/CBE)                               1.21
34 Jacob Rubelt (Landis/Trek/VW)                                    
35 Peter Baker (Team Snow Valley)                               1.23
36 Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)                            1.24
37 Shawn Olin (US Armed Forces)                                 1.25
38 Neil Shirley (Team Seasilver)                                    
39 Curtis Gunn (Veloworx Racing)                                1.28
40 Logan Garey (Unattached)                                     1.30
41 Thomas Hallock (Northwest Cycling Club)                      1.31
42 Zach Winter (Hayden Frontier Cycling Team)                       
43 Edward King (Louis Garneau Racing)                               
44 Erik Van Den Akker (Reno Wheelmen)                               
45 Ryan Hamity (Rocky Mountain Cycling Ed Fnd)                  1.33
46 Matt Gilbert (Team Monex)                                    1.34
47 Chris Gruber (Unattached)                                    1.43
48 Tom Crawford (Broadmark Capital Elite)                       1.44
49 Keith Miller (Team DARE)                                     1.45
50 Enrique Ospina (Team Monex)                                  1.46
51 Ryan Yee (Team Monex)                                            
52 Michael Gallagher (US Armed Forces)                              
53 Sean Cahill (US Armed Forces)                                    
54 Mike Zagorski (Velo Club LaGrange)                           1.47
55 Evan Elken (Broadmark Capital Elite)                         1.49
56 Todd Terlecki (Giant Factory Team)                           1.50
57 Greg Bourque (Team Seasilver)                                1.57
58 Andew Guptill (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                         
59 Jason Karew (Eclipse Racing)                                 1.59
60 John Hackman (Velo Club LaGrange)                                
61 Hugh Moran (Atlas Cycling)                                   2.01
62 Kevin Nicol (ACA)                                            2.02
63 Matthew Holecko (Arizona State Cycling)                      2.03
64 Evan Lawrence (Team Hammer Gel)                                  
65 Trent Hornus (US Armed Forces)                               2.05
66 Todd Hageman (Cole Sports)                                   2.07
67 Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)                                
68 John Salskov (CZ Racing)                                     2.10
69 Steve Mlujeak (US Armed Forces)                                  
70 Andy Bestwick (HDCC)                                         2.11
71 Wayne Puckett (Team Spine)                                   2.14
72 Devin Zoller (Hayden Frontier Cycling Team)                  2.18
73 Gregory Abrahamson (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                2.19
74 Mari Holden (T-Mobile)                                       2.22
75 Roy Pickavance (CenturyTel)                                      
76 Mark Weideman (High Sierra Cyclists)                             
77 Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling)                            2.23
78 Axel Santiago (CenturyTel)                                   2.31
79 Matt Lorenz (US Armed Forces)                                2.35
80 Omer Kem (Broadmark Capital Elite)                               
81 Jacob Hunter (Team Revolution Racing)                        2.45
82 Stuart Press (Velo Club LaGrange)                            2.50
83 Josh Goodwin (Team Monex)                                        
84 Aaron Smathers (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)             2.55
85 Jason Spencer (Atlas Cycling)                                2.59
86 Drew Deters (Team Seasilver)                                 3.06
87 Justin Morgan (Broadmark Capital Elite)                      3.09
88 Mark Cunningham (Symmetrics Cycling)                         3.17
89 Jose Quintero (Ranchos Venezuela)                            3.19
90 Nick Kiernan (Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers)               3.30
91 Scott Kasin (Team Lucky Lounge)                                  
92 Zachary Vestal (Jimmy D Racing)                              3.33
93 Pat Caro (Team Monex)                                        4.12
94 Karl Bordine (Team Monex)                                    4.18
95 Dave Reid (Landis/Trek/VW)                                   4.43
96 Brian Lemke (Landis/Trek/VW)                                 4.46
97 Peter Knudsen (Team Seasilver)                               4.53
98 John Reed (Team Lucky Lounge)                                4.57
99 Russell Cree (Broadmark Capital Elite)                       5.22
100 Mike Herdman (Team Monex)                                   5.47
1 Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile)                                   2.14.54
2 Brooke Ourada (Team Victory Brewing)                          0.09
3 Suz Weldon (Tamarack/Goldy's)                                 0.27
4 Kate Sherwin (Team Kenda Tire)                                0.35
5 Sandy Espeseth (Team Victory Brewing)                         0.41
6 Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)                                 0.51
7 Chrissy Ruiter (Basis)                                        1.03
8 Kristin Johnson (Basis)                                       1.04
9 Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)                                 
10 Heather Woodhouse (Team Kenda Tire)                          1.07
11 Jennifer Todd (Red 5 Racing)                                 1.09
12 Johanna Buick (Team Victory Brewing)                         1.10
13 Jennifer Stevens (Red 5 Racing)                              1.21
14 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                 1.27
15 Kirsten Robbins (Team Victory Brewing)                       1.38
16 Sima Trapp (Tamarack/Goldy's)                                1.44
17 Sheila Orem (BBC)                                            1.50
18 Rook Campbell (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                               
19 Maureen Middleton (Landis/Trek/VW)                           1.57
20 Maria Molina (Ortho-Evra)                                    2.01
21 Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)                           2.25
22 Lisa Hunt (The Olympic Club)                                 2.28
23 Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)                            2.33
24 Marie Rosado (Ortho-Evra)                                    2.36
25 Maria Castaneda (Ortho-Evra)                                 2.37
26 Rebecca Stengel (Mountain Velo Cycling Team)                 2.44
27 Deneen Brown (Landis/Trek/VW)                                    
28 Corinn Clark-Danielli (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)       2.56
29 Maggie Luciano-Williams (Landis/Trek/VW)                     2.58
30 Dorothy Wong (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                3.03
31 Marielle Aunave (Unattached)                                 3.05
32 Michelle Beltran (Red 5 Racing)                              3.07
33 Maegan Daigler (Helen's/Trek/VW)                             3.20
34 Rosanne Lent ( Intl Ltd)               3.30
35 Nadine Bruhn (Red 5 Racing)                                  3.38
36 Emily Westbrook (Tamarack/Goldy's)                           3.46
37 Sarah Barber (Richardson Bike Mart)                          4.00
38 Betsy Sellers (Team Kenda Tire)                              4.02
39 Jacqui Lockwood (Team Kenda Tire)                            4.25
40 Jana Repulski (Tamarack/Goldy's)                             4.33
41 Mary Georgetti (Mystic Velo)                                 4.44
42 Kate Gracheck (Unattached)                                   4.59
43 Mary Rudy (US Armed Forces)                                  5.00
44 Kele Hulser (Basis)                                          6.05
45 Mindi Martin (Team Kenda Tire)                               6.33
46 Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire)                                7.06
47 Diane Shaline (Durango Wheel Club)                           7.11
48 Jennifer Stern (Arizona State Cycling)                       7.15
49 Louella Holter (PSCC Gregg Specialized)                      8.05
50 Graciela Perez (Unattached)                                      
51 Lauren Dorsch (Tamarack/Goldy's)                             8.17
52 Marlene Zuhl (Mountain Velo Cycling Team)                    8.27
53 Holly Hagan (Durango Wheel Club)                             9.18
54 Paula Higgins (Landis/Trek/VW)                              10.36
55 Karen Kraus (Team Kenda Tire)                               13.44
56 Katherine Farago (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           27.05