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Tallinn GP - 1.3

Estonia, May 23, 2003

2002 Results   Results    Past winners

Frenchmen double up on Estonian soil

By Jean-François Quénet in Tallinn

The podium
Photo: © Jean-Francois Quenet
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It looks like Estonians are returning a favour to the French, who have been used to welcoming them on their soil since they were freed from the USSR back in 1991. Jaan Kirsipuu, Janek Tombak and their compatriots now invite their respective teams, Ag2r and Cofidis. Cofidis took the first two places today with Frenchmen Arnaud Coyot and Médéric Clain.

After only one of the 13 laps of 15 km, Coyot became a member of a successful breakaway with Linas Balciunas (Oktos-MBK), Anatoli Chaburka (Belarus), Kazimierz Stafiej (MROZ), Andrei Pchelkin (Russia), Lauri Aus (Ag2r) and Riko Raim (Estonia). For two hours, the bunch kept fighting to come across, but finally gave up. But the gap was no bigger than 2'15" with four laps to go when Clain and Zbigniew Piatek (Mroz) jumped from a group of 15 counter-attackers.

When they reached the leaders with one and half laps to go, Cofidis was in an ideal position with two men. Coyot was the first to try and go on his own. But he got caught. Clain did the same with 3 km to go and got caught as well. When Coyot tried again with only one and half kilometre to the line, it was the right move. Then Clain outsprinted the rest of the group ahead of Aus.

"This is my first win as a professional," Coyot said. "I turned pro only this year and the beginning has been very difficult. I rode mostly in Belgium and didn't get any result. I started to feel good last week in the Tour of Picardy where I come from."

Coyot, 23, had won one race last year as an amateur, the Ronde du Canigou, under the colours of CC Nogent-sur-Oise. Being from the North side of Paris, he was closely watched by Cofidis which is based in North of France.

"It's always good to take a win, even if the race here wasn't the world championship," he added. "For the morale and for my team, it's great. Coming here, we had to do a good result. I can see that it’s as difficult for an Estonian to win at home as it is for a Frenchman to win in France. We're often victims of Frenchmen riding behind Frenchmen."

Great favourite Jaan Kirsipuu couldn't move too much and naturally protected his friend and team-mate Aus. Doing so, he probably saved the energy he'll need to win the second of the two UCI 1.3 races, the Ühispanga Tartu Tänavasõit, also named in English "Road Race on the streets of Tartu". Tartu is his home town, and he can’t hide that he wants his 8th win this year on Saturday.


Images by Jean-Francois Quenet

Results - 180 km

1 Arnaud Coyot (Fra) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone       4.18.28 (41.78 km/h)
2 Mederic Clain (Fra) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone         0.14
3 Lauri Aus (Est) Ag2r-Prevoyance
4 Zbigniew Piatek (Pol) Mroz
5 Jeremy Hunt (GBr) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
6 Kazimierz Stafiej (Pol) Mroz
7 Andrei Pchelkin (Rus) Russian National Team
8 Jacky Durand (Fra) Mixed Team                                2.05
9 Janek Tombak (Est) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone          2.08
10 Jonathan Dayus (GBr) Team Ringerike
11 Erki Pütsep (Est) Ag2r-Prevoyance
12 Andrei Laptsenkov (Est) Estonian U23 Team 2
13 Kalle Kriit (Est) Estonian U23 Team 1
14 Sebastian Jezierski (Pol) Legia
15 Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Team Mälarenergi
16 Stephane Berges (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance
17 Viachaslau Barei (Blr) Belarus National Team
18 Serguey Krushevskiy (Uzb) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
19 Kjell Carlström (Fin) Finland National Team
20 Linas Balciunas (Ltu) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin               2.19
21 Cory Lange (Can) Marco Polo Cycling Team                    3.24
22 Piotr Mazur (Pol) Bonda                                     3.59
23 Ivan Terenin (Rus) Russian National Team                    4.06
24 Krzysztof Krzywy (Pol) Mroz
25 Tuomas Turunen (Fin) Finland National Team
26 Jacek Walczak (Pol) Legia                                   4.12
27 Oleg Zhukov (Rus) Russian National Team
28 Risto Usin (Est) Estonian U23 Team 1                        5.01
29 Raivo Maimre (Est) Estonian U23 Team 1
30 Dennis Rasmussen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens
31 Mart Ojavee (Est) NET
32 Max Nielsen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens
33 Denis Birjukov (Est) Estonian U23 Team 2
34 Markku Ainsalu (Est) Estonian National Team
35 Tadeusz Korzeniewski (Pol) Bonda
36 Mikko Siltanen (Fin) Finland National Team                  5.07
37 Aldis Abolins (Lat) Latvian National Team                   7.40
38 Indrek Rannama (Est) Estonian National Team
39 Aleksejs Saramotins (Lat) Latvian National Team
40 Romet Puuram (Est) Estonian U23 Team 2
41 Allan Aulik (Est) Estonian National Team
42 Mikko Autio (Fin) Finland National Team
43 Uladzimir Autka (Blr) Belarus National Team
44 Perttu Turku (Fin) Finland National Team 2                  7.45
45 Adam Wadecki (Pol) Mroz
46 Martins Polakovs (Lat) Latvian National Team
47 Daniel Wasiewicz (Pol) Legia                               11.49
48 Helmet Tamkõrv (Est) NET                                   17.16
49 Peep Mikli (Est) Mixed Team
50 Jussi Veikkanen (Fin) Team Mälarenergi
51 Mattias Carlsson (Swe) Team Ringerike
52 Kalvis Eisaks (Lat) Latvian National Team
53 Mika Vilen (Fin) Finland National Team 2
54 Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Russian National Team
55 Maxim Karpatchiev (Rus) Russian National Team
56 Petri Jokivuori (Fin) Finland National Team 2
57 Vadzim Kryvasheyeu (Blr) Belarus National Team
58 Oleg Grishkin (Rus) Russian National Team
59 Anatoli Chaburka (Blr) Belarus National Team
60 Jan-Magnus Mansner (Fin) Finland National Team
61 Konrad Lapa (Pol) Legia
62 Marek Rutkiewicz (Pol) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone
63 Anders Juhlin (Swe) Team Mälarenergi
64 Mateusz Rybczynski (Pol) Legia
65 Tommi Martikainen (Fin) Finland National Team
66 Christophe Agnolutto (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance
67 Marcus Junehalt (Swe) Team Mälarenergi
68 Johan Svensson (Swe) Team Mälarenergi
69 Henrik Oldin (Swe) Team Mälarenergi
70 Marek Salermo (Fin) Finland National Team 2
71 Timothy Wilson (Aus) Marco Polo Cycling Team
72 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Team Ringerike
73 Jay Sweet (Aus) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
74 Kay Kermer (Ger) Marco Polo Cycling Team
75 Michael Larsen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens
76 Frederic Bessy (Fra) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone
77 Kam-Po Wong (HKg) Marco Polo Cycling Team
78 Ngai Ching Wong (HKg) Marco Polo Cycling Team
79 Rene Mandri (Est) Estonian U23 Team 2
80 Kert Väinsalu (Est) Estonian U23 Team 2
81 Philippe Gaumont (Fra) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone
82 Joachim Bohler (Nor) Team Ringerike
83 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Team Ringerike

Intermediate sprints

Sprint 1: Erki Pütsep (Est) Ag2r-Prevoyance
Sprint 2: Linas Balciunas (Ltu) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
Sprint 3: Lauri Aus (Est) Ag2r-Prevoyance

Hill sprints

Hill 1: Lauri Aus (Est) Ag2r-Prevoyance
Hill 2: Arnaud Coyot (Fra) Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone
Hill 3: Linas Balciunas (Ltu) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin

Courtesy of Gianfranco Bazzigaluppi

Past winners

2002 Oleg Grishkine (Rus) Moscow 1