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NCCA National Championships - NE

University of California - Berkeley, USA, May 9-11, 2003

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Men: Berkeley too strong for Fort Lewis College

By Kelly Walker, USA Cycling and Sam Nainoa

California blue skies and sunshine greeted racers this morning at day two of the NCCA Collegiate Road National Championships, hosted by the University of California at Berkeley. Today's event, a 20.6 mile team time trial, was highlighted by the 12-second win of Berkeley over Fort Lewis College in the men's Division I race in a time of 55:29.

A majority of the spectators, including many of the volunteers, were wearing gold t-shirts in support of the home-school Berkeley and erupted into a loud roar as their team sprinted toward the finish over the last part of the course, a slight downhill straightaway that allowed the riders to be clearly seen for the last 500 meters.

"Everyone had awesome legs today, everyone was pulling through every time," said Matt Dubberly of Berkeley. His teammate Roman Kilun added that they were not exactly sure of their time splits so they kept going hard, "We heard that we were 20 seconds ahead at the first turn around, but that's all we heard, we didn't know about the other teams. When we practiced out here the gust practically blew us off our bikes, but today wasn't that bad."

While Fort Lewis College took second behind Berkeley the team was still satisfied with the overall performance and placing according to Cody Peterson, one of the four riders on the team.

"We weren't here last year so we didn't know what to expect, we knew we had to ride as hard as we could," said Peterson. "We really are a bunch of mountain bikers learning to cross over [to the road], so I think we did pretty good."

Fort Lewis finished in 55:41, an excellent time considering they lost one of their riders to a crash early on and chose not to wait for him. This meant they raced the remainder of the race with three riders while Berkeley finished with all four members of their team together.

The University of California at Davis finished in third at 56:22 followed by Colorado University (56:27) and Midwestern State University (56:32) in fourth and fifth respectively.

In the men's Division II category, Johns Hopkins University won convincingly with only three riders in a time of 55:51, a minute and a half faster than second place Colorado College (57:22). Johns Hopkins time would have been competitive in the Division I race. Dartmouth College took third place in 58:17.

Women: MSU Texas by seven seconds

Midwestern State University of Texas once again showed they have some of the strongest athletes in the women's Division I peloton as they took their second win in as many days in the team time trial in a time of 1:04:24, only seven seconds ahead of second place, the University of California at Berkeley (1:04:31).

"We were scared because we were down on time the whole way. It helped us to encourage each other during the race and decided to each take shorter pulls because I didn't have the best legs today after yesterday," said Stephanie Hannos of Midwestern State - yesterday's criterium champion.

Although Berkeley was slightly disappointed to lose by such a narrow margin, they said they were still pleased with the outcome.

"We don't have all the equipment for time trials. We really are all climbers and did our best. We are really proud of how we did and still beat third place by almost two minutes," said Meredith Fowlie of Berkeley.

The two schools have set the stage for a final day of fierce competition in the 5 lap, 77 km road race that is suited to those who can climb well.

The University of Florida followed in third place in 1:06:17 with Colorado University finishing fourth in 1:06:22. The University of California at Davis took fifth place in 1:07:35.

Dartmouth College won the women's Division II event in a time of 1:09:42, 25 seconds ahead of second place Yale University who finished in 1:10:07. DePauw University finished third in 1:12:24.

"We are excited because Yale has beaten us the last two years in a row, they've been the best, so to win by 25 seconds is great," said Amy Wallace of Dartmouth. She added that part of the women's team stays fit during winter by cross-country skiing and racing. She also added they are especially enjoying the beautiful weather during their visit to California.

The team time trial event adds a unique component to the NCCA Collegiate National Championships in that it is included in the overall points scoring towards the Team Omnium and truly exemplifies the team concept that is an integral part of collegiate cycling.

Tomorrow's final event, the road race, will start in Crockett and travel through the hills east of Berkeley. The women's road race will begin at 8:00 with the men's race to start at 11:30.


Men Divison I
1 Univ Of Ca-Berkeley   Paul Reichardt            55.30
                        Benjamin Haldeman
                        Matt Dubberley
                        Roman Kilun
2 Fort Lewis Coll       Lee Rosenthal              0.12
                        Cody Peterson
                        Andy Guptill
                        Anthony Colby
3 Univ Of Ca-Davis      Daniel Sweet               0.53
                        David Lebauer
                        Marc Collard
                        Leif Johnson
4 Colorado Univ         Collin Becker              0.58
                        Joshua Bezecny
                        Ryan Lynch
                        Aaron Brown
5 Midwestern State      Bjoern Ossenbrink          1.03
                        Stefan Rothe
                        Josh Holder
                        Jeff Via
6 Univ Of Wisconsin     Scott Grosz                1.25
                        Russell Cree
                        Bryan Smith
                        Nicholas Reistad
7 Univ Of Vermont       David Sachs                1.50
                        Dan Cassidy
                        Kevin Bouchard-Hall
                        Michael Cody
8 Stanford Univ         David Pierce               1.51
                        Tyler Ofstad
                        Daniel Denning
                        Michael Cleary
9 Miami Univ Of Ohio    Ryan Gamm                  2.02
                        Michael House
                        Drew Vankat
                        Scott Walters
10 Indiana Univ-Bloom   Kevin Vanes                2.14
                        Chris Vargo
                        Jason Mount
                        Michael Kehrberg
11 Arizona State        Ernesto Ramirez            2.48
                        Jeffrey Austin
                        Joshua Ryan
                        Ian Stuart
12 Penn State           Bobby Lea                  3.00
                        Michael Friedman
                        Ryan Leech
                        Joe Whitman
13 Cal Poly Slo         Noah Temple                3.18
                        John-Paul Ballou
                        Keith Donica
                        Curtis Beavers
14 Univ Of New Hamp     Zachary Soucy              3.37
                        Kirt Fitzpatrick
                        Justen Peters
                        Nicholas Hight-Huf

15 Univ Of Floridia     Bernd Liesenfeld           3.41
                        Daniel Larson
                        Marco Verwijs
                        Steven Heal
16 Univ Of Texas        Jackson Salling            4.05
                        David James
                        Stephen Mcmillan
                        Thomas Hallock
17 Univ Of Nebraska     Geoffrey Bergmark          4.07
                        Ian Robertson
                        Andrew Hammond
                        Jeremiah Grell
18 Univ Of Ca-San Diego Eric Mellers               4.29
                        Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl
                        Geoff Rapoport
                        Michael Hannon
19 Univ Of Wyoming      Mark Milliken              4.30
                        John Peterson
                        Clayton Barrows
                        Scott Vogelmann
20 Univ Of Georgia      Malachi Peacock            4.41
                        Nicholas Dale
                        Chad Arnholt
                        Nathan Piekielek
21 Univ Of Maryland     Eric Fetterman             6.55
                        Sean Conroy
                        Neal Bambha
22 Marion               Jake Rytlewski             9.14
                        Allan Smith
                        Brian Vaughan
                        Jake Rytlewski
DNS Virginia Tech       David Allen
                        Darroch Whitaker
                        Dan Peairs
DNS Univ Of Virginia    Ian Ayers
                        Christof Herby
                        Andrea Dvorak
DNS Us Naval Academy    Ryan Tuttle
                        Rondo Bauer
                        Matthew Becker
DNS Harvard University  Christopher Akana
                        Jay Ku
                        Stuart Gillespie
DNS Univ Of Ca-Sc       Andrew Touchstone
                        Ben Jacques-Mayngs
Men Division II
1 Johns Hopkins         Kris Hedges               55.51
                        Reid Mumford
                        Edward Brignole
2 Colorado College      Cody Powell                1.31
                        Josh Gewirtz
                        Robbie King
                        Matthew Merrill
3 Dartmouth College     Tim Clement                2.26
                        Michael Barton
                        Tom Temple
                        Todd Yezefski
4 Univ Of Idaho         Ben Memmott                3.07
                        Brian Martin
                        Benjamin Zmuda
                        Matthew Frost
5 Us Air Force Academy  Bjoern Ossenbrink          3.14
                        Ryan Young
                        Mason Jones
                        Benjamin Moran
6 Kansas State Univ     Scott Hammack              3.33
                        Brad Patton
                        Michael Koons
                        Dallas Burnum
7 American Univ         Jonathan Craig             4.29
                        Gregory Abbott
                        Chris Decker
                        Matt Cooke
8 Lees Mcrae Coll       George Howard-Heretakis    5.06
                        Weston Shirey
                        Stuart Lamp
                        J. Carl Grant Williams
9 Bates College         Eric Knackmuhs             5.38
                        Nate Rogers
                        Ari Dowilde
10 Bucknell Univ        Kyle Lobisser              6.13
                        Brad Schaeffer
                        Benjamin Turits
                        Michael Hannon
11 Depauw Univ          Aaron Vogel                8.09
                        Mark Labedz
                        Matthew Allen
                        Sean Barrie
12 Usma Cycling         Joseph Quinn               8.12
                        John Turbeville
                        Mario Giberti
                        Brad Gates
Women Division I
1 Midwestern State      Janna Jackson           1.04.25
                        Stephanie Hannos
                        Ivana Miucic
2 Univ Of Ca-Berkeley   Stefanie Graeter           0.07
                        Kate Maher
                        Anya Hinkle
                        Meredith Fowlie
33 Univ Of Florida      Lori Palmer                1.53
                        Amanda Hall
                        Rebecca Mccilntock
                        Valerie Parks
4 Colorado Univ         Megan Melamed              1.58
                        Molly Hummel
                        Erin Huck
                        Sarah Poehlmann
5 Univ Of Ca-Davis      Shannon Sobeck             3.11
                        Carina Bender
                        Natalie Mik
                        Diana Hassel
6 Univ Of Georgia       Margaret Shirley           4.40
                        Anna Kelso
7 Stanford Univ         Katie Behroozi             4.55
                        Melissa Gambol
                        Mary Haw
                        Ashley Fouts
8 Fort Lewis Coll       Shelley Bower              5.01
                        Olena Whipple
                        Christina Ruiter
                        Darian Harvey
9 Univ Of Ca-San Diego  Laura Resor                5.23
                        Megan Wemmer
                        Ramlah Nehring
10 Cal Poly Slo         Errin Benesh               5.25
                        Kathrin Weidemann
                        Harmony Larsen
                        Kristen Davis
11 Harvard University   Kimberly Rothman           5.31
                        Amy Kerdok
                        Julia Oh
                        Ilana Brito
12 Univ Of Ca-Sc        Brooke Miller              7.06
                        Erin Alders
                        Libby Porzig
                        Aileen Vandenberg
13 Univ Of Wisconsin    Rachel Eichers             7.31
                        Megan Monroe
14 Marian College       Abby Brerton               8.45
                        Sara Hickey
                        Kristin Siebenlist
                        Andrea Dvorak
15 Univ Of New Hamp     Erin Olafsen               8.51
                        Emilie Weed
                        Sheila Vibert
16 Washington State     Tamara Dowers              8.51
                        Naomi Keilwitz
17 Indiana Univ         Emily Baltes               9.33
                        Jennifer Hawkins
                        Heather Woodhouse
18 University Of Oregon Erin Koenig               10.17
                        Amanda Studdard
19 Miami Univ Of Ohio   Brianna Home              17.38
                        Courtney Bollman
                        Deanna Fuster
DNS Kansas Univ         Jessica Drees
                        Jennifer Tilley
Women Division II
1 Dartmouth Coll        Kristina Eaton          1.09.43
                        Amy Wallace
                        Christina May
2 Yale Univ             Andrea Schettler           0.25
                        Marissa Kellogg
3 Depauw Univ           Jenna Boyd                 2.41
                        Carol Hutton
4 USMA Cycling          Michelle Arnold            4.16
                        Lindsey Melki
                        Laura Harrington
                        Laura McGinnis
5 Colorado College      Alalia Berry               4.34
                        Stephanie Simpkins
DNS Univ On Montana     Kathleen Jones
                        Anne Hubbs
Overall After Day 2
Division I
1 University Of California - Berkeley               309 pts
2 Midwestern State University                       288
3 University Of Florida                             236
4 University Of California - Davis                  229
5 Fort Lewis College                                220
6 Colorado University Cycling                       205
7 University Of Georgia                             176
8 University Of Wisconsin - Madis                   159
9 University Of New Hampshire                       149
10 University Of Vermont                            142
11 University Of California - San Diego             130
12 Stanford University                              127
13 Harvard University Cycling Asso                  126
14 Cal Poly Slo Wheelmen                            123
15 Miami University Of Ohio                         117
16 University Of California-Santa Cruz              116
17 Indiana University-Bloomington                   112
18 Penn State                                       105
19 Oregon State University                           84
20 Appalachian State                                 58
21 Marian College                                    53
22 Princeton University                              51
23 Arizona State                                     42
24 University Of Virginia                            36
25 Univ Of Texas                                     30
25 Washington State                                  30
27 Univ Of Nebraska                                  28
28 University Of Oregon                              26
29 Florida State University                          24
29 Univ Of Wyoming                                   24
31 Kansas Univ                                       22
32 Univ Of Maryland                                  20
33 UCLA                                              19
34 Virgina Tech                                      17
Division II
1 Dartmouth College                                 316 pts
2 Colorado College                                  255
3 University Of Idaho                               191
4 Depauw University                                 177
5 Yale University                                   161
6 Johns Hopkins University                          150
7 Usma Cycling                                      135
8 Lees Mcrae College                                121
9 University Of Montana                             120
10 Kansas State University                          109
11 U.S. Air Force Academy- Cycling                  106
12 Whitman College                                  105
13 American University                               99
14 St. Louis University Cycling                      84
15 Bucknell University                               73
16 Vanderbiltuniversity                              71
17 University Of Northern Colorado                   66
18 Georgia Perimeter College                         62
18 Us Air Force Academy                              62
20 Wesleyan University                               58
21 Bates College                                     48
21 Middlebury College                                48
23 New Mexico State University                       42
24 Brown University                                  36
24 Northwestern University                           36
26 California Maritime Academy                       34
27 Mills College                                     32
27 MIT                                               32