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Proctor Cycling Classic - NE

USA, June 21-22, 2003

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Stage 2 - June 22: Peoria criterium

Van Gilder powers, Sartain nabs surprise win

By Mark Zalewski

Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Perf) struggles to hide his delight
Photo: © Mark Zalewski
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Team Saturn certainly brought the big guns with them this weekend -- at least on the female side of the team. Laura Van Gilder (Saturn) rode away from most of the field in Sunday's criterium to take the win, as well as the overall two-race combined victory. However, Van Gilder didn't win without a fight from a few regional riders. Sarah Tillotson and Kelly Benjamin, both of the Illinois-based Athletes by Design team, bridged up to Van Gilder in the criterium and finished second and third respectively.

"Kelly and I time-trialed our way to catch Laura," said Tillotson. "We then tried some team tactics to try to get Kelly the win, but she knew it and wouldn't pull through. She is really strong."

Tillotson and Benjamin also finished in second and third for the overall .

Men: Goliaths' cat-and-mouse hands win to David

An eclectic mix of professional and amateur, national and regional teams showed up for Sunday's criterium. With $10,000 just for the Men's race alone, it was sure to be a race to watch. Pro teams like West Virginia, Jelly Belly, and Schroeder Iron all had multiple riders in the field -- and amateur squads such as Bianchi/Grand Performance, Spin City Cycles, and Mercy Cycling Team were also represented.

Flying solo today was Jonas Carney of the Prime Alliance cycling team. Carney was in the process of moving from Colorado to Milwaukee for the summer, and timed it so that he would pass through Peoria so he could stretch his legs in the race. Also present, but outnumbered as usual, was the U.S. Postal duo of Robbie Ventura and Kenny Labbe.

Like the infamous voting practices of Chicago, the theme of the day was: "Break early and break often." With only a few laps turned of this ninety-minute race, a strong three-man break gained a twenty-second gap on the field. Schroeder Iron and West Virginia were both at work here, with current U.S. Elite Crit. Champion Jim Baldesare (West Virginia) in the trio.

The break stayed out for quite a while until the field began to get twitchy. Jonas Carney decided that he needed to be in a break since he was alone without teammates. "I went early and bridged up to that early move with a few other guys. When [the break] finally came back, the counter-attacks went."

One of those counters was the right combination of riders. Paul Martin of West Virginia, a former U.S. Elite Champion, took Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance), a Jelly Belly and a Schroeder Iron rider away from the pack. They quickly gained thirty-seconds on the field, and could soon be seen by the pack on the opposite-half of the hour-glass shaped course.

Since all three of the large pro teams were represented the field shut-down, all three took turns at the front keeping watch. A few riders from the Mercy Cycling team tried to bridge the gap, but were unsuccessful. Any secondary breaks that got away all had at least one rider from the four teams in there to drag the pace and push the attempts back into the fold.

"I tried to go with a group to bridge up," said Isaiah Knouff of the Citgo/Peoplešs Burn Foundation team. "But when I went, Robbie [Ventura] grabbed my wheel and I ended up bringing the whole field with me."

Eventually the four-man break had more than a minute on the field and it was clear that the rest would be sprinting for fifth place. With four laps to go, the field kicked up the pace and riders took solo chances off the front. With the winning break clear for good, the represented teams let the others go.

Meanwhile, first through fourth was still to be decided. Paul Martin began attacking the other three trying to get clear in order to solo in for the win. "Paul started attacking with four to go, and kept attacking us," said Jeremy Sartain. "But he didn't get away. On the last lap the Schroeder Iron guy kept it rolling, but they sat up with three corners to go -- I pulled through and got a gap."

Sartain took advantage of the three pros playing cat and mouse with each other. He held the gap just long enough to cross the line and gave quite a victory salute.


Images by Mark Zalewski/


Pro/1/2 Men    
1 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Perf)
2 Chris Fisher (Jelly Belly)
3 Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron)
4 Paul Martin (West Virginia)
5 Adam Bergman (Jelly Belly)
6 Cameron Hughes (Schroeder Iron Cycling T.)
7 Ryan Nenninger (Team Mack Racing)
8 Scott Pearson (Hinckley Springs)
9 Joshua Carter (Spin City Cycling)
10 Patrick O'Donnell (Team West Virginia)
11 Jonas Carney (Prime Alliance)
12 David Wengier (West Virginia)
13 John Puffer (ABD Cycling Team)
14 Robbie Ventura (US Postal Service)
15 Jim Baldesare (West Virginia)
16 Custavo Carrillo (Grand Performance)
17 Todd Hancock (LeMond Higher Gear)
18 Pete Hanna (Bianchi/Grand Perf)
19 Joe Hill (Big Shark)
20 Scott Edge (Team West Virginia)
21 Kurt Rees (ABD Cycling Team)
22 John Faull (C-U Racing)
23 Nathan Snyder (Stacey Mackay)
24 David Sachs (Alberto's Sport)
25 John Kane (UA)
Womens Open    
1 Laura Van Gilder (Saturn Cycling Team)
2 Sarah Tillotson (ABD Cycling Club)
3 Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Club)
4 Wendy Kuhn (Team One RAcing)
5 Jane Vanni-Noone (ABD Cycle)
6 Louise Laganiere (Team Fuji)
7 Anne Meyer (ABD Cycling Club)
8 Erica Lanser (Saturn Cycling Dev. Team)
9 Debbie Dust (Jamba Juice)
10 Carrie Cash (Big Shark)
11 Trudy van der Straaten (C-U Racing)
12 Michelle Bazemore (Kreitler-BP)
13 Anne Ettolterholf (Jamba Juice)
14 jennifer stern (Arizona State cycling)
15 Andrea Mugge (Mercy-Cannondale/ICCC)
16 Barb Harick (StPaul Bicycle Racing)
17 Jennifer Hawkins (Jamba Juice)
18 Courtney Bellman (Jamba Juice)
19 Francine Haas (Alberto's Sport)
20 Jenna Boyd (Depauw University)
21 Marilyn Powell (Team Mack)
Cat 5 Beg Men    
1 Matthew O'Keefe
2 William Brown (South Chicago Wheelmen)
3 Chris Tuma (Amut)
4 Brian LaLonde (N/A)
5 Terry Guimond (South Chicago Wheelmen)
6 James Emmons (Peoria)
7 Shawn Stever
8 Jeff Kratky
9 David Newbolds (SCW)
10 David Reyes (Proctor)
11 Michael Alber (Team OFF!)
12 George Ganas (Team Mack)
13 Mike Cruz (Beg Men)
15 Dennis Anderson (Proctor)
16 Scott Ligocki (ABD cycling)
17 Michael Brown
18 Alex Holmes (Team Mach Racing)
19 Jim Vaupel (Proctor Cycling/PBC)
20 Rudy Ryback
21 Mike Rosenstiehl (South Chicago Wheelmen)
Cat 4 Beg Women   
1 Beth Christiansen (unattached)
2 Marianne Kron (Midwst Mastes)
3 Liza Dickerson
4 Sarah Emmons (Proctor)
Masters Men 50+   
1 Thomas Doughty (USPS Masters)
2 Larry Fitz (Northwave Midwest Masters)
3 Bob Benedum (Bianchi-GP)
4 Thomas Zoumaras (JellyBelly/Carlsbad Clothing)
5 Michael Kurtel (ABD)
6 Bill Stuge (Labor Power)
7 Skip Higgins (Indiana Masters Racing Team)
8 Jim Murray (St Louis)
9 Steven Black (MIdwest Masters)
10 Mike Vonnahmen (Team Mack)
11 Gary Campbell (Athletes By Design)
12 Marc Colbert (Vision Quest)
13 Brad Reid (Team Mack)
14 Jim Williams (Proctor Cycling/PBC)
15 Randall Ray (Proctor Cycling Team/PBC)
Masters Men 60+  
1 Jack Patterson (Midwest Masters)
2 Claus Gruner (Team Mack)
3 Ken Luthy (Proctor)
4 Phil Wyatt
5 Richard Vichotka (Midwest Masters)
6 J.Robert Beck (Midwest Masters Cycling)
Masters Men 40+  
1 Mike Moles (Team Eastrye)
2 John Fleckenstein (Team Mack)
3 Greg Harper (Melon City Harpers)
4 Todd Metz (RDS)
5 Mark Swartzendruber (Turin)
6 Jim Kuhn (Team One Racing)
7 Jim Pongratz (Team One Racing)
8 Charles Kulp (Indiana Masters / Roark)
9 Andrew Tschamra (Hinckley Springs)
10 Gary Doering (Team Mack)
11 Steve Hall (Squadra Chupacadra)
12 Jeff Thompson (Just Pedal Faster)
13 Alfonso Reyes (Proctor)
14 Michael Kurtel (ABD)
15 Mike Farrell (ABD Cycle Club)
16 Jeff Chattin (Columbia Bicycle Club)
17 J. Steven Schien (Team Mack)
18 Bruce Harick (Flanders MBRC)
19 Steve Moore (Team Mack)
20 Jeff Smith (North Branch)
21 EJ LENZI (P .Y .O .C .)
22 Adam Beck (Indiana Masters)
23 Dodd Slawson (Squadra Chupacabra)
24 Tom Alcamo (Hinckley Springs)
25 Steve Stanislaus (Hayes Disk Brakes)
Cat 4 Women    
1 Nicole Vincent
2 Trudy van der Straaten (C-U Racing)
3 Vicki Heck (ABD)
4 Kristin Koury (Team Apache)
5 Marilyn Powell (Team Mack)
6 Randi K. Cox (Team Tortuga)
7 Kim Morris (Team Apache)
8 Jodi Tietjens (Ada Bike Club)
9 Lori Kohls (Purdue Cycling)
10 Emily Baltes (Tortuga)
11 Beth Christiansen (unattached)
12 Jenna Boyd (Depauw University)
14 Ridge Benedum (SPBRC)
Junior Men/Women    
1 Justin Grisham (Gateway Cycling Club)
2 Samuel Brower (ABD Cycling)
3 Svetlin Rader (Hinckley Springs)
4 Colin McMahon (Wolverine Sports Club)
5 David Guimond (SCW)
6 Jason Carr (Nova Cyclosport)
7 Matt Lund
8 Alex Holmes (Team Mack)
9 Peter Stanislaus (Belin Health)
10 Casey Zugmaier (QCBC Team Dice)
11 Peter Boyd (Gateway Cycling Club)
12 Ben Schneider (Bike Burlington)
13 Steven Chitwood (Dice)
14 Matthew Emmons (Proctor)
15 Justin Schneider
16 Laith Schneider
17 Blake Schneider
Masters Men 30+  
1 Greg Springborn (Proctor Cycling/PBC)
2 John Fleckenstein (Team Mack)
3 Thomas Doughty (USPS Masters)
4 Greg Harper (Melon City Harpers)
5 Mark Swartzendruber (Turin)
6 Michael Springborn (Proctor Cycling/PBC)
7 Greg Biettler (CronoMetro/BrazenDropouts)
8 Rob Kelley (NorthBranch Cycling)
9 Mike Farrell (ABD Cycle Club)
10 Dave Stone (CU Racing)
11 Tracy Smith
12 Thomas Cox (Tortuga)
13 Brian Conant (North Central)
14 Chris Daggs (Swamis)
15 Pat Collier (Big Shark)
16 Sam Moore (Big Shark Racing)
17 Steve Driscoll (Team Mack)
18 Jeff Thompson (Just Pedal Faster)
19 David Enmark (PBF Cycling)
20 Kevin M. Flowers (Hinckley Springs)
Cat 4 Men   
1 Zach Hartung (Boston University)
2 John Hughes (Alberto's Sport)
3 John Boyd (Gateway Cycling)
5 Guy Stucker (SPIN CITY CYCLES)
6 George Langford (XXX Racing/Athletico)
7 james Pirtle (Dogfish)
8 Mark Hagopian (Duke/MOB Squad)
9 Carlos Gareca (Redline Racing)
10 Brock Webb (Squadron Chupacabra)
11 Adam Stone (C-U Racing)
12 Lance Maylath (Hinckley Springs)
13 Uwe Krueger (Higher Gear)
15 Brendan Hanna Holloway (C-U Racing)
16 Donald Miller (QCBC)
17 Heath McEwen (Momentum)
18 John George (Dogfish)
19 Aaron Vogel (DePauw)
20 Matt Means (Project 5 Racing)
21 Timothy Henry (Project 5 Racing)
22 Anthony Lowther (Big Shark)
23 Jay Moncel (Bontrager)
24 Andrew Zupsich (XXX Racing/Athletico)
25 Alan Christanell (Sunset Racing)
Cat 3 Men   
1 Donny Quixote (Midwest Rolling Thunder)
2 Andrew Lister (Proctor)
3 Steve Driscoll (Team Mack)
4 David Young (Vision Quest)
5 Steve Ballinger (Spin City)
6 Richard Cavendish (C-U Racing)
7 Rich Smott (PBF Cycling)
8 James Roseberry (Gateway CC)
9 Douglas Scronce (Stage1/Big Shark)
10 Mark Van Gemert (Indiana Hand Center)
11 Brian Shoemaker (St. Louis Cycling)
12 Kris Henkhaus (St. Louis Cycling Club)
13 Peter Dinolfo (Northwestern University)
14 Robert Kron (Team Mack)
16 Michael Springborn (Proctor Cycling/PBC)
17 James Nowak (Arlington Flyers)
18 Chris Vargo (Team Tortuga)
19 Dave Cummings (Gateway Cycling Club)
20 Kyle May (Spin City Cycling)
21 Nathan Birru (Midwest Rolling Thunder)
22 Ryan Heymsmeyer (Big Shark)
23 Joe Williams (St. Louis Cycling Club)
24 Bennet van der Genuglen (Team Bloomington)
25 David Enmark (PBF Cycling)