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52nd Vuelta a Colombia - 2.5

Colombia, June 16-30, 2003

2002 results     Stage List     Preview    Start List     Past winners

The Stages

  • Prologue - June 16: El Rodadero-Santa Marta ITT, 6.6 km - Cancelled
  • Stage 1 - June 17: Santa Marta-Cartagena, 225 km
  • Stage 2 - June 18: Cartagena-Sincelejo, 182 km
  • Stage 3 - June 19: Sincelejo-Caucasia, 192 km
  • Stage 4 - June 20: Caucasia-Yarumal, 165 km
  • Stage 5 - June 21: Yarumal-Medellín-El Escobero, 154 km
  • Stage 6 - June 22: Barbosa- Puerto Berrío, 147 km
  • Stage 7 - June 23: Piedecuesta-Barichara, 132 km
  • Stage 8 - June 24: Socorro-Duitama, 224 km
  • Stage 9 - June 25: Duitama-Sopó, 168 km
  • Stage 10 - June 26: Soacha-Ibagué, 197 km
  • Stage 11 - June 27: Ibagué-La Línea-Santa Rosa de Cabal, 145 km
  • Stage 12 - June 28: Cartago-La Unión ITT, 47,2 km
  • Stage 13 - June 29: Tuluá-Calima-Loboguerrero-Kilómetro 18, 163 km
  • Stage 14 - June 30: Circuito en Cali, 99 km


The 52nd running of the Vuelta a Colombia takes place between June 16 and 30 over 15 stages (including a prologue) and 2,200 km. It's one of the longest running national tours and is highly rated by the Colombians, who will naturally be the dominant force in this year's event.

Last year's race was won by José Castelblanco (Colombia Selle Italia), who well again be on the start line with a very strong team, containing the likes of Hernán Darío Muñoz, Rubert Albeiro Marín and John Freddy García. The main competition is likely to come from the 05 Orbitel team, with Hernán Buenahora, Carlos Contreras, Félix Cárdenas and Marlón Pérez to name but a few riders.

The race starts with a 6.6 km prologue time trial between El Rodadero and Santa Marta, and finishes with a 99 km circuit race in Cali. Along the way, the riders will have to tackle 40 intermediate sprints, 33 mountain sprints, including five Cat. 1 and one of Special Category, and one fairly long individual time trial, measuring 47.2 km. 12 teams will take part, mainly Colombian, although there are squads from Ecuador and Venezuela taking part.

Start list

Colombia Selle Italia             05 Orbitel
1 Jose Castelblanco (Col)         11 Hernan Buenahora (Col)
2 Edilberto Suarez (Col)          12 Felix Cardenas (Col)
3 Carlos Ibanez (Col)             13 Carlos Contreras (Col)
4 Bladimir Gonzalez (Col)         14 Marlon Perez (Col)
5 Jhon Garcia (Col)               15 Jairo Hernandez (Col)
6 Uberlino Mesa (Col)             16 Hernan D. Bonilla (Col)
7 Mauricio Henao (Col)            17 Javier Zapata (Col)
8 Rubert Marin (Col)              18 Javier Gonzalez (Col)
9 Hernan D. Munoz (Col)           19 Elder Herrera (Col)
10 Fredy Paredes (Col)            20 Heberth Gutierrez (Col)
Lotería de Boyacá                 Ag. Antioqueño Lot. Medellín
21 Jose D. Rincon (Col)           31 Oscar Alvarez (Col)
22 Ismael Sarmiento (Col)         32 Mauricio Ardila (Col)
23 Israel Ochoa (Col)             33 Jeobany Chacon (Col)
24 Graciano Fonseca (Col)         34 Jhon Parra (Col)
25 Libardo Nino (Col)             35 Jhon Durango (Col)
26 Jairo Perez (Col)              36 Leonardo Duque (Col)
27 Miguel Sanabria (Col)          37 Juan D. Ramirez (Col)
28 Giovanny Huertas (Col)         38 Alvaro Sierra (Col)
29 Giovanny Baez (Col)            39 Argiro Zapata (Col)
30 Carlos Blanco (Col)            40 Oved Y. Ramirez (Col)
Cundinamarca                      Lotería del Táchira
41 Victor Herrera (Col)           51 Noel Vasquez (Ven)
42 Alexis Rojas (Col)             52 Cesar Salazar (Ven)
43 Juan Barrero (Col)             53 Aldrin Salamanca (Ven)
44 Jose Rodriguez (Col)           54 Carlos Maya (Ven)
45 Gerardo Rodriguez (Col)        55 Jose Chacon (Ven)
46 Jose L. Vanegas (Col)          56 Jhon Nava (Ven)
47 Jhonny Ruiz (Col)              57 Yeisson Delgado (Ven)
48 Rigoberto Ibanez (Col)         58 Diocenis Valdes (Ven)
49 Javier Guerrero (Col)
50 Alexander Roa (Col)
Ecuador National Team             Alcaldía de Cabimas
61 Hector Chiles  (Ecu)           71 Alvaro Lozano (Ven)
62 Juan Montenegro (Ecu)          72 Julio C. Rangel (Col)
63 Marino Delgado (Ecu)           73 Victor H. Gonzalez (Ven)
64 Byron Chulde (Ecu)             74 Raul Saavedra (Ven)
65 Castano Eric (Ecu)             75 Manuel Medina (Ven)
66 Walter Tapia (Ecu)             76 Carlos Ochoa (Ven)
67 Wilson Paneluisa (Ecu)         77 Victor Becerra (Ven)
                                  78 Gil Cordobes (Cub)
                                  79 Nelson Gelves (Ven)
05 Orbitel B                      Mixed Team 1
81 Jhonny Leal (Col)              91 Victor Nino (Col)
82 Luis O. Castaneda (Col)        92 Hugo F. Osorio (Col)
83 Olmedo Capacho (Col)           93 Victor Becerra (Col)
84 Jorge Martinez (Col)           94 Nestor Bernal (Col)
85 Julio C. Aguirre (Col)         95 Gustavo Guzman (Col)
86 Alejandro I. Cortes  (Col)     96 Jorge Moreno (Col)
                                  97 Ferney Naranjo (Col)
Mixed Team 2                      Antioquia - Ciclo Acosta
101 Mauricio Ortega (Col)         121 Alexander Gonzalez (Col)
102 Arlex Castro (Col)            122 Stiven Ortiz (Col)
103 Francisco Colorado (Col)      123 Nelson Vargas (Col)
104 Yerson Sanchez (Col)          124 Juan P. Rivera (Col)
105 Luis A. Gil (Col)             125 Dario Vargas (Col)
106 Giovanny Barriga (Col)        126 Daniel Rendon (Col)
115 Jose Calero (Col)             127 Santos Alvarez (Col)
                                  128 Luis A. Cely (Col)

Past winners

     First                            Second                           Third
2002 José Castelblanco (Col)          Elder Herrera (Col)              Libardo Niño (Col)
2001 Hernán Buenahora (Col)           Juan Diego Ramírez (Col)         Jairo Hernández (Col)
2000 Héctor Iván Palacio (Col)        Elder Herrera (Col)              Héctor Manuel Castaño (Col)
1999 Carlos Contreras (Col)           Alexis Rojas (Col)               Felix Cárdenas (Col)
1998 José Castelblanco (Col)          Iván Ramiro Parra (Col)          Libardo Niño (Col)
1997 José Castelblanco (Col)          Jair Humberto Bernal (Col)       Héctor Iván Palacio (Col)
1996 Miguel Ángel Sanabria (Col)      Héctor Iván Palacio (Col)        Luis Alberto González (Col)
1995 José Jaime González (Col)        Juan Diego Ramírez (Col)         Alvaro Sierra (Col)
1994 José Jaime González (Col)        Alvaro Sierra (Col)              Carlos Marío Jaramillo (Col)
1993 Carlos Marío Jaramillo (Col)     Edgar Humberto Ruiz (Col)        Israel Ochoa (Col)
1992 Fabio Enrique Parra (Col)        Luis Espinosa (Col)              Luis Alberto González (Col)
1991 Alvaro Sierra (Col)              Oscar de J Vargas (Col)          Martín Farfán (Col)
1990 Gustavo Wilches (Col)            Héctor J Patarroyo (Col)         José F Rodríguez (Col)
1989 Oliverio Rincón Col)             Fabio Enrique Parra (Col)        Reynel Montoya (Col)
1988 Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Alvaro Mejía (Col)               Pablo Wilches (Col)
1987 Pablo Wilches (Col)              Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Gustavo Wilches (Col)
1986 Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Omar Hernández (Col)             Israel Corredor (Col)
1985 Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Fabio Enrique Parra (Col)        Manuel I Gutiérrez (Col)
1984 Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Francisco Rodríguez (Col)        Fabio Enrique Parra (Col)
1983 Alfonso Flórez Ortiz (Col)       Luis Alberto Herrera (Col)       Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)
1982 Cristóbal Pérez (Col)            Rafael Acevedo (Col)             Israel Corredor (Col)
1981 Fabio Enrique Parra (Col)        Julio Alberto Pubiano (Col)
1980 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Alfonso Flórez Ortiz (Col)       Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)
1979 Alfonso Flórez Ortiz (Col)       Julio Alberto Pubiano (Col)      Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)
1978 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Alfonso Flórez Ortiz (Col)       Gonzalo Marín (Col)
1977 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)         Alfonso Flórez Ortiz (Col)
1976 Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)         Plinio Casas (Col)               Arturo Matamoros (Col)
1975 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)         Carlos Siachoque (Col)
1974 Miguel Samacá (Col)
1973 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Miguel Samacá (Col)              Alvaro Pachón (Col)
1972 Miguel Samacá (Col)              Carlos Campaña (Col)             Gonzalo Marín (Col)
1971 Alvaro Pachón (Col)              Miguel Samacá (Col)              Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)
1970 Rafael Antonio Niño (Col)        Gustavo Rincón (Col)             Miguel Samacá (Col)
1969 Pablo Enrique Hernández (Col)    Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Gustavo Rincón Casallas (Col)
1968 Pedro Julio Sánchez (Col)        Javier Amado Suárez (Col)        Fulgencio Sánchez (Spa)
1967 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Javier Suárez (Col)              Alvaro Pachón (colombia)
1966 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Javier Suárez (Col)              Carlos Montoya (Col)
1965 Javier Suárez (Col)              Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)
1964 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)          Pablo Enrique Hernández (Col)
1963 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)          Pablo Enrique Hernández (Col)
1962 Roberto Buitrago (Col)           Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col) Javier Suárez (Col)
1961 Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)          Hernán Medina Calderón (Col)     Roberto Buitrago (Col)
1960 Hernán Medina Calderón (Col)     Roberto Buitrago (Col)           Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)
1959 Rubén Darío Gómez (Col)          Hernán Medina Calderón (Col)     Honorio Rua (Col)
1958 Ramón Hoyos Vallejo (Col)        Hernán Medina Calderón (Col)     Honorio Rua (Col)
1957 José Gómez del Moral (Spa)       Efraín Forero Triviño (Col)      Jorge Luque (Col)
1956 Ramón Hoyos Vallejo (Col)        Jorge Luque (Col)                Efraín Forero Triviño (Col)
1955 Ramón Hoyos Vallejo (Col)        Honorio Rua (Col)                Reinaldo Medina (Col)
1954 Ramón Hoyos Vallejo (Col)        Justo Londoño (Col)              Héctor Mesa Monsalve (Col)
1953 Ramón Hoyos Vallejo (Col)        José Beyaert (Fra)               Héctor Mesa Monsalve (Col)
1952 José Beyaert (Fra)               Humberto Varisco (Arg)           Pedro Nel Gil(Col)
1951 Efraín Forero Triviño (Col)      Roberto Cano Ramírez(Col)        Pedro Nel Gil(Col)

Past winners by Daniel Alejandro Lopez Monsalve