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21st Race Across America (RAAM) -

San Diego, CA to Atlantic City, NJ, June 15-June 27, 2003

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Day 11 - June 25

An Icon Gets His Due

Race notes by Scott Johnson, RAAM HQ

Atlantic City, NJ, 3:45AM RAAM Time. In 2003, Rob Kish of Port Orange, Florida is enjoying the most attention of his long cycling career. OK, so "enjoying" is not accurate. He's enduring the attention. Awards, media attention, and the world has finally awaken to what this quiet champion means to ultra-marathon cycling and Race Across America.

9 days, 16 days, 29 minutes, another tremendous race and a 3rd place finish for the legend.

Having had the pleasure to getting to better know the fiercely private man, there's one thing I'm sure of - the only thing he loves more than cycling is his wife and Crew Chief, Brenda. And how wonderful they are together.

Brenda is guarded about her smile. When I hug her, she hugs back. I've tried to hug Rob and he lets me. In a way I've felt like I let a great champion down this year. He was kind enough to say he was disappointed I didn't accompany the film crew on the road. Two years of shouting questions and words of encouragement to him meant a lot to me too. It let me share in his wondrous gift.

RAAM is a "summer vacation" for Rob Kish and it has been for closing in on two decades. I've offered many flowery words about Rob in the past three years. But his achievements speak for themselves. What makes him the most impressive champion I've ever met is not just his mind-boggling performances. This is a loyal man. Loyal to the love of his life, loyal to the race that owes him so much, loyal to the integrity of what sports should be about.

He always protects the integrity of his accomplishments by living a noble life. He won't ever bring harm to this sport or hurt anyone to feel better about himself.

Rob Kish does what he does not for the attention he receives but in spite of it. His 3rd place finish is yet another chapter in the spectacular bestseller of the history of individual sport. It's a real page turner - 53,000 miles and counting.

To hug Rob Kish is like trying to hold a mythical figure. And though he's uncomfortable showing emotion, his strength and honor inspire friends and families to tears. To us, it's too much, too incredible, record-breaking…to Rob it's just another vacation well spent.

You're the best champ!


After some sleep, some congratulations and respect for Jure Robic of Slovenia, in this his 1st RAAM, 2nd place!

A Soldier's Story

Atlantic City, NJ, 9:00AM RAAM Time. In the past year we've thought a lot about soldiers: their training, their precision, their sacrifices.

Upon further thought, the connection between racing RAAM and soldiering is perfectly natural.

Jure Robic is a 38-year old RAAM Rookie from Jesenice, Slovenia. He is a also a professional soldier. He made a choice, to be pulled to a life of service for his country.

In considering everything a soldier must do: train, be disciplined, dedicated, prepared to fight against any aggressor - it's no surprise that a soldier/cyclist is doing so well in Race Across America.

Jure is a tough man when he's working. He is a quiet, considerate man when he's not. He was the first man I saw upon arriving in San Diego before the race. He was sitting with his crew in the lobby of the Holiday Inn on the Bay. I introduced myself and he was cordial and kind. Looking at him, you could see the fight in his eyes. A kind of boxer, strong, silent, chiseled face and a toned body.

The first Rookie finisher of RAAM was also the 2nd place RAAM solo finisher. Jure Robic got here officially in 9 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes.

A soldier asks you to prepare laying down your life for your good of your country.

RAAM demands you give your mind, body and soul for the prize of finishing a race, the hardest one in the world.

Marcel Knaus of Liechtenstein came in the on the heel pedals of Rob Kish early this morning. Details on him and places 5th and 6th…coming up next!


Men's Solo
1 Allen Larsen                       8d 23.36  2921.7  (13.55 mph)
2 Jure Robic                         9d 14.48  2921.7  (12.66 mph)
3 Rob Kish                           9d 16.29  2921.7  (12.57 mph)
4 Marcel Knaus                       9d 16.45  2921.7  (12.55 mph)
5 Rick Ashabranner                   9d 22.44  2921.7  (12.24 mph)
6 Dino Nico Valsesia                 9d 23.43  2921.7  (12.19 mph)
7 Terry Lansdell                    10d 03.18  2921.7  (12.01 mph)
8 Martin Lorenz                     10d 09.24  2921.7  (11.71 mph)
9 Ish Makk                          10d 10.34  2760.9  (11.02 mph)
10 Keith Krombel                    10d 10.20  2630.2  (10.51 mph)
11 Beny Furrer                      10d 08.09  2538.9  (10.23 mph)
12 Attila Kaldi                     10d 08.49  2494.8  (10.03 mph)
13 Paul Bonds                       10d 06.45  2448.5  (9.92 mph)
Solo (Withdrawn)
1 Marko Baloh (medical)              8d 09.59  2448.5  (12.12 mph)
2 Mark Patten (no reason)            8d 12.33  2150.0  (10.51 mph)
3 Rebecca Smith (water retention)    7d 23.56  1887.2  (9.83 mph)
4 Fabio Biasiolo (water retention)   5d 16.02  1760.8  (12.94 mph)
5 Fredi Virag - (dehydration)        0d 10.16   120.7  (11.76 mph)
Two Person Men's Team
1 Rieper / Goodwin                   7d 15.56  2921.7  (15.88 mph)
2 Epic Racing                        7d 21.00  2921.7  (15.46 mph)
Four Person Men's Team
1 Team Harreither/VAV Versich        6d 06.13  2921.7  (19.45 mph)
2 Areté Racing                       6d 15.03  2921.7  (18.37 mph)
3 Team FOI                           7d 02.48  2921.7  (17.11 mph)
4 Power of Mind                      7d 03.42  2921.7  (17.02 mph)
Four Person Mixed Team
1 Team Hydro Charge                  6d 16.33  2921.7  (18.20 mph)
2 Grupo Guapo by Healthy Cho         7d 15.30  2921.7  (15.92 mph)
Corporate Team
1 Team Insight                       6d 17.32  2921.7  (18.09 mph)
2 Ride To Remember                   6d 19.20  2921.7  (17.89 mph)
Teams (Withdrawn)
1 Team Vail - Go Fast                1d 07.00   631.2  (20.36 mph)