Men's Professional Road Race

   * Olano made his decisive move during a descent on the penultimate lap.
He opened up a 35-second gap which he held up the brutal last climb around
the circuit. Olana won despite riding the last kilometer of the race with a

   * The first half of the race was held in hot sunshine but heavy rain
later made the circuit truly technical.

   * Approximately 20 riders finished the race.

Men's World Championship Road Race, 265.5 kms, 8 Oct 95

1. Abraham Olano, Spain 7:09:55 2. Miguel Indurain, Spain +35 secs. 3. Marco Pantani, Italy s.t. 4. Mauro Gianetti, Switzerland s.t. 5. Pascal Richard, Switzerland 53 6. Richard Virenque, France 1:31 7. Dimitri Konychev, Russia 1:53 8. Oliverio Rincon, Colombia s.t. 9. Rolf Sorensen, Denmark s.t. 10. Felice Puttini, Switzerland s.t. 11. Israel Ochoa, Colombia 3:08 12. Francesco Casagrande, Italy 3:49 13. Jose Jiminez, Spain 6:59 14. Fernando Escartin, Spain 8:52 15. Jose Gonzalez, Colombia 9:22 16. Oscar Pellicioli, Italy 13:15 17. Paolo Lanfranchi, Italy s.t. 18. Zenon Jaskula, Poland 15:24 19. Miguel Arroyo, Mexico 37:55 20. Andy Hampsten, U.S. s.t.

Some More Snippets

   * Olano embraced Indurain at the finish. "Today we are friends and it is
a great result for Spain," said Olano. "My attack was more spontaneous than
planned. I had spoken to Miguel and he told me he was not feeling so
comfortable on the different bike, so I took my chance. I felt the
beginning of cramp on the final climb and I was careful not to force myself
too hard."

   * Indurain's hopes faded when he suffered a puncture on the last lap and
had to change bikes. "I had ridden the entire race on one bike and I had
problems adapting to the new one, it didn't go as smoothly," Indurain said.

   * After the race, he attempted to put a brave face on his second silver
medal in the road race. "We have been working as a team and we have got
first and second. I'm very happy. I've worked for one month for this and
I'm satisfied," he said.

   * Only 20 riders finished the race, the smallest for the men's world
championship road race since 1980 in Sallanches, France.

   * Indurain will stay in Colombia for another week before deciding
whether to attempt to regain the world one-hour record from Switzerland's
Tony Rominger on the track in Bogota.