Day One from the Worlds - Results and News

This Report is filed on 27/9/94 (OZ time)

  * A record 76 countries will send cyclists to Colombia for the world
cycling championships. Why? The Worlds are an Olympic qualifier for a
limited number of cycling spots.

   * By basing Olympic qualification on the Worlds, the Union Cycliste
International (UCI) ensured full support for the Worlds despite fears over
security in Colombia and the high cost of preparing and competing at

   * Work continues around the clock to put the finishing touches on the
new velodrome at the El Salitre sports complex in Bogota.

   * Three new track events will be seen by spectators -- the Olympic
Sprint for teams of three, two-man Madison and a 500 meters time trial for

   * World Champion Marty Nothstein hopes to defend his titles despite
crashing in early September and fracturing his right knee. He has been
cleared to compete by doctors but he's reported to be in considerable pain.

   * The 17-kilometer (10.2-mile) circuit at Duitama, 190 kilometers (114
miles) northeast of Bogota, is reported to be paved. (Earlier reports noted
unpaved stretches.) The "big boys" will do 15 laps of the circuit.

Men's individual pursuit, first round (race distance -- four kilometers)

Leading Times

1.Corinelli (ITA) 4:24 2.O'Grady (AUS) 4:25 3.Obree (UK) 4:26 4.Ermenault (FR) 4:27 5.McGee (AUS) 4:28 6.Martinez (ESP) 4:28 7.Pieters (NED) 4:31 8.Petersen (DEN) 4:31
  Walter Perez (Argentina) beat Barrow Musgrove (Bahamas)
  David George  (South Africa)  beat Jose Medina (Chile)
  Marcos Zaragoza (Mexico) beat Randy Albury (Bahamas)
  Mindaugas Umaras (Lithuania) beat Gonzalo Garcia (Argentina)
  Jukka Heinkainen (Finland) beat Ivan Dominguez (Cuba)
  Jarich Bakker (Netherlands) beat Victor Herrera (Colombia)
  Juan Llameras (Spain) beat Sergei Vlotcmok (Bulgaria)
  Mike McCarty (U.S.) beat Alexandre Simonenko (Ukraine)
  Philip Collins (Ireland) beat Jaroslav Rebiennwski (Poland)
  Lee Vertogen (New Zealand) beat Friedrich Berei (Austria)
  Edouard Gritsoun (Russia) beat Gianfranco Conti (Italy)
  Arturas Kasputis (Lithuania) beat Santiago Botero (Colombia)
  Peter Pieters (Netherlands) beat Evgeni Vakker (Kyrgyzstan)
  Andrea Colinelli (Italy) beat Mariano Friedick (U.S.)
  Dietmar Muller (Austria) beat George Portelanos (Greece)
  Bradley McGee (Australia) beat Alexei Marvok (Russia)
  Bryan Steele (Britain) beat Alexander Aesbach (Switzerland)
  Jan Bo Peterson (Denmark) beat Robert Karsnicki (Poland)
  Graeme Obree (Britain) beat Brian Walton (Canada)
  Andrei Iatsenko (Ukraine) beat Marc Streel (Belgium)
  Stuart O'Grady (Australia) beat Philippe Ermenault (France)
  Juan Martinez (Spain) beat Jens Lehmann (Germany)
  Francis Moreau (France) beat Guido Fulst (Germany)

Keirin, First Round

First heat
  1.Marty Nothstein (U.S.)   10.606 seconds
  2. Emanuel Raasch (Germany)
  3. Mario Benetdh (Italy0
  4. Toshimasa Yoshioka (Japan)
  5. Alan Irvin (South Africa)
  6. Walter Ramsay (Bahamas)

Second heat
  1. Marcelo Arrue (Chile)   10.897 secs.
  2. Nikolai Kovch (Russia)
  3. Brian Dandanell (Denmark)
  4. Trey Gannon (U.S.)
  5. Barry Forde (Barbados)
  6. Lambros Vassilopoulos (Greece)

  John Jaime Gonzalez (Colombia) disqualified

Third heat
  1. Frederico Paris (Italy)   11.031 secs.
  2. Flavio Guidoni (Argentina)
  3. John Rastrick (New Zealand)
  4. Lars Brian Nielsen (Denmark)
  5. Yuji Yamada (Japan)
  6. George Himonetos (Greece)
  7. Jean-Pierre Vanzyl (South Africa)
  8. Johny Hoyte (Bahrain)

Keirin Heats Description

*1st Heat*

The defending champ, Nothstein is in this heat. They go off, Nothstein in
third, low on the track. Now he moves up to second, a New Zealand on his
side, an Italian behind the motor. Nothstein then goes around and is right
behind. Then the Italian and a New Zealander. A crash, the New Zealand goes
down, but isn't hurt.
   Back to the race -- still Nothstein on the front. Is that a German,
Raasch? A green jersey comes up high on the track, but I don't recognize it
at all.
   Nothstein leads out from the front after the motor pulls off. A Japanese
rider tries it high, but he doesn't have the strength and falls back. The
German still on Nothstein's wheel. No one challenges him and Nothstein wins
easily. The German in second.

*2nd Heat*

The German Hubner is certainly the favorite here. Another rider I recognize
is Gannon, the surprise US champion. They go off, Gannon quickly goes off
to the front, an immediate crash, and the favorite Hubner goes down.
   Gannon behind the motor, only 6 riders left. A Chilean next to Gannon, a
   The motor pulls off. Gannon goes from the front, looking for a Nothstein
repeat. But he doesn't have the World Champion's speed and he falls well
back. The Chilean comes to the front, just a little ahead. Behind him the
Dane and another rider battle for second. Looks like the Dane in third,
given a multicolored jersey, sort of pastel blue white and purple. I have
no idea who it was, sorry.

*3rd Heat*

The Italian, Paris, is the favorite in this heat. He has apparently been
racing the Japanese pro circuit. Off they go and Paris drops into third
position. A New Zealander in first, then a South African. They string out
behind the motor, not as much jostling in this heat -- maybe they learned
from the crashes. A Dane is behind Paris in 4th.
    As they come to the end of the paced laps, a Japanese comes up from the
back, an Argentine on his wheel.
    The motor pulls off with the Japanese rider timing it so he is in
first, then Argentina and New Zealand. Paris is in 4th. Paris comes hard
over the top, blows right by to the front rider, and wins very easily. The
Argentine takes 2nd.

*4th Heat*

Most notable here is Magnien, FR, and I believe that Morreno, the Spanish
kilo rider is in this heat, although I could be mistaken. Swift, a third US
rider, permitted because of a slot going to the defending champ is in this
heat as well..
   They go off. A Belgian slots in behind the motor, Swift in second.
Magnien in about 6th. Again, they string out behind the motor.
   Now an Argentine comes around and pushes Swift back into 3rd. The motor
pulls off. The Argentine comes immediately to the front and goes hard,
getting the tiniest of gaps. Magnien moves up to third. The Belgian comes
to the front, as the Argentine drops back. Magnien makes his move and comes
easily over the top for a clear win. The Spanish rider comes down inside of
the line for second from the Belgian. I assume he will be relegated, but we
don't get word before the coverage cuts off.