Day Five Results from the Track

Women's 500 meters time trial

1. Felicia Ballanger. (France) 34.017 seconds (Gold) 2. Galina Enoukhina (Russia) 34.962 (Silver) 3. Michelle Ferris (Australia) 35.313 (Bronze) 4. Annett Neumann (Germany) 35.389 5. Erika Salumae (Estonia) 35.522 6. Mira Kasslin (Finland) 35.660 7. Nancy Contreras (Mexico) 36.035 8. Rita Razmaite (Latvia) 36.062 9. Wendy Everson (Britain) 36.266 10. Yan Wang (China) 36.269 11. Roberta Passoni (Italy) 36.313 12. Ingrid Haringa (Netherlands) 36.321 13. Elena Loskoutova (Uckraine) 36.344 14. Donna Wynd (New Zealand) 36.518 15. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela) 36.770 16. Zuleika Jaurega (Cuba) 36.838

Women's pursuit, quarter-finals

  May-Britt Vaaland (Norway) 3:45.099 beat Yvonne McGregor (U.K.) 3:45.164
  Rebecca Twigg (U.S.) 3:39.224 beat Kathryn Watt (Australia) 3:48.921
  Antonella Bellutti (Italy) 3:42.875 beat Catherine Marsal (France) 3:45.649
  Marion Clignet (France) 3:43.737 beat Janie Quigley (U.S.) 3:46.967

Women's pursuit, semifinals

  Bellutti (3:37.361 seconds) beat Clignet (3:38.420)
  Twigg (3:36.338) beat Vaaland (3:37.437)

Women, 3,000-Meter Individual Pursuit Final

1. Rebecca Twigg, United States 3:36.081 (New world record) 2. Antonella Bellutti, Italy 3:46.611 3. May-Britt Vaaland, Norway 3:37.437 4. Marion Clignet, France 3:38.420 5. Yvonne McGregor, Great Britain 3:45.164 6. Catherine, Marsal, France 3:45.649 7. Janie Quigley, United States 3:46.967 8. Kathryn Watt, Australia 3:48.921
   * Note: Defending champion Marty Nothstein was knocked out in the
quarter-finals, losing his first two heats to Australia's Darryn Hill, who
reversed the result of last year's world championship final in Palermo,

Men's sprint, semifinals (best of three heats)

First heats:

  Curt Harnett (Canada) beat Frederic Magne (France). 10.399.
  Darryn Hill (Australia) beat Gary Neiwand (Australia). 10.186.

Second heats:

  Harnett beat Magne. 10.807. Harnett qualifies for the final.
  Neiwand beat Hill. 11.046.

Third heat:

  Hill beat Neiwand. 10.602. Hill qualifies for the final.

Men, 200-Meter Sprint Final

1. Darryn Hill, Australia (beat Harnett 2 races to 1 in final) 2. Curt Harnett, Canada 3. Frederic Magne, France 4. Gary Neiwand, Australia 5. Jens Fiedler, Germany 6. Marty Nothstein, United States 7. Michael Hubner, Germany 8. Jose Manuel Moreno, Spain

Men's points race, first round (top 12 in each heat qualify for final)

First heat:

  1. Ho Sung-cho (South Korea)      10 points
  2. Declan Lonergan (Ireland)       7
  3. Evgeni Vakker (Kyrgyzstan)      6
  4. Vassili Iakovlev (Ukraine)      6
  5. Jan Bo Petersen (Denmark)       6
  6. Marcos Zaragoza (Mexico)        5
  7. Stuart O'Grady (Australia)      5
  8. Santos Gonzalez (Spain)         4
  9. Silvio Martinello (Italy)      24 (1 lap behind)
 10. Peter Pieters (Netherlands)    15
 11. Johnny Dauwe (Belgium)         14
 12. Andreas Beikirch (Germany)     11

Did not qualify;

  13. Jukka Heinikainen (Finland)   10
  14. Kurt Betschart (Switzerland)   8
  15. Luis Sepulveda (Chile)         7
  16. Oleg Clevtsov (Armenia)        3
  17. Reynaldo Rodriguez (Cuba)      2
  18. Tamas Havarik (Hungary)        0
  Juan Herheb (Puerto Rico) and Mario Zometa (El Salvador) DNF.

Second heat:

  1. Remigijus Lupeikis (Latvia)    21
  2. Dirk Copeland (U.S.)           18
  3. Serge Barbara (France)         13
  4. Sergei Laurenenko (Kazakhstan) 13
  5. Pavel Khamidouline (Russia)    10
  6. Bruno Risi (Switzerland)        9
  7. Franz Stoucher (Austria)        8
  8. Juan Curuchet (Argentina)       7
  9. Glen McLeay (New Zealand)       7
 10. Milton Wynants (Uruguay)        0
 11. Naoshi Ono (Japan)             10 (1 lap behind)
 12. Leonardo Cardona (Colombia)     8

Did not qualify;

 13. Jon Clay (Britain)              8
 14. Jonty Goldin (South Africa)     5
 15. Marlon Paniagua (Guatemala)     2
 16. Sergei Voltchok (Bulgaria)      1
 17. Peter Lazar (Czech Republic)    0
 18. Radoslaw Smolaga (Poland)       3  (2 laps)
 Justin Grace (Canada), George Portelanos (Greece), Edwin Joongan
(Malaysia) retired.

Men, 40-Kilometer Points Race Final

1. Silvio Martinello, Italy 38 points 2. Remigijus Lupeikis, Lithuania 16 3. Serguei Laurenenko, Kazakstan 16 4. Brno Risi, Switzerland 16 5. Glen McLeay, New Zealand 11

General News

   The 4,000 meters team pursuit title went to Australia, which produced
the fastest time of the series to beat the Ukraine (Andrei Iatsenko,
Dmitiri Tolstenkov, Sergei Matveev, Alexandre Simonenko) by nearly three
seconds in 4:05.010. Gold medal winners in 1993 but relegated to the bronze
position last year, the Australian team comprised brothers Bradley and Rod
McGee, from Sydney, and Adelaide pair Stuart O'Grady and Tim O'Shannessy.

   The United States quartet of Zach Conrad, Dick Copeland, Mariano
Friedick and Matt Hamon lost to the Ukraine in the semifinals but took the
bronze medal ahead of Germany, the defending champions, with a faster
losing time.

   Adding spice to this Australian-American rivalry on the track is the
American Federation's apparent reluctance to let Australia and other
countries use its high altitude training facilities in Boulder, Colorado.
Several countries want to train there in the lead-up to next year's
Olympics and there are rumors the Americans will make the velodrome off

   Michael Hubner, two times world 200 meters sprint champion, was
eliminated in the quarter-finals by Australia's Gary Neiwand, who beat him
in two straight heats. The two, who once trained together but have been on
bad terms for the last two years, nearly collided as they entered the last
lap of the first heat, which the Australian won with a spectacular manuever
off the final turn.

   As they crossed the line, Neiwand, who beat Hubner in the 1993 final in
Norway, stuck a finger up at the German. But it was Hubner who was warned
and fined by the organizers for "gestures made before and during the race."

   "He hates my guts and I hate his guts, all the cycling world knows about
it, but we're professional athletes and when it comes to cycling we should
put that behind us," said Neiwand. Afterwards, Hubner grudgingly accepted
Neiwand's offer of a handshake.