Day Four from the Track Worlds

Women, 24-kilometer Points Race, 28 Sept 95

Final: 1. Svetlana Samokhalova, Russia 25 points 2. Nada Cristofoli, Italy 20 3. Nathalie Lancien, France 18 4. Jessica Griego, United States 17 5. Ingrid Haringa, The Netherlands 14 6. Jacqueline Nelson, New Zealand 9 7. Dania Perez, Cuba 8 8. Alla Vassilenko, Kazakstan 8
Graeme Obree

Having taken his second world championship gold medal in the pursuit on 28
September, Graeme Obree had a quick celebratory beer or two and then set
off for a hotel near Paipa, where he has decided to take part in next
Wednesday's world championships time trial. "I have a need for people to be
talking about me," he said. "A world championship jersey for a track event
is fine, but if I were to make a good time on the road it would be
terrific. To prepare satisfactorily for Atlanta and for the world hour
record, I must find sponsors."

L'Equipe took it as the "Scottish sense of humour" when Obree replied to
Colombian journalists who asked him what his hobbies were that he very much
liked "to ride a bike gently". I think he was being serious -- there's
nothing he likes better at home than a spin along the sea front with his
wife and children on mountain bikes....

Men's 200 meters sprint

First round (winners qualify for 2nd round, losers to repescage):

  Curt Harnett (Canada) beat Joel Gelabert (Cuba)           11.082 seconds
  Darryn Hill (Australia) beat Alexei Zinoviev (Russia)     10.743
  Gary Neiwand (Australia) beat Mika Hamalainen (Finland)   11.501
  Frederic Magne (France) beat George Himonetos (Greece)    10.802
  Jose Manuel Moreno (Spain) beat Cristian Arrue (Chile)    10.516
  Paul Swift (U.S.) beat Jens Fiedler (Germany)             11.364
  Michael Hubner (Germany) beat Jerabek Jaroslav (Slovakia) 10.465
  Jan Van Eiden (Germany) beat Josep Escudero (Spain)       10.587
  Roberto Chiappa (Italy) beat Frederico Paris (Italy)      10.600
  Florian Rousseau (Fr.) beat Pavel Buran (Czech Republic)  10.747
  Marty Nothstein (U.S.) beat Ainars Kiksis (Latvia)        10.533
  William Clay (U.S.) beat Martin Hrbacek (Slovakia)        10.767

Repechage (winners qualify for the second round):

  Hrbacek beat Gelabert    10.852
  Kiksis beat Zinoviev     10.757
  Buran beat Hamalainen    10.901
  Paris beat Himonetos     10.719
  Arrue beat Escudero      10.818
  Fiedler beat Jerabke     10.127

   * Marion Clignet, 31, suffers from epilepsy. She dedicated her new world
record to others afflicted with the condition. "I hope this will show all
those who suffer like myself that if they push themselves hard, it need not
be a disadvantage," she said.

   * Clignet was born in the U.S. (Illinois), but chose to ride for France
six years ago because of disagreement with American cycling authorities.

Women's 3,000-meters individual pursuit (to qualify for quarter-finals)

1. Marion Clignet, France (49.948 kph) 3:36.227 (New world record) 2. Antonella Belluti, Italy 3:36.823 3. Rebecca Twigg, U.S.A. 3:39.321 4. Yvonne McGregor, Britain 3:40.916 5. May-Britt Vaaland, Norway 3:41.420 6. Kathryn Watt, Australia 3:42.300 7. Catherine Mardal, France 3:42.552 8. Janie Quigley, U.S.A. 3:43.752 Did not qualify for quarter-finals

9. Lucy Tyler-Sharman, Australia 3:44.213 10. Sarah Ulmer, New Zealand 3:44.248 11. Qingzhi Wang, China 3:44.854 12. Gabriella Pregnolato, Italy 3:45.758 13. Clara Hughes, Canada 3:46.207 14. Anke Wychmann, Germany 3:46.767 15. Maria Jongeling, Holland 3:48.639 16. Natalia Karimova, Russia 3:49.753 17. Rasa Mazeikyte, Latvia 3:49.905 18. Seiko Hashimoto, Japan 3:50.424 19. Joanka Gonzalez, Cuba 3:50.506 20. Judith Arndt, Germany 3:50.852 21. Diana Ziliute, Latvia 3:52.652 22. Tea Vikstedt-Nyman, Finland 3:52.742 23. Elena Tchalykh, Ukraine 3:52.496 24. Svetlana Potemkina, Russia 3:54.065 25. Huizhen Ma, China 3:55.362 26. Agnieszka Godras, Poland 3:58.646 27. Belem Guerrero, Mexico 3:59.288 28. Maria Luisa Calla, Colombia 4:01.372 29. Maureen Kaila Vergara, El Salvador 4:02.100 30. Oxana Goldberg, Kazakhstan 4:02.866