Second Edition News for January 26, 1997

The UCI Meeting in Geneva

Summary Points:

  • UCI wants to start with bloodtesting in March, before Milan-San Remo. The blood test will be random controls and will be taken before, not after the races
  • They expect to do 700-1000 tests a year.
  • The limit is a value of hematocrite in the blood of 50 percent; higher than 50 means 'no start permission' without other sanction. First the UCI wanted to use a limit of 53; team leaders and doctors asked for a limit of 43-percent. The compromise was 50.
  • Special rules for riders which are coming from high altitude countries, for example, riders from Colombia after racing for 4 months in the mountains will get other limits: 50-53.
  • Hein Verbruggen said: "It's a health-control; not a doping-control".
  • >Lon Schatteberg, vice-president of the medical commission of the UCI: "You have to see this as a protection rule for the riders. A boxer is tested too before his game. Only for his own safety".
  • Theo de Rooy (Rabo): "I'm glad with this decision. It's unique in our sport; because the rules came from solidarity. In our team we already do several blood tests during the year. Our riders are always well inside the 50-limit."