Results and Reports for March 2 - 3, 2002


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41st Silverbeck Rymer Eddie Soens Memorial Handicap

Aintree, March 2 2002

Results, 50 miles

All categories
1 Tony Gibb (Team PCA - Orbea)                  1.48.14
2 Steve Cummings (BCF PM)
3 Gary Adamson (BCF PM)                            1.29
4 Daniel Fox (Foxes Cycles RT)
5 Mike Moss (Cottingham Coureurs)
6 Mark Lovatt (Compensation Group                  1.32
7 Paul Manning (VC St Raphael)                     1.34
8 Matthew Bottrill (Race Scene)                    1.38
9 Phil West (VC St Raphael)                        2.27
10 Bill Nickson (BCF PM)
11 Chris Belsham (York Cycleworks)                 2.31
One lap behind
12 James Notley (VC St Raphael)
13 John Holmes (BCF PM)
14 Steve Small (MK Cycles)
15 Gareth Lowe (J F Wilson Cycles)
16 Paul Dixon (Race Scene)
17 Chris Waters (Ribble Valley CRC)
18 Richard Moore (Cottingham Coureurs)
19 Nigel Pengelly (Team Orrell
20 Paul Purdy (Team Mirage)
21 Kevin Taylor (Horwich CC)
22 Andy Portess (Wil-Lec Panoramic RT)
23 Gary Williams (Southport CC)
24 Tim Brammeier (Liverpool Century RC)
25 Christian Varley (Manx Viking Wheelers)
26 Blair Buss (Race Scene)
27 Matthew Brammeier (Liverpool Century RC)
28 Andrew Carr (Sowerby Bros CRT)
29 James Ratcliffe (Horwich CC)
30 Rick Clough (ABC Centreville)
31 Willi Moore (Cycleways)
32 Iain Roche (Cycle Centre RT)
33 Michael Jolley (Warrington RC)
34 Dave Micklethwaite (Sowerby Bros CRT)
35 Keith Bidwell (ABC Centreville)
36 Anthony Malarczyk (Atom Elite RT)
37 Steve Jolley (Warrington RC)
38 Ivor Reid (SCU Racing Team)
39 Huw Pritchard (Condor Cycles)
40 Paul Lally (Ridley RT)
41 Mark Cavendish (Manx Road Club)
42 Ben Clarke (Camel Valley CC)
43 Allan Gage (Manx Road Club)
44 Andrew Orrell (Team Orrell)
45 Stephen Clark (Southport CC)
46 Eddie O'Brien (Southport CC)
47 Joe Williams (Liverpool Century RC)
48 Phil Spencer (Team Y2K)
49 Simon Oliver (Interbike RT)
50 Adam Mitchell (Wil-Lec Panoramic RT)
51 Edmund Leary (St Helens CRC)
52 Phil McCormick (BCF PM)
53 Rob Pugh (Liverpool Century RC)
54 Mathew Lythgoe (Ribble Valley CRC)
55 Roy Pearson (Science In
56 Ian Hodgson (Mobile Millenium RT)
57 Matthew Armitage (Race Scene)
58 Kevin Wilkes (MK Cycles)
59 Martin Ford (BCF PM)
60 ? (to be confirmed)
61 Shaun Pearson (Ribble Valley CRC)
62 Andrew Martin (Corrado Kingsdale)
63 ? (to be confirmed)
64 Steve Fullerton (Richmond & Darlington CC)
65 Matthew Hodges (Ribble Valley CRC)
66 Martin Russell (Foxes Cycles RT)
67 Chris Burrows (Universal CC)
68 Brian Nugent (Classic Walls RT)
69 Phil Smith (Biketreks)
70 Stephen Robinson (Sowerby Bros CRT)
71 Anthony Parkinson (Rochdale Tri Club)
72 Steve Barker (Wil-Lec Panoramic RT)
73 John Guy (BCF PM)
74 Chris Newton (GS Pinarello)
75 Jimmy Wright (Ribble Valley CRC)
76 Ben Greenwood (Lune RCC)
77 Matt Stell (Ribble Valley CRC)
78 Malcolm Fraser (Team Phoenix)
79 James Stewart (Kirkby CC)
80 Chris Danby (Cleveleys RC)
81 Graham Thompson (Anfield BC)
82 Ian Dryhurst (Liverpool Century RC)
83 Chris Anderson (Lakes RC)
84 Leda Ray (Principia RT)
85 Fleur Montgomery (Yasumitsu Schlapp)
Category Awards
2nd cat. Chris Waters (Ribble Valley CRC)
3rd cat. Chris Belsham (York Cycleworks)
4th cat. Gareth Lowe (J F Wilson Cycles)
Junior. Tim Brammeier (Liverpool Century RC)
Men 40+. Willi Moore (Cycleways)
Women. Leda Ray (Principia RT)
Points Competition
1 Steve Cummings (BCF PM)                  8 pts
2 Tony Gibb (BCF PM)                       7
3 Allan Gage (Manx Road Club)              6
The Sefton Sprint
Tony Gibb (BCF PM)
Best Merseyside Rider
Steve Cummings (BCF PM)
The Best Newcomer Award
Nigel Pengelly (Team Orrell) 

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