Results and Reports for January 19-22, 2002


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Eastern Suburbs Summer Criterium Series, Round 3

Heffron Park, January 22, 2002

Despite the threatening late afternoon storm clouds, Round 3 of the Summer Series at Heffron Park brought everybody out to ride. 100 riders lined up for the 15 lap, 30km group handicap with a 27 strong C grade bunch starting first, followed by a huge bunch of 45 B grade riders with a formidable group of 28 A grade riders 1'30" at the rear.

The humid and gusty NE windy conditions were always going to suit the A grade field who failed to get up for line honours last week, after Steve Williams lead a blistering A grade home in Round 1 of the 10 week series.

The was a strong international flavour for round 3 with a visiting team of Korean riders returning to train and race again in Sydney, plus Sydney summer resident, UK time triallist Stuart Dangerfield lining up for his first race of the year alongside big Dutch motor, John Den Braber who was having a last race before returning to Europe to freeze. The US presence was powerhouse Net Zero rider Mike Tillman fresh from a good Bay Series in Victoria.

B grade who set a solid tempo the previous week just didn't work it out this week failing to understand that handicaps require a smooth effort from everyone. Once the pace settled, most riders started to concentrate on snatching valuable sprint points at the 7 and 5 laps to go sprints before the A grade train came through. Showing good form after his State 5km Scratch Track Title last weekend, Dr Bob Hampshire got first points before exiting the circuit in spectacular fashion when his chain broke while lining up for the 5 to go sprint.

The 3 to go sprint was a blur as Mike Tillman drove the A grade train down the straight at an impressive 55km in the tailwind. C grade who managed a rare overall win last week were next to get caught as the remaining 70 plus riders scrambled for a wheel in the cross wind around the tight circuit.

Big motor, Stewart 'Computer' Campbell who is the master of the solo breakaway at Heffron, chanced his hand with 2 go, but the pace from the fast finishing front group of 12 riders on the last lap was too fast and Anthony "I am Back" Spurgeon was able to notch an impressive win from Australian track star Mark Renshaw.

This weekend's Australia Day holiday weekend is the 9th Annual Joseph Sunde Memorial Criteriums on Monday 28th. Check out the race webpage for one of Sydney's most popular summer events which raises money for the Childrens Cancer Institute of Australia.


1 Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello)
2 Mark Renshaw (Bathurst)
3 Liam Kelly (Easts)
4 Nathan Russell (Caravello)
5 Jose Rodrigeuz (Easts)
B Grade
1 Tim Clarsen (Easts)
C Grade
1 Justin Case (Southern Off Road)

Summer Criterium Series, standings after Round 3

Overall Pointscore
1 Anthony Spurgeon (A Grade)         10 pts
2 Steve Woodridge (A Grade)           7
3 Luke Picton (C Grade)               7
4 Jose Rodriguez (A Grade)            5
5 Liam Kelly (A Grade)                5
6 Alan Bozunovic (C Grade)            4
7 Mark Renshaw (A Grade)              4
8 Peter Carscadden (B Grade)          3
9 Antonio Iannacito (B Grade)         2
10 Nathan Russell (A Grade)           2
11 Campbell Kerr (A Grade)            1
12 Brent Dawson (A Grade)             1
Sprint King
1 Peter Carscadden                   17 pts
2 Bob Hampshire                      11
3 M. Fleming                         11
4 Antonio Iannacito                   9
5 Steve Williams                      8
6 Anthony Spurgeon                    6
7 Steve woodridge                     5
8 David Gowty                         5
9 Stuart dangerfield                  5
10 Todd Sinclair                      4
11 Jose Rodriguez                     3
12 Adam Radford                       3
13 Jono Davis                         3
14 Liam Kelly                         2
15 David Harrigen                     2
16 Wayne Anderson                     2
17 David johanson                     1
18 John Sunde                         1
19 Mark Renshaw                       1
C Grade Pointscore
1 Craig Dempsey                       6 pts
2 Luke Picton                         5
3 Justin Case                         5
4 Clive Hammerson                     5
5 Alan Bozunovic                      3
6 John Percy                          1
7 Chris Jenkins                       1
8 Belinda Smith                       1 

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