Results and Reports for January 19-20, 2002


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Caesar's Illawarra Cycle Club handicap

Huntly, January 20, 2002

15 year old Wall pursuits to win

By Garry Doughty

Handicaps are never easy to calculate and the Caesar’s Illawarra Cycle Club race at Huntly on January 20 was no exception. With 43 riders of widely varying ability, it was going to be an interesting event.

Fifteen year old Josh Wall used his Pursuit skills to ride away from his group in the last few kilometres of the race to take a well-deserved victory. Other middle markers including Adam Crowther, Paul Kean, Mark Davis, Joe Pereira, Gerard Donaldson and Jeff Grey took the minor placings and remaining prizemoney.

Block riders finished forty seconds behind the winner whilst scratch riders finished a further minute and twenty seconds back. Fastest Time was by Brendan Cato with 53 minutes and 44 seconds over the 37 kilometre course.

The second block group had to contend with losing half its number due to a fall which injured Frank Soto and Dave Russell. We wish them both a speedy recovery. Of the limit riders only Sally Watts and Paul Kaye were able to hang on to the faster riders as they came through.

Next week’s event is the Tour de Huntly. Volunteers are required to help out with marshalling duties at sprints, corners and the turnaround.

Results, 37.5km

1 Josh Wall                         1.03.26
2 Adam Crowther                        0.14
3 Paul Kean           
4 Mark Davis          
5 Joe Pereira         
6 Gerard Donaldson    
7 Jeff Grey           
8 Sally Watts         
9 Lionel Harmer                        0.36
10 Seth Collins                        0.54
11 Marc Waters          
12 Paul Kaye            
13 Frank Tortorici      
14 Rob Calladine        
15 Brendan Cato                        2.18
16 Adam Rourke        
17 John Forrest       
18 Hubert Drieus      
19 Jono Hall                           2.27
20 Lou Jonceski       
21 Phil Jone          
22 Terry Welsh                         2.32
23 Mick Shannon        
24 Peter Kelly         
25 Michael Gleeson     
26 Danny Hennessy                      3.34
27 Derek Rosen                         5.34
DNF Jason Johnson
DNF Lionel Covington
DNF Teegan Markowski
DNF Tony Pulo
DNF Rebecca Borgo
DNF Dennis Fitzgerald
DNF Geoff Gooley
DNF Dave Morris
DNF Graham Rutter
DNF Brendon Savage
DNF Adam Hotchkiss
DNF Frank Soto
DNF Raf Moriana
DNF Doug Pollock
DNF Andrew Telford
DNF Scott Turnbull
Fastest time: Brendan Cato            53.44

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