Results and Reports for January 12-13, 2002


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Lakeside Drive, Broadmeadows, January 10, 2002

Riders faced warm conditions in what was a great nights racing. A grade faced 50 minutes plus three laps and the field got off to a quick start with attacks from Ken Allen in the first few laps. A break of two eventually rode off the front containing Allen and Carl Cubitt who was content to sit in the bunch for a change.

With the break working well together, the rest of the bunch continued to chase in vain. Ken and Carl started giving each other 'presents' - in the form of attacks, much to the delight of the spectators.

Eventually Carl rid himself of Ken and rode away for a convincing win. Ken came home in second. Tom McDonough slipped away from the bunch as they jostled on the last lap for the finishing sprint to take home third place.

B grade faced 45 minutes of racing and saw an early break form. Vizzari and Gordon attacked the bunch and worked together to join the lead break. Relentless work horse, Xavier Csar rode off the front of the break and looked very strong. The bunch was indecisive and no one wanted to work to bring the bunch back together.

Eventually the Coburg boys lead by Luke McDonough and Simon O'Callahan, set about chasing down Csar. When they got within striking distance of Csar a group of riders who had been sitting on bridged the gap to the break. With Csar suffering from the heat and the other riders not willing to maintain the pace, the bunch came back together.

In a fast finishing sprint Steve Pounitis in the final few meters overtook Csar, with A Vizzari closely behind in third.

C grade saw the return of Mussie Akgun after a month off the bike. A break containing David Gafa, Mel Humphries-Grey and Mussie developed early in the race before the bunch came back together. Gafa led out the sprint with half a lap to go but was overhauled 50m from the line. Mussie beat home Humphries-Grey who 'under geared' his bike and was surprised by the fast finishing Mussie. Mussie had wife and child for support, however it is believed his wife would not let him in the car if he did not win!

D grade saw Terry Stewart used his experience to ride off the front of the bunch in his usual attacking style and claim victory from new club riders Paul Bunn and Teck Chin.


A Grade
1 Carl Cubitt
2 Ken Allen
3 Tom McDonough
B Grade
1 Steve Pounitis
2 Xavier Csar
3 A Vizzari
C Grade
1 Mussie Akgun
2 Mel Humphries-Grey
3 David Gafa

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