Results and Reports for January 5-6, 2002


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Hobart Track Carnival

Tasmania, January 6, 2002

Carney looking set to win Rider of the Season

By Rod Morris

American Jame Carney's love affair with the Tasmanian cycling carnivals continued today (Jan. 6) when he claimed his second Hobart Wheelrace in the space of three years.

With a bank of more than $5800 from the Basslink Tasmanian Carnival Series from Latrobe (Boxing Day) to Burnie (New Years Day), Carney was only second to Queenslander Aaron Kemps on the SCAT Order of Merit.

But his riding performance at the Hobart Carnival cemented his standing as the premier rider this Tasmanian summer.

As a result, Carney should now hang on to win the inaugural Tasmanian Cycling Federation's prestigious Rider-of-the-Season for 2001-2002, despite the fact he will miss the closing two carnivals at Mersey Valley (Jan. 13) and St Helens (Jan. 19).

Carney won the 20th annual Hobart Wheel in a perfectly timed sprint finish ahead of fellow scratchman Darren "Dasher" Young, while local Hobart rider Adrian Morrisby held on for third.

Carney and Young were part of a three scratchmen deal to qualify for the final, while they received solid support in the early part of the race from Stephen Rossendell (50 m) and Abram Manion (60).

Earlier in the day, Morrisby had enjoyed success in the 1000m Lightning Handicap.

Honours in other premier races were shared evenly with Nathan Clarke winning the points score, Darren Young, the keirin, Gareth Atkins, the A Grade Scratch and exciting young Hobart cyclist Stephen Rossendell surprised some with victory in the Sprint Derby.

Carney also won the A Grade Elimination, while the lower grade scratch races were won by Andrew Loft (B) and Adrian Morrisby (C).

The Tasmanian Carnival scene moves to Latrobe next Sunday, for events hosted by the Mersey Valley Devonport Cycling Club, while the season will roll to a close the following week at the seaside resort of St Helens.

Riders will then concentrate on the Tasmanian Track Championships, which will be held on various dates at the Launceston Silverdome.


Dunally Hotel/Cascade Brewery Hobart Wheelrace, 2000m
1 Jame Carney (scr)                       2.10.75
2 Darren Young (scr)
3 Adrian Morrisby (190)
4 Ron Crawford (140)
5 Andrew Simpson (100)
Other finalists
Nathan Clarke (scr)
Stephen Rossendell (50)
Abram Manion (60)
Karl Menzies (90)
Brendan Geale (100)
Dwayne Smith (100)
Ben Elliott (120)
Nathan Hodskiss (130)
James Atkinson (140)
Simon Elliott (150)
David Oliver (170)
Dane Leedham (180)
Darrell Eaves (180)
Ray Appleby 1000m Open Handicap
1 Adrian Morrisby (95)
2 Dane Leedham (90)
3 David Oliver (85)
4 Josh Simpson (80)
Other finalists
Paul Atkinson (45)
Karl Menzies (45)
Brendan Geale (50)
Cameron McCormack (60)
Nathan Hodskiss (65)
James Atkinson (70)
Jason Johnson (70)
Simon Elliott (75)
David Klyne (80)
Nathan Hingston (95)
Ryan Johnson (100)
A Grade Points Score
1 Nathan Clarke                                12 pts
2 Mark Jamieson                                 7
3 Stephen Rossendell                            6
3 Michael Skeggs                                6
Sprint Derby
1 Stephen Rossendell                        11.37 (last 200m)
2 Nathan Clarke
3 John Abblitt
1 Darren Young                              11.35 (last 200m)
2 Jame Carney
3 Gareth Atkins
A Grade Scratch
1 Gareth Atkins                          12.07.89
2 Stephen Rossendell
3 John Abblitt
B Grade Scratch
1 Andrew Loft                             6.42.82
2 Ron Crawford
3 Jason Johnson
C Grade Scratch
1 Adrian Morrisby                         5.25.51
2 Darrell Eaves
3 Dwayne Smith
A Grade Elimination
1 Jame Carney
2 Nathan Clarke
3 Gareth Atkins
C Grade Elimination
1 Jason Johnson
2 David Oliver
3 Kharne Hammersley
Junior 1 Hobart Wheelrace, 2000m
1 Matthew Goss (20)                       2.33.34
2 Wes Sulzberger (100)
3 John Rayner (140)
Junior 2 Hobart Wheelrace, 2000m
1 Carrie Price (240)                      2.37.54
2 Aaron Jones (260)
3 Ben Fielding (scr)
Junior 3 Hobart Wheelrace, 1000m
1 Jacob Fielding (150)                    1.27.46
2 Peter Loft (150)
3 Alitta Laskey (80)
Junior 1 Scratch
1 Matthew Goss                            4.34.31
2 Wes Sulzberger
3 Cameron Flint
Junior 2 Scratch
1 Ben Fielding                            4.06.55
2 Will Robinson
3 Alex Holden
Junior 3 Scratch
1 Peter Loft                              2.53.26
2 Matthew Laskey
3 Alitta Laskey
Junior 1 1000m Handicap
1 Cameron Flint (65)                      1.15.25
2 Matthew Goss (10)
3 John Rayner (70)
Junior 2 1000m Handicap
1 Alex Holden (80)                        1.17.35
2 Carrie Price (120)
3 Aaron Jones (130)
Junior 3 1000m Handicap
1 Peter Loft (180)                        1.21.14
2 Jacob Fielding (180)
3 Matthew Laskey (40)

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