Results and Reports for January 5-6, 2002


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Caesar's Illawarra Cycle Club - 18km time trial

January 6, 2002

Conditions for the second of the three summer 18km time trials were not too difficult for the riders. The strong winds that had been fanning the bushfires had abated for the day.

All the riders who had participated in the first race were all keen to see if they could better their time and most did. The rider's who improved their previous time by the most on the day were Paul Hooper 1.33, Paul Kaye 1.32, Joe Chiaverini 1.21 and Jeff Gray 0.59.

With Jono Hall riding their was no question of who would record the fastest time, just how quick a time he would post. While he had hoped to go faster, his time of 24.54 was in the sub 25.00 zone that only he has ever broken.

The next best time was Adam Rourke with 26.54. Frank Tortorici produced a personal best of 27.51 to be the third fastest. The closest times were Steve Hunter's 27.55.00 and Dave Russel's new PB of 27.55.86.

There were several other riders that produced new PB's, including Mark Owen who was only two seconds off the psychological 30 minute mark with a 30.02 and Patrick Delahunty with 30.12.

In his eighty second year Eric Doughty rode a respectable time of 34.40, faster than a few of his much younger peers.

Next week's race is a 37.5km scratch race with group five providing the marshals.


1 Jono Hall                        24.54
2 Adam Rourke                       2.00
3 Frank Tortorici                   2.57
4 Steve Hunter                      3.01
5 Dave Russel                       3.01
6 Tim Morris                        3.14
7 Josh Wall                         3.27
8 Lou Palermo                       3.42
9 Rob Calladine                     4.10
10 Richard Lorenc                   4.21
11 Marcus Arnold                    4.23
12 Paul Hooper                      4.53
13 Mark Davis                       5.01
14 Mark Owen                        5.08
15 Pat Delahunty                    5.18
16 Joe Pereira                      5.41
17 Phil Jones                       6.28
18 Dave Morris                      6.42
19 Jeff Gray                        6.43
20 Joe Chiaverini                   6.56
21 Peter Evans                      7.12
22 Paul Kayre                       8.25
23 Wayne Farrugia                   8.38
24 Peter Vesel                      9.28
25 Eric Doughty                     9.46
26 James Stephen                    9.56
27 Teegan Makowski                 10.02

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