Results and Reports for February 9 - 10, 2002


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Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club Team Time Trial

February 14, 2002

By Peter Winton

In Mildura, land of the long lost summer, there is a cyclist affectionately referred to as the "Big Engine". The big engine last night demonstrated to all those who were prepared to be in awe just why he is saddled with this name. It has something to do with 24km travelled in a time of 33 mins 54 secs. The last World Masters Time Trial time was over 25km and was a minute faster I'm told, however I don't need to know that, do I?

Of the 11 riders availing themselves of this Club novelty (no championship points for the effort) 3 teams of unequal numbers were arranged to contest the 24 kilometre (3 laps) event. Young Reece Homfray, our newest junior, sent off with Robyn Doyle, herself only just recovered from broken ribs courtesy of a criterium fall, were away with a 3 minute break. The unlucky group led by Rob McNally comprising Peter Mills, Adam Wightwick and Peter Winton raced away with a 1 minute buffer from the "Big Engine's" bunch of Arthur Anderson, Jack Lokan, Ken Joy and Mick Vaughan. The unlucky group so called due to an unscheduled slow down for 2 vehicles at the Palms Caravan Park roundabout. Something about cars and cyclists and the concept of "might is right" isn't there?

How do you think us mere mortals were feeling when asked to pedal at A grade personal best times over 8kms? How does "shattered" sound? Well, Millsy and Rob Mc rode at close to PB times in order to not lose time against the white Klein under Kevin Tankard's body. Try as we might the writer could not hold on any more after the 12km mark and wished them good luck only nobody heard the words. Same went for Mick Vaughan and Ken Joy in the Big Engine's bunch, although KJ stayed for 2 laps without any understanding as to why. Actually we are not sure if Ken made it home last night, he could be asleep in his car still!

All that effort to be beaten by 14 seconds, you need to ask yourself, "Why?"

Comments such as "How do you ride like that?" From Dr. Arthur Anderson, or perhaps Jack Lokan's comment: " He's not human!" Rob McNally's point was that "I race against him every week in A Grade, how do you think that goes?" are more to the point.

One thing is for certain the Big Engine left no doubt in anyone's mind as to where they are in the order of things that matter.

This Sunday the Club has a 50km handicap road race at the Deakin Av and 19th St circuit. Just in case you need some more punishment, I think Kev will be there as well!

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