Results and Reports for February 2-3, 2002


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ACT Track League

February 4, 2002


Youth 8 Lap Handicap
1 Philip Todd (Drighlington BC)
Senior 12 Lap scratch races
Group 1 Bob Duckworth (Bury Clarion)
Group 2 Robbie Duncan (Manchester Whrs)
Group 3 Tom Murray (Batley CC)
Youth 10 Lap Paced Handicap
1 Daniel Fernehough (Eastlands Velo)
Senior Devil Take The Hindmost
Group 1 Evelyn Kenyon (Yasumitsu-Schlapp)
Group 2 Robbie Duncan
Group 3 Nick Smith (Nova CC)
Youth 6 Lap Keirin
Heat 1 Sam Hodges (Race Scene)
Heat 2 Philip Todd
Senior 8 Lap Keirin
1 Matthew Wood (Scunthorpe Poly)
Youth Italian Pursuit
1 Team B (Austin Burroughs, Katie Fernehough, Liam Craighill, Lee Skade, 
Dan Woolfenden, Sam Greenhalgh, Philip Todd)
Senior 12 Lap Couses Des Primes
Group 1 Geoff Chaplin (Chester RC)
Group 2 Robbie Duncan
Group 3 Tony Parkinson (Rochdale Tri Club)
Youth Devil Take The Hindmost
1 Scott Skade (Eastlands Velo)
Senior Points Races
Group 1 Bob Duckworth
Group 2 Robbie Duncan
Group 3 Paul Wareing (Ribble Valley)