Results and Reports for February 2 - 3, 2002


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Mildura-Commealla Cycling Club

February 5, 2002

The Big Engine Crushes Field in Road Race

By Damian Wells
The Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club continued a very popular and successful season of racing on Tuesday night, February 5, at Riverside. Riders continued to display good form 'backing up' from Sunday February 3rd's 42km handicap event. Tuesday's event - a 40km graded scratch road race.

The race marked a special occasion for the club, as it was David Tozer's last race in Mildura before relocating to Bendigo. All eyes were on David given his excellent current form.

The bunch dawdled away from the start line with most of the usual suspects present. After a couple of laps the momentum of the group grew, however the pace was too sluggish for Adam Wightwick as he surged ahead of the bunch. Adam was joined by Arthur Anderson and Peter Mills to form a breakaway that concerned the peleton. The breakaway eventually came back to the bunch however, giving all a chance to regroup for the final stages of the race. Tozer, Dwyer and Tankard were setting the pace as the bunch warmed to the ringing of the bell.

Soon after the bell rang, Rob McNally broke away from the group and looked threatening, however the tough conditions favoured the peleton. The group soon realised that the event would come down to a sprint finish. Winton and Lokan applied pressure before the final turn and got away from the bunch. Wells broke away to take the lead home however the big engine of Kevin Tankard was looming large. Wells was 'all over the shop' in the last 200m and the big engine had his measure as he surged to the line for a very powerful victory. David Tozer and Rob McNally followed closely for strong finishes in a race in which they both worked hard.

The club followed the event with a beverage at Riverside to salute David Tozer's contribution to the club. David will be sorely missed for his excellent clubmanship and skilful riding (not to mention that he is a more impressive wordsmith than this author).


A Grade
1 Kevin Tankard
2 David Tozer
3 Rob McNally
B Grade
1 Damian Wells
2 Jack Lokan
3 Peter Winton
C Grade
1 Ken Joy
2 Michael Vaughn

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