Results and Reports for February 2 - 3, 2002


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Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club

February 3, 2002

Tozer toasts his rivals

By Peter Winton

The hard core of Mildura's competitive cyclists took to the windy back roads of South Merbein on Sunday for a 42 kilometre handicap road race. On a day more attuned to August than February, 12 competitors fronted up to the club handicapper, Barry Pollock, for their assignments.

Four groups of three riders apiece were arranged, with Phillips, Joy and Vaughan away with a three minute break on Lokan, Wightwick and Winton. Recent headline getting Damian Wells was elevated to the "chopping block" bunch of Anderson and Mills at a further two minutes back. The usual powerful trio of Tozer, Tankard and McNally were waiting patiently, albeit shivering in the cold, another three minutes in arrears.

With seven laps to complete on this exposed circuit and the energy sapping Meridian Road section poised to play it's part, it was merely a question of "when" and not "if" the four groups would merge. The limit riders held on well until midway of lap five before being rounded up by the two middle groups. Little or no opportunities were presenting themselves for any break-aways to occur, although Arthur Anderson is always a likely candidate. Regular peeks behind became the next strategy to prepare for the rush of the A grade trio. The pedalling power of this formidable trio inevitably came to pass and with a good lap to go the lesser competitors could do no more than pray.

Anderson launched into his customary solo efforts only to be ignored by the peleton. With two kilometres to go the 11 rider bunch virtually came to a standstill while the foxing for position took place. Turning into fifth street for the final sprint saw the irrepressible David Tozer triumph over Kevin Tankard and Rob McNally.


1 David Tozer
2 Kevin Tankard
3 Rob McNally

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