Results and Reports for February 2 - 3, 2002


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West Australian (ATTA) Hillclimb Championships 2002

February 3, 2002

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Longville rides
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By Peter Meyer (ATTA)
Chris Allen spent some anxious moments at the top of Canning Mills Road concerned for the fate of his hard-earned six year old record. But his friend, the hefty morning easterly made sure that even a powerful ride by Leon Vogels was not going to get too close - but it was a worthy effort, one that should have made Chris sweat.

And it was another former winner of the event who was first past the timekeeper today - Derek Mayall who won the second edition of the event, some 29 years ago and was second today as an Over 55. He was marginally ahead of a Gold medallist in many other events: Mark LeFlohic - another gutsy ride today, somewhat limited, of course by the fact that he can't get out of the saddle on his trike.

It was the juniors who could and largely did make things look easy as they danced up the hill - they were led by Ian Longville, actually an Under 19 riding Open today for his Silver medal and Thomas Greathead's win in the Under17s (Bronze overall) was in a time fairly comparable to those of riders like Peter Dawson and Ric Steele a couple of years ago when conditions were more favourable. Steven Evans was another Under 19 who was riding Open and easily dropped into the top five.

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Enjoying the win
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Richard Woods took a day off Tri-ing to give something else a go and clearly led the young vets for fifth overall. Bob Barnes had a somewhat lonely ride up the hill with a three minute gap ahead of him but probably the presence of young Travis Meyer pulling back a minute behind him made sure he led the Over 55 seconds home by a hefty margin. Still it was young Cameron Meyer who was after the Gold in the Under 15s and insisted his young brother be satisfied with the Silver.


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1 Leon Vogels                         9.09.4
2 Ian Longville                          8.7
3 Thomas Greathead                      38.5
4 Steven Evans                          45.8
5 Richard Woods                       1.09.8
6 Rory Murray                         1.20.6
7 Shane Mackey                        1.36.7
8 Mark Matear                         1.41.1
9 Chris Reid                          1.47.0
10 Brad Gregory                       1.55.9
11 Cameron Meyer                      1.58.2
12 Jason Mahoney                      1.58.3
13 Reegan Clarke                      1.59.0
14 Peter Fallon                       2.09.2
15 Lorraine Schutz                    2.12.0
16 Travis Meyer                       2.21.0
17 Stuart Estcourt                    2.26.7
18 Wesley Ham                         2.31.7
19 Alex Franzinelli                   2.34.1
20 Duane Johansen                     2.42.2
21 Gerry Putland                      3.20.4
22 Bob Barnes                         3.20.5
23 Patrick Couser                     3.26.4
24 Tod Francis                        3.43.9
25 Antony Rosam                       4.16.7
26 Malcolm Reid                       4.28.1
27 Moshe Phillips                     4.31.5
28 David Doust                        4.48.0
29 Derek Mayall                       5.03.9
30 Terry Martin                       5.28.2
31 Jose Arregui                       5.29.1
32 Andrew Stanley                     5.41.9
33 Denis Robinson                     5.51.1
34 Mark Le Flohic                     7.26.8
35 James McNaulty                     8.54.7
36 Megan Ryan                        10.13.8

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