Saturday 13 October- 9:00 - Junior Men's Road Race - 121 km (10 laps)

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The first of two races today is the 121 kilometre (10 lap) Junior Men's road race. 164 riders are on the start list, and it will be a nervous first few laps before the field sorts itself out. The junior men always seem to have the most crashes, but thankfully it's not raining today.

The course clearly favours the strongest rider, as we saw yesterday with Nicole Cooke and Yaroslav Popvych's victories in the Junior Women's and U23 Men's road races. Today should be no different, although the junior men's is always one of the toughest to pick. Expect Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Bel), Jukka Vastaranta (Fin), Kieran Page (GBr), Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) and Urkrainians Oleksandr Kvachuk and Vitaly Kondrut to perform well.

9:20 GMT - Lap 1
Alexey Kolessov (Kazakhstan) leads the peloton through on the first lap, but he only has a small gap to the peloton.

Lap 1 time: 17:49 (40.75 km/h)

9:38 GMT - Lap 2
Alexey Kolessov (Kazakhstan) has been joined by Greek rider Georgios Tentsos, and the pair maintain a slender 8 second lead at the conclusion of the second lap. The Kazakhs and Ukranians are prominent at the front of the peloton.

Lap 2 time: 18:16 (39.75 km/h)
Total time: 36:05 (40.24 km/h)

9:56 GMT - Lap 3
Seven laps to go and there has been a more serious attack. Six riders, including Matti Brechell (Den) Bartosz Kolendo (Pol), Mathieu Claude (Fra), Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa), Norbert Poels (Ned), and Stanislav Belov (Rus) have ridden away to a 1:24 lead as they cross the line. Belov is probably the most dangerous rider in the break.

Lap 3 time: 17:04 (42.54 km/h)
Total time: 53:09 (40.97 km/h)

10:14 GMT - Lap 4
The break maintains its advantage through the fourth lap, still leading the peloton by 1:19. The Kazakhs and the Ukranians are leading the chase, as they completely missed the move.

Lap 4 time: 18:20 (39.6 km/h)
Total time: 1:11:29 (40.62 km/h)

10:32 GMT - Lap 5
It's status quo at the halfway point, with a break of six riders (Matti Brechell (Den) Bartosz Kolendo (Pol), Mathieu Claude (Fra), Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa), Norbert Poels (Ned), and Stanislav Belov (Rus)) holding their 1:22 advantage over a disorganised peloton.

Lap 5 time: 18:00 (40.33 km/h)
Total time: 1:29:29 (40.57 km/h)

10:50 GMT - Lap 6
Four laps to go, and there is some agitation in the bunch. Two riders, Nebojsa Jovanovic (Yug) and Olivier Bonnaire (Fra) have set off in pursuit of the six leaders, and are 1:18 down. The peloton is another 16 seconds back.

Lap 6 time: 17:59 (40.37 km/h)
Total time: 1:47:28 (40.53 km/h)

11:05 GMT - Lap 7
With three laps to go, the gap is starting to come down at last. The six leaders have around 50 seconds to the peloton, which is starting to get serious about reeling them in. Most of the favourites are prominent near the front of the bunch.

Lap 7 time: 18:29 (39.28 km/h)
Total time: 2:05:57 (40.35 km/h)

11:23 GMT - Lap 8
Half of the break has been caught, with Sanchez Gil, Brechell and Belov being joined by Oleksandr Kvachuk. The four have a 13 second lead on the peloton with Luca Conati (Ita) and Przemyslaw Pietrzak (Pol) pursuing them.

Lap 8 time: 17:42 (41.02 km/h)
Total time: 2:23:39 (40.43 km/h)

11:40 GMT - Lap 9
One lap to go, and Ukrainian Oleksander Kvachuck is going for gold. He missed out by just 0.4 of a second in the TT, but has this one in the bag it seems. He leads Lokvist (Swe), Perget (Fra), Roy (Fra) and Nevens (Bel) by 1:01 with just 12 kilometres to go. It's looking like the second Ukranian gold in consecutive races.

The peloton is pieces, a further 30-40 seconds behind Lokvist's group.

Lap 9 time: 17:03 (42.58 km/h)
Total time: 2:40:42 (40.66 km/h)

11:57 GMT - Lap 10
Just as his compatriot Yaroslav Popovych did yesterday in the U23 men's road race, Ukrainian Oleksandr Kvachuk crosses the line alone to win the junior men's race, courtesy of a well timed move at the end of Lap 8. The Dutchman Niels Scheuneman and Mathieu Perget (Fra) are second and third, 1:07 behind.

Lap 10 time: 18:01 (40.30 km/h)
Total time: 2:58:43 (40.62 km/h)


1 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukr)        2.58.43 (40.62 km/h)
2 Niels Scheuneman (Ned)            1.07
3 Mathieu Perget (Fra) 
4 Sven Nevens (Bel) 
5 Jérémy Roy (Fra) 
6 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe)             1.08
7 Luca Conati (Ita)                 1.23
8 Jukka Vastaranta (Fin) 
9 Marcus Burghardt (Ger) 
10 Christoph Meschenmoser (Ger) 

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