Wednesday 10 October - 11:30 - Junior Men's TT - 19.2 km

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The 19.2 kilometre Junior Men's time trial is the first event on Day 2 of the World Championships. 73 riders will start at 1:30 intervals, with the favourites for the event last. Finnish sensation Jukka Vastaranta is expected to do well in this event, starting second last. He will be chased by Belgian Jurgen Van Den Broeck. Britain's Kieran Page is another strong chance for the gold medal. Can he emulate Nicole Cooke's performance yesterday?

11:50 GMT
So far it's South African Eckard Bergh who is the pace setter, finishing in 28:55.65 (39.83 km/h). His time will certainly be bettered but it's a good performance nonetheless on this challenging circuit around Monsanto Park.

11:58 GMT
Bergh's times are already under assault from USA's Tyler Farrar, perhaps inspired by his compatriot Danny Pate's win in yesterday's U23 Men's TT.

12:10 GMT
Farrar passes the 13 kilometre check in 20:30.66, and is on track to set the new fastest time.

12:18 GMT
And he does. Tyler Farrar comes in with 28:27.85 (40.47 km/h), the first rider to break 40 km/h.

12:21 GMT
Farrar's time will certainly be eclipsed it seems. Swede Thomas Lövkvist is an impressive 21 seconds quicker than the American after 4.5 kilometres. Ukranian Vitaliy Kondrut is also up there. What can the likes of Page, Vastaranta and Van den Broeck do?

12:28 GMT
Kondrut breaks the 28 minute barrier, again knocking 30 seconds off the best time as he finishes.

12:40 GMT
The final 10 riders are starting now, and best time overall is still Vitaliy Kondrut, who looks to be beaten by his teammate Oleksandr Kvachuk, who has the best time at all the intermediate checks.

12:49 GMT
Kvachuk is almost 30 seconds quicker than Kondrut, with 27:28.74. Is it good enough for a medal?

12:57 GMT
It could be gold, as all the riders have gone through the 4.5 kilometre check, with Kvachuk still the fastest, followed by the Swede Lövkvist. No sign of Vastaranta amongst the top 5 riders after the first check, although Belgian Jurgen Van den Broeck, who was last to start, is 4th fastest.

Vastaranta posted the 12th best time after 4.5 kilometres, but is over 25 seconds off the pace already.

13:10 GMT
Kvachuk may well have this race, followed by Thomas Lövkvist. It's not over yet, but it will take a Nicole Cooke-style performance from one of the more fancied riders to overcome the Ukranian.

13:15 GMT
Jurgen Van Den Broeck has leapt over Kvachuk at the 13 km mark, with 19:23 compared with the Ukranian's 19:29. The Belgian is now in his stride and looks to be the only one who can beat Kvachuk. Vastaranta and Page are not in medal positions.

13:19 GMT
Jurgen Van Den Broeck wins it! But only just...he finishes in 27:28.30 (41.93 km/h), just 0.44 seconds quicker than Oleksandr Kvachuk. Dutchman Niels Scheuneman rode well over the latter half of the course to pick up the bronze medal in 27:29.08

Intermediate Standings

First Check - 4.5 km

1 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukr)               7.12.25
2 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe)                 7.17.11
3 Nikita Eskov (Rus)                    7.19.32
4 Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Bel)           7.20.05
5 Niels Scheuneman (Ned)                7.22.90

Second check - 13.0 km

1 Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Bel)          19.22.84
2 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukr)              19.28.71
3 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe)                19.35.69
4 Niels Scheuneman (Ned)               19.38.47
5 Nikita Eskov (Rus)                   19.44.20

Finish - 19.2 km

1 Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Bel)          27.28.30
2 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukr)              27.28.74
3 Niels Scheuneman (Ned)               27.29.08
4 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe)                27.34.34
5 Nikita Eskov (Rus)                   27.46.56

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