Stage 17 - September 26: Murcia - Albacete, 159.5 km

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Albacete is another city in which the predicted timetable could be easily exceeded. The sprinters who had been able to go through the mountain stages will have their opportunity again if their teams are able to control the riders placed on the first positions in the standings. Last year the riders arrived in Albacete with an average speed of 42,122 kilometres per hour and Oscar Sevilla showed his best performanced in front of Lombardi, Moreni, Leoni and Svorada. In 1999 the riders arrived from Alicante with an average speed of 43,204 kilometres per hour and the magnificent sprint was ruled by Marcel Wust followed by Zanini, Lombardi, McEwen and Blijevens. High and good level whoever attempts to break away.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: De 12:10 a 12:55 en la c/Auditorium (frente al Pabellón J.Mª Cagigal.
Call /Appel: A las 13:00.
Pre-start time /Départ fictif: A las 13:06 por: Avda. Juan Carlos I, Plaza Circular, Avda. Constitución, Avda. Gran Vía Salzillo, Avda. Teniente Flomesta, Pl. Cruz Roja, Pº Garay, Avda. Intendente Jorge Palacios, c/General Yagüe, Avda. La Fama, Ronda de Levante, Plaza Juan XXIII, Pl. Circular y Avda. Juan Carlos I. Total: 5 Kms.

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