Results and Reports for November 17 - 18, 2001


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Brookside Cyclo-cross
Urban Cyclocross #4
Surf City cyclo-cross Rd 4
Boulder Cross Series Rd 4
Virginia Cyclo-Cross Series Rd 3
River City Bicycles Cross Crusade Round 7
Loveland Cyclocross #1
Team Douglas, Palmer 'Cross & Swap
Kissena Double Cross Day 2
Verge New England Cyclocross series #4

Brookside Cyclo-cross

Indianapolis, IN, November 18, 2001


By Mathew Walczak

Dry conditions, warm weather and sunny skies made for a fast day of racing at Brookside Park in Indianapolis. The Brookside course sported some changes from the previous year including no snow, some 16 inch barriers (UCI legal) and a set of stairs.

The day started with the Women's/C/Jr's race starting as sun burned the last bit of fog from the sky. After a furious start Janine Verstraeten (Trek) found herself leading the women around the course. Verstraeten held a good pace and held off the rest of the women's field and most of the C men's field as well. Courtney Bollman (Detrol-LA), one of the race favorites found herself chasing furiously to make her way through the field on a borrowed bike. A mechanical in the first three hundred meters sent her derailleur sailing through the stratosphere and back to Japan and Bollman scrambling for a bike. Despite moving quickly from last place to second overall Bollman was unable to make up the last bit of ground to Verstraeten.

Shelia Senft rode consistently to keep a solid lock on third place. Up and coming junior Ben Schuster (BGI/Trane) took the junior win and Mike Slattery taking men's C race.

The Men's A race rolled out next and the tone of the day was set by GoMart riders. Mike House (GoMart) set a strong early pace and helped whittle the lead pack down to five riders. Toby Swanson (Lindsey Wilson College), Phil Noble (Airborne), Ben Sharp (GoMart) and Matt Walczak (City Scape Higher Gear) battled back and forth over the course of the hour until a Chicago-weary House withdrew citing bio-mechanical failure.

The remaining four worked together to keep any late race charges struggling to make contact. In the final lap Walczak dropped off the back ever so slightly leaving Swanson, Sharp and Noble to battle for the win. Coming off the final stair climb Sharp took one more step before remounting leaving Noble and Swanson to contest the sprint.

Swanson demonstrated his strength and global experience by besting midwestern 'cross dominator Noble in the last 200 meters.

The day ended with the Master's/ B race with Jonas Root (Team Columbus) taking the B win and Roger Wilson(Squadra Ardennes) as the Master's winner. In a shameless plug, BGI/Trane riders Paul Arlinghaus and Steve Rider finished a hard day of course set-up and race promotion to finish third and fourth in the B race behind second place John Minturn (S.C.O. Dijon).


Men's A Race

1 Toby Swanson (Lindsey Wilson College)
2 Phil Noble (Airborne)
3 Ben Sharp (GoMart)
4 Matt Walczak (City Scape Higher Gear)
5 Earendel Fingerson (Lindsey Wilson College)
6 Al Senft (Rapid Transit)
7 Chris Herndon (Lindsey Wilson College)
8 Brian Tober (Veloforce)
9 Randy Coddington (Gilles Cycling )
10 Chris Bowman (Gilles Cycling)

Women's A Race

1 Janine Verstraeten (Trek)
2 Courtney Bollman (Detrol-LA)
3 Shelia Senft (Morris Trucking)
4 Laura Kehoe (Indiana Hand Center)
5 Sally Harmon (Miami University)
6 Cindi Hart (BGI/Trane)
7 Kathy Schuster (BGI/Trane)

Urban Cyclocross #4

Palos Verdes, CA, USA Nov 18, 2001

The rain of the last two weekends gave way to a more typical indian summer day. Course designers added a forty foot sand runup, fast triple through the "sandbox" and a short jaunt through the parking lot outside the campus. Riders were lined up, bikes on shoulders about twenty feet from a stair run at the start. Spectators were able to see every bit of the last long flat section just before the final technical bit. The layout seemed conducive to sprint finishes as every class was treated to exciting duels right to the wire.

In the A men's, we saw a new face in Jason Van Marle at the front early on. Finishing the first lap, Van Marle surged through the triple barrier sand box, opened up a ten second gap and courageously held that for the first fifteen minutes of the race. The chasers consisted of Dane Jankowiak (Roger Young's Training Center), Garnet Vertican (ODI), Brent Prenzlow (Tufo) and Joel Kath (Danger Boy Racing). The rest of the field peeled off by the first lap attack. Prenzlow flew back late from Saturday's Chicago Supercup and just made our event. After flatting at Chicago, Prenzlow was looking for some redemption. With Van Marle now eighteen seconds off the front, the chasers began attacking each other in earnest at the halfway mark. The attacks had the effect of chipping away at Van Marle's lead. Looking back, he wisely decided to sit up and let them close the last few seconds.

Just past the halfway point, Prenzlow made a move just before the slow technical "woodchip" climb and descent. He went in with a 2 second gap and emerged with a tidy eight second lead. By now the chasers were down to Jankowiak, Van Marle and Kath who all began working to bring Prenzlow back, Vertican losing contact with the leaders. Two laps to go and Van Marle repeated his frighteningly quick triple barrier attack through the sandbox, came out the other end with a few precious bike lengths and kept the pressure on to create a tenuous four second gap to Kath and Jankowiak. With Jankowiak feeling the effects of a mild stomach virus, he didn't have the legs to work any more as Kath watched the junior closely. Prenzlow looked to be suffering a bit but was rewarded with his third win of the series followed 15 seconds later by Van Marle. Ten seconds further back, the squabble for third and fourth was decided with a sprint, Kath just fending off the fading Jankowiak at the line.

Next week, Castaic Lake and an all new course layout courtesy of Brent amd Emilio.


Men's Category A (Pro 1-5)
1 Brent Prenzlow (TUFO/Sockguy)
2 Jason Van Marle
3 Joel Kath (Danger Boy Racing)
4 Dane Jankowiak (Roger Young's Training Center)
5 Garnet Vertican (ODI)
6 Andrew Juskaitis (Bicycling Magazine)
7 Jerry Meyers (L'Equipe Cheval)
8 Dain Zaffke (Cyclewerks)
9 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle John's)
Men's Category B  (3-5)
1 Tom Farley (Imperial Bank)
2 Michael Eaton (Team Universal)
3 Ted Posch (Team Velocity)
4 Jeff Wilson (La Grange/Bristol Farms)
5 Matias Mendigochea (La Grange/Bristol Farms)
6 Osamu Yamamoto (Cycletek)
7 Heath McGee (ODI)
8 Eric Fraer (Team Universal)
9 Stefan Hesselberg (BCA)
Juniors 17-18
1 Josh Kahle (DEVOi)
2 Elijah Baker (Major Motion)
Men's Category C (4/5)
1 Thad Sparrow
2 Jason Perkins (Syntace)
3 Jason Vorell (Team Velocity)
4 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns)
5 David Bales (San Clemente Velo)
6 David Reilly (San Diego Bicycle CLub)
7 Curt Dosier
8 Richard Murphey (Celo Pacific)
9 Eric Matthes
10 Geoff Sims
Men's Category D (30+)
1 Russel Greene (Southbay Wheelmen)
2 Lee Willore
3 Manual Douglas
4 Rey Torres
Men's Category D 18-29 (Public/ & 5)
1 Cameron Compton
Women's D & Public
1 Kim Nguyen
2 Diana Barnes
Juniors 16 & Under
1 Jasen Harmon (Velo Pasadena)
2 Matt Mussig
3 Travis Barnes
4 Joe Schwartz
5 Adam Barnes
Master's 45+
1 Jonathan Livesay (Simply Fit)
2 Joe Crabtree (Open Air Bicycles)
3 Ricky Russell (La Grange/Bristol Farms)
4 Rick Swanson (Inland Radsport)
5 Willy Bounderant (Team Velocity)
6 Jim Cushing-Murray (Celo Pacific)
Master's 40+
1 Charles Morris (Team Universal)
2 Mark Sauer (Radsport)
3 Greg Townsend (Velo Pasadena)
4 Brad House (Team King's)
Master's 35+
1 Gary Hanson (Rocket Parts)
2 Joe Hageman (Simple Green/Mazda)
3 Doug McWhinney (Celo Pacific)
4 Chris Gallup
5 Dan Nelson (Rocket Parts)
6 Scott Kennedy (San Diego Bicycle Shop)
7 Steve Smull (San Diego Bicycle Shop)
Master's 30+
1 Erik Luk (Team King's)
2 Paul Welsh (Lightning)
3 Mike Cowdry (CLIF Bar)
4 Aaron Shrier (Sundance)
5 Brad House (Team King's)

Surf City cyclo-cross Rd 4

Aptos High School, Aptos, California, November 18, 2001


Senior A  
1 Justin Robinson (Santa Cruz) Palo Alto/Bullion               59.51 
2 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Santa Cruz) Palo Alto/SC Bikes            0.22 
3 David Wyandt (Scotts Valley) Spokesman                        0.26 
4 Justin Morgan (Sacramento) Clif Bar                           1.22 
5 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Berkeley) Clif Bar                       1.27 
6 Todd Hoefer (Watsonville) Steelman/ABS                        1.52 
7 John Funke (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo                         2.24 
8 Jason Moeschler (Nevada City) Tour of Nevada City             2.36 
9 Anastasio Flores (Santa Cruz) ABS/Rock Lobster                3.32 
10 Doug Ott (Mill Valley) Jamba Juice                           3.38 
11 Girts Gibielis (Riga, Latvia) ZZK                            3.45 
12 Scott Ledtermann (Folsom) Steelman/ABS                       4.06 
13 Joseph McNerney (Alameda) Missing Link                       4.09 
14 Phil Roberts (San Francisco) Hancock/Moto                    4.24 
15 Takumi Shimomura (Oakland) 3BRT                              4.42 
16 Brian Vernor (Santa Cruz)                                    4.57 
17 Robert Saybolt (San Francisco) Hancock/Moto                  5.28 
18 Mike Mathews (Los Gatos)                        5.33 
19 Simon Vickers (Midtown) MTR Hunter                           5.56 
20 James Coats (Seaside) Steelman                               6.15 
21 Dave Carr (Napa) Napa Valley Velo                            6.26 
22 Rick Hunter (Santa Cruz) Midtown Rollers                     6.48 
23 Aaron Kereluk (Santa Cruz) Bicycle Trip/Midtown              1 lap down  
24 1 Jesse Scatton (Sacramento) California Pedaler                   
25 6 Mansur Nurullah (Berkeley) Clif Bar                             
26 4 Matt Mullins (San Francisco) American Cyclery                   
27 2 David Wierzba (San Jose) Marathon Racing                        
28 6 Joe Pettinger (Capitola) Spokesman
29 6 Tate Howe (Santa Cruz) Spokesman
30 2 Rich Sangalli (Hillsborough) Bianchi USA
31 8 Monty Worthington (Santa Cruz) Team OTB                         
32 3 Doug Hatfield (Santa Cruz) GGBC                                 
Senior B
1 Patrick Williams (Santa Cruz) Spokesman                      46.54 
2 Lance Doherty (Berkeley) Cal Cycling                          0.15 
3 Eric Neely (Mill Valley)                                      0.43 
4 Din Abdullah (Oakland) Missing Link                           0.45 
5 Mike McCloskey (San Jose) Omnifit                             1.12 
6 Dylan Snodgrass (San Francisco) DFL                           1.35 
7 Raj Crow (Reno) Bicycle Warehouse                             1.37 
8 Jason Rahlwes (Capitola)                                      1.42 
9 Michael Morgan (San Jose) SyCip/Novo                          1.51 
10 Robert Stoik (Watsonville)                                   1.55 
11 Mike Martin (Santa Cruz) SCCCC                               2.00
12 Martin Suro (Pacific Grove) Joselyn's                        2.07 
13 Michael Campbell (Oakland) 3BRT-Clif Bar                     2.16 
14 Stacey Sell (Prunedale) Selle Specialized                    2.18 
15 Stephen Kent (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo                      2.19 
16 David Yeater (Sacramento)                                    2.32 
17 Nick Llewellyn (Santa Cruz)                                  2.39 
18 5 Thomas Dittman (Los Gatos) LGBRC                                
19 Justin Lucke (Piedmont)                                      2.42 
20 Josh Bennett (Alameda) Kelly Bike                            2.46 
21 Marc Wittenberg (Berkeley) Cal Cycling                       2.52 
22 Jean-Luc Callahan (Morgan Hill) Cannibal                     3.01 
23 Jiro Nakamura (Berkeley) WTB DH CX Japan                     3.12 
24 6 Rami Aburomia (Stanford) Old Chevack                            
25 Jay Buenaventura (Berkeley) 3rd Rail                         3.22 
26 Brett Hondorp (Berkeley)                                     3.34 
27 Gen Kogure (Berkeley)                                        4.06 
28 Eric Miller (Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz                          4.19 
29 Robert Nelson (Walnut Creek) Missing Link                    4.23 
30 Patrick Dolden (Capitola) Family Cycling                     4.24 
31 Ron Gutierrez (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo                     4.33 
32 7 Bobby Griffin (Santa Clara) Spokesmen                           
33 Johannes Schmidt (Cupertino) Focal/Ritchey                   4.42 
34 Dave Manson (Santa Cruz) Team Bro                            4.43 
35 James Rae (San Francisco) Trey True Wheels                   4.57 
36 Bo Barry (Woodside) Calif RC                                 5.01 
37 Ari Benderly (San Francisco)                                 5.06 
38 Brock Dickie (Capitola) Armadillo Willy's                    5.14 
39 Gary Li (Los Gatos) Armadillo                                6.01 
40 8 Joseph Fortino (San Jose) SyCip/Novo                            
41 John Rowen (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo                        6.16 
42 Rob Selle (Cupertino) Omnifit Racing                         6.32 
43 Uri Friedman (Santa Cruz) Borracho/Bike Coop                 6.46 
44 Jerry Dischler (Oakland) Kelly Bike                          6.56 
45 Jason Salkind (Emeryville)                                   7.10
46 Jeff Bronack (Santa Cruz)                                    7.18 
47 Brian Bruckner (San Francisco) Big Swingin Cycles            7.25 
48 Jason Rimmer (Santa Cruz)                                    1 lap down  
49 4 Rocco Hollaway (Modesto) VSRT                                   
50 3 Josh Johnson (Antioch) Johnson/Grazie                           
51 7 Jace Gifford (San Francisco) Hancock/Moto                       
52 6 Gregory Towers (San Francisco) Steelman Cycles                  
53 4 Chris Fraser (San Jose)
54 5 Dan Graybill (Santa Cruz) Team Graybill
55 9 Erik Thunstrom (Boulder Creek)
56 9 David Carlson (Santa Cruz)                                      
57 3 Toshi (Santa Cruz) Heavan                                       
Women A
1 Gina Hall (Richmond) Kona/VoiceStream                        40.32 
2 Carmen D'Alusio (Watsonville) Volvo/Cannondale                0.15 
3 Christine Vardaros (Mill Valley) Jamba Juice                  0.16 
4 Stella Carey (San Francisco) Kelly Bike                       2.21 
5 Janie Dalton (Kensington) Missing Link                        3.19 
6 Nicole Amaral (Santa Cruz) ABS                                3.22 
7 Kim Vandersyde (Half Moon Bay) Bicycle Warehouse              3.37 
8 Sarah Kerlin (Santa Cruz) ABS/SyCip                           3.44 
9 Hillary Daniels (Santa Cruz) Midtown Rollers                  4.07 
10 Allison Baumhefner (Santa Cruz)                              4.48 
11 Dorothy Wong (Burbank) Kelly Bike Co.                        5.52 
12 Holly McGovern (Nevada City) Tour of Nevada City             5.54 
13 Shauna Potocky (Santa Cruz) Bike Trip                        6.08
14 Julie Bramlett (Scotts Valley)                               6.40
15 Erika Lovejoy (South Lake Tahoe) SyCip/Novo                  1 lap down
16 5 Heather Miller (San Francisco)
17 4 Mary Mathews (Santa Clara)                                      
Women 35+ A
1 Shelley Whisenhant (Seaside) Veltec Sports                   42.55
2 Andi Mackie (Walnut Creek) Colo Velo/Mook                     4.32
3 Donna Sisson (Yosemite) Blackmarket                           5.53 
4 Susan Francis (Los Gatos) Spokesman                           2 laps down 
Women B
1 Petra Rocha (Monterey) Pack Sand                             46.15 
2 Laura Home (Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz Tri                        1.05 
3 Penny Wood (Mill Valley)                                      1 lap down  
4 2 Michelle Wharton (San Francisco)                                 
5 0 Karen Nordstrom (Santa Cruz) Bike Trip                           
6 4 Tawny Pickerell (Santa Cruz) Cyclesport                          
7 7 Jennifer Bonnet (Santa Cruz)                                     
8 5 Lisa Monda (San Francisco) DFL                                   
9 3 Kirsten McDaniel (San Jose) Team Wrong Way                       
10 6 Julie Brothers (Los Gatos)                                      
11 0 Kristine Thompson (Salinas) VC Monterey                         
12 9 Erin Lindberg (Santa Cruz) Bullion Stil                         
13 3 Alyson Lowery (Salinas) Sports Center                           
14 Karen Kefauver (Santa Cruz)                                  2 laps down
15 8 Michelle Templeton (Santa Cruz)
16 5 Cheri Poff (San Jose)                                           
17 4 Gail Hotten (Oakland) Title 9 Sports                            
18 2 Jill Johnson (Antioch) Grazie/Johnson                           
Women 35+ B
1 Jessica Hickel (Felton) Bike Trip                            42.34
2 Carolyn Gery (Alameda)                                        4.18
3 Janet Martin (Aptos) Bicycle Trip                             5.13
4 Rynie Quan (Antioch) Grazie/Johnson                           6.18 
5 Elaine Dale_Lewis (Santa Cruz)                                1 lap down  
Junior Women
1 Michelle Gibson (San Francisco) Team NSO                     40.58 
Junior A
1 Steven Cozza (Petaluma) Swift/DeFeet                         46.46 
2 Jouzas Martynaitis (Reno) GS Reno/GSR                         1.48 
Master 45+ A
1 Cass Laizure (Albany) 3rd Rail CC                            47.25 
2 Henry Kramer (Menlo Park) Le Matin                            0.33 
3 Norm Kreiss (Berkeley) Clif Bar                               0.49 
4 Mark Michel (Santa Cruz) Bike Brip                            1.32 
5 Doug Smith (Santa Cruz) SCCCC                                 2.05 
6 John Brown (Santa Cruz) Family Cycling                        3.23 
7 John Royson (Albany) Clif Bar                                 1 lap down  
8 9 Chris Allen (Campbell) San Jose BC                               
9 3 Steve Lamont (Watsonville) cccx                                  
10 0 Bob Lofland (Morgan Hill) Team Wrong Way                        
11 7 Paul Gibson (San Francisco) NSO                                 
12 6 Todd Olson (Seaside) One gear                                   
13 8 Kem Akol (Santa Cruz) Spokesman                                 
14 4 Rick Eklund (Pleasanton)                                        
15 7 Frank Cuaresma (San Jose) Una mas
16 1 Keith Bontrager (Santa Cruz) Fisher
17 6 Brian Danbury (San Francisco)
18 Peter Dahlstrand (Berkeley) Bezerkley                        2 laps down 
19 4 Dan Nall (Santa Cruz) G.S. Strada                               
Master 35+ A
1 Chris D'Alusio (Watsonville) Specialized                     43.43 
2 Larry Hibbard (Aptos) The Spokesman                           0.20 
3 Rich Maile (Sacramento) Team Shortbus                         0.27 
4 Pat Schott (Santa Cruz) Black Market                          0.29 
5 Mark Howland (Santa Cruz) Black Market                        0.44 
6 8 Gannon Myall (Lafayette) Mako/Silks                              
7 David Eastwood (Reno) Bicycle Warehous                        1.54 
8 2 John Senkier (Santa Cruz) ABS/Steelman                           
9 Rod Hernandez (Watsonville) cccx                              1.59 
10 Steve Gregorios (Tracy) VSRT                                 3.03 
11 Jim Gentes (Soquel) Giro                                     3.10 
12 Keith DeFiebre (Prunedale) Fox                               3.12 
13 Drew Landers (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo                      3.15 
14 Anton McCready (Richmond) Clif Bar                           3.25 
15 Mark Abele (Concord) Diablo Cyclists                         3.26 
16 Markham Johnson (Tiburon) Litton Cycles                      4.07 
17 Daniel Hankins (Palo Alto)                                   4.17 
18 Brian Ort (Santa Cruz) UC Santa Cruz                         4.34 
19 Paul Siegel (Santa Cruz) Family Cycling                      4.48 
20 Rob Meighan (Santa Cruz)                                     5.08 
21 Steve Hess (Santa Cruz) Bicycle Trip                         5.09 
22 Julian Zgoda (San Francisco) DFL                             5.24 
23 Jon Suzuki (Berkeley) Missing Link                           5.27 
24 Steve Ouzounian (Oakland) Missing Link                       5.28 
25 Hans Kellner (San Francisco)                       5.30 
26 Dave Devlin (San Francisco) DFL                              5.43 
27 Mike Bohn (Santa Cruz) ABS                                   5.45 
28 Kenny Cleveland (San Jose) Novo/SyCip                        5.57 
29 Reuben Villarreal (San Leandro) Aging Hipster                6.03 
30 David Gill (Bonny Doon) SCCCC                                6.18 
31 Mitch Bramlett (Scotts Valley) Flying Clam                   6.27 
32 John Kammeyer (San Mateo) Omnifit                            6.28 
33 Eric Betz (San Anselmo)                                      1 lap down  
34 6 Keith Packard (Livermore) Grazie/Johnson                        
35 5 Ron Celaya (San Carlos) Omnifit                                 
36 2 Willie Bullion (Santa Cruz) Palo Alto Bikes                     
37 0 Farid Hamidieh (Santa Cruz) Sylly's Bikes
38 8 Darrel Brokeshould (San Jose) 
39 2 Dennis McGovern (San Francisco) SyCip/Novo
40 Ezra Manners (Santa Cruz) Bike Trip                          2 laps down
41 7 Bill Carslay (Oakland)
Senior C
1 Kurt Achtenhagen (Boulder) Corky's                           28.25 
2 Ryan Morgan (Mountain View)                                   0.16 
3 Mike Baldwin (Davis)                                          0.27 
4 Craig Holm (Boulder)                                          0.36 
5 John Coctosin (Boulder)                                       0.43 
6 Phillip Sims (Santa Cruz) ABS                                 0.45 
7 David Covington (San Francisco) Cal Road Club                 0.47 
8 Robert Carnahan (San Jose) Calabazas                          1.23 
9 Chris Leavell (San Francisco)                                 1.30 
10 Erik Teetzel (San Mateo)                                     1.47 
11 Tiger Woo (San Francisco)                                    1.55 
12 Brent Chapman (Felton) Scotts Valley Cycle                   1.58 
13 Alan Gale (Ben Lomond) Scotts Valley Cycle                   2.01 
14 Bud Napolio (San Francisco) Calif Road Club                  2.17 
15 Steven Hatter (San Mateo) Pedali Corsa                       2.47 
16 Paul Pietryka (San Jose)                                     2.56 
17 John Boniface (Los Altos)                                    3.06 
18 Fred Baldi (San Francisco) Bike Biz Sac                      3.15 
19 Scott DeLaurentis (Sunnyvale)                                3.37 
20 Antonio Diaz (Seaside)                                       3.42 
21 Greg Gardner (San Jose)                                      4.22 
22 Alan Sund (Campbell)                                         4.25 
23 David Trier (San Francisco)                                  4.43 
24 Eliot Logan (Palo Alto) Webcor/Alto Velo                     5.01 
25 Steve Cartwright (Santa Cruz) Family Cycling                 5.02 
26 Briton Womack (Breenbrae)                                    5.30 
27 Eric Werner (San Jose) Alto Velo/Webcor                      5.47 
28 Geoff James (Sausalito)                                      6.27 
29 Zach White (Capitola) Team Z video                           6.31 
30 Mel Lindberg (Santa Cruz) Bike Trip                          7.46 
31 Erik Pavelka (San Francisco)                                 8.15 
32 Chris Baker (Soquel)                                         8.22
33 Johnny Stallings (Los Gatos)                                 8.29
34 Jon Harquist (Aptos)                                         1 lap down  
35 4 Steven Lewis (Santa Clara)                                      
36 8 Thomas Grownet (San Francisco)                                  
Junior B
1 Daniel Dye (Santa Cruz) Bike Trip                            30.57 
2 Kieran Culligan (Burlingame) Pen Velo                         0.31 
3 Jacob Hull (Sunnyvale)                                        3.37
4 Russell Speirs (Salinas) R.A.N.                               3.57
5 Paul Robertson (Aptos) Bicycle Trip                           4.18
6 Ian Christie (Santa Cruz) Summit Bikes                        1 lap down  
7 2 Jeremy Ferguson (Rocklin)                                        
Master 45+ B
1 David Puglia (Los Gatos) LGBRC                                32.4 
2 Brian Birch (Oakland) BBC                                     0.40 
3 Dwight Goss (Santa Cruz) Redwood Riders                       0.20 
4 Donn Kellogg (Oakland) Vetta                                  1.22 
5 Mark Brown (Santa Cruz)                                       1.59
6 Dick Graybill (Santa Cruz) Team Graybill                      2.09
7 Mike LeMaster (Salinas)                                       3.32
8 James Ryan (Los Gatos)                                        1 lap down  
9 6 Russell Hull (Sunnyvale)                                         
Master 35+ B
1 Richard Cadigan (Clovis) Cyclopath                           29.04 
2 Jeff Stoen (Palo Alto)                                        0.22 
3 David Anthony (Fremont)                                       0.37 
4 Fred Huxham (Ross)                                            0.48 
5 Thomas Hoeffel (Oakland) Cyclesport                           0.59 
6 Gerry Hatcher (Ben Lomond)                                    1.26 
7 Brad Williamson (Aptos) Mr E's Racing                         1.40 
8 Paul Pedriana (Martinez) Diablo Cyclists                      1.42 
9 Jeff Hane (Sunnyvale) Team Wrong Way                          1.48 
10 Edwin Rambuski (San Luis Obisbo) Velo Solo                   2.12 
11 Mark Mastoras (San Bruno)                                    2.13 
12 Jonah Houston (Sunnyvale) Ideo                               2.14 
13 Randolph Osborne (San Jose) Go Minerva Networks              2.29 
14 Kevin Farley (Mountain View)                                 2.36 
15 Jeff Steinhart (Glendale) Team Hollywood                     2.43 
16 Mike Quan (Antioch) Grazie/Johnson                           3.14 
17 Ian Reid (Sacramento)                                        3.17 
18 7 Thomas Hiltz (Aptos) Mr E's Racing                              
19 Dick Vanderluit (San Jose)                                   3.39 
20 Willy Dommen (Fairfax)                                       3.40
21 Jeffrey Green (San Francisco)                                3.52 
22 3 Curt Ferguson (Rocklin)                                         
23 Rick Taormina (San Jose)                                     3.54 
24 Jim Beuselinck (San Jose)                                    4.08 
25 Steven Woo (San Mateo) Wild Woolies                          4.18 
26 Dave Kirkland (San Francisco)                                4.19 
27 Rich Henthorn (Hollister) Team Wrong Way                     4.20 
28 Jim Parker (Carmel)                                          4.29 
29 Chris Pearson (Santa Cruz)                                   4.35
30 Jody Hutchinson (Seaside) VC Monterey/Steelman               5.20
31 J. Bramlett (Palo Alto)                                      5.36
32 Lawrence You (San Jose)                                      7.36
33 John Schaupp (Watsonville)                                   1 lap down

Boulder Cross Series Rd 4

CU Research Park, Boulder,Colorado, November 18, 2001

by Brian Hludzinski

Colorado finally received some moisture and just in time for the Elite Men's race. Weather for the day was sporadic sunshine and cloud cover with a temperature at around 55 degrees. This was our 4th race at the Research Park this year and by the comments from the racers, our best course to date.

The usual mix of asphalt and dirt road with two run-ups, made up the course. The first run included two strategically placed barriers that forced riders to run approximately 70 yards through a chicaning section ending with a steep off-camber run-up. The second run placed two barriers at the base of a gradual hill with the final barrier at the crest.

Our under junior group maxed out at 21 racers, with good representation by FCRC, SMBA, and New Vista High School, but it was Peter Stetina of the Y-Riders taking the win. Adam McGraph of the 13-14 retained the overall series leader jersey by finishing 9th, even though he dropped his chain several times.

Click for larger image
A tough day at the office
Photo: © Jeremy Texier
The Chicago SuperCup pulled many of the local Elite level racers away for the weekend, but the Elite Women's field featured World MTB Champion Alison Dunlap who easily rode to victory. At her heels, Kerry Barnholt took second and held on to the series lead, and the Veritas team of Margell Abel and Anne Lannan finished 3rd and 4th respectively

As the main event of the day neared it's start time, the sky showed signs of winter. The temperature gradually decreased, as a light rain became intermittent sleet. Many of us weren't ready for what was to turn into our first mudfest of the season. In the first two laps it was a lead pack of Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, Frank Mapel, Mike West, Christian McCarthy and Joe Depaemelaere leading the charge. Soon after, the course reared its ugly head, as the once dry clay became a slippery battle of survival.

JHK and Mapel succumbed to the difficult conditions and dropped out as Chuck Coyle soon bridged to McCarthy. Matt Pacocha led a chase pack gradually reeling in the new leaders. As the conditions worsened, Christian's bike fell prey to clogging as Chuck opened up a lead and Matt soon soloed the bridge to McCarthy. In the final half lap, Chuck, with over a minute lead, snaped his rear derailleur and became a prime target for the chasers. Pacocha had a slight advantage with the clearance on his Black Sheep frame and one-upped Christian for the win. Chuck finished fifth as Tim Faia and Jon Cariveau caught him.

With two races left, Christian regained the series lead from Marc Gullickson who was in Chicago.


These photos were supplied by Jeremy Texier


Mens 1-2 
1 Matt Pacocha (Red Rocks Velo)
2 Christian McCarthy (FRCC)
3 Tim Faia (SCCC)
4 Jon Cariveau (MOOTS)
5 Chuck Coyle (THF Reality)
6 Joe Depaemelaere (GSCDH)
7 Brian Hludzinski (Jamba Juice)
8 Mike West (Trek)
9 Scott Forrest (Rudy Project)
10 Stephen White 
11 Joe Taddeuci (Vitamin Cottage)
12 Mark Roebke (Specialized)
13 Glen Light (Red Rocks Velo)
14 Jeff Wardell (Louisville Velo)
15 Dan Depaemelaere (
16 Aaron Ekland (Boulder Denver Couriers)
17 Josh Harrod (Handlebar & Grill)
DNF Douglas Rayden 
DNF Frank Mapel (Yeti)
DNF Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Polo RLX)
DNF Kevin Stein (Trek/VW)
DNF Nat Cambell (Vitamin Cottage)
DNF Todd Berger (THF Reality)
DNF Todd Carver
Mens 3
1 Grant Berry (Specialized)
2 Vincent Davis (LSR)
3 Zak Grabrowsky (Red Rocks Velo)
4 Robert Karman (Excel)
5 Jon Alegranti (ProPeloton)
6 Dean Dealy (KHS)
7 Clay Harris (Red Rocks Velo)
8 Jeremie Texier (Red Rocks Velo)
9 Luke Mason 
10 Tom Hunter (Vitamin Cottage)
11 Ben Seltzer (GSBMCT)
12 Kris Arnott (Rainbow Racing)
13 Hank Esperon (Excel Sports)
14 Alison Dunlap (LunaChix)
15 Paul Des Rosiers (Schwinn/Neva)
16 Bryan Bergman (CCT)
17 Charlie Brown (Vail-oh-Cross)
18 Christopher Stockburger (Merlin)
19 Darryn Biggerstaff (Laurel Street Racing)
20 Brett Batchelder (Junk)
21 John Henry 
22 Stephen Iles (Phatzodie)
23 Patrick Walker (GS Caio)
24 Eric Kuo (Boulder Denver Couriers)
25 Bryan Jew (Boulder Chaos)
26 Cullen Barker (KHS)
28 Greg Muller 
DNF John Moser (Zulu)
DNF Frank Hibbits (Rainbow Racing)
DNF Ladd McClain 
DNF Michael Pergrande 
DNF Ryan Vaslet (The Baj)
DNF Tomas Adamec (TPA)
DNF Trevor Graham 
DNF Troy Kilgore (Boulder Denver Couriers)
Mens 4
1 Brett Malin (Beaver Creek)
2 Paul Jamison 
3 Steve Grabbard (Swift Cycling)
4 Clayton Lockhart (Vitamin Cottage)
5 Shane Flores 
6 Ryan Lynch (CU Cycling)
7 Jim Scheel (Red Rocks Velo)
8 Parker Macy (Dynatek)
9 Ed Oliver (LRT)
10 Dan Miller 
11 Craig Wu (SEAR)
12 Dennis Lane (Red Rocks Velo)
13 Darian Apollo (Pedros)
14 Jacob Gruzalski 
15 Timo Ochon 
16 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage)
17 Todd Moyer (Eastside)
18 John Drake (Colorado Velo)
19 Joe Brenner 
20 Craig Russell 
21 John Colson (Red Rocks Velo)
22 Brent Buenger (SEAR)
23 Matt Brown 
24 Michael Burch (Red Rocks Velo)
25 Thomas Bacus (Denver Spoke)
26 Joe Hanrahan 
27 Brooks Warner (LWV)
28 Scott Sutton (Red Rocks Velo)
29 John Smith 
30 Noel Zamont (Red Rocks Velo)
31 Daniel Macfarlane 
32 David Burns (VOHC)
33 Matthew Alford 
34 Cameron Brantley 
35 Frances Kelly (Red Rocks Velo)
36 Walt Lee 
37 Dan Vardamis (IMBA)
38 Chris Smith 
39 Marcus Danno 
40 Ken Cashion 
41 Tom Holcomb 
42 Ben Faubes 
43 Geremy VanArker 
44 Michael Stenburg 
45 Daniel Summerhill (LRT)
46 Eric Marvel (LRT)
47 Jim Heuck 
DNF Chuck Chowen (Vitamin Cottage)
DNF Jeffery Olson (Single Speed Rulz)
DNF John Shippey (TPRT)
Mens 35+ 
1 Tom Clark (ZG)
2 Charlie Tarver (ABC)
3 Frank Hibbits (Rainbow Racing)
4 Karl Kiester 
5 Pat Zeller (CRT)
6 Terry Wheeler 
7 Tim Leahy (TPRT)
8 Shannon Fox (Cody Racing)
9 Bob Bieterman (SimpleGreen/Mazda)
10 Robert Balgley (Vitamin Cottage)
11 Marc Dawes (Cody Racing)
12 Jon McClurg (Majic)
13 Andy Fox 
14 Emery Legg (Jamba Juice)
15 Jeff Payne (King of the Rockies)
16 Joel Howes (CRT)
17 Jesse Goldsmith 
18 Michael Donahoe 
19 John Talley (GSBMCT)
20 Christopher Carey 
21 Joe Paulson (Boulder Chaos)
22 Robert Brown (Cody Racing)
23 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
24 Chris Macbeth (Front Rangers)
25 Circ Toepel (Team Cornerstone)
26 Ronald Webe (Red Rocks)
27 John Meyer (Front Rangers)
Mens 45+  
1 Dawes Wilson (Pedal Power)
2 Doug Squires (Moots)
3 Brook Watts (CRT)
4 Dennis Collard (Rainbow Racing)
5 Circ Toepel (Team Cornerstone)
6 Galen Claussen (ICCC)
7 Kevin Healy (Rainbow Racing)
8 Lee Waldman (Boulder Chaos)
9 Tim Downing (LVC)
10 Ken Brecheisen (LRT)
11 Gary French 
12 Eric Perryman (LRT)
13 Charles Edwards (LRT)
14 Al Marvin (Red Rocks Velo)
15 Michael Spak (LRT)
16 Pete Miller (Mountain Pedelar)
17 Loren Hettinger (LRT)
Womens 1,2,3   
1 Alison Dunlap (LunaChix)
2 Kerry Barnholt (Sobe)
3 Margell Abel (Veritas)
4 Anne Lannan (Veritas)
5 Megan Harrod (Spot/HB&G)
6 Lora Heckman (Laurel Street)
7 Leah Reeve (PPVelo)
8 Veronica Bradsby (LRT)
Womens 4 
1 Amy Jameson 
2 Jennifer Wheeler 
DNF Jamie Murray (CU Cycling)
Womens 35+    
1 Annie Fox 
3 Jennifer Atkinson (Rocky Mountain)
2 Sue Butcher 
4 Francis Summerhill (LRT)
Junior Men 17-18    
1 Gus Carlson (SMBA)
Junior Men 15-16    
1 Daniel McKinnon (Boulder Denver Couriers)
2 Peter Hibl (New Vista High School)
3 David Sobel (New Vista High School)
DNF Trevor Davis (FCRC)
Junior Men 13-14    
1 Peter Stetina (Y Riders)
2 Adam McGrath (Gary Fischer)
3 JT Toepel (Team Cornerstone)
4 Sam Carlson (SMBA)
5 Alex Howes (CRT)
6 Cameron Payne (KOR)
7 Tyler Gallup (RRV)
DNF Bryce Lawson (FRCC)
Junior Men 10-12    
1 Alex Coelho (FCRC)
2 Danielle Haulman (LRT)
3 Nick Anderson 
4 John Bacus 
5 John Weil 
6 Davis Balglery (Vitamin Cottage)
7 Henry Green 
Junior Women    
1 Kayla Martin (SMBA)

Virginia Cyclo-Cross Series Rd 3

Panorama Farms, Charlottesville, Virginia, November 18, 2001


A Grade Open
1 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek, VW)                            25 points
2 Bill McCarrick (AT&T Broadband)                       20
3 Mike Buchness (CRC-Extreme)                           16
4 James Connell (Bike Stop)                             14
5 Chip Sovek (Potomac Velo)                             12
6 Russell Jones (CRC-Extreme)                           10
7 Brent Arthurs (Evolution Cycling)                      9
8 John Wirsing (Snow Valley)                             8
9 Chip Atkins (Courier One-Main St. Beer)                7
10 Scott Ramsey (CRC-Extreme)                            6
11 Daniel McNichol (JRVS)                                5
12 Tony Bilotta (CRC-Extreme)                            4
13 Matt Butterman (CRC-Extreme)                          3
Women A
1 Catherine Johnson (NCVC)                              25
2 Kirsten Plehn (Independent Fabrication)               20
Women B
1 Laura Comeau (Tri Cyclists)                           25
2 Ann Beckenhauer (Potomac Velo)                        20
3 Cara Coolbaugh (UVA)                                  16
4 Laura Werner                                          14
5 Mary Jane Strickland                                  12
B Grade Open
1 Andrew Shaw (NCVC)                                    25
2 Zach Moldenhaler                                      20
3 Greg Witwer (CRC-Extreme)                             16
4 Eric Holmes                                           14
5 David Greenblatt (Highland P/C)                       12
6 Tim Konold (CRC-Extreme)                              10
7 Anthony Nappi                                          9
8 Andrew Curry (Coppis)                                  8
9 Eric Marshall (Potomac Velo)                           7
10 Ben Fitts (VCU)                                       6
11 Daniel Ricciardi                                      5
12 Chris Shelley (Bike Factory)                          4
13 Tim Robinson (Bike Stop)                              3
14 Leon Clou (Atlantic Racing)                           2
C Grade Open
1 Joshua Hill (Atlantic Cycles)                         25
2 Ric Ronci                                             20
3 Art Mitchell (Squadra Coppi)                          16
4 Lance Triebel                                         14
5 Ken Woodrow (Squadra Coppi)                           12
6 Lou Sabino (Blue Ridge School)                        10
7 Mike McCormick                                         9
8 Dennis Bigler (Bike Stop)                              8
9 Eric Robinson                                          7
Masters 40+
1 Scott Paisley (MVC-Blue Wheel)                        25
2 Richard Pence (CRC-Extreme)                           20
3 Tony Bilotta (CRC-Extreme)                            16
4 Paul Leman (Squadra Coppi)                            14
5 James Bellora (Squadra Coppi)                         12
Masters 50+
1 Fred Witwer (CRC-Extreme)                             25
2 Gary Hoffman (CRC-Extreme)                            20
3 James Carlson (Potomac Velo )                         16
4 Guido Porta (Potomac Velo )                           14
5 Bill Hellwig (Potomac Velo )                          12
6 Scott Scudomore (Potomac Velo )                       10
7 John Hackett (CRC-Extreme)                             9
8 Ben Williams (Potomac Velo )                           8
1 Greg Witwer (CRC-Extreme)                             25
2 Adam Steelman (Power Mama)                            20
3 Gonzaco Escobar (Squadra Coppi)                       16
4 Nick Pence (CRC-Extreme)                              14
5 Fulton Paisley (MVC-Blue Wheel)                       12

River City Bicycles Cross Crusade Round 7

Alpenrose Dairy, Portland, Oregon, November 18, 2001

Tonkin Flies to Win and Mazza Scores a Repeat Victory

By Chris Bright

Eric Tonkin (Kona/Voicestream Wireless) and Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M) turned in virtuoso performances on a blustery autumn day to come out on top in the seventh round of the River City Bicycles Cyclo-Cross Crusade Series. The series returned to the Alpenrose Dairy sports park which welcomed more than 340 racers helping to cement the 'Cross Crusade as the best attended cyclo-cross series in the United States.

The Alpenrose Dairy sports park offers up an incredibly unique venue for a cyclo-cross course. This time around the course emphasized power with long stretches that kept the fields mashing their pedals over asphalt, mud, grass and gravel. The signature sections in the velodrome, a steep run-up on the backside of the banking and the bog in the rodeo pen were all included so as not to disappoint. The weather added another challenge in the form of a constant 15-mile per hour breeze from the east that promised a stiff headwind on the starting straight and made it difficult to stay warmed up.

Tonkin narrowly won his first race of the day which was to make it to the starting line in time. He was flying into Portland from the UCI Category 3 SuperCup race in Chicago. However, a canceled flight meant he would be cutting it close. Fortunately, he was able to overcome a minor traffic jam and zoomed into the parking lot a scant 10 minutes before the starting whistle.

As the Category A Men sprinted away for 8-and-a-half laps, the field stayed compact entering the velodrome. Tonkin apparently found it hard to take it out of top gear as he went high on the banking and overcooked it into a hairpin corner to slip from first to third behind Steve Crasier (K2) and series points leader Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery).

Nutra-Fig's Donald Reeb charged to the front to win a $50 prime for leading the first full lap. Tonkin overtook Reeb and led a seven-man pack. Unfortunately, Wicks was missing in action. He had suffered a flat tire at an inopportune point on the far end of the course and he had to limp back to the pit area and fell back to 29th.

Tonkin was pushed by Derl Miller (Team S & M), Shannon Skerritt (Bike Gallery) and Loren Hanson (AT&T Wireless). As the laps counted down, the Kona/Voicestream rider was not able to expand his lead beyond 12 seconds. Meanwhile, Team S & M's Miller suffered a pair of setbacks on the velodrome, first from a dropped chain and then a tangle with a lapped rider. Hanson was relentless and closed to within five seconds with two to go.

On the bell lap, Tonkin cranked it up and opened the gap so that he had time to raise his arms in victory before an enthusiastic round of applause from the large crowd filling the stands. Hanson followed in second and Skerritt went to the top of the banking to round out the podium. Miller showed a lot of grit in capturing fourth.

Arguably, the ride of the day was turned in by Wicks. Coming from deep in the field following his mechanical mishap, Wicks picked off a majority of the Category A Men's field as well as most of the Masters riders. He rose to fifth with two to go, a position he maintained to the finish for a solid result in his quest for the series title.

The Category A Women added another chapter in a highly competitive season. Following the opening paved section, the leaders sorted out through the muddy rodeo pen that combined three barriers and a marginally rideable section. Bike Gallery teammates Alice Pennington and Naomi Gollogly, Karen Kenlen (Sunnyside Sports) and Mazza set the early pace on the opening lap of the five-and-a-half lap event.

Kenlen pushed to the front for the next two laps as a lead group of three maintained a quick pace. The Sunnyside Sports rider was looking strong having won on a similar course at Portland International Raceway a month earlier.

However, the waifish Mazza was conserving her energy for a late race surge that came with two laps to go. She suddenly had a gap and pressed her advantage all the way to the finish. Mazza notched her third win of the season, a second in a row, as she crossed the line 25 seconds ahead of Kenlen. Gollogly held onto third, followed by Leah Toffolon (Bike Gallery) and Marjon Marik (River City Bicyles) who scored her second week in fifth position.

Heading into the finale at Kings Estate Winery in Eugene, the $10,000 River City Bicycles Cyclo-Cross Crusade series title is still up for grabs. With double points available and the Oregon state championships on the line for the December 2nd race, the competitors will have plenty of motivation.


Category A Men

1 Eric Tonkin (Kona/Voicestream Wireless)
2 Loren Hanson (AT&T Wireless)
3 Shannon Skerritt (Bike Gallery)
4 Derl Miller (Team S & M)
5 Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery)
6 Jon Myers (Team S & M)
7 Doug Ollerenshaw (Gentle Lovers)
8 Mike Schindler (Sunnyside Sports)
9 Steve Crasier (K2)
10 Mark Hanson (AT&T Wireless)
11 John Christian Flack (Recycled Cycles)
12 Zac Houghton (Presto Velo)
13 Joseph Brown (Bolla/Bianchi)
14 Chris Brandt (Collins)
15 Chad Swanson (Bike Gallery)
16 Rich Cramer (Presto Velo)
17 Sean Garvin (G.S. Camerati)
18 Donald Reeb (Nutra Fig)
19 Jeff Struck (Gentle Lovers)
20 Michael Sylvester (Bike Gallery)

Category A Women

1 Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M)
2 Karen Kenlen (Sunnyside Sports)
3 Naomi Gollogly (Bike Gallery)
4 Marjon Marik (River City Bicycles)
5 Leah Toffolon (Bike Gallery)
6 Alice Pennington (Bike Gallery)
7 Emily Miazga (Hutch's)
8 Becky Walter
9 Laura Suditu (BBC)
10 Darien Curl (Safeway/Saturn of Beaverton)

Loveland Cyclocross #1

Ohio Valley, November 18, 2001

By Doug Dobrozsi

The third race in a row of the Ohio Valley CX series was run in the 'Sweetheart' city of Ohio under miserable conditions for a Cyclocross race; Blue skies, sun, and 70 degrees. The turn out was lighter this race, especially in the A field, with competing races in Chicago (Supercup), Indianapolis and Lexington - total 45 riders.

The course was lengthened from last year to 2 km, with a full 1/4 of a lap paved, with generally rave reviews except for the 50 yard, triple barrier running section. "I love this course," was what I heard from the winner of the B race as he lapped me.

Thanks to the City of Loveland Parks and Recreation, CycleSport, Revolution Racing, and race official John Luginbill. Next race in the series: Sunday December 2nd, Phillips Park, Loveland, Ohio.


A Race
1 Charles Miller                 1.02.42
2 Craig Mattern                     0.04
3 Dave Peterson                     0.27
4 John Gatch                        1.50
5 Mike Kalan                        4.44
1 lap behind
6 Bill Hall
7 Mitch Graham (+10 style points)
B Race
1 Andy Bracke                      47.50
2 Melissa Thomas                    0.15
3 Timothy Young                     2.59
4 Greg Maddux                       3.46
5 Scott C Stanford                  3.56
6 Justin Becker                     5.19
7 Jim Scholefield                   5.24
8 Harry Wicks                       6.23
9 Bill Tankovich (single speed)
10 Layne Peters                     7.33
1 lap behind
11 Doug Dobrozsi
12 Jennifer Dean
13 Bob Combs
14 Donald Pugh
15 John Warrington Jr
C Race
1 Bryan Gehrum                     29.57
2 Larry Steinberg                   0.00
3 Daniel Vogel-Essex                0.43
4 Joseph Bellante                   0.46
5 Richard Arnoldy                   1.33
6 Michael Otting                    2.08
7 David Nissen                      2.08
8 Gregory Gibson                    8.40
9 Gary Lunsford                     8.40
10 Doug Hamilton                    3.24
11 Joseph Mcafee                    4.21
1 Billy West (age 13)              21.00
2 Kara Gionfriddo (age 15)          5.18
3 Ambrose Dobrozsi (age 10)      
4 Steven King (age 9)               7.10
2 Lap Youth Race
1 Ambrose Dobrozsi (age 10)
2 Steven King  (age 9)
3 Ben Liming (age 9)
4 Jimmy Scholefield (age 9)
1 lap Youth Race
1 Samuel Dobrozsi (age 7)
2 Wick Hardenbergh (age 8)
3 Generose Klug (age 8)
4 William Hardenbergh (age 6)
5 Brenan Murphy (age 5)
6 Julie Klug (age 7)
Courtesy of Doug Dobrozsi

Team Douglas, Palmer 'Cross & Swap

Palmer, MA, November 18, 2001


Elite Men, 34 starters, 12 laps
1 Mark McCormack (Saturn)                                58.29
2 Adam Craig (Devo)
3 Matthew Svatek (Specialty Racing Team)                  0.21
4 Don Mills (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                       0.23
5 Rob Hult                                                0.26
6 Justin Spinelli (SAECO-Cannondale)
7 troy michaud (eurotek)                                  0.38
8 Kirt Fitzpatrick (Putney/West Hill)                     1.14
9 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)
10 Michah Thompson (Rocky Mounts)                         1.36
11 Brian Astell (NH)                                      2.15
12 Jeffery Craddock (CCB/VB)                              2.19
13 Eugene Ruiter (Trek/VW)
14 Nathan Rice (UVM)                                      2.49
15 Scott Wade (Gearworks)                                 2.52
16 Brant Hornberger (NCC /                   2.55
17 Mark Abramson (Essex County Velo)                      3.00
18 John Verheul (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery)              3.07
19 Todd Rowell (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                          3.13
20 Steve Lombardo (CVC)                                   3.18
21 William Skinner (Saturn Devo)                          4.21
22 Aaron Millett (ECV)                                    4.39
23 Michael Umbrell (Minutemen Road Club)                  4.42
24 Derek Bouchard-Hall (Mercury)                          4.48
One lap behind
25 Benjamin Peters (UVM)
26 Nathan Race (Mass Bay Road Club)
Elite Women, 17 starters, 8 laps
1 Shauna Gillies-Smith (Gearworks/SRP)                   45.23
2 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)                          0.49
3 Susan MacLean (BOB)                                     1.39
4 Kathy Sarvary (Gearworks/SRP)                           2.06
5 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP)                            2.23
6 Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs)                           3.00
7 Mary Ann Martinez (NEBC/CycleLoft)                      3.16
8 Kerry Litka (Wheelworks/Independent Fabrication)        5.00
9 Jenny Olbrich (Wheelworks/Independent Fabrication)      5.33
10 Katherine Farago (NEBC/CycleLoft)                      5.53
One lap behind
11 Michele Smith (Boston Cyclocross Assn)
12 Susan Hill (Eastern Bloc)
13 Valerie Ricard (ACC)
14 Kerry Combs (Independent Fabrication)
Junior Men, 6 starters, 8 laps
1 Jeremy Powers (Team Devo)                              42.25
2 Konrad LeBas (CCB International)                        0.12
3 Kevin Wolfson (NEBC / CycleLoft)                        4.13
4 Sean Condron (BCA)                                      5.56
One lap behind
5 Zachary Ogden (BCA)
6 Niall Gengler (NECSA)
Master Men 35+, 59 starters, 8 laps
1 Paul Curley (Team Gearwork)                            42.30
2 Michael Bernard (Arc en ciel)                           0.10
3 Bevan Quinn (Putney West Hill)                          0.20
4 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club)                          0.26
5 Bob Bisson (SAP Gearworks)                              0.34
6 David Rath (GMBC/SmartFuel)                             1.31
7 Timothy Groesbeck (CCB)
8 Eric Marro (Team BOB/Skofield Builders)
9 John Baker (Putney West Hill)
10 Donald Vescio (FCC/Net1 Plus)
11 David Carlsen (BOB)
12 Doug Aspinwall (NCC /
13 Chris Adeletti (State Line Cycling)
14 Christopher  Smith (NEBC/CycleLoft)                    2.05
15 Phillip Bannister (Putney West Hill)                   2.11
16 william Casazza (BOB)                                  2.28
17 Rob Courtemanche (Eastern Bloc)
18 Clive Woakes (Competitive Edge)                        2.39
19 William Sawyer (NEBC)                                  2.55
21 Timothy Bailey (Bicycle Link)                          3.03
22 paul lynch (missing link bicycle club)                 3.33
23 Jodi Groesbeck (Putney Bicycle Club)
24 Steven Bonadio (NEBC/Cycle Loft)
25 Brian McInnis (Travis Cycle)                           3.41
26 John Mosher (NEBC/CycleLoft)                           3.45
27 David Marti (Richard Sacks/CYBC)
28 James Paterson                                         3.55
29 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                    3.57
30 Peter Wilson (Cyclonauts Races)                        3.59
31 Wayne Cunningham (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                     4.01
32 James Carrington (BOB)                                 4.23
33 michael tucker (bca/tosk)                              4.30
34 Sean Duffy (Team Missing Link)                         4.32
35 Wil  Malonson (Travis Cycle)
36 Jeff MacLean (BOB)                                     5.23
37 Ken Jayne (BOB)
38 Tim Shea (BOB)                                         5.42
39 David Leedberg (GearWorks / SRP /Spin Arts)            5.44
40 David Fagnant (Unatt)                                  6.02
41 Larry Bettencourt (CCB/VW)                             6.26
One lap behind
42 Joseph Lellman (NCC)
43 Tim Casazza (Team BOB)
44 Brian Geddes (NCC/
45 Richard Costa (unattached)
46 Anthony LoProto (HNECC)
47 Peter Papadopoulos
48 Patrick Ferri (unattached)
49 Armand Pantalone (BOB)
50 jim quinn (The Bicycle Link)
51 Theo Kindermans (Unatt)
52 Rick Hardy (Boston Road Club/ATA/Vintage Etc.)
53 David Schacte (Team Hawaiian)
54 Bill Hurley (BRC/ATA/Vintage)
55 George Katsar (NCC)
56 Garabed Minasian (Unatt)
57 Vincent Donohue (Worcester Cycling Club)
Amateur Men, 58 starters, 8 laps
1 Curtis Boivin (Union Velo)                             41.15
2 Mike Shore (BOB)                                        0.12
3 Randall Descarreaux (CS Ardagna)                        0.23
4 Brian Buettner (Putney/West Hill)                       0.34
5 Samuel Wheeler-Martenis (CCB International)             0.39
6 David Burnham (CSA)                                     0.50
7 Alex Aitken (ATA Cycle)                                 0.52
8 Brendan Sullivan (PEDROS)                               0.55
9 Mark Donahue (Southern Me. Cycling Club)                0.58
10 Chris  Raymond (Community Racing)                      1.19
11 Byron Holt (BBC)                                       1.26
12 pete martel (NCC /                        1.40
13 Joseph Rodgrigues (Cyclonauts)                         1.44
14 Jason Suderman (Wheelworks)                            2.00
15 Scott Livingston (Team Horst Eng.)
16 John Foley (Bicycle Alley)
17 Coley Cole (Boston Road Club)                          2.08
18 Art Roti (Team Horst Eng.)                             2.12
19 Todd Crisafulli (Boston Bicycle Club/Community Bike)   2.16
20 Walter Conley (CCB)                                    2.18
21 Scott Staubach (Putney/West Hill)                      2.30
22 Art Trapotsis (NEBC)                                   2.39
23 John Buser (Putney/West Hill)                          2.46
24 Jonathan Murray (Dreambikes Cycling Club)
25 Joseph Saperstein (Coyote Hill)                        2.56
26 Edward C Parsons Jr (Laurel Bicycle Club)
27 Rob Courtemanche (Eastern Bloc)                        3.02
28 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine CC)
29 Ethan Parsons Jr (NCC)                                 3.22
30 David Peckinpaugh (U of NH)                            3.44
31 J Johnston (unattached)
32 Euclides Amado (Syrc Stedman)                          3.46
33 Shaun Berry (Farina s)
34 David Katz (Boston Road Club)                          4.05
35 Andrew Parsons (Boston Road Club)                      4.14
36 Daniel Abbe (Team Mountain City)                       4.18
37 David Connery (B2C/Community)                          4.26
38 Roger Goulart                                          4.29
39 Darrin Beck (NEBC)                                     4.38
40 Matt Montross (UVM)                                    4.53
41 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                    4.57
42 Ian Everard (unattached)                               5.53
One lap behind
43 Michael Chapleau (Stage 1/Cannondale)
44 Thom Reid (Team Horst)
45 Matt Inconiglios (Stage 1/Cannondale)
46 Craig Ross (Stage 1 )
47 David Hartmann (Stage 1)
48 John Reilly (BRC)
49 Lincoln Champagne (EBCC)
50 Edward   O'Toole (Team Hautacam)
Two laps behind
51 Chris Chapleau (Stage 1/Cannondale)
Beginner Men, 39 starters, 5 laps
1 Nate McHugh                                            29.10
2 Phil Brobaker (Putney - West Hill)                      0.15
3 Christopher Owen (NCC /                    0.20
4 David Schact (Team Hawaiian)
5 Dave Drumm (NCC)                                        0.45
6 thom harp                                               0.57
7 Nate Simms (BCA/Tosk)                                   1.08
8 Chris Northcott (Putney - West Hill)
9 Jonathan Parrott (West Hill)                            1.21
10 William Keiler (White Mountain Velo)                   1.28
11 Robert Bauer (Minuteman road Club)
12 John Stimpson (Bicycle Alley)
13 Jim Sweitzer (Putney - West Hill)                      1.35
14 Mark West (NCC /
15 Bruce Pierce (Community B2C)
16 Mike VanRandoyk (unattached)                           1.48
17 Matt Beriau (Team Bicycle Alley)
18 Gregory Root (Team Bicycle Alley)                      2.00
19 Jeff Papineau (Cyclonauts)                             2.25
20 Johnathan Fielding (Team Bicycle Alley)                2.28
21 William Karow (CCCP)                                   2.37
22 Bo Daley (Team Bicycle Alley)                          2.50
23 Garth Brown (NCC /                        2.54
24 Brad Herder (BCA)                                      3.02
25 Joseph Mai (NCC)                                       3.17
26 Paul Brais (Team Hawaiian)                             3.26
27 Steve Abbott (unattached)                              4.10
28 Mark Powers (unattached)                               5.00
29 Christopher Parent (NCC/                   5.37
30 Camaron Carey (unattached)                             5.42
31 Richard Sanborn (Bike Alley)                           6.20
32 Keith Liggett (unattached)
Beginner Women, 13 starters, 5 laps
1 Michelle Kersbergen (NCC /                34.38
2 Kristen Osborn (unattached)
3 Joanne Macayeal (unattached)                            0.17
4 Britt Eckstrom (UNH)                                    0.19
5 Jessica Henderson (unattached)                          0.26
6 Carol Dunn (Douglass Cross)                             0.29
7 Cheryl Payne (unattached)                               1.50
8 Catherine Dudley (UNH)
9 Josie Kidd (
11 Samantha Wozniak (UVM)
12 Missy Hopkins (unattached)
Cub Junior, 5 starters, 1 lap
1 Mark Intelisano (BCA- Tosk)                             6.16
2 Robert Crowther (NCC/                       0.49
3 Liam Billard (BCA- Tosk)                                1.14
4 Andrew Voll (BCA - Tosk)                                2.02
5 Matthew Boruchowski (NCC/                   2.23
Courtesy of PEP Results

Kissena Double Cross Day 2

November 17, 2001

Molloy by a whisker

It was another lovely day at Kissena Park. Cooler temperatures but less wind and still plenty of sunshine compared to last week. In the "A" race, the CRCA/Dash/Renaissance boys (Kevin Molloy, Rob Rigg, and Basil Moutsopoulos) were out in full force again to duel with the Kissena duo of Eric Ragot and JP Partland. Robert Campos (Byron Lake Schwinn), last week's second place finisher was also present. This week's edition of the course included two new run ups and a tricky, sandy downhill section.

Once again, David Wiswell (Fuji) gets a two minute handicap, along with Karl Arnason (Kissena). Gary Keblish (CRCA/SBCG) takes the lead on the velodrome and quickly finds a line of riders on his wheel. Eric Ragot (Kissena) follows closely and ducks underneath Gary to head into the first set of barriers on the infield. By the time the leaders hit the wood chip section, its down to Molloy, Moutsopoulos, Ragot, Campos and Keblish. Gary gradually falls off while Eric keeps the pace up and happily motors the lead group around.

Second lap, into the base of the staircase, Ragot slips and crashes while the lead group comes around. Wiswell and Arnason are caught. Molloy makes an attack and Ragot tries to follow but only succeeds in being caught between the duo of Campos and Moutsopoulos and Molloy up in the lead. Ragot latches on as Campos finds himself clawing his way back. Ragot loses it again at the staircase and Molloy comes by. Ragot recovers and comes back to the front to pull again. Molloy as trying to share the work, but Ragot refused.

Bell lap, Campos is charging Molloy and Ragot. Molly and Ragot punch it through the woodchip section. Campos loses all contact. Coming into the velodrome, Ragot is leading. Through the first set of barriers, Ragot gets a slight gap. Then Ragot shifts into the 23 and finds himself unable, spinning like crazy. Molloy passes on the inside into the last set of barriers. Ragot charges after the barrier set. Molloy is clipped in first. Ragot settles for second by a length,

Campos charges home for third, Keblish for fourth and rounding out the top 5 is Robert Wegman. That's two wins in a row for Molloy and 5 of the top ten places over the two race series going to CRCA.

In the Cat 4 race, last weeks winner Braulio Jerez was challenged by Patrick Dunaway (Gatorade) and failed to take home a second straight win. Dunaway rode strong and aggressively and quickly established a gap that could not be closed. Joe Saling (Somerset Wheelmen) eventually lost contact with Dunaway and finished an impressive second.

The Cat 5 race once again proved to be an enjoyable race with last week's winner Matthew McGregor (Vicious Cycles) taking the plunge into the "B" race, it was anyone's guess who would end up on top. Evan Marks (unnatach) once again rode a strong race to finish in second place. While Basil Ashmore made up the two minute advantage Marks had to take the victory.

Once again, thanks to all the volunteers who setup and deconstructed the course. Special thanks to Wendy Cohen who very generously ran registration. Don Winston and Alan for providing officiating and Bill Kessler for making sure cyclocross racing continues in New York City.


A Race (Category 1, 2, 3)
1 Kevin Molloy                    49.05
2 Eric Ragot                       0.01
3 Robert Campos                    0.25
4 Gary Keblish                     1.46
5 Robert Wegman                    1.54
6 Basil Moutsopoulos               2.32
7 Christopher Kerwin               2.36
8 Karl Arnason                     4.06
9 JP Partland                      4.13
10 David Wiswell                   4.37
11 Leyton Murray           Early Finish
One lap behind
12 Jason Chupick
DNF Robert Rigg
B Race (Category 4)
1 Patrick Dunaway                 39.23
2 Joe Saling                       1.09
3 Darren Crupi                     1.12
4 Braulio Jerez                    1.32
5 Matthew McGregor-Menta           1.40
6 Erich Gross                      2.06
7 Michael Sherlock                 2.09
8 Jack Briggs                      2.13
9 Peter Baiamomte                  2.52
10 John Hirsch                     2.55
11 Dusan Strika                    2.59
12 John Hourigan                   4.19
13 Benny Ma                        6.16
One lap behind
14 Ann Muller
15 Regina Hammond
C Race (Category 5)
1 Basil Ashmore                   30.33
2 Evan Marks                       1.19
3 Michael Herlihy                  1.23
4 Ferhat Arifii                    2.38
5 Michael Gorman                   2.41
6 Carlos Santiago                  2.58
7 Vipul Gupta                      3.27
8 Paul Salerini                    4.29
9 Karl Dittebrandt                 5.04
10 Matthew Antro                   5.36
11 Kerri Martin                    6.07
12 Johnny Sato                     7.19
One lap behind
13 Jeff Sanzp 

Verge New England Cyclocross series #4

Plymouth MA, November 17, 2001

Hometown heroes dominate Plymouth Cross

It was the brothers McCormack and then everyone else.

Returning to the course they cut their cyclo-cross teeth on, Mark and Frank McCormack transformed a ten-man free-for-all into a two-up family affair at the Plymouth Cyclo-Cross. Gapping everyone but his older brother with three laps to go, Mark McCormack notched his second consecutive victory in the 2001 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series.

"This was a special victory," the 31-year-old Saturn rider admitted. "This is the course I won my first national championship on back in 1988."

Unlike earlier races in the Verge series, the charge from the starting gun didn't determine the winner, but it did establish the men who would ride at the front all day. J.D. Bilodeau (NCC/ stormed to the front, followed closely by Mark McCormack, Adam Hodges Myerson (BikeReg.Com), Rob Hult (O'Neills), Justin Spinelli (Saeco) and Curt Davis (Cannondale/Wheelworks). These six methodically scratched out a lead during the first 45 minutes of racing, and only Frank McCormack and a group of three other chasers managed to keep the lead bunch in sight.

With Mark McCormack showing little desire to put the hammer down until his brother showed up, the front men started putting in the obligatory attacks, but had little to show for it.

"The whole race was like the last five laps of a criterium," said Hodges Myerson. "Mark was obviously the strongest, but the rest of us... It was all attack, counterattack."

McCormack resisted the temptation to go with the attacks, preferring to wait for his most trusted reinforcement. "I knew Frank was back there, so I just monitored the front. I didn't want to put the pressure on until he came up."

When Frank McCormack finally arrived with three riders in tow, the race changed dramatically. Within the space of a lap on the three-kilometer course, the two Saturn riders accelerated away from the group and never looked back. The only question at the finish: which McCormack would win?

Without a sprint, Mark McCormack crossed the line a wheel's length ahead of his brother. "I'd been at the front all day," the winning brother said, "so it was more acceptable for me to win."

"I'm not complaining," Frank McCormack said of his second place finish. "I got off to a slow start, but I stayed within my limits. I never went beyond that until the last couple of laps. With 10 guys staying together for much of the race, I knew a few people would blow."

Spinelli, who is translating a fine second half of his European campaign into good form in cyclo-cross, appeared to have the upper hand on the chase group. But in the last 75 yards, Hodges Myerson showed his top-notch sprinting form and easily took the third spot on the podium. Bilodeau finished fifth.

"My weak part in the first half of the season was the start of each race," Bilodeau said. "I've decided I'm just going to race as hard as I can from the start, get into the first group, and attack and attack and attack."

McCormack's victory consolidates his lead in the Verge series. He now holds a 45 point lead over teammate Tim Johnson, and an 80-point lead of Mark Gullickson (Mongoose).

"I'm focusing on the nationals, and the Verge series lends itself to that goal because it has allowed me to build," McCormack says of his ambitions.

Hodges Myerson noted that the Plymouth race attracted a word-class field despite a UCI cyclo-cross race in Chicago the same day. "That just shows the depth of the racing in New England right now," he said. "It's season-long national caliber racing without having to get on a plane."

On the women's side, masters U.S. national champion Jodi Groesbeck (West Hill) showed she's getting stronger with each race, as she jumped from the gun and held off a persistent Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs) for the victory at Plymouth.

"I hope I'm coming into form," said Groesbeck. "It's been a long season for me until now."

Davis made a concerted effort to come across in the race's waning moments, but Groesbeck was superior on the course's technical section which contained several steep downhills, each culminating in sandy turns.

"Jodi and I have had a lot of good battles this year," Davis said. "She was just so much smoother through the difficult sections. She seems to get faster through them."

Groesbeck's victory should permit her to jump from 10th overall in the series to 5th. Saturn superstar Lyne Bessette remains far ahead of the competition for the Verge leaders jersey.

In the junior race, NCC/'s Chris Hill overcame a crash and a dropped chain -- on the last lap -- to hold off CCB's Konrad Labas. Jamie Driscoll (Green Mountain Bicycle Club) finished third.

Round 5 of the 2001 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series will be the Wayland Cyclocross, held in Wayland, Mass., Saturday Dec. 01.


Elite Men
1 Mark McCormack (Saturn)                55.58
2 Frank McCormack (Saturn)
3 Adam Hodges Myerson (       0.14
4 Justin Spinelli (Saeco)
5 J.D. Bilodeau, (NCC/        0.24
6 Curt Davis (Wheelworks/Cannondale)      0.30
7 Rob Hult (O'Neill's)
8 Maxwell Kullaway (Boston Road Club)
9 Jan Wiejack (Verge)
10 Jeffrey Craddock (CCB/VW/IF)
Elite Women
1 Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill)
2 Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs)           0.13
3 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)
4 Kathryn Roszko (
5 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP)
1 Chris Hill (NCC/           42.37
2 Konrad Labas (CCB/VW/IF)
3 Jamie Driscoll (GMBC)
4 Scott Maislin 0
5 Josh Benson 0


1 Scott Wade (Gearworks/SRP)             42.13
2 Paul Curley (Gearworks/SRP)             0.09
3 Tim Haitz (SYRC)
4 Michael Bernard (Arc-en-Ciel)
5 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club)

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