SuperCup Round #2 - Cat. 3

Chicago, USA, November 17, 2001

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Chicago SuperCup: Six-way Fight in the Six Pack!

With team help, Gullickson scores redemptive victory

Counter attacking a bold move from a teammate, Marc Gullickson (Mongoose/Hyundai) fired a last-lap rocket to win a wild Chicago SuperCup.

The race opened as expected, with Gullickson and Tim Johnson (Saturn/Timex) firing away with one rider, Alex Candelario (Big Shark/Cannondale) in tow. But with just over three laps to go, they were rejoined by three other riders, Jonnny Sundt (k2), Dale Knapp (Kona/Voicestream) and Gullickson's new shotgun, Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hyundai).

"Todd Wells made my victory possible for sure," said Gullickson, noting the change in American 'cross. "It feels great to win in Chicago."

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The lead group remount
Photo: © Marvin Boehm

This race witnessed the transformation of American cyclocross. No longer can one rider or one team dictate a race.

"It's great to see a bunch of different jerseys up front. It's definitely a different dynamic; me sitting on in that front group trying to get Tim to work," said Gullickson.

"Now that I'm in (this position) I understand the frustration; I understand the pain," said Johnson.

As expected on this infamous course, the Saturn Six-Pack - a 50-yard dash atop a bed of mulch with a double set of hurdles at the entrance and the exit - proved crucial. In the opening lap, Espoir National Champion Ben Jacques-Maynes (Palo Alto/Santa Cruz) rode brilliantly on Johnson's wheel and secured himself a spot in an all-star lead group. As the herd barreled into the six-pack disaster struck. Jacques-Mayne crashed trying to bunny-hop the barricades. His machine tangled with Sundt's bike, leaving the K2 rider in the mulch and apparently out of contention.

But Sundt leapt up and joined a chase group that included Travis Brown (Trek/Volkswagen) and Justin Robinson (PaloAlto/Santa Cruz).

For the next three laps, the chasers bounced from five to 11 seconds down on the leaders. The surges eventually dropped Robinson and Brown, but Sundt advanced. With just over three laps to go, Wells fired across the painful gap and connected. With support, Gullickson amped up the pace. Inspired, however, Sundt and Knapp pushed up to the leaders.

The crowds, numbering about 4,000, swarmed to the six-pack.

With under two laps to go, Wells launched a savage attack and went clear. With elbows out, Gullickson shut down the chicanes. Wells tore open an 11-second gap and carried it into the bell lap.

On the back side, Johnson pushed up to Wells. Just before he could connect, however, Gullickson emptied his guns with a brilliant attack. He blasted clear and sailed into the six pack with a cushion of three seconds, practically an eternity in the dreaded bed of mulch. Johnson scrambled to retrieve Gullickson but surrendered to his fate.

"I couldn't feel my legs I couldn't hear what was going on. All I could see was this little Gully going away from me," said Johnson, who made a desperate dash through the six-pack to catch Gully. "I was trying to stay upright. I still have all me teeth, you know, I have two eyes that aren't black, so I'm OK."

"When I attacked I went in really deep and my legs just totally filled up. When I hit the six pack I could barely fell my legs," said Gullickson of the moment. "It was totally scary."

Gullickson, having finished second here twice, hit the line first to take the series lead by just two points over Johnson. The brilliant Candelario hung the entire hour with two of the world's best and finished third, just ahead of Wells. Next came in a shattered, but satisfied Sundt, followed by an invigorated Knapp in sixth.

Women: The Return of Queen Ann

The women's race proved equally exciting, if but a duel. Cyclocross has steadily seduced Lyne Bessette (Saturn/Timex), who has used her strength to make up for a decided lack of prowess to ride away solo in every race she entered.

Until today.

Grande went right off the line on the wheel of Bessette, hung there for two laps, and then had the gall to attack the Canadian many feel could win the worlds.

"I did feel like if I was behind her on the hurdles I wouldn't get anywhere," said Grande.

The duo left behind last year's winner, Carmen d'Aluisio (Clif Bar) chasing with Gina Hall (Kona/Voicestream) and an improving Rachel Lloyd (Team Spine/Santa Cruz) But last year was conducted on snow and ice; this year's contest unfolded amid fast Indian summer conditions.

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Grande makes her move
Photo: © Robin Bailey

Grande began to gather confidence as the lap cards flipped down to one. While Bessette could power on the flats, she had never actually had to "race" a cross event against somebody as skilled as Grande. The little Queen of 'Cross began to ply her trade.

On the final lap she barreled into the six-pack first, and barreled out with gusto and confidence.

"You gotta go in there first," said Grande. "That's how you win Chicago."

With just 300 meters to the finish, no amount of power could save Bessette. Grande scored not only the victory, her first ever over Bessette in four attempts, but she also took over the leaders jersey which she has won for four straight years.


These photos kindly supplied by Robin Bailey

This set of photos came from Marvin Boehm


Elite Men
1 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose)                           1.01.23
2 Tim Johnson (Saturn)                                    0.02
3 Alix Candelario (Big / Start Cannondale)                0.07
4 Todd Wells (Mongoose)                                   0.12
5 Jonny Sunt (K2)                                         0.35
6 Dale Knapp (KONA/Voicestream)                           0.47
7 Justin Robinson (Paolo Alto/Santa Cruz)                 1.43
8 Travis Brown (Trek / Volkswagen)                        1.45
9 Johannes Huseby (IF CCB)                                2.14
10 Steve Tilford (Topeka)                                 2.15
11 Jackson Stewart (Olympic Club)
12 Ben Jacquesmaynes (Santa Cruze Bicycles)               2.17
13 Duane Dickey (Minnetonka)                              2.45
14 Erik Tonkin (KONA/Voicestream)                         2.59
15 Will Black (Lone Star Racing)                          3.11
16 Brent Prenzlow (TUFO)                                  3.12
17 Jed Schneider (Topeka)                                 3.21
18 Ben Turner (7Up-Colorado Cyclist)                      3.23
19 Jonathan Card (Cane Creek)                             3.25
20 Brandon Dwight (Trek/Volkswagen)
21 Paul Martin (Gomart)                                   3.26
22 Lawrence Perera (Essex County Velo)                    3.35
23 Kristopher Auer (LSV/Trek/VW)                          4.11
24 Ryan Pirtle (Columbia)                                 4.13
25 Josh Anthony (Saturn)                                  4.24
26 Narayon Mahon (Tacoma)                                 4.47
27 Benjamin Sharp (Gomart)                                5.14
28 Jeff Weinert (Independent )                            5.16
29 Bill Stolte (Topeka)                                   5.35
30 Jeremy Sartain (St. Paul)                              5.36
31  ?                                                     5.38
32 Alan Obye (Team Grimace)                               6.54
33 Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice)                        7.25
34 Toby Swanson (Lindsay Wilson )                         7.57
35 Scott Daubert (Subaru - Gary Fisher)                   8.32
Elite Women
1 Ann Grande (Kona / Voice Stream)                       44.39
2 Lynne Bessette (Saturn)                                 0.05
3 Carmen D'aluisio (Watsonville)                          1.17
4 Gina Hall (Kona/Voicestream)                            1.26
5 Rachel Lloyd (Team Spine)                               1.30
6 Melissa Thomas (Red Hook)                               2.41
7 Mary Mccoenneley                                        2.59
8 Jen Dial (Inde Fabrication)                             3.08
9 Christine Vordaros (Jamba Juice)                        3.16
10 Emily Thorne (                     3.20
11 Heather Szabo (Rocky Mounts-IMBA)                      3.36
12 Jennifer Maxwell (Cane Creek)                          6.49
13 Courtny Ballran (Detiol - LA)                          7.16
14 Christina Begy (I F)                                   7.39
15 Megan Elliott (Iowa City Cycling )                     8.06
16 Faye Hartmann (Cronometro/Brazen )                     8.16
17 Christene Raymo (Chicago)                              8.33
18 Jeni Huff (Live)                                       8.33
19 Rebbecca Cleveland (Seven Cycles)                      8.37
20 Lisa Bavrazak (Evanston)                               9.15
Men B
1 Phil Noble
2 Eric Anderson (The Children )
3 James Lennon
4 Sam Moore
5 Brian Conant (Dekalb)
6 Keven Kvalsten (Kenwood Racing)
7 Patrick Mcnally
8 Jay Henderson
9 Rick Plite
10 Paul Stanton (Saturn of Toledo)
11 Jacob Mcculley
12 Greg Niedbala
13 Todd Miller
14 Matt Tillinghast (Kaos)
15 Brian Tober (velo force)
16 Steve Rowntree (kenwood racing)
17 Dean Dealy (KHS Bicycles)
18 Jason Pypzynski
19 Ryan Meyers
20 Gene Tolli (Brazen Dropouts)
21 Matthew Prest (Brazen Drop-outs)
22 Chris Fabri (Cityscape/Higher Gear)
23 John Ericsson (brazen dropouts)
24 Michael Plank
25 Brooke Furio
26 John Lefler (Team Kaos)
27 Matt Lawrence
28 Scott Mclaughlin
29 Erick Marcheshi
30 Peter Lopez (Dynatek)
31 Deric Weiss (Yellowstone Valley )
32 Matthew Bell (Airborne/Biowheels)
33 Mario Macaruso
34 Keith Novello
35 Greg Ludke (Breckenridge )
36 Matthew Slaven
37 Blake Gray
38 Dan Jansen
40 John Coleman (Kenwood Racing)
41 Adrian Redd
42 Yvan Avanza
43 Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts)
44 Donald Peterson (kenwood)
45 Sam Rosenau
46 Larry Svenson
47 Mark Miklosavish
48 Brian Nilsson
49 Miki Stanley
50 Kevin Noore
51 Ryan Callilvag
52 Ryan Ramos (Northwestern )
53 Eric Johnson (unattached)
54 Mark Harris (Northbrook B.C.)
55 Aaron Brown
56 Brian Hass
57 Chris Setter
58 Marc Bertico
59 Erik Peterson
60 Marcus Mosie
61 Eric Toth
62 James Buddenbaum
63 David Haradem
64 Edward Henry (cityscape/higher gear)
65 Jim Nowak (Arlington Flyers)
66 John Moore
67 Christopher Boer (ada bike racing)
68 Bill Evans
69 Dan Magelkirk
70 Wayne Cook (Wolverine Sports )
71 Daniel Tille (Velo Force)
72 Andrew Ohlsson
73 Sean Peotter (Penn Cycle)
74 Michael Mercer
75 Robert Sliwinski
76 Dale Homolka
77 Brandt Coultas (XXX Racing--Chicago)
78 Chad Carpenter
79 Timothy Hotchkiss
80 Todd Wieringa (Rapid Transit Racing )
82 Chris Hammer
83 Jay Keltner (Alberto's Sport)
84 John Vandervaart
85 Travis Armstrong
Master 35+ Men
1 Chris D'aluisio (Specialized)                          46.20
2 Dennis Ferrell                                          0.04
3 Gunnar Shogren (Guinness/FORT )                         0.05
4 Charlie Tarver (HUB OF ASPEN - )                        1.13
5 Ken Smith                                               1.48
6 Kevin Vincent (Lone Star Racing)                        1.50
7 Roger Wilson (squadra ardennes)                         2.09
8 Keith Nev                                               2.46
9 Andrew Gregg                                            2.50
10 John Handlogten (rockford)                             3.19
11 David Blackburn (Lexington)                            3.21
12 Matt Bacoh                                             3.44
13 James Roal                                             3.52
14 Barton C Adams (Titus Cycles/Vicious )                 3.53
15 Jj Everett                                             3.55
16 Darrel Bratton                                         3.56
17 Julian Coupland (Chicago)                              3.57
18 Pete Schau                                             3.58
19 Jessie Gascon (Team Shimano)                           3.59
20 Brian J. Smith (Nova cycle Sport Inc.)                 4.00
21 Michael Seaman (Tom's Home Brew)                       4.01
22 Randy Waven                                            4.02
23 Jim Roegge                                             4.03
24 Bill Duning (Wolverine Sports )                        4.04
25 Chris Froter                                           4.05
26 Charles Ellison
27 Joseph Buno (lonestar)                                 4.06
28 John Riedel                                            4.07
29 Bob Hayssen                                            4.08
30 Kieth Monn                                             4.09
31 Edward Reed                                            4.10
Master 35+ Women
1 Patricia Kaufman (Whitefish Bay)                       45.03
2 Vivian Chwalski (Little Rock)                           0.28
3 Sheila Senft (Cincinnati)                               2.28
Junior Men
1 Jesse Anthony                                          43.41
2 Miki House                                              0.15
3 Brent Bookwalter (Team Devo)                            1.53
4 Bobby Lea (Fuji Racing Team)                            2.54
5 John Devire                                             3.34
6 Ben Coleman (NECSA/Coyote Hill)                         3.38
7 Samuel Benson (Team DEVO)                               3.48
8 Jorden Carr                                             4.17
9 Andy Boone (Des Moines Cycle )                          4.58
10 John Hanson (NECSA/MFSR)                               5.12
11 Jonathan Korzckun                                      5.14
12 Adam Crane (Coyote Hill)                               5.29
13 Thomas Berdec                                          6.21
14 Zac Davies                                             6.22
15 Derek Laan
16 Kris Kuttle                                            6.23
17 Daniel Stevens (Trek/NYTRO/RBC)                        7.48
18 Adam Boone (Des Moines Cycle )                         8.12
Collegiate Men
1 Michael Cody                                           44.50
2 Joseph Alachayan                                        0.11
3 Ben Anderson                                            0.30
4 David Werling                                           0.38
5 Matthew Walczak                                         0.47
6 Bobby Lea                                               0.55
7 Andy Bettinger                                          1.06
8 Andy Frey                                               1.44
9 Jeff Stewart                                            1.55
10 Christopher Herndon                                    2.08
11 David Sachs                                            2.23
12 Joel Slezak                                            2.44
13 Christopher Chin                                       3.05
14 Mark Robson                                            3.40

Past winners


2000 Tim Johnson (Saturn)
1999 Stephen Larsen (LL Bean/Mongoose)


2000 Carmen Richardson (Sobe/Headshock)
1999 Anne Grande (Red Line Racing)