German National Championships - CN

Bad Dürrheim/Donaueschingen, June 30-July 1, 2001

2000 Results


  • Day 1 - June 30: Elite Women Road Race, 126 km
  • Day 2 - July 1: Elite Men Road Race, 216 km

Day 1 - June 30: Elite Women Road Race, 126 km

Rossner wins German Championship

By Giana Roberge, Team Saturn

Still hot off her incredible sprinter become GC showing at the HP Women's Challenge last week where she finished fourth, Saturn's Petra Rossner raced to the National Champion's Jersey in her home country today.

The 126 kilometer road race was a challenge for Rossner, despite her excellent form. Hanka Kupfernagel has put her stamp on the National Championships for the past few years, and looked as if she would have another successful go at the hotly sought after jersey. Also, Judith Arndt, second at the HP Women's Challenge to Rossner’s teammate Lyne Bessette, also seemed certain to give Rossner a run for her money.

A small group of nine women split off from the main peloton on the second lap, including Rossner, Arndt and Kupfernagel. The final climb saw the group whittled down to four, with Rossner able to respond to the Kupfernagel’s attacks. In the sprint it was Rossner over Kupfernagel for the win and the National Championship Jersey. Rossner was last the National Road Champion in 1989, but as this season has clearly indicated, the German is having an outstanding season. Rossner's National Championship win makes the fifth for the Saturn Team this season.

Rossner will rejoin her teammates in her new National Champion Jersey later in July for a tour in her own country and the seventh World Cup.


1 Petra Rossner (Saturn Cycling Team)                3.33.46
2 Hanka Kupfernagel (Farm Frites-Hartol)
3 Judith Arndt (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
4 Vera Hohlfeld (Acca Due O HP Lorena)
5 Tanja Hennes (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)                1.00
6 Tina Liebig (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
7 Simone Klewitz (Team Stuttgart)                       1.02
8 Liane Bahler (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)                1.40
9 Angela Brodtka (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt    5.10
10 Regina Schleicher (Team Stuttgart)
11 Kerstin Scheitle (Equipe Nürnberger)
12 Jacqueline Brabenetz (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
13 Theresa Senff (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
14 Sabine Spitz (RSV 1948 Rheinfelden)
15 Birgit Söllner (Equipe Nürnberger)
16 Angela Rotter (TV Fürth 1860 Abtl. Radsport)
17 Regina Marunde (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
18 Bettina Schöke (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfur    5.33
19 Alexandra Nöhles (Equipe Nürnberger)
20 Verena Jooß (RSG Karlsruhe)                         11.19
21 Susanne Beyer (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
22 Doreen Weise (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
23 Chantalle Gehrig (Equipe Nürnberger)
24 Anja Ritter (Team Stuttgart)
25 Ute Farr (RSV Ellmendingen)
26 Carolin Dietmann (TSV Durach)
27 Kerstin Sosnowski (RMSV Wittnau)
28 Franziska Rippin (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
29 Margo-Friederike Bargheer (RSG Hannover)
30 Melanie Hessling (RSV Friedenau Steinfurt)
31 Daniela Kenty (Team Stuttgart)
32 Inga Hoffmann (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
33 Katharina Michalk (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)         18.38
34 Katrin Langer (SSV Gera 1990 eV)                    22.04
35 Nicole Kottkamp (RSC Endspurt Herford)              22.07
36 Kathrin Reichenberger (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)     25.49
37 Laura Lange (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
38 Karin Bürger (Dresdner SC 1898 eV)
39 Kerstin Schmidt (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
40 Annette Griner (Team Stuttgart)
41 Nadine Krpal (Team Euphonic e.V.)                   52.52

Start list

1 Kerstin Scheitle (Equipe Nürnberger)
3 Patricia Hempel (Equipe Nürnberger)
4 Vera Hohlfeld (Acca Due O HP Lorena)
5 Anna-Sophia Czilwik (Equipe Nürnberger)
7 Birgit Söllner (Equipe Nürnberger)
8 Chantalle Gehrig (Equipe Nürnberger)
9 Alexandra Nöhles (Equipe Nürnberger)
11 Judith Arndt (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
12 Trixi Worrack (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
13 Christina Becker (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
15 Bettina Schöke (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
16 Angela Brodtka (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
17 Doreen Weise (Team Red Bull Stadtwerke Frankfurt/Oder)
22 Sarah Düster (Team Stuttgart)
23 Annette Griner (Team Stuttgart)
25 Simone Klewitz (Team Stuttgart)
26 Anja Ritter (Team Stuttgart)
27 Regina Schleicher (Team Stuttgart)
28 Johanna Stephan (Team Stuttgart)
29 Daniela Kenty (Team Stuttgart)
31 Petra Rossner (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
32 Tanja Hennes (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
33 Clarissa Breuer (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
34 Tina Liebig (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
35 Jacqueline Brabenetz (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
36 Andrea Hannemann (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
37 Cornelia Cyrus (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
38 Liane Bahler (Team Euregio Egrensis 1)
41 Regina Marunde (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
42 Susanne Beyer (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
43 Christine Christoph (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
45 Maria Dinter (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
46 Kerstin Schmidt (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
47 Liane Gaffron (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
49 Inga Hoffmann (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
50 Yvonne Schröder (RG Berlin Charlottenburg)
52 Katharina Michalk (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
53 Kathrin Reichenberger (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
54 Alice Brand (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
55 Franziska Rippin (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
56 Theresa Senff (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
57 Laura Lange (Team Euregio Egrensis 2)
62 Nicole Kottkamp (RSC Endspurt Herford)
64 Katrin Langer (SSV Gera 1990 eV)
65 Nadine Krpal (Team Euphonic e.V.)
67 Claudia Schlichtmann (RSG Harsewinkel eV)
69 Peggy Kraatz (RSC Victoria Kerpen 1993 eV)
70 Kerstin Forstner (Equipe Nürnberger)
71 Mandy Hampel (Equipe Nürnberger)
75 Margo-Friederike Bargheer (RSG Hannover)
76 Claudia Brauchle (RSC Kempten eV)
77 Karin Bürger (Dresdner SC 1898 eV)
78 Claudia Dienemann (RSC Niddatal eV)
79 Carolin Dietmann (TSV Durach)
80 Elena Eifler (RC Olympia Emmendingen eV)
81 Ute Farr (RSV Ellmendingen)
82 Melanie Hessling (RSV Friedenau Steinfurt)
83 Birgit Hollmann (BRC Zugvogel Berlin 1901 eV)
84 Verena Jooß (RSG Karlsruhe)
85 Sandra Mißbach (BRC Zugvogel Berlin 1901 eV)
86 Bianca Musiol (RSV Ellmendingen)
87 Doris Nessen, von (RSV Nassovia Limburg)
88 Eva Maria Neumark (KJC Ravensburg eV)
89 Susann Pilotto (RSG Badenia Freiburg e.V.)
90 Angela Rotter (TV Fürth 1860 Abtl. Radsport)
91 Alexandra Schäfer (RV Staubwolke 09 Fischeln eV)
92 Astrid Schartmüller (Harvestehuder RSV v. 1909 eV.)
93 Jutta Schubert (RSC Kempten eV)
94 Désirée Schuler (RV Blitz Saarbrücken)
95 Kerstin Sosnowski (RMSV Wittnau)
96 Fiona Souchon (RV Henninger Sossenheim 1895 eV)
97 Sabine Spitz (RSV 1948 Rheinfelden)
98 Karla Steinkühler (RSV Friedenau Steinfurt)
99 Helga Weiss (SC Hausach e.V.)
100 Hanka Kupfernagel (Farm Frites-Hartol)

Day 2 - July 1: Elite Men Road Race, 216 km

Ullrich and Zabel 1-2 in Germany

By Jeff Jones

In yet another display of Telekom power, Jan Ullrich and Erik Zabel have taken first and second places in the German national championships in Bad Dürrheim. The pair attacked with approximately 30 kilometres to go in the 216 kilometre race, with Ullrich putting in one final effort with 2 km to go to finish ahead of Zabel. In third place was Saeco's Christian Wegmann, who finished with last year's champion, Rolf Aldag.

The 12 lap race started in perfect weather conditions in front of approximately 100,000 fans who had gathered in the Black Forest to see their heroes in action. The major difficulty was a 900m hill in Aasen with a 15 percent gradient, and there was also a prize for the best climber. On the first time up the hill, Ronny Scholz (Gerolsteiner), Ralf Grabsch (Telekom) and Jens Zemke (Nürnberger) got a gap, which steadily grew to 4'30 by the 40th kilometre.

Telekom started to ride tempo in the peloton after that, and the advantage came down again. Zemke was winning points in the mountain sprints, but he and the other two were eventually caught on the 6th lap. By this stage, the main peloton had split with around 50 riders in the leading group.

On the 8th of 12 laps, the critical break formed with Ullrich, Zabel, Andreas Klöden, Rolf Aldag (Telekom), Jens Voigt (Crédit Agricole), Thomas Liese (Nürnberger), Timo Scholz (Wiesenhof), Sven Teutenberg (Festina) and Christian Wegmann (Saeco). There were enough Telekom riders to ensure success, unless the other riders cooperated to work against the magenta boys.

At the beginning of the 9th lap, it was clear that the peloton had given up, as they were 7'15 behind. On the climb of the 10th lap, Aldag attacked, with Ullrich on his wheel. Jens Voigt and Erik Zabel chased, but it was Timo Scholz who brought them back. Several attacks followed, with Zabel and Wegmann getting away for before the start of the 11th lap.

Ullrich, Aldag, and Voigt chased them, with Sven Teutenberg und Thomas Liese following a little further behind. With approximately 30 kilometres to go, the five leaders came together: Ullrich, Zabel, Aldag, Voigt and Wegmann, before Ullrich and Zabel attacked in what was to be the decisive move. Aldag and Wegmann chased, with Voigt being left on his own.

The leading Telekom pair had 35 seconds with one lap (18 km) to go and there was no bringing them back. Ullrich put in his final attack with 2 kilometres to go, to ensure he didn't get pipped by Zabel on the line. Aldag had to settle for fourth behind Wegmann, but the winners were once again Telekom.


1 Jan Ullrich (Telekom)                      5.16.17 (40.98 km/h)
2 Erik Zabel (Telekom)                          0.15
3 Christian Wegmann (Saeco)                     1.23
4 Rolf Aldag (Telekom)                          1.24
5 Thomas Liese (Nürnberger)                     5.34
6 Sven Teutenberg (Festina)                     5.38
7 Jens Voigt (Credit Agricole)                  5.44
8 Uwe Peschel (Gerolsteiner)                    7.31
9 Jörg Ludewig (Saeco)                          8.31
10 David Kopp (Telekom U23)                    12.18
11 Jan Bratkowski (De Nardi)
12 Klaus Mutschler (Team Coast)
13 Markus Ganser (Team Athleticum-Principia)
14 Holger Sievers (Team Nürnberger)
15 Steffen Weigold (Gerolsteiner)
16 Patrik Sinkewitz (Mapei Quick Step)
17 Steffen Wesemann (Team Deutsche Telekom) 
18 Markus Knöpfle (G.S. Promo Ciclo Metalcost) 
19 Timo Scholz (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig) 
20 Udo Bölts (Team Deutsche Telekom) 
21 Thomas Kaufmann (RV Vikt. Essingen)         13.39
22 René Weissinger (Bike Sport Herpersdorf)    14.41
23 Jürgen Werner (Team Nürnberger)             16.20
24 Ronny Lauke (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg) 
25 Udo Müller (Berliner TSC eV) 
26 Danilo Hondo (Team Deutsche Telekom)        16.22
27 Robert Förster (Team Nürnberger) 
28 Bert Grabsch (Team Phonak) 
29 Rene Obst (Berliner TSC eV) 
30 Thomas Heidrich (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg) 
31 Jörn Reuß (Team Nürnberger) 
32 Dirk Baldinger (Team Nürnberger) 
33 Jens Zemke (Team Nürnberger) 
34 Jonas Owczarek (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg) 
35 Michael Schlickau (Team Cologne) 
36 Lars Teutenberg (SG EC/Bayer K.-Worringen) 
37 Björn Schröder (RV Berlin 1888 eV) 
38 Michael Haas (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet eV) 
39 Dirk Ronellenfitsch (Team Coast) 
40 Christian Werner (Team Nürnberger) 
41 Michael Giebelmann (Team Coast) 
42 André Korff (Festina) 
43 Ronny Scholz (Gerolsteiner) 

Start list
1 Rolf Aldag (Team Deutsche Telekom)
2 Robert Bartko (Team Deutsche Telekom)
3 Udo Bölts (Team Deutsche Telekom)
4 Ralf Grabsch (Team Deutsche Telekom)
5 Torsten Hiekmann (Team Deutsche Telekom)
6 Danilo Hondo (Team Deutsche Telekom)
7 Kai Hundertmarck (Team Deutsche Telekom)
8 Matthias Kessler (Team Deutsche Telekom)
9 Andreas Klöden (Team Deutsche Telekom)
10 Jan Schaffrath (Team Deutsche Telekom)
11 Stephan Schreck (Team Deutsche Telekom)
12 Jan Ullrich (Team Deutsche Telekom)
13 Erik Zabel (Team Deutsche Telekom)
14 Daniel Becke (Team Coast)
15 Jan Bratkowski (Team Coast)
16 Michael Giebelmann (Team Coast)
18 Sascha Henrix (Team Coast)
19 Christoph Kleinsorgen, von (Team Coast)
20 Klaus Mutschler (Team Coast)
21 Dirk Ronellenfitsch (Team Coast)
22 Thorsten Rund (Team Coast)
23 Raphael Schweda (Team Coast)
24 Malte Urban (Team Coast)
25 Uwe Hardter (Gerolsteiner)
26 Volker Ordowski (Gerolsteiner)
27 Uwe Peschel (Gerolsteiner)
28 Olaf Pollack (Gerolsteiner)
29 Michael Rich (Gerolsteiner)
30 Andreas Sauerborn (Gerolsteiner)
31 Torsten Schmidt (Gerolsteiner)
32 Ronny Scholz (Gerolsteiner)
33 Tobias Steinhauser (Gerolsteiner)
34 Steffen Weigold (Gerolsteiner)
35 Dirk Baldinger (Team Nürnberger)
36 Robert Förster (Team Nürnberger)
37 Jörg Förster (Team Nürnberger)
38 Thomas Liese (Team Nürnberger)
39 Jörn Reuß (Team Nürnberger)
40 Holger Sievers (Team Nürnberger)
41 Christian Werner (Team Nürnberger)
42 Jürgen Werner (Team Nürnberger)
43 Thorsten Wilhelms (Team Nürnberger)
44 Jens Zemke (Team Nürnberger)
45 Björn Glasner (Team Cologne)
46 Frank Klein (Team Cologne)
47 Stefan Kupfernagel (Team Cologne)
48 Martin Müller (Team Cologne)
49 Michael Schlickau (Team Cologne)
50 Andreas Beikirch (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
51 Thomas Franzl (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
52 Thomas Heidrich (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
53 Mathias Kahl (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
54 Andreas Kappes (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
55 Christian Lademann (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
56 Ronny Lauke (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
57 Jonas Owczarek (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
58 Andreas Walzer (Agro Adler Mark Brandenburg)
59 Markus Ganser (Team Athleticum-Principia)
60 Stefan Ganser (Team Athleticum-Principia)
61 Hans-Jürgen Juretzek (Team Athleticum-Principia)
62 Rene Karl (Team Athleticum-Principia)
63 Jochen Lichtenthäler (Team Athleticum-Principia)
64 Manfred Lubberich (Team Athleticum-Principia)
65 Benjamin Minow (Team Athleticum-Principia)
66 Martin Neffgen (Team Athleticum-Principia)
67 Stephan Schruff (Team Athleticum-Principia)
68 Michél Teichert (Team Athleticum-Principia)
69 Karsten Vogel (Team Athleticum-Principia)
70 Wolfram Wiese (Team Athleticum-Principia)
71 Sven Biermann (ComNet Cycle Team)
72 Sebastian Drenker (ComNet Cycle Team)
73 Heinz Häusler (ComNet Cycle Team)
74 Arthur Lapinski (ComNet Cycle Team)
75 Daniel Meinke (ComNet Cycle Team)
76 Boris Müller (ComNet Cycle Team)
77 Stefan Parinussa (ComNet Cycle Team)
78 Jan Richter (ComNet Cycle Team)
79 Guido Scheeren (ComNet Cycle Team)
80 Jörg Scherf (ComNet Cycle Team)
81 Andreas Schruff (ComNet Cycle Team)
82 Robert Sczepurek (ComNet Cycle Team)
83 Markus Segura (ComNet Cycle Team)
84 Harald Sodi (ComNet Cycle Team)
85 Mike Vomfell (ComNet Cycle Team)
86 Marco Appler (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
87 Carsten Gottschalk (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
88 Dennis Haueisen (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
89 Ralf Keller (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
90 Danilo Klaar (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
91 Enrico Nikolai (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
92 Carsten Podlesch (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
93 Enrico Poitschke (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
94 Timo Scholz (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
95 Andre Schulze (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
96 Marco Wittwer (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
97 Jens Voigt (Credit Agricole)
98 André Korff (Festina)
99 Steffen Radochla (Festina)
100 Sven Teutenberg (Festina)
101 Patrik Sinkewitz (Mapei Quick Step)
102 Roberto Lochowski (Team Fakta)
103 Bert Grabsch (Team Phonak)
104 Jonas Hudalla (Wüstenrot - ZVVZ)
105 Jörg Ludewig (Saeco Macchine per Caffe)
106 Torsten Nitsche (Saeco Macchine per Caffe)
107 Christian Wegmann (Saeco Macchine per Caffe)
108 Grischa Jan Niermann (Rabobank)
109 Dominik Raza (Flanders-Prefetex)
110 Marc-Haji-Noor Weißhaupt (Flanders-Prefetex)
111 Jörg Jaksche (ONCE - Deutsche Bank)
112 Holger Loew (Post Swiss Team)
113 Eric Baumann (SSV Gera 1990 eV)
114 Raphael Berger (RC Olympia Emmendingen eV)
115 David Branstner (NRVg. Luisenstadt 1910 eV Berlin)
116 Adrian Czepelka (RV 1899 Hochheim)
117 Jan Deutschmann (RV Henninger Sossenheim 1895 eV)
118 Samuel Faruhn (NRVg. Luisenstadt 1910 eV Berlin)
119 Michael Haas (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet eV)
120 Axel Hauschke (RSV Bad Hersfeld)
121 Tobias Heimkreitner (RSV Götting-Bruckmühl)
122 Patrick Holsche (RV Berlin 1888 eV)
123 Mathias Jelitto (RSC Cottbus eV)
124 Gunnar Käbisch (SC DHfK Leipzig eV - Radsport -)
125 André Kalfack (Berliner TSC eV)
126 Thomas Kaufmann (RV Vikt. Essingen)
127 Thomas Kaufmann (RC Olympia Emmendingen eV)
128 Ralf Keul (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet eV)
129 Markus Knöpfle (G.S. Promo Ciclo Metalcost)
130 David Kopp (NRVg. Luisenstadt 1910 eV Berlin)
131 Dennis Kraft (RV Henninger Sossenheim 1895 eV)
132 Patrick Kromer (RC Olympia Emmendingen eV)
133 Armin Kröniger (RV Henninger Sossenheim 1895 eV)
134 Tobias Krug (VC Ratisbona Regensburg eV)
135 Sebastian Lang (RSC Turbine Erfurt eV)
136 Jens Lehmann (SSV Gera)
137 Sebastian Linser (RC Opfingen eV)
138 Steffen Lockan (RSC Cottbus eV)
139 Thomas Lorenz (KJC Ravensburg eV)
140 Udo Müller (Berliner TSC eV)
141 Rene Obst (Berliner TSC eV)
142 Daniel Olszewski (RV Lichterf.-Steglitz)
143 Jan Pokrandt (RSC Cottbus eV)
144 Thorsten Resch (RSV Falke Lebach)
145 Matthias Roblick (RSC Cottbus eV)
146 Jürgen Rothmund (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet eV)
147 Mark Schneider (RSG Badenia Freiburg eV)
148 Björn Schröder (RV Berlin 1888 eV)
149 Tilo Schüler (NRVg. Luisenstadt 1910 eV Berlin)
150 Dirk Schumann (SG EC/Bayer K.-Worringen)
151 Lars Teutenberg (SG EC/Bayer K.-Worringen)
152 Harry Trumheller (RSC Kempten eV)
153 Christian Wasmer (RSV Breisgauperle Denzlingen eV)
154 Marko Weber (PSV 90 Neubrandenburg)
155 Fabian Wegmann (RV Henninger Sossenheim 1895 eV)
156 René Weissinger (Bike Sport Herpersdorf)
157 Henri Werner (NRVg. Luisenstadt 1910 eV Berlin)
158 Markus Wilfurth (VC Ratisbona Regensburg eV)
159 Christian Willmann (RSG Badenia Freiburg eV)
160 Mario Zeckra (SC Berlin e.V)