French National Road Championships - CN

France, June 28 - July 1, 2001

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Day 2 - June 30: Elite 2, Women road races

Elite 2 - 156.9 km

1 Guillaume Lejeune (CR4C Roanne)                   3.41.06
2 Sylvain Lavergne (AVC Aix en Provence)               0.06
3 Sylvain Lavergne (AVC Aix en Provence)
4 Ludovic Vanhee (VC Roubaix)
5 Gilles Canouet (CC Marmande)
6 Florian Germain (VC Lyon - Vaulx en Velin)
7 Stéphane Ravaleu (VC Rouen 76)
8 Lionel Lorgeou (CC Nogent Sur Oise)
9 Stéphane Auroux (CR4C Roanne)                        0.37
10 Samuel Bonnet (UC Chateauroux)                      0.38
11 Loïc Herbreteau (Cycle Poitevin)                    0.42
12 Stéphane Couge (Jean Floc'h)                        0.45
13 Franck Champeymont (AVC Aix en Provence)            0.55
14 Yann Pivois (UC Chateauroux)                        1.05
15 Tony Jousset (Nantes 44 Cyclisme)                   1.07
16 Tony Mace (DIVPA)                                   1.18
17 Jérôme Pineau (Vendée U)                            1.20
18 Olivier Maignan (EC St Etienne - Loire)             1.21
19 Christophe Thebault (Seat Sport - VC Dinan)         1.24
20 Cédric Herve (Jean Floc'h)                          1.52
21 Eric Leblacher (CM Aubervilliers 93)
22 Tony Cavet (VC Roubaix)                             1.54
23 Anthony Geslin (Vendée U)                           1.58
24 Laurent Planchaud (CG Orléans)                      2.00
25 Olivier Ouvrard (Cycle Poitevin)
26 Renaud Dion (CG Orléans)
27 Carlo Meneghetti (VC Roubaix)
28 David Martinez (AVC Aix en Provence)
29 Anthony Giuriato (SC Sarreguemines)
30 Yannick Talabardon (CM Aubervilliers 93)
31 Nicolas Meret (VC Rouen 76)
32 Emmanuel Bonnot (VCC Morteau-Montbenoît)
34 Emmanuel Granat (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC)
35 Marc Feipeler (Seat Sport - VC Dinan)
36 Henrik Sobinski (GSC Blagnac)
37 Freddy Ravaleu (Seat Sport - VC Dinan)
38 Régis Marechaux (SCO Dijon)
39 Christophe Kern (Vendée U)
40 Benoît Luminet (CR4C Roanne)
41 Jérôme Bonnace (UC Chateauroux)
42 Franck Bigaud (UC Chateauroux)
43 Frédéric Lubach (CM Aubervilliers 93)
44 Jérôme Rouyer (SC Sarreguemines)
45 Marc Thevenin (CR4C Roanne)                         2.12
46 Stéphane Rifflet (DIVPA)
47 Mickaël Fouliard (CC Nogent Sur Oise)
48 Nicolas Meunier (CM Aubervilliers 93)               2.15
49 Yvonnick Bolgiani (Seat Sport - VC Dinan)           2.18
50 Sébastien Guerard (SCO Dijon)                       5.28
51 Johan Jaquet (Plouvien U)                           7.33
52 Samuel Gicquel (Jean Floc'h)                        7.59
53 Cyrille Delias (US Montauban)
54 Michel Ambrosini (GSC Blagnac)
55 Stéphane Bellicaud (Bressuire AC)
56 Loïc Vasseur (Bressuire AC)                         9.27
57 Jean Zen (Vendée U)
58 Franck Laurance (Plouvien U)
59 Geoffroy Lequatre (CG Orléans)
60 Pascal Pofilet (CC Etupes)
61 Régis Decotte (AVC Aix en Provence)
62 Jérôme Guisneuf (UC Nantes Atlantique)
63 Christophe Laurent (Super Sport - 23 La Creuse)
64 Franck Trotel (Super Sport - 23 La Creuse)
65 Cédric Fontbonnat (UC Chateauroux)
66 Olivier Grammaire (SCO Dijon)
67 Nicolas Moulard (EC St Etienne - Loire)
68 Sylvain Anquetil (US Ste Autreberthe PB)
69 Nicolas Inaudi (AVC Aix en Provence)
70 Olivier Martinez (AVC Aix en Provence)
71 Jérôme Delbove (UV Aube)
72 Vincent Marchais (UC Nantes Atlantique)
73 Julien Thollet (EC St Etienne - Loire)
74 Martial Locatelli (VC Rouen 76)
75 Fabrice Parent (VC Rouen 76)
76 Guillaume Judas (Jean Floc'h)
77 Stéphane Petilleau (Jean Floc'h)
78 Denis Leproux (CG Orléans)
79 Romain Mary (SCO Dijon)
80 Frédéric Arnaud (SCO Dijon)
81 Pascal Peyramaure (VS Chartres)
82 Arnaud Chauveau (CG Orléans)
83 Pascal Carlot (CC Nogent Sur Oise)
84 Anthony Testa (CC Nogent Sur Oise)
85 Mickaël Hacques (Plouvien U)                       15.36
86 David Pagnier (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC)
87 Jérôme Gannat (CC Etupes)
88 Christophe Cabon (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC)
89 Vincent Greneche (Jean Floc'h)
90 Fabrice Chabenat (PSF Niort)                       21.49

Women - 99.8 km

Longo wins her 36th

The 99.8 km women's road race in Argenton-sur-Creuse today once again became a battle for second place, as the indomitable Frenchwoman Jeannie Longo (Ile de France) took her 36th national title with a margin of 3'00 to second place. Longo had escaped with six others shortly after the start of the race, and that turned out to be the crucial move with Sonia Huguet (Lorraine) and Cathy Marsal (Intersports) sprinting in for second and third.

The break consisted of Longo, Huget, Marsal, Sophie Creux (Dauphiné-Savoie), Juliette Vandekerckove (Flandre-Artois), Sandrine Marcuz and Magali Le Floch (both CA Mantes la Ville). They rode away on the first lap and quickly established a sizeable advantage.

Longo kept attacking in her usual style, and rode away with Sophie Creux shortly before halfway. She dropped the Dauphiné-Savoie rider approximately 13 km later, and Creux was eventually absorbed by the five chasers. Longo put a minute into them in 7 km, and that sealed the race victory for her. She eventually rode in to the finish with an ample 3 minute lead after nearly 100 kilometres of racing. Longo therefore repeated her dual effort of last year, by winning both the time trial and the road race.

"I have progressed in the way I can handle the effort, but from now on, the result is not too significant any more; there is no more Olympic selection to be gained. I am very relaxed," said Longo afterwards.

"I have the impression that I am an actress in a theatre, and I'm performing a new free act. I don't have any more specific objectives. I will certainly go to the World Championships in Lison, but it is not my goal."

"I am pushed by all the spectators who encourage me. I like to inspire people."

Fifth placed Juliette Vandekerkove (who was also the first espoir home), commented that "When you are on the road, you only hear 'Jeannie'. It is hard. In six years, there will be the Olympic Games. That will be our time. We get there slowly but surely."


1 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (Ile de France)            2.39.19
2 Sonia Huguet (Lorraine)                              3.00
3 Catherine Marsal (Intersports)
4 Magali Le Floch (CA Mantes la Ville)                 4.41
5 Juliette Vandekerkhove (Flandre-Artois)
6 Sandrine Marcuz (CA Mantes la Ville)
7 Sophie Creux (Dauphiné-Savoie)
8 Virginie Moinard (Ile de France)                     7.10
9 Delphine Tonini (Midi-Pyrénées)
10 Laëtitia Belaud (Pays de la Loire)
11 Sylvie Riedle (Lorraine)
12 Elisabeth Chevanne-Brunel (CA Mantes la Ville)
13 Alexandra Le Henaff (Bretagne)
14 Delphine Guille (Pays de la Loire)
15 Marina Jaunatre (Pays de la Loire)
16 Sabine Gentieu (Aquitaine)
17 Karine Dalmais (Lyonnais)
18 Marie-Eve Mochel (Lorraine)
19 Magalie Finot (Bourgogne)
20 Elodie Touffet (Pays de la Loire)
21 Béatrice Thomas (Poitou-Charentes)
22 Laurence Restoin (Aquitaine)
23 Corinne Sempe (Aquitaine)
24 France-Line Catherine (Ile de France)
25 Edwige Pitel (Provence)
26 Cathy Moncassin (Midi-Pyrénées)
27 Martine Gauthier (Bourgogne)
28 Maryline Salvetat (Midi-Pyrénées)                   7.19
29 Melissa Seurin (Normandie)                         15.51
30 Anne-Laure Portais (Pays de la Loire)              17.41
31 Sabrina Payen (Bretagne)                           18.07
32 Jennifer Dehaas Boissiere (Dauphiné-Savoie)        18.13
33 Rozenn Tournabien (Pays de la Loire)               19.06
34 Carine Peter (Aquitaine)                           20.03
35 Nadia Triquet (Lorraine)
36 Karine Saysset (Midi-Pyrénées)
37 Sophie Laurenceau (Picardie)
38 Valérie Braux (Bourgogne)
39 Fanny Grossin (Orléanais)
40 Stéphanie Poilvet (Bretagne)
41 Sabrina Cayre (Normandie)
42 Magalie Simonot (Bourgogne)
43 Emilie Harmand (Lorraine)
44 Isabelle Moulis (Midi-Pyrénées)
45 Emmanuelle Farcy (CA Mantes la Ville)
46 Sabrina Martin (Normandie)
47 Rebecca Menard (Aquitaine)
48 Laëtitia Trahin (Alsace)
49 Blandine Camus (Dauphiné-Savoie)
50 Géraldine Ollivier (Bretagne)
51 Angeline Lacombe (Dauphiné-Savoie)
52 Gaëlle Brunet (Orléanais)                          20.09
53 Céline Mias (Bourgogne)
54 Pascaline Veys (Alsace)
55 Aline Parsy (Flandre-Artois)
56 Sylvie Gesbert (Bretagne)
57 Emilie Leblanc (Limousin)
58 Emmanuelle Dufrenne (Picardie)                     20.17
59 Laurence Ayer (Ile de France)
60 Audrey Perreon (Lyonnais)
61 Sandrine Revol (Provence)                          20.25
62 Virginie Jacob (Dauphiné-Savoie)                   22.16
63 Eloïse Ourselin (Normandie)                        26.06


1 Juliette Vandekerkhove (Flandre-Artois)           2.44.00
2 Sophie Creux (Dauphiné-Savoie)
3 Virginie Moinard (Ile de France)                     2.29
4 Delphine Tonini (Midi-Pyrénées)
5 Delphine Guille (Pays de la Loire)
6 Marina Jaunatre (Pays de la Loire)
7 Elodie Touffet (Pays de la Loire)
8 Béatrice Thomas (Poitou-Charentes)
9 Melissa Seurin (Normandie)                          11.10
10 Anne-Laure Portais (Pays de la Loire)              13.00
11 Sabrina Payen (Bretagne)                           13.26
12 Rozenn Tournabien (Pays de la Loire)               14.25
13 Magalie Simonot (Bourgogne)                        15.24
14 Emilie Harmand (Lorraine)
15 Rebecca Menard (Aquitaine)
16 Blandine Camus (Dauphiné-Savoie)
17 Angeline Lacombe (Dauphiné-Savoie)
18 Pascaline Veys (Alsace)
19 Aline Parsy (Flandre-Artois)
20 Sylvie Gesbert (Bretagne)
21 Emilie Leblanc (Limousin)
22 Emmanuelle Dufrenne (Picardie)                     15.37
23 Sandrine Revol (Provence)                          15.43
24 Eloïse Ourselin (Normandie)                        21.25

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