Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic - NE

USA, June 28-July 1, 2001

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Stage 4 - July 1: Downtown Criterium, 80 km/40 km (M/W)

Men   Women

Canadian's all over the women's Podium

by Daniel Larouche Equipe Rona

Geneviève Jeanson (Can, RONA) stole another three seconds from Lyne Bessette (Can, Saturn Timex) in Fitchburg today, but it wasn't nearly enough to keep the Knowlton, Quebec athlete from winning her third consecutive Fitchburg Classic.

Today's criterium was won once again by the American criterium champion, Laura VanGilder (Verizon Wireless), with Jeanson coming in third, after Joanne Kiesanowski (USA, Procter & Gamble). She earned a 3-second bonus, while Bessette came in fourth, after having spent 40 kilometers stuck tight to Jeanson's back wheel. Despite several attempts, the Team RONA leader couldn't shake her rival.

Today's stage had no effect on the general standings, leaving an all-Canadian winners' podium: Bessette, Jeanson and Susan Palmer Komar (Jane Cosmetics) took the top three places.

Geneviève Jeanson held on to the best climber's jersey.


Today's stage consisted of 28 laps of a 1.44-km circuit, for a total of 40.22 km. The temperature was near 30°C, with high humidity and a wind that gained in strength as the race progressed.

The wind - and the battle of strategies that was waged between the RONAs and the Saturn Timexes - meant that the race went fairly slowly, with the winner's speed figuring in at 36.6 kph. Jeanson and Bessette rode calmly in the front third of the pack, while their teammates were working in the frontlines, trying to ride the pack for their respective leaders. RONA's Jarvis, Jutras, Gonzalez and Nadeau also controlled the numerous (6) intermediary sprints, to protect Jeanson's Queen of the Mountain jersey.

There was only one breakaway worthy of mention: Suzanne Sonye (USA, Saturn Timex) took seven laps in the fore, with a lead of more than 15" over the pack. She was joined by teammate Anke Erlank, RONA's Gabriela Gonzalez, and Andrea Hannos (Can, Verizon Wireless). But the pack swallowed them up again two laps from the end, when the speed increased in preparation for the final sprint. The game was up in the sprint, following a lap at over 50 kph.

An out of this world weekend for Saturn

By Giana Roberge, Saturn Cycling team

The final stage of the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic saw Saturn finish by dominating the Pro Divisions, with Lyne Bessette and Eric Wohlberg both riding away with the wins for the overall. Both Wohlberg and Bessette pulled on their Orange Leader's Jerseys after winning the stage one time trial, but it was the teamwork of their Saturn Teammates that kept their jerseys secure throughout the four days of racing.

In what is an unprecedented three peat of the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic, Bessette came into the final stage of the race with a keen sense of accomplishment. Having just put the finishing polish on a stunning win in Idaho at the HP Women's Challenge, Bessette and her Saturn Team continued to prove that their powerful teamwork can overcome even some of the toughest obstacles like Jeannie Longo and Genevieve Jeanson, who has an accumulated an impressive resume of her own this season.

The flat, three-corner criterium in downtown Fitchburg is a favorite of the locals. The Women's 25-mile race was fast from the gun with the Saturn Women's Team looking to protect Bessette's jersey. Although there were mighty efforts on behalf of the entire Saturn Team to win the stage including a 10-lap solo break from Suzanne Sonye, in the end the race came down to a field sprint. Laura Van Gilder claimed the win. Bessette kept her jersey and put a stop to the question if Genevieve Jeanson could be beat.

The outcome of the Men's race was once again shaped by weather. With rumblings in the distance the men began what should have been a 55-mile race. The first half saw the Saturn Team in complete control of the continual attacks from the Mercury squad as they tried to move second place Moninger into the Wohlberg's Leader's Jersey. Riding a controlled tempo at the front of the peloton, Wohlberg's Saturn Team defended the Leader's Jersey. However, with 29 laps to go, lightening strikes and an eventual downpour caused officials to call the race. The men were given a one-lap warning and then sprinted for a stage win that would not count toward the overall standings.

Due to the intense rain, results are still not official but it looked to be Mercury's Baden Cooke for the win over Saturn's Ivan Dominguez. Eric Wohlberg kept his Leader's Jersey bringing the weekend to a very successful close for the Saturn Cycling Team.


1 Laura Vangilder (Verizon Wireless)                      1.05.57
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Procter & Gamble Wom)
3 Genevieve Jeanson (RONA Cycling Team)
4 Lyne Bessette (Saturn)
5 Rebecca Conzelman (
6 Allie Warfel (unattached)
7 Amy Jarvis (RONA Cycling Team)
8 Jennifer Cooper (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)
9 Leah Toffolon (Fraysse/NECSA)
10 Trish Choo (Wheelworks IF)
11 Sophie St Jacques (Volkswagen)
12 Naomi Williams (TREK)
13 Melanie Nadeau (RONA Cycling Team)
14 Andrea Hannos (Verizon Wireless)
15 Anke Erlank (Saturn)
16 Laura Kibelsbeck (
17 Kerry Soraci-Schmatz (Boise Cascade Office)
18 Kathryn Kothe (NCC/
19 Amy Tremelling (Trek/Volkswagen)
20 Rosemary Coleman (Credit Suisse First)
21 Cindy Bauwens (Verizon Wireless)
22 Emily Thorne (TREK)
23 Laura Shuford (TREK)
24 Kori Kelly (Procter & Gamble Wom)
25 Catherine Powers (CRCA - Dash/Renaissa)
26 Elizabeth Sterling (
27 Katrina Davis (TREK)
28 Gabrie Gonzalez De Ferrat (RONA Cycling Team)
29 Susan Palmer-Komar (Jane Cosmetics)
30 Grace Taylor (Lateral Stress Velo)                        0.09
31 Michele Bote (Lateral Stress Velo)
32 Helen Kelly (KPMG Australia)
33 Caryl Gale (San Diego Cyclo Vets)
34 Manon Jutras (RONA Cycling Team)
35 Cheryl Binney (Procter & Gamble Wom)
36 Alicia Genest (TREK)
37 Darnelle Moore (Team Asteria)
38 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)                                    0.13
39 Kimberly Davidge (Saturn)
40 Candice Blickem (Bikes Plus)
41 Kelly Yoder (Team                       0.22
42 Elisa Gagnon (TREK)                                       0.25
43 Alison Brown (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                         0.43
44 Julie Monagle (Verizon Wireless)                          1.19
45 Kathy Sarvary (MidState Cycling Club)
46 Mina Pizzini (Procter & Gamble Wom)                       2.05

Final general classification

1 Lyne Bessette (Saturn)                               6.34.43
2 Genevieve Jeanson (RONA Cycling Team)                   0.36
3 Susan Palmer-Komar (Jane Cosmetics)                     4.38
4 Emily Thorne (TREK)                                     5.04
5 Andrea Hannos (Verizon Wireless)                        5.44
6 Anke Erlank (Saturn)                                    5.54
7 Gabrie Gonzalez De Ferrat (RONA Cycling Team)           6.02
8 Amy Jarvis (RONA Cycling Team)                          6.07
9 Kori Kelly (Procter & Gamble Wom)                       6.10
10 Trish Choo (Wheelworks IF)                             7.11
11 Sophie St Jacques (Volkswagen)                         7.19
12 Grace Taylor (Lateral Stress Velo)                     7.21
13 Laura Vangilder (Verizon Wireless)                     7.27
14 Laura Shuford (TREK)                                   7.37
15 Rosemary Coleman (Credit Suisse First)                 8.02
16 Katrina Davis (TREK)                                   8.14
17 Michele Bote (Lateral Stress Velo)                     9.02
18 Leah Toffolon (Fraysse/NECSA)                          9.36
19 Cindy Bauwens (Verizon Wireless)                       9.45
20 Rebecca Conzelman (                  10.09
21 Helen Kelly (KPMG Australia)                          10.25
22 Jennifer Cooper (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                  11.18
23 Manon Jutras (RONA Cycling Team)                      11.20
24 Melanie Nadeau (RONA Cycling Team)                    12.12
25 Kerry Soraci-Schmatz (Boise Cascade Office)           12.51
26 Cheryl Binney (Procter & Gamble Wom)                  13.11
27 Darnelle Moore (Team Asteria)                         13.13
28 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)                                13.27
29 Joanne Kiesanowski (Procter & Gamble Wom)             14.02
30 Kimberly Davidge (Saturn)                             14.16
31 Naomi Williams (TREK)                                 15.06
32 Catherine Powers (CRCA - Dash/Renaissa)               22.57
33 Alison Brown (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)                     25.55
34 Caryl Gale (San Diego Cyclo Vets)                     27.58
35 Mina Pizzini (Procter & Gamble Wom)                   32.45
36 Allie Warfel (unattached)                             33.55
37 Elizabeth Sterling (                 34.48
38 Laura Kibelsbeck (                       34.49
39 Kathryn Kothe (NCC/                       35.41
40 Kelly Yoder (Team                   36.35
41 Julie Monagle (Verizon Wireless)                      37.40
42 Candice Blickem (Bikes Plus)                          37.46
43 Alicia Genest (TREK)                                  38.59
44 Amy Tremelling (Trek/Volkswagen)                      41.27
45 Kathy Sarvary (MidState Cycling Club)                 47.03
46 Elisa Gagnon (TREK)                                 1.09.27

Mountains classification

1 Genevieve Jeanson (RONA Cycling Team)                  175 pts
2 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)                                  90
3 Lyne Bessette (Saturn)                                  85
4 Laura Vangilder (Verizon Wireless)                      80
5 Amy Jarvis (RONA Cycling Team)                          70
6 Susan Palmer-Komar (Jane Cosmetics)                     60
7 Anke Erlank (Saturn)                                    45
8 Manon Jutras (RONA Cycling Team)                        25
8 Joanne Kiesanowski (Procter & Gamble Wom)               25
10 Gabrie Gonzalez De Ferrat (RONA Cycling Team)          25
11 Kimberly Davidge (Saturn)                              15
11 Mina Pizzini (Procter & Gamble Wom)                    15
11 Andrea Hannos (Verizon Wireless)                        5

Team Navigators report

The final, stage-4 Criterium of the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Stage Race was completed earlier today with another severe weather surprise. As the riders lined up for the 50mile event on the .9mile course that's been home to exciting races for the past 42 years, the skies suddenly turned from clear and sunny, to dark and threatening. With the race underway, the threatening clouds brought strong winds, as well as distant lightening. In the racing action, the 8-man strong Saturn was firmly placed on the front of the peloton to protect the 17-second lead that Eric Wohlberg held over Navigators' Adham Sbeih in the overall classification.

The early attacks on the Leader's Jersey came from Navigators' Kirk O'Bee and Gord Fraser (Mercury). With a gap hovering at about 8-seconds, the pressure was on Saturn. After 4-laps of freedom, they finally reeled in the 2 escapees, which were quickly replaced by another attack by Navigators' Mark Walters. It was clear from the outset that the Navigators and Mercury squads were going to force the Saturn team to defend their position. As the attacks and small breakaways continued, the Saturn team held tough, but it was going to be a long day.

With 27 of the 55 laps remaining, Navigators' Glen Mitchell and Mark Walters attacked with Derek Bouchard Hall (Mercury) and ramped up the speed and the pressure with a 12-second gap on the peloton. However, just as the racers saw the lap cards turn to 23-to-go, the sky finally turned black, the winds gusted and the lightening came close. As the hard rain pelted down and became horizontal, the race officials announced that the bell lap would be commencing as the riders came around for the next lap.

The gap to the 3 leaders was bridged by Mercury's Baden Cooke as the riders heard the bell and the wind and rain blasted with force. With the break now 4 strong, they began to attack each other for the final lap, as the field was breathing down their necks. First Walters went, then Mitchell attacked as they made the left turn at the top of the course. With the wind and rain swirling around them, they drove toward the line, getting swallowed by the raging field. In the driving rain, and the sound and flashes from the lightening, Baden Cooke held on to hit the line first, followed by Ivan Dominguez (Saturn) and Kirk O'Bee in 3rd. Navigators' Walters came in 5th for the day. Before the last riders crossed the line, the road was completely flooded from the barrage of water and the strong winds had done its job in creating a dramatic finish and chaos around the course.The overall classifications were neutralized, so Navigators' Adham Sbeih remained in 2nd place overall, 17-seconds behind Eric Wohlberg (Saturn). Scott Moninger (Mercury) finished in 3rd at 20-seconds behind


1 Baden Cooke (Mercury-Viatel)                    1.04.51
2 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)                            0.03
3 Kirk O'bee (Navigators)
4 Mark Walters (Navigators)                          0.06
5 Graeme Miller (NetZero)
6 Oscar Pineda 7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)
7 Trent Klasna (Saturn)
8 Alexander Candelario (THF Racing)
9 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn)
10 Mark Mccormack (Saturn)

Final general classification

1 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn)                          7.26.42
2 Adham Sbeih (Navigators)                           0.17
3 Scott Moninger (Mercury-Viatel)                    0.20
4 Chriss Wherry (Mercury-Viatel)                     0.27
5 Derek Bouchard Hall (Mercury-Viatel)               0.36
6 Clark Sheehan (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)
7 Danny Pate (Prime Alliance Cycling Team)           0.37
8 Baden Cooke (Mercury-Viatel)                       0.41
9 John Lieswyn (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)               0.43
10 Frank Mccormack (Saturn)                          0.47
11 Trent Klasna (Saturn)                             0.53
12 Mark Mccormack (Saturn)                           1.02
13 Kirk O'bee (Navigators)                           1.09
14 Colby Pearce (Prime Alliance Cycling Team)        1.11
15 Soren Petersen (Saturn)                           1.12
16 Svein Tuft (Broadmark Capital Cycling Team)       1.16
17 John Kelly (Kissena/R&A Cycles)                   1.29
18 Kenny Williams (Saturn)                           1.36
19 Jon Hamblen (Wheelworks/Cannondale)               1.47
20 Graeme Miller (NetZero)                           1.48
21 Glen Mitchell (Navigators)                        1.50
22 Charles Dionne (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)            1.54
23 Harm Jansen (Saturn)                              1.56
24 Oscar Pineda (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)              2.04
25 Mark Walters (Navigators)                         2.07
26 Alexander Candelario (THF Racing)                 2.15
27 Patrick Mccarty (Mercy Cycling Team)              2.19
28 Mike Sayers (Mercury-Viatel)                      2.31
29 Gregory Sieniewicz (Knapp's Ready Pac)            2.53
30 Jon Retseck (Mercury-Viatel)                      2.56
31 Russel Stevenson (Broadmark Capital Cycling Te    2.58
32 Josh Beck (Aquafina)                              3.04
33 Todd Herriott (Gap/Strictly Bicycle)              3.05
34 Tim Reinhart (Saturn)                             3.06
35 Jed Schneider (Pro Cycles / GT)                   3.09
36 Shawn Milne (Wheelworks/Cannondale)               3.24
37 Tim Johnson (Saturn)                              3.31
38 Jon Vanheel (Lombardi           3.32
39 Colby Farrell (Lombardi
40 Evan Ruzanski (Union Velo/Trek-VW)                3.36
41 Jason Baer (CRCA/GS Mengoni)                      3.38
42 James Hodnett (Lombardi         3.48
43 George Menard (Team Snow Valley)                  3.59
44 Scott Zwizanski (Bicycle Therapy)                 4.00
45 David Wenger (Mercy Cycling Team)
46 Daniel Rooke (AzPhalt Cycling)                    4.01
47 Jonathan Page (Wheelworks/Cannondale)             4.04
48 Matthew Svatek (Wheelworks/Cannondale)            4.05
49 Ryan Dewald (Beans-Reinhardt)                     4.16
50 Johnny Sundt (Broadmark Capital Cycling Team)     4.19
51 Steve Lusby (LSV/TREK/VW)                         4.21
52 Ian Stuart (CRCA/GS Mengoni)                      4.22
53 Alec Donahue (NCC/                    4.24
54 Jonathan Erdelyi (Team Ideal Tile)                4.29
55 Don Mills (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                 4.31
56 Ian Dille (Mercy Cycling Team)                    4.36
57 KC Kopper (SoBe/headshok)                         4.37
58 Min Vanvelzen (Team Snow Valley)
59 Gord Fraser (Mercury-Viatel)                      4.40
60 John Peters (Mercury-Viatel)                      5.02
61 Sandy Perrins (Logan Race Club)                   5.07
62 John Delong (Saturn)                              5.14
63 Matt Hawkins (Joe's Bike Shop/Trek)               5.15
64 Chris Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                5.20
65 Jacob Loverich (Nittany Velo Club)                5.23
66 Grant Connelly (LSV/TREK/VW)                      5.24
67 Shawn McCormack (Saturn)                          5.31
68 Juan Pineda (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)               5.33
69 Jesse Keefer (Broadmark Capital Cycling Team)     5.36
70 Donny Lopez (Saturn)                              5.44
71 Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team)                  5.56
72 Michael Luther (Knapp's Ready Pac)                6.09
73 Shawn Willard (DeFeet/LeMond)                     6.25
74 Chris Rozdilsky (Remax/CRCA)                      6.45
75 Matt Wilson (CRCA/GS Mengoni)                     6.55
76 Michael Creed (Prime Alliance Cycling Team)       6.57
77 Sergio Rolando (Toga)                             7.06
78 Zach Zimmerman (LSV/Trek/Volkswagen)              7.19
79 Wilson Vasquez (GS Mengoni)                       7.26
80 Curt Davis (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                7.32
81 Brendon Vesty (Navigators)                        8.20
82 Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagen)                     8.26
83 Mike Jones (Central NY Cyclist)                   9.01
84 Todd Littlehales (Navigators)                     9.23
85 Alex Lavallee (Kissena Cycling Club)              9.26
86 Rafal Urzediwsju (Watchung Wheelmen)              9.37
87 Patrick Sullivan (Richard Sachs)                 10.13
88 Keith Horowitz (D.A.R.E.)                        11.25
89 Jason Moore (Beans-Reinhardt)                    11.30
90 Bret Williamson (Kissena Cycling Club)           12.14
91 Devon Hoff Weekes (Lombardi    12.22
92 Kris Hedges (Team Snow Valley)                   13.15
93 Nathanael Ksiazkiewicz (Detrol LA Cycling Team   14.31
94 Peter Baker (Wheelworks/Cannondale)              16.39
95 Benjamin Stafford (Kissena Cycling Club)         19.00
96 Jeff Courter (Hind/Al's/Bianchi)                 19.20
97 Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)                        19.36
98 Joshua Horowitz (La Grangel Bristol F)           20.11
99 Mark Ernsting (Team Snow Valley)                 21.58
100 Franky Van Haesebroucke (Navigators)            23.42
101 Geoff Burndred (Broadmark Capital Cycling Tea   23.58
102 Enrico Traini (Toronto Cycling Club)            25.02
103 Eneas Freyre (Kissena Cycling Club)             27.34
104 Devens Hamlen (GS Mengoni)                      30.19
105 Ben Silberfarb (GMBC/Excite/smartFUE)           31.24
106 Christopher Benoit (Essex County Velo)          32.02
107 Josh Anthony (Saturn)                           32.15
108 Kirk Gilligan (Montclair Cyclists)              33.57
109 Ryan Miller (Prime Alliance Cycling Team)       34.15
110 Matt Inconiglios (Stage 1 Cycling)              35.11
111 Ken Vida (Knapp's Ready Pac)                    35.35
112 David Mccook (7 Up/Colorado Cyclist)            35.36
113 Sean Groom (Team Snow Valley)                   35.43
114 Allen Horton (Pro Cycles / GT)                  36.04
115 Rob Campbell (Broadmark Capital Cycling Team)   36.58
116 Michael Norton (Somerset)                       37.03
117 Tim Unkert (Capital Velo Club)                  38.21
118 Michael Chevett (Team Colavita/MBS)             38.31
119 Gabriele Rampollo (DeFeet/LeMond)               38.59
120 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)                         39.16
121 Kurt Hackler (Capital Velo Club)                39.36
122 Steve Roszko (NCC/                  42.59
123 Jeff Craddock (CCB/Volkswagen)                  44.03
124 Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)                   44.48
125 Greg Ferguson (Somerset)                        51.08
126 Mike Shore (B.O.B.)                             51.13
127 Jerald Yu (Team Express/Pro Ped)                51.16
128 Peter Barlin (ReMax/CRCA)                       52.07
129 Szymon Niemotko (Somerset)                      52.32
130 Ed Beamon (Navigators)                          52.44
131 Eric Nussbaumer (GS Mengoni)                    55.59
132 Forest Reid (Providence Velo Club)              57.32
133 Fabio Piergentili (TREK/VW/Goodales)            58.42
134 Eugene Boronow (Century-SBCG)                   59.04
135 Marc Silberman (Knapp's Ready Pac)              59.28
136 Christopher Sacramone (CS Ardagna)            1.06.07
137 Marc Bertucco (Athletes By Design)            1.07.36
138 Matthew Myers (Colavita/MBS)                  1.10.51
139 Trent Sullivan (Capital Velo Club)            1.11.05
140 Jefferey Mclane (Montgomery Cyclery/T)        1.12.13
141 Keith Berger (Capital Velo Club)              1.13.28
142 Thad Lavallee (CCB/Volkswagen)                1.13.29
143 Arlen Wenzel (Team Horst Sports)              1.16.24
144 Mark Walchinsky (Knapp's Ready Pac)           1.17.22