Results and Reports for July 14-15, 2001


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CycleWest Junior Road Rage series
T.I. Sports/Easton Elite Series #3: Tour Of The Highlands
Gold Coast CATS CC Kermesse
Murwillumbah ACC
Randwick Botany CC criterium
Balance Clothing Carnegie Caulfield Kermesse
St George Cycling Club

CycleWest Junior Road Rage series

Chittering Valley, July 14, 2001

Perfect conditions saw out the final round of the CycleWest Promotions Junior Road Rage series on Saturday 14th of July. Conducted at Chittering Valley, race one was a 5.8km "Hilly Time Trial" and race two a graded scratch race with distance varying according to grades. Over $1500 worth of prizes (donated by CycleWest Promotions) were handed out to our riders with some also going to our helpers.

Adrian Lutey stormed to victory in the Hilly Time Trial five seconds ahead of second placed Jason Chilcott and 21 seconds ahead of third placed Thomas Greathead. A tight sprint in the road race had Ben Miles in the points followed again by Jason Chilcott, third this time to Adrian Lutey. The A grade Junior Rage Series was won by Jason Chilcott on 1425 points, second went to Ben Miles on 1205 and third to Adrian Lutey on 1125.

Collecting maximum points for the fourth round was enough for Michael Fitzgerald to steal the overall lead from Rexy Franzinelli, Michael took out the Hilly Time Trial by just two seconds ahead of Cameron Meyer and four seconds ahead of Wesley Ham. With a combined A and B grade start in the scratch race, Michael held off the rest of his opponents to come in on a solo break minutes ahead of a furious sprint to the line. Cameron Meyer managed to out sprint the smart little Duanne "Taddie" Johanson and Wesley Ham. The series winner on 1400 points was Michael Fitzgerald, second went to Duanne Johanson on 1060 and third to Cameron Meyer on 1050.

In C grade Travis Meyer also took out maximum points for the day but still not enough to over take Tony Albertini in the general classification. Travis won the time trial by 20 seconds ahead of Tony and 34 seconds ahead of Jason Rogers. A sprint between Travis and Tony in the road race saw Travis, with a little more racing experience, overcome him. The second sprint between Nick Miles and Jason Rogers saw Jason again collecting the points. Tony Albertini was the series winner on 1400 points, second to Travis Meyer on 1280 points and third to Nick Miles on 685.

In D grade and in his first ever race newcomer Ryan Francis won the Hilly Time Trial 3 seconds ahead of Joe Albertini and 34 seconds ahead of Ben Horsley. The road race was strung out with one to two riders finishing at a time. Joe Albertini in first place, closely followed by Ryan Francis and on her home turf Renae Horsley in third. The final series leader was Ben Horsley on 875 points followed by Joe Albertini on 825 and Renae Horsley on 730.

Stay tuned for CycleWest Promotions Junior MTB series currently on the drawing board! For any further information please contact us at or on 0413 867 440.


A Grade Road Race
1 Ben Miles 
2 Jason Chilcott
3 Adrian Lutey
4 Tomas Greathead
5 Chris Western
A Grade Hilly Time Trial
1 Adrian Lutey 
2 Jason Chilcott
3 Tomas Greathead
4 Ben Miles
5 Chris Western 
A Grade General Classification
1 Jason Chilcott
2 BJ Miles
3 Adrian Lutey
4 Thomas Greathead
5 Kieth Evans
6 Peter Watenhoffer
7 Steven Evans
8 Chris Western
B Grade Road Race
1 Michael Fitzgerald
2 Cameron Meyer
3 Duanne Johanson
4 Wesley Ham
B Grade Hilly Time Trial
1 Michael Fitzgerald
2 Cameron Meyer
3 Wesley Ham
4 Duanne Johanson
5 Tony Rosam
B Grade General Classification
1 Michael Fitzgerald
2 Duanne Johanson
3 Cameron Meyer
4 Rexy Franzinelli
5 Wesley Ham
6 Scott Sunderland
7 Tony Rosam
8 Amy Kirk
9 Chris Heath
1 Jenni Tibbits
1 Gemma McWiggan
C Grade Road Race
1 Travis Meyer
2 Tony Albertini
3 Jason Rogers
4 Nick Miles
C Grade Hilly Time Trial
1 Travis Meyer
2 Tony Albertini
3 Jason Rogers
4 Nick Miles
C Grade General Classification
1 Tony Albertini
2 Travis Meyer
3 Nick Miles
4 Jason Rogers
5 Andrew Ingram
6 Doug Forde
7 Dardanella Finegan
8 Patty Finegan
D Grade Road Race
1 Joe Albertini
2 Ryan Francis
3 Renae Horsley
4 Ben Horsley
D Grade Hilly Time Trial
1 Ryan Francis
2 Joe Albertini
3 Ben Horsley
4 Renae Horsley
D Grade General Classification
1 Ben Horsley
2 Joe Albertini
3 Renae Horsley
4 Megan Ryan
5 Patrick Gill
6 Ryan Francis
7 Justine Horsley
8 Russel Scoble
9 Angelique Ion

T.I. Sports/Easton Elite Series #3: Tour Of The Highlands

Queensland, July 15, 2001

A perfect day on the Darling Downs saw the start of Race 3 of the T.I. Sports/Easton Elite Road Series depart the Highfields Tavern with 69 riders eager to tackle the tough circuit ahead.

Fifty-five kilometres into the race, after the rest of the bunch was reeling from the constant undulations, a group of five riders took off. This group spelt danger from the word go, as it contained three riders from the Merida/Astra team. The charge had been lead by Bart Duraj, fresh from his win in the National Category 1 Suncorp Classic in North Queensland, who had taken with him Ben Hitchens and Stewart Cowin. Leigh Palmer from the Harding European Team and Terry Nightingale from Flight Centre rounded off the strong breakaway as they headed over the Kulpi hills. Five kilometres before the feed station in Goombungee, they were joined by Sydney Olympian Nathan O'Neill who had worked like a dog to catch the breakaway.

Disaster struck during the feed, when Nathan's musette became entangled in his wheel bringing him down where he suffered lacerations plus a broken collar bone. These injuries will no doubt put paid to his return to Europe this week in his lead up to the Tour of Spain.

With Nathan out of the race and fifty kilometres still to ride, the bunch of five continued their charge, although by now there was plenty of action in the main peloton, where they realised that time was running out for them.

Around 3 kilometres from the finish, Bart Duraj hit the accelerator and took off, leaving his two team mates behind to take care of the other two riders. He crossed the finish line back at the Highfields Tavern in 3 hours 26 minutes. Ben Hitchens won the sprint thirty six seconds later, from Terry Nightingale, Stuart Cowin and Leigh Palmer. The bunch, which had now disintegrated came in 1 minute 20 seconds later, and after that the stragglers limped in one at a time, with only 35 riders officially finishing the event.

Presentations were held at the Highfields Tavern, where prizemoney was distributed and random draws conducted, with practically every starter picking up a prize courtesy of T.I. Sports.

Race 4 will take place on Sunday 5 August and travels from Lowood, through Esk, up the Great Dividing Range to Hampton, where the riders will swing right and finish in Crows Next some 135kms later.


1 Bart Duraj (Merida/Astra Astra)
2 Ben Hitchens (Merida/Astra)
3 Terry Nightingale (Flight Centre Ffast)
4 Stuart Cowin (Merida/Astra)
5 Leigh Palmer (Harding European Velo)
6 Danny Hilary (Cycle Surgery Otago NZ)
7 Leon Vogels (Harding European Ffast)
8 Paul Wild (Health Revolution CATS)
9 David Betts (Treasury Casino/Lifecycle Hamilton)
10 Brad Nightingale (Treasury/Lifecycle Hamilton)
1 Merida/Astra                              250 pts
2 Harding European                          110
3 Treasury Casino/Lifecycle                  75
4 Flight Centre                              70
5 Cycle Surgery                              55
6 Health Revolution Slim & Natural           45
Overall standings
1 Bart Duraj (Merida/Astra Astra)                       225 pts
2 Ben Hitchens (Merida/Astra)                           210
3 Terry Nightingale (Flight Centre Ffast)               155
4 Stuart Cowin (Merida/Astra)                           155
5 Andy Stewart (Watling Roche Victors)                  150
6 Paul Wild (Health Revolution CATS)                    145
7 David Betts (Treasury Casino/Lifecycle Hamilton)      130
8 Leigh Palmer (Harding European Velo)                  125
9 Leon Vogels (Harding European Ffast)                  120
10 Nathan O'Neil (Toowoomba)                            100
11 Shem Guthrie (Merida/Astra)                           85
12 Greg Campbell (Flight Centre Hamilton)                60
13 Danny Hilary (Cycle Surgery Otago NZ)                 55
14 Ben Manson (Planet/Merlos/Uni)                        55
15 Gavin Williams (Watling Roche Victors)                50
16 Brad Nightingale (Treasury/Lifecycle Hamilton)        35
17Craig Saunders (Merida/Astra)                          35
18 John Guy (Manly)                                      15
19 Riki Lanyon (Health Revolution CATS)                  15
20 Paul Lange (Watling Roche Victors)                    15
21 Andrew Beaver (Planet/Merlos/Uni)                     15
22 Jon Cantwell (Treasury Casino/Lifecycle Goldstars)    15
23 River Rain  (Footscray)                               15
24 Tony Stanley (Flight Centre Ffast)                    15
25 Michael Archer (Flight Centre Ffast)                  15
26 Matthew Newlands (Watling Roche Victors)              15
Teams overall
1 Merida/Astra                              695 pts
2 Harding European                          230
3 Flight Centre                             215
4 Watling Roche                             185
5 Treasury Casino/Lifecycle                 165
6 Toowoomba                                 100
7 Cycle Surgery                              55
8 Health Revolution Slim & Natural           45
9 Planet Cycles                              40
10 Goldstars                                  0

Gold Coast CATS CC Kermesse

Darlington Park, Ormeau Qld, July 15, 2001

Back to Darlington Park for a kermesse again this week, and "that" hill was still there to be conquered. Because of the T.I. Sports race being held on the same day the A Grade field was down in numbers so A & B Grades rode together, but for separate prizes.

It was the B Graders though who showed the aggression, with Peter Crompton out on his own for some time, before being joined by Under 17 riders Ben Mockridge and Peter Spencer. With 20 minutes to race A Graders Mark Laspina, Paul Howard and Greg Pooley, along with B Grader Gavin Arnold, decided it was time to move, and they quickly bridged across to the leading trio. With the finish line only 50 metres over the top of the hill it was always going to be a sprint of attrition, and it was B Grader Arnold who was the strongest ahead of Laspina and Pooley. Mockridge was the next home in B Grade, beating Crompton and Spencer.

Under 15 rider Nathan Moore showed that not only is he an Australian champion mountain biker and track rider, but that he can also climb, as he clearly won C Grade from Ben Nichol and Roy Whitney.

Such was the early pace of D Grade that riders were scattered all over the course, and it was William Wright who held on to beat gritty Greg Aroney and Robert Mockridge, while Vince Nucifora just outlasted Rob Rota in E Grade.

On Sunday July 22 - an Inter Club at Burleigh between CATS and Murwillumbah. For information on CATS racing check the CATS web site at


Men A Grade - 1 hour 40 minutes
1 Mark Laspina
2 Greg Pooley
3 Paul Howard
4 Darrell Mitchell
B Grade - 1 hour 40 minutes
1 Gavin Arnold
2 Ben Mockridge
3 Peter Crompton
4 Peter Spencer
1st Lady: Sally Cowman
C Grade - 1 hour 20 minutes
1 Nathan Moore
2 Ben Nichol
3 Roy Whitney
4 David Sheppard
D Grade - 1 hour
1 William Wright
2 Greg Aroney
3 Robert Mockridge
4 Rob Payne
1st Lady: Gail Zinn
E Grade - 40 minutes
1 Vince Nucifora
2 Rob Rota

Murwillumbah ACC

July 14, 2001

A warm and sunny afternoon greeted the 42 riders who contested the weekly road race conducted by the Murwillumbah Amateur Cycle Club on Bastille Day, 14 July 2001.

Racing this weekend was over the 55 kilometres of the Upper Crystal Creek course. This race winds its way out through Chillingham to the foot of Bald Mountain before returning via Upper Crystal Creek to the start/finish at Dulguigan. Undulating and often narrow roads with numerous small climbs feature on this course which makes positioning in the bunch critical if riders want to do well in this race.

A Grade had a small field of 5 riders who went out to race with a fast pace throughout their event. Despite several attacks from different riders the group stayed together and contested a sprint to determine the final placings. First across the line was Ian Walker with Craig Reston second and Rob Lyte in third spot.

B Grade had a larger field of 9 riders who also set to at a brisk pace. All were together until Chillingham when Graham Harvey and Brad Connor managed to break away. These 2 riders built up a lead of some 40 seconds by Bald Mountain and then increased this to 1 minute by the time Chillingham was reached again on the way back. Harvey and Connor kept up the pace into Upper Crystal Creek but were not followed by the bunch who somehow missed the turn and were subsequently disqualified for failing to complete the course! Sensing that something was amiss the 2 breakaways worked together to the end with Harvey getting up in the sprint to the finish line.

A total of 13 riders contested the C Grade race. This event was marked by almost constant attacks and surging in the bunch which resulted in a quick pace. The only female rider in this race, Diane Monk, suffered a mechanical problem just after Chillingham and was forced to stop. However, she quickly fixed the problem and then put in a huge effort to catch the bunch again which she did before Chillingham was reached on the homeward leg of the race. The group remained intact from this point and at the finish it was Rob Pomie first with őfast‚ Fred Mason second and the affable Stuart Ellick taking a well deserved third place.

There were 8 riders in D Grade and this was a steady race until the hills beyond Chillingham where several attacks split the bunch and by Bald Mountain only 4 riders were able to get back together. These riders shared the work until the finish where the őyoung‚ Dave Toyer out gunned Club Secretary Dennis Burger to take the sprint. Third home was Stuart McPherson who had put in a great ride after only recently returning to racing.

E Grade boasted 7 riders this week who shared the work fairly well to maintain a constant pace through the first half of the race. This proved too much for some riders though and by Upper Crystal Creek only 4 remained to finish the event. By the end it was the őColnago Kid‚ Jim Higgins who was victorious in the dash to the line with Graham Wood second and John Jurkovic in third place.

Racing next Saturday is over the tough Nobbys Creek course and will start promptly at 2.00 pm from Pat Smith Park, Dulguigan.

Results, 55km

A Grade
1 Ian Walker (Murwillumbah)                       1.26 (38 km/hr)
2 Craig Reston (Murwillumbah)
3 Rob Lyte (Murwillumbah)

B Grade
1 Graham Harvey (Murwillumbah)                    1.29 (37 km/hr)
2 Brad Connor (Goldstars)
Note: remainder of this grade failed to complete the course.
C Grade
1 Rob Pomie (Murwillumbah)                        1.34 (35.7 km/hr)
2 Fred Mason (CATS)
3 Stuart Ellick (Murwillumbah)
D Grade
1 Dave Toyer (Murwillumbah)                       1.40 (33 km/hr)
2 Dennis Burger (Murwillumbah)
3 Stuart McPherson (Murwillumbah)
E Grade
1 Jim Higgins (Murwillumbah)                      1.43 (32 km/hr)
2 Graham Wood (Goldstars)
3 John Jurkovic (MUrwillumbah)

Randwick Botany CC criterium

July 14, 2001

Exciting racing at Heffron Park

By John Buckton

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A Grade leaders
Photo: © John Buckton
There were seven starters in the 36 kilometre A grade criterium race this week. Stewart Campbell from the Eastern Suburbs Club attacked constantly during the race in an attempt to shake off the sprinters. Such was the pace of A Grade that three of the seven starters were dropped within the first one and a half laps. In spite of the high work rate by Campbell, the remaining three riders stuck to him like glue. The pace then settled towards the three quarter mark of the race to such an extent that B grade passed them. It was quite amusing to hear the two B grade break away riders calling out to A Grade to "stay left." However B grade was soon reeled back in and overtaken again as A Grade upped their work rate towards the end of the race. The "King of Heffron Park" Anthony Spurgeon crossed the line first in a time of 55 minutes 2 seconds and an average speed of 39.6kph.

The B Grade criterium was extremely well represented with 21 riders competing in the 32 kilometre race. One of our under 17 riders, Chris Jenkins attacked with another rider and made a good break on the B Grade bunch at the 2 laps to go mark. It was a very gutsy ride by Chris who was unfortunately caught on the bell lap. Chris still had enough in the tank to hold onto the third wheel during the sprint however was unable to hold on with his restricted gearing and finished just out of the placings. Randwick Botany rider Jayson Brenton crossed the line first in a time of 51 minutes and an average speed of 38kph.

The C grade pace was fast and furious with an average speed of 36.7kph. With four laps to go Luke Cridland, our recent State Title medal winning U15 junior rider, decided to test the fitness of the bunch and launched an aggressive attack on them. He remained away by himself for about a lap and a half before the bunch reeled him back in. It was a real family affair with Luke's father and uncle both in the race. At the bottom of the main straight and with 400 metres to go Luke's uncle Sean Ballesty saw that many of the bunch had gone into their big gears ready for the sprint into a headwind. He told his nephew to "Go". Luke sprinted bravely and caught them by surprise and was able to use his restricted gearing to his advantage and accelerate sharply to get a good break on the bunch. Four hundred metres is a long way to sprint however and the bunch finally got up to speed and swallowed young Luke up before the line. The old fox, Frank Conceicao won the sprint, with Brad Lane second with Luke's uncle Shaun Ballesty coming in third.

Randwick Botany junior rider Keegan Aitchinson and new member Nick Contogiannis did much of the work during the D Grade 20 kilometre criterium. With 2 laps to go, Keegan attacked the bunch and got away with another Randwick Botany rider, Kane Baker. They were brought back however on the bell lap and Nick showed them that he had a sprint in his bag of cycling tricks. Nick went on to win in a time of 36 minutes and 6 seconds. It was good to see Kevin Blanchfield back after a lengthy absence. Kevin stirred up the E grade field and managed to hang on for third place. The 12 kilometre race was won by Norman Jew with David Calleja second.

There was a great turn up in the junior ranks with 17 members competing. Some excellent performances came from Tyrone Davies and Adriano Maradini who both recorded an identical one lap time trial of 4 minutes 37 seconds. Adriano's time has been dropping consistently and he has shed some 45 seconds off his best time of 6 months ago. Lauren Lance, a visitor, who has been attending the state team triathlon training camp, is down from Tweed Heads and recorded the fastest 1 lap time for women with a time of 3 minutes 35 seconds. The fastest recorded time for the one lap time trial was recorded by Chris Jenkins with a time of 3 minutes and 5 seconds narrowly beating Robert Cater who was only 1 second slower.

The next Randwick Botany Cycling Club race will be conducted at Heffron Park on Saturday 28 July 2001. Juniors start at 1.30pm and Seniors at 2.30pm. For more information about the club, please contact the club secretary Helen Vella on 02 9667 3307 or visit our website at


A Grade, 36km
1 Anthony Spurgeon              55.02
2 Stewart Campbell
3 Jochem Schrider
B Grade, 32km
1 Jayson Brenton                51.00
2 Kirk Purchase
3 Clive Hammerson
C Grade, 28km
1 Frank Conceicao               46.13
2 Brad Lane
3 Shaun Ballesty
D Grade, 20km
1 Nick Contigiannis             36.06
2 Kane Baker
3 Keegan Aitchinson
E Grade, 14km
1 Norman Jew                    31.05
2 David Calleja
3 Kevin Blanchfield
Junior 2km Time Trial
1 Chris Jenkins                  3.05
2 Robert Cater                   0.01
3 Luke Cridland                  0.10
Junior U11 & U13 1 lap scratch 
1 Jonathon Cridland
2 Luke Davison
3 Pita Vea
Junior U15 1 lap scratch 
1 Luke Cridland
2 Keegan Aitchinson
3 Lauren Lance
Junior U17 1 lap scratch 
1 Chris Jenkins
2 Robert Cater
3 Michael Murdock

Balance Clothing Carnegie Caulfield Kermesse

AFL Park, Waverley, July 14

105 riders competed today under sunny skies at the popular AFL Park venue. Strong winds would, as usual, make conditions tough for all but the strongest riders. To make things even tougher, the finish line was relocated to produce a slightly uphill, headwind drag to the line.

A and B Grades ran in a mass start format, run for an hour and a half plus 3 laps over the testing 2.5km circuit. In the early part of the race, strong riders attacked repeatedly, trying to get a small group off the front. More often than not in windy conditions on this circuit, the winner comes from a small group who can maintain a good pace around the many corners.

The main field tends to shed riders over the duration as riders at the back of a large bunch get very little shelter. Riding in the gutter for an hour and a half is beyond most of us mere mortals!

As expected, the early 4 man break went clear in the first 10 minutes, driven by Warren Knevitt and Daniel Nelms. The bunch was able to keep them in sight, but not bring them any closer. Counter attacks followed, resulting in 2 small chasing groups developing. Over the next half an hour, the chase groups merged, and closed in on the leaders.

'I'm not up to this' Veteran Geoff Whiter again backed up the handicapper's judgment by bridging to the leaders, with a couple in tow. The lead group now consisted solely of A grade riders, and the B Graders chasing eased a bit hoping to keep a little in reserve for the finale.

The finish of the A Grade race went to noted trackie, new SBR team member and winner of this year's Cyclists International Cup, David Coultas, with a sprint lead out a long way from home into the head wind. Geoff Whiter again showed age is no handicap to claim second ahead of Warren Knevitt (winner of the Forges Store Wheelrace) and Josh Van der Veen, no slouch either, recent winner of the Fred Icke Creswick Road Open.

A dozen B Grade riders contested a sprint finish a minute or so later, and Harry Hendon after riding strongly all day, was just too strong. Local riders will remember Hendon from previous trips to Australia over the past 10 years racing with the Carnegie Caulfield Club. An American, Harry is married to a Melbourne girl, and may be settling here for good this time. The minor placings went to Martin Fluendy, Colin Morris and Richard England.

C Grade raced over an hour and fifteen minutes, and stayed together for most of the race before a good attack from Neil Lyons with 4 laps remaining. 2 riders latched on, but another attack a lap from home saw him cross the line alone for a good win. His breakaway companions were swallowed up by the charging field, with John Pritchard winning the sprint for second ahead of David Collier and Neil Peart.

D Grade's pace saw the bunch shed riders over the duration, before a bunch sprint of those remaining. Visiting Shepparton youngster Taugh Barson was too good for 15 year old Nathan Wise, Louise Gomes and Sally Robbins.

The Juniors faced a 'Secret Distance' race today. Given 3 to go after 35 minutes, Sean Bourke won the sprint 2 lengths clear of Alex Smyth, Michael Downing and Mitch Peart, who duplicated his father's finish in C Grade.

Next weeks racing is at Modella over the hilly circuit.


A Grade (1hr 30 mins+ 3 laps, 20 Starters)
1 David Coultas (Chelsea & Peninsula CC / SBR)
2 Geoff Whiter (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
3 Warren Knevitt (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC / O'Mara Cycles)
4 Josh Van der Veen (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
B Grade (1hr 30 mins+ 3 laps, 31 Starters)
1 Harry Hendon (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
2 Martin Fluendy (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
3 Colin Morris (Footscray CC)
4 Richard England (Blackburn CC)
C Grade (1hr 15 mins+ 3 laps, 24 Starters)
1 Neil Lyons (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
2 John Pritchard (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
3 David Collier (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
4 Neil Peart (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
D Grade (1hr 15 + 3 laps, 21 starters)
1 Taugh Barson (Shepparton CC)
2 Nathan Wise (Chelsea & Peninsula CC)
3 Louise Gomes (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
4 Sally Robbins (Cobram CC)
Juniors (35mins + 3 laps, 9 Starters)
1 Sean Bourke (Blackburn CC))
2 Alex Smyth (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
3 Michael Downing (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)
4 Mitch Peart (Balance Carnegie Caulfield CC)

St George Cycling Club

Oatley Park, 14 July 2001

Another great day of cycling at Oatley Park, which is experiencing its biggest road season since the inception of the club back in 1920.

Racing on Saturday comprised 61 starters in the open competition with John Lovick from Orange claiming the prizemoney for first and making his trip worthwhile. Cheered on by what appeared to be half of Orange township, John hit the front on the last lap and finished six seconds clear of Allan Argall, who is coming back to good form following a broken collarbone earlier in the season. It was Allan‚s second race this year.

Belinda Wild was the early pacemaker and despite eclipsing her best time by 1 minute and 50 seconds, was unable to hold off her two more fancied opponents.

Lance McDonald, Christine Riakos and Dave Bruckman led in a large bunch of 22 cycling to claim 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Mark Renshaw upstaged Dan Smith and Nicholas Wood to claim fastest time and it was also pleasing to see the return of Jason Pearce who combined well with super veteran Robert Upton.

Nineteen cyclist put up their personal best on the day a day that was not over conducive to fast times.

On Friday night, the Club has booked Hill Street Restaurant, Hill Street Hurstville to watch the Tour de France live. It will be a great evening with dinner served around 9pm and then the tour will be live from 10pm to 1am.

Eddie O‚Grady is a big supporter of the club and will be even further in the future so lets have a good social night. For bookings, please contact Brett Dutton on 95851230 or Phill Bates on 95705556 for numbers so we can manage.

Hill Street Tavern is őa la carte" and fantastic food so let‚s have a great night it will be great to see if Stuart O‚Grady can retain his yellow jersey.


Men and Women open
1  John Lovick(7.00)                         42.04
2  Allan Argall(13.45)                       48.55
3  Belinda Wild(16.00)                       51.35
4  Lance McDonald(6.40)                      42.52
5  Christine Riakos(6.40)                    42.53
6  Dave Bruckman(6.40)                       42.54
7  Michael Henderson(7.30)                   43.45
8  Matt Wild(7.00)                           43.16
9  Dick Paris(10.40)                         47.07
10 Gary O‚Sullivan(6.40)                     42.58
11 Bob Knezevik(8.30)                        44.50
12 John Harley(14.30)                        50.51
13 Nathan Gloag(3.30)                        39.52
14 Michael Field(4.00)                       40.23
15 Tony Fodera(4.20)                         40.44
16 Laura Bortilozzi(12.00)                   48.25
17 Rod McQueen(3.10)                         39.36
18 Blake Field(4.00)                         40.27
19 Ben Harley(4.20)                          40.48
20 Matthew Hood(6.10)                        42.39
21 John Ciofani(4.40)                        41.10
22 Brett Dutton(3.30)                        40.01
23 Peter Barnard(6.10)                       42.42
24 Tim Chalmers(3.10)                        39.43
25 Irene Potente(9.00)                       45.04
26 Matt Bazzano(3.10)                        39.52
27 Mark Renshaw(30s)                         37.14
28 Nicholas Wood(30s)                        37.17
29 Dan Smith(30s)                            37.18
30 Robert Upton(1.30)                        38.25
31 Ian Templeton(13.00)                      49.56
32 Jason Pearce(1.30)                        38.32
33 Adam Lucas(2.30)                          40.14
34 Andrew Kilday(6.10)                       43.56
35 Richard Maken(3.30)                       41.17
36 Martin Vinnicombe(4.20)                   42.22
37 Sharon Lane(15.00)                        53.04
38 Keely McNamara(12.00)                     50.05
39 Gary Mitchell(9.00)                       46.51
40 Rod Price(12.30)                          51.05
41 Belinda Seldon(4.20)                      42.56
42 Michael Everitt(7.00)                     45.58
43 Stuart Boyce(2.30)                        41.44
44 George Diniakos(4.40)                     43.56
45 David Short(4.40)                         44.24
46 Peter Fitzpatrick(3.10)                   43.10
47 Antonietta Scola(9.00)                    49.15
48 Damien Wisdom(30s)                        42.30
49 Peter Jacobs(8.30)                        52.37
50 Robert Owens(9.30)                        59.56
51 Racheal Owens(15.00)                      59.16
52 Peter Butcher(9.00)                       50.56
FTF Steve Fitzpatrick(2.30)
FTF Martin Fitzpatrick(2.30)
FTF Ian Argall(3.30)
FTF Chris Guillan(4.00)
FTF Glenn Lucas(4.40)
FTF Michael Short(5.40)
FTF Alan Wild(7.00)
FTF Allan Wallesch(9.00)
FTF Craig Edmondson(10.10)
Under 15's - 8km
1 Chris Guillan(Scr)                  13.33
2 Blake Field(Scr)                    13.33
3 Matt Wild(45s)                      14.34
4 Scott Mills(1.20)                   15.38
5 Matt Guiilan(2.15)                  16.42
6 Sylvia Potente(2.15)                16.46
7 Teagan Hines(3.15)                  17.52
8 Bede Kelly(3.15)                    18.00
Under 9 and 11's - 5.4km
1 Mitchell Reece(.50s)                12.07
2 Daniel Nicpon(1.10)                 12.19
3 James Nicpon(2.45)                  13.54
4 Bede Kelly(Scr)                     11.48
5 Melinda Potente(Scr)                11.49
6 Lachlan Hines(Scr)                  12.07
7 Andrew Dalley(2.00)                 14.40

Previous Australian results