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Interview with Sergey Sukhorutchenkov

By Sergey Kurdukov

Sergey Sukhorutchenkov was the 1980 Olympic road race champion, and was recently awarded as one of the top Russian cyclists of the 20th century. He is a legendary figure both in Russia and in the world of cycling as a whole. Not only because of his Olympic road triumph, although it counts for quite a lot to conquer the horrific Krylatskoye circuit. Suffice to say it proved too much for Stephen Roche on that day and for Lance Armstrong about 10 years later in the World Junior Championships...

Sukhorutchenkov, known as Sukho in the West as his family name was hardly pronounceable for anyone outside Russia, enjoyed a well deserved reputation for his unique climbing abilities when he won in the Peace Race and Tour de l'Avenir. It was impossible for a rider from the Eastern bloc to enter the pro scene at the time Sukho was at his peak, so the burning question of 'Who'd have been the better? The Russian or, say, Greg LeMond,' remains unanswered. No wonder we began with this very question.

SS: You know, I am not 100 percent sure I'd have fit well into the pro peloton. If you remember, I came out as a pro in early 1990's, it was too late though. The only thing I am absolutely certain of is that I'd never have taken doping substances. Unbelievable or not, I won all the races without the help of drugs. I think it is possible to win on natural gifts alone.

CN: Being a very famous person, you have to put up with a lot of semi-fantastic stories about you, which are still going around. Let me clear up whether it is true that you lived for almost a month in a tent on one of the hills in Krylatskoye before the Games, in order not to waste time and train three times a day 'on site'?

SS: Ha-ha! Well, of course it is not true. And, to tell the very truth, Krylatskoye is not my favourite circuit in the world. Innumerable short and steep climbs better suited to more powerful racers. After the Olympics I finished there just once or twice. Real mountains are more to my taste. No doubt, I am grateful to this road for bringing me the victory of my life. But I think, that success proved once more that road races are won 'by the brains'. On that day my attack was ideally timed: just as simple as that.

CN: Actually speaking, you are not through with cycling. Moreover, as far as I know, your career is going to enter a new stage.

SS: Yes, I still take part in masters competitions. At the moment my activity in this field is restricted to my native St. Petersburg region. But one day I am going to take up international masters racing, including the Worlds. I am happy for Igor Moskalev from Moldova, who won the time trial in Austria last summer. I first met him as a young rider in the Soviet team.

CN: How many kilometers do you cover in training at present?

SS: Not too many. About four thousand. For me it is enough, at least for the meanwhile.

CN: Is your work today connected with cycling?

SS: Yes, as closely as possible. I am the director of the Burevestnik cycling school. We are trying to bring up a new generation of Russian cyclists, though it it not easy. Boys and girls are so different these days from what we were used to. They are crazy about video and computer games and do the hard job of road training rather unwillingly. Not all of them, of course, but too many.

CN: So perhaps the only way out is to make them visit cycling web sites?

*Sergey Kurdukov is a Russian Eurosport commentator.

No Tafi in Langkawi

The Mapei-Quick Step team for the upcoming Tour de Langkawi (Feb. 6-18) has arrived without star rider, Andrea Tafi who withdrew at the last minute due to injury. However, team director Fabrizio Fabbri said that the loss of their triple stage winner would not dent their desire to win, as they have brought a strong replacement in Paolo Lanfranchi.

Lanfranchi won the race in 1999 and will no doubt try his legs again in one of the world's richest races. The RM 1.4 million ($US 370,000) prizemoney has been enough to attract several top line teams, all eager for their share of the spoils. There will be 25 in total, including five division I squads (Mapei, Mercury, Credit Agricole, Saeco and CSC World On-Line) and twelve division II squads.

The Stages

  • Stage 1 - February 6: Alor Setar - Sungai Petani, 182 km
  • Stage 2 - February 7: Gerik - Kota Bharu, 226.3 km
  • Stage 3 - February 8: Kota Bharu - Kuala Terengganu, 177.3 km
  • Stage 4 - February 9: Dungun - Kuantan, 135.5 km
  • Stage 5 - February 10: Pekan - Kota Tinggi, 241.1 km
  • Stage 6 - February 11: Kluang - Melaka, 150.4 km
  • Rest day - February 12
  • Stage 7 - February 13: Melaka - Klang, 172.1 km
  • Stage 8 - February 14: Kuala Kubu Baru - Tanah Rata, 154.4 km
  • Stage 9 - February 15: Tapah - Genting Highlands, 132.0 km
  • Stage 10 - February 16: Shah Alam - Shah Alam ITT, 26.6 km
  • Stage 11 - February 17: Kuala Lumpur Tower - Shah Alam, 162.9 km
  • Stage 12 - February 18: Circuit Kuala Lumpur Dataran Merdeka, 75.6 km

Fassa Bortolo to help Fior

The Fassa Bortolo professional cycling team has reached an agreement with Under 23 cycling team, Zalf Fior in order to make Zalf a reserve of young riders for Fassa.

"For a long time Fior has been one of the best Italian Teams," said Fassa Bortolo team manager Giancarlo Ferretti. "It's also a Venetian team, as we are...we will watch this group carefully during the season in order to find those who may make the move to professionalism".

Promising young Italian cyclist and former U23 world champion, Ivan Basso, is now a Fassa Bortolo rider but rode for Fior when he was younger.

Team notes

The final week leading up to the start of the European road season has seen many trade teams present their rosters and goals for 2001. While it is difficult, and not particularly practical to list them all in the news pages, please note that complete rosters for Division I, II and III teams are now available via our teams database, which is continually updated as new information comes to hand. For any direct questions, updates or feedback relating to this resource, please contact Theo Muller who has worked on the cyclingnews team database for several years now, and has an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of pro teams.

Not all division III squads are in yet, e.g. 05 Orbitel (Columbia) and IBM Lotus (South-Africa) and the division III U.S. teams named below. In addition, Italian division II squad Birra Morena will not be part of the 2001 peloton, while PSK (Czech Republic) will remain a division III team.

Team Fakta presentation

Click for larger image
Fakta presentation
Photo: © Sabine Sunderland

Danish second division team Fakta has a substantially different line up in 2001. New arrivals to the 12 rider squad include Kurt Asle Arvesen, Allan Johansen, Mikael Holst Kyneb, Manu L'Hoir, Roberto Lochowski, Michael Skelde and Scott Sunderland.

The team has an outside chance of a wild card entry to the Tour of Flanders, but has gained a last minute spot in the Tour de Langkawi after the withdrawal of the Linda McCartney team. The team's biggest goal is the Tour of Denmark (Post Danmark Rundt), scheduled for August 14-18.

The team is also reportedly interested in signing a couple more riders in the coming weeks, with ex-McCartney rider Bjørnar Vestøl a candidate.

Team Roster

Manager: Peter Sejer Nielsen
Team Manager: Kim Andersen
Assistant Team Managers: Claus Holm, Bill Sejer Nielsen and Peter Meinert Nielsen
Sponsor: Fakta is a supermarket chain
Bikes: Principia
Website: (live on Feb. 10)


Allan Bo Andresen (Den)
Kurt Asle Arvesen (Nor) Amica Chips
Allan Johansen (Den) Memory Card
Lennie Kristensen (Den)
Mikael Holst Kyneb (Den) Memory Card
Manu L'Hoir (Bel) Lotto
Marcus Ljungqvist (Swe)
Roberto Lochowski (Ger) Agro Adler Brandenburg
Jakob Gram Nielsen (Den)
Michael Skelde (Den) Horsens
Morten Sonne (Den)
Scott Sunderland (Aus) Palmans

NetZero announce 2001 program

The NetZero cycling team, sponsored by an internet provider of the same name, has announced its 2001 racing plan. The team is aiming for a greater level of exposure in 2001 on the national calendar "in order to introduce NetZero to new markets nationwide", according to the team's press release. The main focus will be on the First Union series, BMC series and The National Racing Calendar. The team will compete as a UCI division III team in 2001.

Based in southern California, NetZero is led by former Chevrolet/L.A. Sheriff veteran, Jamie Paolinetti. The addition of former NZ national champion Graeme Miller and current U.S. national pursuit champion Mike Tillman will enhance the team with a balance of experience and determination.

Team Roster

Manager: Jim Fryer


Ryan Barrett (USA)
Martin Church (USA)
Hilton Clarke (Aus)
Graham DeVault Hill (USA)
Adam Duvendeck (USA)
David Johnson (USA)
Michael Johnson (USA)
Ryan Lane (USA)
Greg Medinilla (USA)
Graeme Miller (NZl)
Jamie Paolinetti (USA)
Mike Tillman (USA)
Matthew Yates (NZl)


NetZero, Inc.
GT Bicycles
Helen's Cycles

DeFeet-LeMond team 2001

The DeFeet-LeMond cycling team will join the UCI division III ranks as well this season, as one of the southeastern USA's top cycling teams. The continued support of DeFeet International and LeMond Bicycles as well as Evergreen Funds has made it possible for the team to acquire professional status. It hopes therefore to participate in the USA National Racing Calendar in 2001, with the first major race being the SaveMart Bicycle Classic in Merced, California.

Team Roster

Team Manager: Shane Martin
Director Sportif: Radisha Cubric


Roberto Gaggioli (USA)
Gabriele Rampollo (USA)
Chris Harkey (USA)
Shawn Willard (USA)
Brandon Lovick (USA)
Darren Fuller (USA)
Doug Boice (USA)
Viktor Laza (Yug)
Dragomir Mitcha Zivcovic (Yug)
Geri Mewitt (Ber)
Patrick McLoughlin (USA)


DeFeet International
LeMond Bicycles
Evergreen Funds
Micro Supreme
Rolf Wheels
Castelli Clothing
Rudy Project
Park Tools
Thule Racks
Finish Line
Moose Pharmacy
Off The Front Handlebar Tape

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