Results and Reports for January 23, 2001


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Eastern Suburbs Criterium
Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium
Marconi Fairfield Criterium

Eastern Suburbs Criterium

Heffron Park, NSW, January 23, 2001

Round 4 of Eastern Suburbs Summer Criterium Series saw a big turn out in rider numbers with 20 plus in each of the 3 grades. The A grade scratch bunch was back to full strength and looked as though they would easily round up B and C grades well inside the 30 km distance on a hot summer evening.

After 7 laps it was clear that Laurence Vignes, Liam Kelly and Stuart Campbell had their own plan as they rode away from a quality A grade in pursuit of the B and C grade bunches. With the help of some A grade teammates slowing the pack, and Stuart Campbell putting in some monster turns, they were able to ride through B grade with 5 to go. Continuing their relentless 45 km/h pace, the three managed to catch a well organised C grade with a lap to spare.

Laurent Vignes, who keeps getting faster and better with age won the three up sprint while the remaining A grade riders were left to round up B grade which enabled a strong finishing Dr Bob Hampshire take 1st B grade.


1 Laurent Vignes (Northern Suburbs)
2 Liam Kelly (Easts)
3 Stuart Campbell (Easts)
4 Simon Harding (Easts)
5 Scott Buckton (Randwick Botany)
B Grade

1 Robert Hampshire (St George)
C Grade

1 Clyde Hammerson (Randwick Botany) 

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Vic, January 23, 2001

148 racing cyclists gathered at Waverley Park in Mulgrave to race the weekly criterium over the 2.2km, challenging, car park roads circuit. Humid conditions earlier were tempered by the arrival of a cooling sea breeze.

A grade was treated to a first lap attack from Warren Knevitt (O'Mara Cycles) that decided the race. As "Wacca's" group of four established their small lead the remaining 18 riders weighed the likelihood of its survival. The decision was made by State Criterium Champion James Taylor (Ashburton Cycles) to jump across the growing gap and three more went with him, race over. The sprint went to Taylor ahead of the lunging form of Lee DeLuca (BikeHouse) with ProMotion's Herb Donovan third from Paul Anders (John Beasley Cycles).

Grant "The Brickie" Mathews won the B grade race with his trademark brute strength. Described by one wag as "not too subtle", Mathews led home the field of 59 in a drag race with six or seven riders in contention. Second place to Brett Buckland by a whisker to Hugh Watson and Grant Edmonds.

40riders in C grade, another first lap attack - this one didn't work. Plenty of eager riders ready to chase saw a field sprint ensue after 40 minutes of high tempo racing. Tom Cremons scored the win clear of Steve Jeans, the flying Mary Rogers and Paul Kennedy.

A group of six slipped away from the D grade bunch of 21 around mid-race gaining a handy lead of some 25 seconds in short order. Damien Christidis scored his first win in fine form, blasting off the front from the last turn winning by ten metres into the wind. The wily veteran Ray Smith held on to second from Janine Donaldson and youngster Kieran Murphy.

The kids in E grade learned a few more of the lessons needed to move up the grades. Victory on this occasion to Sean Burke from Brendan Groenendyk, Dale Reith and Mitch Peart.


A Grade - 22 Starters, 55 minutes + 3 laps
1 James Taylor (Ashburton Cycles) 
2 Lee DeLuca (BikeHouse)
3 Herb Donovan (ProMotion)
4 Paul Anders (John Beasley Cycles)

B Grade - 59 Starters, 55 minutes + 3 laps
1 Grant Mathews
2 Brett Buckland
3 Hugh Watson
4 Grant Edmonds

C Grade - 40 Starters, 40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Tom Cremons
2 Steve Jeans
3 Mary Rogers
4 Paul Kennedy

D Grade - 21 Starters, 40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Damien Christidis
2 Ray Smith
3 Janine Donaldson
4 Kieran Murphy

E Grade - 6 Starters, 40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Sean Burke
2 Brendan Groenendyk
3 Dale Reith
4 Mitch Peart

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick 

Marconi Fairfield Criterium

Wetherill Park, January 23, 2001


A Grade - 10 Starters
1st Matt Cochrane 
2nd Duncan Moran 
3rd Chris Morandin 

B Grade - 18 Starters
1st David Williams
1st Bill Hall 
3rd Daniel Tomson 

C Grade - 15 Starters
1st Lyndon Ong 
2nd Matt Plohl 
3rd Greg Hall 

D Grade - 5 Starters
1st Sally Watts

Courtesy of Brad Hooker