Results and Reports for January 13-14, 2001


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Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium
Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium
Randwick Botany Criterium

Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium

Heffron Park, NSW, January 16, 2000

The 3rd round of Eastern Suburbs Summer Series got underway at the Heffron Park circuit under unseasonal grey skies for a Sydney summer evening. Even the race numbers were down with only 15+ riders in each of the 3 grades, but this didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the C grade bunch who made the most of a good handicap to almost take overall honours.

Only a frantic chase by Laurence Vignes (Nothern Suburbs) and Andrew Curro (Bici Sport) with 2 to go ensured the race came together on the bell lap which saw Stewart Campbell (Easts) take line honours from Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello).

Unfortunately the sprint was marred by a nasty fall which sent Andrew Curro to Prince of Wales casuality nursing a sore elbow. Nick Bisello (Lidcombe) continued his good form to find his way through the fall and claim 1st C grade for the 2nd consecutive week.


1 Stewart Campbell (Easts)
2 Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello) 
3 Liam Kelly (Easts)
4 Laurence Vignes (Northen Suburbs)
5 Brent McParland (Easts)
1st B Grade

Robert Schwarz (UniNSW)
1st C Grade

Nick Bisello (Lidcombe)

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave, Vic, January 14, 2001

The forecast top temperature of 43C (106F) looked unlikely as 133 riders assembled in Mulgrave for Carnegie-Caulfield's weekly dose of speed. Under building overcast, the temperature climbed as the morning progressed as the early calm conditions developed into steady hot north winds and the temperature headed towards 30.

Most of the "guns" were battling for high honours at the National Road Championships in Portarlington (where Carnegie's Katie Mactier took the win in the women's race) some 120km away leaving the way open for some new faces at the front. The delight of Katie's club-mates as her victory was announced bears testament to the type of young lady she is, popular with all even as she sweeps to the top of her sport.

The Tour Down Under starts Tuesday in South Australia with four members of Carnegie-Caulfield among the starters. Kristjan Snorrason, winner of the second edition of the Melbourne-Sorrento (1.5) race last week, scored a start in the University of South Australia team when Panaria's Tom Leaper was recalled to Europe early. Also in the big race are Brad Davidson in his first season with Saeco. BJ McIntosh and Simon Gerrans both get a start on the all Aussie United Water team. The form acquired during the recent Bay Series and Melbourne-Sorrento may provide the extra needed to make this step up. Given the vast pool of talent present in the field of 96 starters from 17 countries, the opportunity to learn and grow in the sport from this experience racing in company with Div. 1 teams is something each will gain from and remember forever.

A grade's crit this week had plenty of action, much of which came from the frequent involvement of the much larger B grade bunch. After the usual early attacks were reeled in and the tempo settled, B grade seemed intent on shadowing and occasionally passing A grade. Eventually coming down to a sprint, the "Aces" burst out of the last turn at pace with Barry Woods looking a certainty until the hulking track sprinter Robert Wilson ranged up on his hip. The judges were split, the contenders agreeing to a dead heat result. Third place to Sean Collins from Herb Donovan.

The long line of B graders, strung out over half a long straight, chasing everything that slipped away is the story of today's edition of B grade mania. Lacking only the top-end speed of many of the "Aces" the race came down to a field sprint too. A clear win to Stuart Campbell a length to David O'Leary (looking good for A grade), Jamie Nicholson and Nick Gibson.

Disaster struck in C grade at the twenty-minute mark as a sudden slowing caused the running up of wheels resulting in an ambulance ride for Sue McCarthy and Sandy Williamson. Neutralised for a large part of the remainder of the race, again a field sprint decided the day. Geoff Vincent climbed of the B grade bound form of Justin Dovaston to win by a bare margin. John Jones and Martin Ryan filled the placings in the wild dash for the line.

D grade suffered a fall in the final lap, a traumatic deflation in turn two resulting in the splitting of the bunch as some street furniture was modified by bicycle impact. Bike courier and neophyte racer Simon Rex gained a small gap leading into the bell and held it to the line to the frustration of E. Mahir who made serious inroads to no avail. Vet sprinter David Hill third from Mark Sturt.

E grade again learned valuable lessons, like avoid ambulances, before settling their race. Mike Downing winning from Sean Burke, Mitch Peart and Brendan Donnewagon.


A Grade - 23 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps
=1 Robert Wilson (Beasley/Scapin) 
=1 Barry Woods (O'Mara Cycles) 
3 Sean Collins 
4 Herb Donovan 

B Grade - 46 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps 
1 Stuart Campbell
2 David O'Leary
3 Jamie Nicholson
4 Nick Gibson

C Grade - 37 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Geoff Vincent
2 Justin Dovaston
3 John Jones
4 Martin Ryan

D Grade - 23 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Simon Rex
2 E Mahir
3 David Hill
4 Mark Sturt

E Grade - 4 Starters, 30 minutes + 3 laps
1 Michael Downing
2 Sean Burke
3 Mitch Peart
4 Brendan Donnewagon

Courtesy of MArk Chadwick

Randwick Botany CC

Heffron Park, Maroubra, January 13, 2001

The Randwick Botany Cycle Club conducted its first club race for 2001 at Heffron Park, Maroubra on Saturday 13 January 2001.

The club is one of the oldest cycling clubs in Australia, formed in the 1940s, it currently has over 90 members. All grades of riders are catered for, from the social rider to the serious racer. The club has its own administration room, complete with kiosk, showers, toilets, change facilities and sign-on area at Robey Street, Heffron Park. Racing is conducted on a 2km-criterium circuit that snakes through picturesque parkland, with plenty of shade for spectators. Vehicles are not permitted on the circuit.

The club meets every Saturday throughout the year (with a break at Christmas). Juniors start at 12.30pm and Seniors at 2.00pm.


A/B Grade - 36 km
1 A. Spurgeon 
2 L. Kelly 
3 T. Caruana 

C Grade - 30 km
1 G. Murphy 
2 C. Jenkins 
3 S. Bligh 

D Grade - 20 km
1 G. Murdock 
2 P. Malzard 
3 R. Sproule 

E Grade - 16 km
1 M. Tabone 
2 G. Cridland 
3 R. Jenkins 


Group 1, 2km Time Trial 
1 C. Jenkins, 3min 12sec 
2 L. Cridland 
3 L. Davison 

Group 2, 2km Time Trial 
1 J. Cridland 
2 A. Maradini 
3 M. Ballesty 

Group 1, 4km Scratch Race 
1 M. Guevieu 
2 A. Maradini 

Group 2, 4km Scratch Race 
1 J. Cridland 
2 M. Ballesty 
3 L. Davison 

Courtesy of Tony Horneman