Results and Reports for January 6-7, 2001


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Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium
Eastern Suburbs Criterium
Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium
Manly Warringah Cycling Club Criterium

Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium

Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Vic, January 9, 2001

A warm, windy evening greeted the 127 riders assembled at Waverley Park on the eve of the second Melbourne to Sorrento race. With many senior riders absent due to the big race tomorrow the dynamic was quite different.

Early in A grade's race the trio of Herb Donovan (Pro-Motion), Colin McEvoy and Josh Hudson slipped away. For forty minutes the escapees worked hard turns succeeding in holding of the "chasing" bunch that appeared to lack organization. Peter Heron took fourth in the bunch kick.

Three away in B grade as well, this time the escape came as the bunch was given three to go. Grant Mathews, who had attacked every third lap, was joined by Glen Hutchins and Bruce Will to finish clear of the biggest bunch of the night. Fourth place was split between Stuart Campbell and Darren Cathie as the judges couldn't separate them.

Justin Dovaston bolted out of the bunch of C grade survivors to register his last C grade win ahead of the gutsy Mary Rogers who was gaining fast from rising youngster Tyrin Simpson and Frank Cipriano. The race was characterised by the quick tempo that restricted attacking in the windy conditions.

D grade rode a very tactical race with a lot of effort put into avoiding the wind. The field was whittled down to only seven for the finale with Nick Arnold a clear winner from veteran Alan Cunneen. Third place was awarded to the promising young 12 year-old Keiren Murphy (we will hear of him in years to come) from Peter Burchell fourth.


A Grade - 29 Starters,  55 minutes + 3 laps
1 Herb Donovan (Pro-Motion) 
2 Colin McEvoy
3 Josh Hudson 
4 Peter Heron

B Grade - 45 Starters,  55 minutes + 3 laps
1 Grant Mathews
2 Glen Hutchins
3 Bruce Will
4 Stuart Campbell/Darren Cathie

C Grade - 35 Starters,  40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Justin Dovaston
2 Mary Rogers
3 Tyrin Simpson
4 Frank Cipriano

D Grade - 10 Starters,  40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Nick Arnold
2 Alan Cunneen
3 Keiren Murphy
4 Peter Burchell

E Grade - 4 Starters,  40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Peter Johnston
2 Michael Downing
3 Brendan Donnewagon
4 Dale Reith

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick

Eastern Suburbs criterium

Heffron Park, Maroubra, NSW, January 9, 2001

The second Heffron Park Tuesday night crit for 2001 attracted a significantly greater field than last week, with many folks returning from holidays to see how unfit they had become. The A grade field received a boost (of sorts) with US Postal's Matthew White showing up to combine with the usual crowd, including Stuart Dangefield, Anthony Spurgeon, Stuart Campbell (no relation to the Carnegie rider) and Paul Rowney.

Despite a generous handicap, the remnants of A grade swept through B grade after only 8 of 15 laps, with White doing his share of pace. C grade followed suit a few laps later, and there were just two B graders able to hold on to the leading scratchmen.

A last lap dash saw Stuart Dangerfield clearly hold off the rest, with Anthony Spurgeon winning the bunch kick for 2nd from Stuart Campbell, Paul Rowney and Matt White. First B grader was a suspiciously fit looking John Sunde, while Nick Bisello was the fastest C grade rider.


1 Stuart Dangefield (Easts)
2 Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello)
3 Stuart Campbell (Easts)
4 Paul Rowney (Easts)
5 Matt White (US Postal)
B Grade
1 John Sunde (St George)
C Grade
1 Nick Bisello (Lidcombe) 

Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium

Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave, Vic, January 7, 2001

The Bay Series may be on "just down the road" but Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club's Sunday morning crit goes on, providing challenging racing for all standards. Of course the higher grades attendances suffered as many club A graders were riding the big race. As soon as C&D had finished a large group took off down North Road to catch the last part of the main race at the Casino.

Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club's members have not only contributed to the Bay Series but (with seven in the men's race, six in the women's and God knows how many in the huge 137 strong B grade field) in some area are right up in the classifications. Team Balance, with 4 club riders and Kiwi Greg Henderson, have supported Kristjan Snorrason's assault on the green sprinter's jersey and then thrown their support behind Henderson for GC. Katie Mactier dominated the women's sprint classification from the first sprint in Williamstown and has contributed to Anna Milward's GC efforts too. All club riders in the series have done themselves and their club proud.

A grade today had all the usual drama, with a different crew at the front doing the damage. Frequent attacking was still the rule with Cameron Lester and Colin McEvoy among the main protagonists. At three to go a four man break move clear only to be snapped up in the final lap as Geordon Murray applied his track training in the kilo to good effect, holding off Warren Knevitt's charge. Colombian Mauro Alvarez took third and Youth Olympics bound Mitchell Vervaart rounded out the placings.

Attacking was also the order of the day in B grade as the 33 strong bunch hammered around the 1000m course. Nick Witkamp, who managed to take fourth after a mammoth lead-out effort, jumped away repeatedly stringing out the bunch. In the finale they remained well strung out due to Witkamp's mighty turn with David O'Leary the beneficiary, Daniel Nelm second with Marshal Watson fourth.

A fall late in C grade's race meant the finish went unobserved. Lee Turner won ahead of Justin Dovaston Geoff Vincent and John O'Sullivan.

D grade was successfully attacked mid-race by Toby Hobbs and Tom Escort, the duo rode away to win easily from Mick Teggelove and Sally Robins who joined in a two up attempt at bringing the escapees back.

E grade rode turns, becoming accustomed to the racing environment, before launching into their own version of a sprint. Richard Eppinger winning from Mick Downing, Alex Smythe and Amy Philips.


A Grade - 21 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps
1 Geordon Murray (Terry Hammond Cycles) 
2 Warren Knevitt (O'Mara Cycles) 
3 Mauro Alvarez 
4 Mitchell Vervaart 

B Grade - 33 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps 
1 David O'Leary
2 Daniel Nelm
3 Marshal Watson
4 Nick Witkamp

C Grade - 32 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Lee Turner
2 Justin Dovaston
3 Geoff Vincent
4 John O'Sullivan

D Grade - 18 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps
1 Toby Hobbs
2 Tom Escort
3 Mick Teggelove
4 Sally Robins

E Grade - 6 Starters, 30 minutes + 3 laps
1 Richard Eppinger
2 Michael Downing
3 Alex Smythe
4 Amy Philips

Report and results courtesy of Mark Chadwick 

Manly Warringah Cycling Club

Brookvale Criterium, January 7, 2001


A Grade

1 Andrew Curro
2 Pat Naughton
3 Bart Hickson

B Grade

1 Paul Mouhayet
2 Peter Blake
3 Eric Dole

C Grade

1 Paul Solthey
2 Nick Kirshner
3 David Maher

D Grade

1 Chris Dawe
2 Jenny Faulker
3 Denna Faulkner

Courtesy of Peter McNamara