17th Trophy Riviera 1 - 1.5

Croatia, February 4, 2001

2000 Results    Past winners

Miholjevic takes first Trophy Riviera

The Trophy Porec races are held on the Istrian peninsula south of Trieste as a way of promoting the tourism in the area and get some more guests to the hotels in the pre-season. The Croatian Cycling Federation is also arranging training camps in which the races are included in collaboration with the tourist business. It's a sort of budget Mallorca Trophy if you like.

This year the field is somewhat less impressive than last year when Mapei's younger riders, as well as other Italian teams, took part. Umag is a resort that also hosts an ATP tennis tournament. In the area there are also a couple of naturist centres, so a well padded saddle, or a separate piece of chamois, might me a good idea just in case.

The race was decided by a two man breakaway, where Croatian Vladimir Miholjevic (KRKA Telekom) beat Danish Morten Pedersen (Glud&Marstrand Horsens). In third place was Slovenian Dean Podgornik (KK Sava Kranj), who lead two more KRKA riders home. The bunch sprint for sixth was won by Branko Filip from Bostjan Mervar, both of whom ride for Krka Telekom.

Results - 133.3 km

1 Vladimir Miholjevic (Cro) Krka Telekom                 3.19.57 (41.2 km/h
2 Morten Pedersen (Den) Glud&Marstrand Horsens 
3 Dean Podgornik (Slo) KK Sava Kranj                        2.12
4 Milan Erzen (Slo) Krka Telekom 
5 Matjaz Batiz (Slo) Krka Telekom                           2.16
6 Branko Filip (Slo) Krka Telekom                           5.22
7 Bostjan Mervar (Slo) Krka Telekom 
8 Radoslav Rogina (Cro) KK Perutnina Ptuj 
9 Arno Kaspret (Aut) Austrian National Team 
10 Darko Mrvar (Slo) Krka Telekom U23 
11 Roland Wafler (Aut) Austrian National Team 
12 Andrej Gimpelj (Slo) Krka Telekom 
13 Michael Larsen (Den) Glud&Marstrand Horsens 
14 Oliver Bierbaumer (Aut) Austrian National Team 
15 Jure Zrimsek (Slo) Krka Telekom U23 
16 Matej Marin (Slo) KK Perutnina Ptuj 
17 László Barkóczi (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
18 Hrvoje Miholjevic (Cro) KK Sava Kranj
19 Gregor Zagorc (Slo) Krka Telekom U23
20 Jure Golcer (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
21 Zvonimir Pokupec (Cro) KK Radenska Rog
22 Zak Fonovic (Cro) BK Kamen Crem Caffe - Kava Impex
23 Tomaz Kalisnik (Slo) KK Radenska Rog
24 Zoltán Madaras (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
25 David Tratnik (Slo) KK Radenska Rog
26 Gergely Ivanics (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
27 Hans Henrik Jorgensen (Den) Glud&Marstrand Horsens
28 Marko Zepic (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
29 Rok Drasler (Slo) Krka Telekom U23
30 Klemen Jalovec (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
31 Uros Silar (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
32 Tomislav Danculovic (Cro) KK Perutnina Ptuj
33 Zoltán Remák (Svk) Ferencváros Torna Club
34 Martin Moser (Aut) Austrian National Team
35 Anatoly Varvaruk (Ukr) BK Kamen Crem Caffe - Kava Impex
36 Massimo Demarin (Cro) KK Perutnina Ptuj
37 Matic Strgar (Slo) KK Radenska Rog
38 Kristjan Fajt (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
39 Gábor Lengyel (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
40 Boris Premuzic (Slo) Krka Telekom
41 Tomaz Nose (Slo) Krka Telekom U23
42 Alan Dumic (Cro) Lokomotiva - Rijeka
43 David Demanuele (Cro) BK Kamen Crem Caffe - Kava Impex
44 Andria Sepuka (Cro) BK Kamen Crem Caffe - Kava Impex
45 Gyula Farkas (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
46 Rajko Petek (Slo) KK Radenska Rog
47 Bostjan Rezman (Slo) Krka Telekom U23
48 Tibor Valter (Hun) Ferencváros Torna Club
49 Thomas Priglinger (Aut) Austrian National Team
50 Rok Jerse (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
51 Friedrich Berein (Aut) Austrian National Team
52 Gregor Gazvoda (Slo) KK Perutnina Ptuj
53 Anton Meglic (Slo) KK Sava Kranj
54 Uros Plankar (Slo) Krka Telekom U23                      5.38
55 Valter Bonca (Slo) Krka Telekom
56 Brian Larsen (Den) Glud&Marstrand Horsens                5.56
57 Marjan Kelner (Slo) KK Perutnina Ptuj                    6.14

Courtesy of Metod Mocnik and Bernarda Colak

Past winners

2000 Endrio Leoni (Ita)