The Scott Sunderland Diary 2001

The Scott Sunderland home trainer awards for 2001 - Part II

Scott threw down the challenge in his last update: Who of you has done a longer session on the home-trainer than Scott's fakta teammate, Roberto Lochowski (6 hours)? Some of the responses recieved so far have been published below - there are some indoor lunatics among you! The "winner" of this informal competition may be rewarded with some fakta team kit according to Scott.

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Entry #20

Hi Scotty!

The home trainer has been a necessary piece of equipment for me during my rehabilitation period. I broke my arm three months before our trip to France. My mates were determined not to leave me behind and they invested in a home trainer for me to keep up the training. I set up in the lounge room, in front of the television and as soon as it was possible for me to do so I did some serious training on it!

The longest session I did was 3 1/2 hours, while watching "Dancing with Wolves". I couldn't stay on it any longer as my back and arse were that sore because of the awkward position. I hated that thing. But, I went to France and I must say even if I wasn't exactly powering up the climbs, but I was able to keep a decent pace without problems, unlike others who were suffering like dogs.

We truly enjoy reading your diary. I expect a book to be published one day...your combined updates make a great cycling story!

Melbourne, Australia

Entry #21


Your diary in cyclingnews is excellent, keep up the good work. As for the indoor trainer, I agree 1 hour is 60 minutes too long on it. I hope you enjoy an excellent 2002 season.

Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas

John Dempsey

Entry #22


First, I enjoy your diary on cyclingnews. Kept up the good stuff.

Second, like you, I used to despise the trainer and did everything to avoid it. When I rode, I limited myself to an hour as well.

I haven't set any trainer endurance records, but I do ride it usually at least once per week even when the weather outside is stellar. I'm no pro but I have to race with you guys (I'm a Cat. II in Southern California and our races are Pro/1/2) so I've started to get quite disciplined with my training. I have been following Joe Friel's structured training program and find it easiest to do some of the tempo workouts, some of the really hard anaerobic threshold workouts, and most of the periodic testing on the trainer.

I now see it as a critical part of my training and actually have grown to enjoy it. It allows my to focus on the task at hand without worrying about traffic. So, I guess I've changed my perspective to "glass half full" when it comes to thinking about the trainer.

Have a great '02 season,

California, USA

Entry #23

Hi Scott,

My name is Brian Kelly and I was mechanic for team Phonak this year. One of the riders on the team used to train 7 hours a day 4 times a week all year. He never went out on the bike to train - he only would arrive at the races and start. His name is Jean Nuttli and he is from Switzerland. He took up the bike 4 years ago when he was 120kg, he now races at 75kg he has won 4 time trials this year and finished third in the GP Eddy Merckx with Bert Grabsch.

Enjoy your season next year and say hello to Kim and the boys.

Brian Kelly

Entry #24

Scott and Family,

Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe and rewarding New Year.

I purchased an indoor trainer with all great intentions of using it to help with my training. Living in Ballarat and training during the winter can be a bit ordinary, possibly not quite as cold as Europe.

That went out the window, shortly after the first time that I used the bloody thing. Bloody boring, sitting in the shed pedalling away looking at the same thing for an hour. Brought it inside to the lounge room and used it (only when the good woman goes to work or out) watched TV and did some sprint intervals during the adverts.

Sadly the longest time I've been able to stay on the horrid thing is about an hour, I would much rather go out in the cold, with some warm clothes on and ride, I don't think that the indoor trainer and I will ever be good friends.

Good luck with the season, kick some ass and have some fun.

Yours in cycling

Shaun Martin
Ballarat, Australia

Entry #25


I've only managed 4 hours on the trainer - in front of the TV watching some Tour de France tapes - this was done out of necessity rather than desire. I'd gotten hit by a Toyota Hi-Lux 4 wheel drive, nothing as serious as your accident, but a dislocated AC joint was keeping me off the road and I needed to keep the training up as the Audax Alpine Classic in Bright Vic was only 4 weeks away.

Anyway, I know of others who have done much longer hours on home trainers. There is an event in New Zealand called the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge which is held on the last Saturday in November. There are a number of different categories in which participants can enter; 40kms to 1,000km.

This year they had about 6,500 people enter, of which about 3,500 did the "solo" lap around Lake Taupo which is 160 kms. I myself did the Enduro - 2 laps and therefore 320 kms. A small team of people did a 12 hour fixed enduro to raise money for the NZ Heart Foundation - they sat on their bikes/trainers on the back of a truck in the middle of the finishing area and rode their bikes for yes, 12 hours!

I don't know the names of the people but if you don't get anyone doing more than 12 hours, they're not as crazy as the kiwis. Home page for the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is


Garry Armsworth
Sydney, Australia

Entry #26

Hi Scott,

I enjoyed your cycling articles, as I do Sabine's when you are too busy riding.

On the award, it got quite cold here in Queensland a few months ago; between 10-15 degrees C I recall, and I spent the whole week looking at the wind trainer so I am wondering if I might qualify for the award. (It was quite exhausting for an old vet like myself, I might add)!

Very glad that you have no intentions of hanging up the wheels, especially as you seem to be getting better and better and are obviously enjoying your work. Good stuff.

Best of luck this seasons and may those crazy team cars keep clear of your wheels!

Eric Leese
Level 2 coach