Tales from the travellers — the diary of Team Marco Polo

In this Marco Polo diary, you will find stories about members of the Marco Polo Cycling Club, reports from many races in non-traditional cycling countries that are on the Marco Polo racing program and news about the Marco Polo Cycling Club.

The Marco Polo Cycling Club is a cycling club, organised through the Internet. The club was founded in December 2000 and currently has 350 members from over 35 countries. We have had great results in international races (Marco Polo president Nathan Dahlberg winning the Tour of Maroc), had a lot of publicity and helped a lot of riders from non-traditional cycling countries to do a good European program.

The only field in which the club has not been successful yet is in finding a sponsor that wants to benefit from the big international exposure that the Marco Polo Elite team gets.

For more information, or to become a member (membership is free!), check http://www.worldwidecycling.com