The Bradley McGee Diary 2001

A world champion on the track at 20, Australia's Bradley McGee already has more than enough gold medals and track world records to satisfy any career - but he is still only 25. This year with Francaise des Jeux he has won both prologues and sprint finishes and worn the leader's jersey in races like the Midi Libre. It would seem that his time on the road is about to match his pure class on the track.

Vital statistics

Born: February 24, 1976, Sydney Australia.
Lives: Angers, France, 300km west of Paris, with wife Sharni and baby Tahlia
Team: La Française des Jeux
Weight: 70kg
Height: 182.5cm
VO2max: 89mmol/min/kg
Threshold: 390-410 watts @ 195-205bpm. Average power in watts for a 4km Individual Pursuit is 530.
Max RPM: 225
Resting HR: 36-42bpm