Perth Criterium Series - NE

Perth Australia, December 27-31, 2001

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The stages


Perth, Western Australia may be the most isolated city in the world, however it is undergoing somewhat of a cycling renaissance at present with the recent announcements that Perth has won the right to stage the inaugural World Criterium Championship in 2005. Whilst actual venues for the World Championships haven't been announced, the city will use the Australian National Criterium races in 2003 and 2004 to prepare for the event.

Meanwhile the main races of West Australian season are the Perth Criterium series beginning December 27. The Perth series is held in four stages at four different street circuits around the city.

Start List

Healthway (1)                  96 FM (2)
1 Henk Vogels W.A.             5 Nic Brown W.A.
2 David James W.A.             6 Chris Bradford Vic
3 Brett Lancaster Vic          7 TonTon Susanto Indonesia
4 Matt Tognini W.A.            8 WaWan Setyobudi Indonesia
Apex (3)                       ASR (4)
9 Raymond Raadtgever Holland   13 Brad Davidson Vic
10 Mark Phillips N.Z.          14 Michael Whyte W.A.
11 Chris Teed W.A.             15 Paul Sherwood W.A.
12 Stuart Passmore W.A.        16 Shaun O'Neil W.A.
Bicycle Entrepeneur (5)        Indiana Signs (6)
17 Jason Rigg W.A.             21 Ashley Humbert N.S.W.
18 Phil Rieman W.A.            22 Steve Williams N.S.W
19 Russell Brooks W.A.         23 Cameron Carlyle Vic
20 Wayne van Morsel W.A.       24 Andrew Brierly W.A.
Trek Bikeforce (7)             Glen Parker Cycles (8)
25 Graham Brown N.S.W.         29 Ed Holland W.A.
26 Danny Rutherford N.S.W.     30 Rheinhart Van Speybrouck W.A.
27 Brian Appleyard N.S.W.      31 Hilton McMurdo U.K.
28 Graham Moffat N.S.W.        32 Jarrod Poad N.Z.
Kirke Securities (9)           McInerney Ford (10)
33 Daniel Vogels W.A.          37 Hilton Clarke Vic
34 Brett Stapleton W.A.        38 Baden Cooke  Vic
35 Glen Harris W.A.            39 Nathan Jones W.A.
36 Scott Suckling W.A.         40 Shane Mackey W.A.
National Estate Builders (11)  The Professionals (12)
41 Josh Vanderveen Vic         45 Matt Wilson Vic
42 Leigh Palmer QLD            46 Mark Ferguson W.A.
43 Leon Vogels W.A.            47 Andrew Sime W.A.
44 Matt Ansel W.A.             48 Steve Harcourt N.Z.
Moncrieff (13)                 WAIS (West Australian Insitute of Sport) (14)
49 Jans Koerts Holland         53 Peter Dawson W.A.
50 David Pell Vic              54 Piere Angelo Vignati Italy
51 Brett Hickford W.A.         55 Daniel Mackey W.A.
52 Adrian Swift W.A.           56 Shane Chilcott W.A.

Past winners

2000 Hilton McMurdo