Results and Reports for December 22 - 23, 2001


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Rocket Parts X-MAS-X

Corriganville Movie Ranch Park, Simi Valley, CA, December 23, 2001

It was Cyclocross California style at Rocket Parts Christmas Cross Dec. 23rd held at the legendary Corriganville Movie Ranch Park in Simi Valley. The sky was clear and sunny, the air a brisk 62 degrees and the competitors were ready to tangle. With the likes of Masters National Champion Allan Coates, Junior So. Cal. Champ Chance Noble and International crossers Kris Kringle and Elf the race was sure to entertain.


These photos by Gary Hanson reveal how Santa gets into shape for the huge task of delivering all those presents.


A Men
1 Andrew Justaitis
2 Erik Luk
3 Marco 'Salvador' Calzadilla
4 Shane Dixon
5 Carl Hooper
6 James Jakabouzki
A Women
1 Dorothy Wong
2 Sabine Dukes
Junior Men
1 Chance Noble
2 Jacob Morris
3 David L.
B Men
1 Leonado Sandoval
2 Michael Eaton
3 Jeff Herring
4 Eric Fraer
5 Jay Buena Ventura
6 Jason Thomas
7 Antonio Sanchez
8 Steven McKovich
9 Paul Welch
10 Chance 'Santas 'lil Helper' Noble
11 Kelly Pasco
12 Arron Shrier
13 Jeff Heinhart
14 Brian Olson
15 Mike Treinen
16 Chris Tuck
B/C Women
1 Kathy Coyle
2 Kim Ngugen
3 Heidi Stitt
C Men
1 Michail Bennett
2 Alvin Tolosa
3 James Bales
4 Mark Luke
5 Brad House
6 Jim Norberg
7 John Reynolds
A Men 35+
1 Allen Coates
2 Kris Kringle
3 Eddie Arnet
4 Gregory Townsend
5 David Gill
6 Charles Morris
7 Glenn Manata
8 Joseph Poskianich
9 Rich Franz
10 Chris Carnell
A Men 45+
1 Jonathan Livesey
2 Mark Rich
3 Ed Morris
4 Joseph Crabtree
5 Ron Manger
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