USA Cyclo-cross National Championships - CN

Baltimore, USA, December 14-15, 2001

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Wells wins and Dunlap makes it 5 in a row!

By Ryan Newill

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Dunlap deals with the media
Photo: © Chris Henry

So close...that's how the US cyclocross championships could be categorized for two of the US game's elite heavy hitters, Anne Grande (Kona-Voicestream) and Tim Johnson (Saturn).

At the halfway point of the elite women's contest, Grande, who has dominated the women's SuperCup series for several years, was sitting in the most desirable spot imaginable - directly on the wheel of newly crowned world mountain bike champion Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar). What's more, she didn't look the worse for wear.

In the hard fought first lap, a select group had quickly formed at the front, including a handful of possible winners in Grande and teammate Gina Hall, the Clif Bar pair of Dunlap and D'Aluisio, and downhill and cross-country mountain biker Rachel Lloyd (Team Spine).

Grande threw down attack after attack in every section of the course, challenging the front group but not quite separating the bunch, but when Dunlap took the front and hit the gas on the pavement section in the start/finish area, only Grande could respond. With that attack, it appeared as if the final selection had been made.

Not content to ride together until a final lap showdown, the pair attacked each other constantly at every opportunity, each emphasizing their recognized strengths - Grande using her technically flawless style to create gaps after run-ups and barriers, and Dunlap using her overpowering strength to accelerate, force the pace, and repeatedly test the legs of her rival.

With two laps remaining, Grande made a strong escape move, sprinting up the crowd favorite Clif Bar Shot zone - a concrete stair run-up followed by a quick hairpin and a steep, grassy descent. She remounted quickly and descended away from Dunlap, only to have Dunlap use the ensuing straightaway to battle back. Grande would try it on foot again with a surge through the barrier section at the top of the course, but Dunlap simply mashed the pedals to get back on, and the two hammered together through the snaking back section of the course. Despite the best efforts of each, they seemed inseparable.

And then Grande was gone.

"They" say that bad things happen in threes, and after today, Ann Grande would probably have to agree with "them." Re-emerging onto the center section of the course, Grande's front tire failed her. Only a moment later, as she struggled to regain a charging Dunlap, she fell victim to one of the deeply worn transitions between a pavement section and the grass, hitting the ground and leaving Dunlap the opportunity to sprint away.

"It's unfortunate that she crashed," noted Dunlap, "but you have to take advantage of any break that you get. You know, she's just so strong that if she gets a good bike change she can be right back on you."

Picking herself up and reaching the second pit, situated in the middle of a flat, four barrier grass segment, Grande was then forced to a standstill not by pain or a mechanical failure, but by the loss of a contact lens en route to the pit. Grande would continue, but by the time she was back with two solid tires and two working eyes, the damage was done.

In the second it took Grande to remount and regain her rhythm, Lloyd and D'Aluisio had set upon her and pulled away, with Hall following shortly. Ahead, Dunlap extended her advantage to 150 meters with no signs of weakening in the final lap. For the Clif Bar team, it was a tactically perfect situation - Dunlap in the lead, and D'Aluisio trading blows with Lloyd, their only rival within striking distance. Even if Lloyd could surge to catch Dunlap, she would have to take D'Aluisio with her and create an unfavorable on won situation for the finale. Ultimately, not even that would be an issue, as D'Aluisio summoned the strength to ride a blistering final lap, powering away from Lloyd and closing rapidly on her teammate- just fast enough to witness Dunlap's ecstatic victory salute across the line.

With her record tying fifth national cyclocross championship, Dunlap takes over the enviable position of being the most successful US National cyclocross rider.

Taking in the scene after another triumph in an amazing season, Dunlap had no qualms about her next objective. "I'm trying for the double," she smiled, referring to the upcoming 'cross world championships in Belgium and a possible second rainbow jersey on the year. "Hanka Kupfernagel, the German, is going to be the one to beat, but coming off mountain bike world's I've got a lot of confidence, and I think she's beatable. I know she's beatable." With Dunlap planning a fierce regimen of "lots of speedwork, lots of motorpacing, lots of intervals" between now and Zolder, it seems a distinct possibility.

Dunlap was also confident that Grande would return from her troubles to make a splash at World's. "She's the strongest I've ever seen her, so I was bummed when she crashed because it was fun to be duking it out with her. It's going to be great. She's going to do really well at World's, and we're going to have such an awesome team."

Lloyd held on for a third place that confirmed her status as one of the most versatile US riders, able to make an impact on a cross bike, a cross-country bike, or with 12 inches of suspension travel on the downhill circuit. Hall and Grande hung on to take the final two podium spots.
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Across the barriers
Photo: © Chris Henry

The elite men's race, though billed as a race where any of 10 strong contenders could have a crack at the title, seemed to be a foregone conclusion at the midpoint. After a hole-shot attack from the gun by Ben Jacques-Maynes (Palo Alto-Bullion) and a first lap surge by veteran mountain bike and cross racer Steve Tilford (Shimano-Moots), defending national champion Tim Johnson (Saturn) emerged from the group of favorites jockeying for position to take the front spot. Initially trailed by Todd Wells (Mongoose-Hyundai) and a strung out lead group, Johnson insisted with several out of the saddle efforts to shatter the field and solo out to a quick seven second gap.

And then he kept going.

By the time Johnson had passed through the start-finish area to begin his third lap, his lead had expanded to twelve seconds, with the dangerous Mongoose pairing of Wells and defending SuperCup champion Mark Gullickson paired up and chasing behind. Johnson repeatedly passed up bike exchanges, preferring to stay on his favorite machine and keep his momentum intact.

Wells, a professional mountain biker in his first season back following an extended break for college and a stint at IBM, was brought on to assist Gullickson in battling the dominant Saturn cyclocross machine for SuperCup and national title wins. However, it became clear during the chase that Wells was the stronger of the two teammates on the day, and the effort to work together seemed to cost more time than it saved. Wells, also a former BMX rider, bunny-hopped all of the barriers from the start- a feat he describes as "no big deal," while Gullickson dismounted and had to chase back to his waiting teammate following the remounts. All the while, the gap to Johnson continued to grow, first to 15 seconds with five laps to go, and then 19 seconds four laps, and finally 22 seconds with three...

Somehow, things began to click again for Gullickson and Wells, and the two began to reel Johnson in. First, they merely whittled down the gap a few seconds at a time, with Gullickson taking the front for what Wells described as "monster pulls," in a desperate attempt to catch on before time and distance ran out.

Just when it seemed that Johnson's tour de force would prove successful, fate struck dealt him a front puncture. Though he avoided the triple whammy that downed Grande earlier in the day, with Wells and Gullickson chasing, it was enough to do him in. By the time he had made it to the pits and traded to a spare bike, his lead was down to ten seconds, and Wells, smelling blood in the water, left Gullickson to set off in a lone pursuit.

By then, Wells' strategy for gaining time on his opponents was no mystery, no secret weapon he was keeping for the final lap - he continued to effortlessly clear every barrier, clipping out of his pedals only for the steep run-ups. Just past the first pit with less than 2 laps to go, a bunny-hop through the doubles finally delivered him to Johnson's back wheel. Half a lap later, Wells repeated the feat a final time, and held his gap through the final lap to take ownership of the stars and stripes jersey for the year. Johnson showed his class, applauding Wells as he crossed the line in second place, while Gullickson showed his staying power by holding on for third in front of Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs) and Alex Candelario (Big Shark-Cannondale).

After a stellar mountain bike season, the national cross title was icing on the cake for Wells, and served as another milestone in a transition year. "This time last year I was just finishing up school, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. So, cyclocross was really the last thing on my mind, but I really put a lot of effort into it this cyclocross season, trained really hard for it, and I'm glad it paid off."

Of his late surge, Wells said that the attack came after a round of garbled communications with his teammate. "Gully said something about a flat and I was thinking, 'I don't have a flat' and then I hear someone saying 'Timmy's got a flat' so then I punched it as hard as I could. I figured I'd get across to him and sit on and see if Gully was going to come up. But when we hit the barriers I got a little gap so I figured I'd give it a go and see what happened."

"What happened" was that Wells beat out the strongest field to ever appear in a US National cross championship, took his first big professional cross race, and scored a trip to Zolder, Belgium for the World Championship to boot. "I wanted to go to World's; I said if I won this national jersey, I have to go over there and represent it. This just seals the deal for me going over there, so I know what I'm doing for my training, and I know I'm on the team. It's a good feeling."

For Saturn, Johnson's powerful if ultimately unsuccessful ride would not be the only command performance of the day. In the 15-16 junior class, Jesse Anthony of the Saturn development squad immediately parted company with his competitors and quickly closed the minute start gap to the 17-18 field. He then proceeded to ride through that field and mix it up with the leaders, ultimately going to form a winning break for himself and 17-18 winner Mike House. Then he sprinted away from House in the last lap to cross the line first.

Despite his eye-popping ride, Anthony remains modest in the face of assertions by the announcers that he may be a better junior than his mentor Johnson, or standouts Matt Kelly and Walker Ferguson. "They like to make stuff up. I'm pretty good friends with Tim Johnson and I know Walker a little bit, and I know they're awesome, and that they were good juniors. I'm getting there, but I'm not there yet."


What better way to showcase the grit of cyclo-cross than in gritty black and white? These monochromes by Master racer Karl Dittebrandt

Photos supplied by Chris Henry

These photos supplied by Frank Mapel

And even more photos. These supplied by Chris Hamish

And on the lighter side, photos by Jeff Lefevre


Elite Men - 105 Starters, 8 Laps
1 Todd Wells (Mongoose Hyundai)                          1.00.39
2 Tim Johnson (Saturn Cycling Team)                         0.14
3 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose Hyundai)                        0.38
4 Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs)                             1.16
5 Alex Candelario (Big Shark/Cannondale)                    1.40
6 Steve Tilford (shimano/moots)
7 Jonny Sundt (K2 Bike)                                     1.58
8 Dale Knapp (KONA/Voicestream)                             2.54
9 Justin Robinson (Palo Alto/Bullion Still)                 3.05
10 Mark Mccormack (Saturn)                                  3.10
11 Travis Brown (Trek/VW)
12 Johannes Huseby (Independent Fabrication/CCB)            3.22
13 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Palo Alto/Bullion)                   3.31
14 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek vw east coast factory team)        3.55
15 Frank Mapel (Yeti - Pearl Izumi)                         4.14
16 Justin Morgan (Clif Bar)                                 4.44
17 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Clif Bar)                           5.12
18 Ben Turner (7-up/Colorado Cyclist)                       5.20
19 Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery)                               5.27
20 Kirt Fitzpatrick (Peerless / HNECC)                      5.29
21 Brent Prenzlow (TUFO/                        5.38
22 Brandon Dwight (Trek/Volkswagen)
23 Todd Hoefer (ABS/Steelman)
24 Justin Lillie (Trek/VW)                                  5.44
25 Christopher Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                 5.52
26 Duane Dickey (bianchi/grand performance)                 6.07
27 George Menard (Team Snow Valley)                         6.13
28 Jon Hamblen (richard sachs)
29 Troy Michaud (eurotek)                                   6.17
30 Bart Gillespie (Biogen)
31 Charles Storm (CYCLING SPOKEN HERE)                      6.30
32 Jeff Leake (NCC /
33 Kristopher Auer (LSV/Trek/VW)                            6.48
34 Ryan Leech (Monkeyhill)
35 Brian Hludzinski (Jamba Juice)                           6.54
36 Erik Tonkin (KONA/Voicestream)                           7.05
37 Michael Moule (Cane Creek/Subaru)
38 Doug Ott (Team Jamba Juice)                              7.07
39 Jeffrey Craddock (CCB/VW)
40 Jon Cariveau (Moots)                                     7.11
41 Greg Ferguson (Trek VW JBL east)                         7.18
42 Rob Hult                                                 7.23
43 Richard Feldman (Durance Cycleworks)                     7.28
44 Bill Elliston (Bicycle Therapy)
45 John Funke (SyCip/Novo)                                  7.38
46 Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice)                          8.11
47 Maxwell Kullaway (Boston Road Club)                      8.20
Elite Women - 43 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar)                                 44.40
2 Carmen D'aluisio                                          0.15
3 Rachel Lloyd (Team Spine/Santa Cruz)                      0.28
4 Gina Hall (Kona/Voicestream)                              1.18
5 Ann Grande (KONA/Voicestream)
6 Mary Mcconneloug (Jamba Juice/ Gunnar Cycles)             1.50
7 Christine Vardaros (Jamba Juice)                          2.06
8 Jen Dial (Independent Fabrication)                        2.20
9 Melissa Thomas (Rocky Mounts/Bike Source)                 2.38
10 Emily Thorne (               2.49
11 Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill)                        3.32
12 Heather Szabo (Rocky Mounts-IMBA)                        3.52
13 Kathryn Roszko ( Cyclo-cross Team)            4.17
14 Stella Carey (Kelly Bike Company)                        4.28
15 Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M)                                4.55
16 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)                           5.30
17 Christine Iltis (New Moon Media/ Utah Premier)           6.01
18 Elizabeth Coleman (SOBE/HEADSHOK)                        6.14
19 Jennifer Maxwell (Cane Creek)                            6.27
20 Margell Abel (Veritas)                                   6.45
21 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP)                             6.49
22 Dorothy Wong                                             7.09
23 Diana Gillam (Team Snow Valley)                          7.54
24 Heather Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale)                     8.38
25 Kerry Litka (Wheelworks/IF)                              9.00
26 Josie Shew (First State Velo Sport)
27 Susan Maclean (BOB)                                      9.28
28 Naomi Galloghy (Team Bike Gallery)                       9.54
29 Maryann Martinez (NEBC Cycleloft)                       10.47
30 Adrienne Brown (JRVS)                                   10.51
31 Kelly Yoder (Team                     11.02
1 lap behind
32 Regina Hammond (CRCA/Miya Shoji)
33 Michelle Kersbergen (NCC /
34 Katherine Farago (NEBC/Cycleloft)
35 Suzanne Filippone (Trek Bicycles - New England)
36 Catherine F. Johnson (NCVC)
37 Dawn Richardson (Verizon Wireless)
38 Karrie Mitchell (First State Velo Sport (FSVS)

Junior Men 17-18 - 30 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Mike House (go mart)                                     43.39
2 Aaron Menenberg (Ti Cycles Factory)                       0.10
3 Brent Bookwalter (Team Devo)                              0.12
4 Aaron Bradford (RAD RACING)                               0.33
5 Jeremy Powers (DEVO)                                      0.42
6 Bobby Lea (Fuji Racing Team)                              1.10
7 Chris Hill (NCC /                            1.15
8 Ben Coleman (NECSA/Coyote Hill)                           2.29
9 Dane Jankowiak (trek-volkswagon)                          2.47
10 Trevor Morman (radracingnw)
11 Gregory Wittwer (charlottesville racing club)            2.52
12 Josh Kahle (Team Devo)
13 Joshua Benson (Mohawk Valley Cycling Club)               4.18
14 Samuel Benson (Team DEVO)                                4.30
15 Bart Torre (Red Rose Rockets)                            5.05
16 Adam Snyder (team devo)                                  5.25
17 Jonas Root (Team Columbus)                               5.41
18 Mikkel Bossen (Team Oregon)
19 Ethan Townsend (Wooden Wheels)                           7.08
20 Troy Wells (Kingston Cyclery)                            7.54
21 Jeff Via (Midwestern State University)
22 John Hanson (NECSA/MFSR)                                 8.22
23 Adam Boone (Des Moines Cycle Club)                       8.38
24 Cody Wodlett (Yellow Bikes)                              9.10
25 Geffrey Moy                                              9.47
26 Jerrod John Dorminey (Cycle Escape)                     10.17
27 John Adams (Reser's)
Junior Men 15-16 - 22 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development Cycling Team)          43.38
2 Zak Grabowski (Red Rocks Velo)                            2.14
3 Mike Rabe (NECSA/Mike Fraysse's Sports Resort)            2.35
4 Joey Thompson (Wooden Wheels)                             2.44
5 Konrad Lebas (CCB International)                          3.03
6 Jamey Driscoll (GMBC Excite smartFUEL)                    3.59
7 David Fleischhauer (Rad Racing Northwest)                 4.31
8 Adam Beattie (First State Velo Sport)                     4.57
9 Mike Wentz (Rad Racing)                                   5.49
10 Stephen Howard (Rad Racing NW)                           6.36
11 Will Freeman (Rad Racing NW)                             7.53
12 Adam Steelman (PoWER/MAMA)                               8.41
13 Walker Duval (RAD RACING)                                8.52
14 Devin Anderson (Rad Racing NW)                           9.04
15 Kevin Wolfson (NEBC / CycleLoft)                        10.26
1 lap behind
16 Syd Lea (Fuji Racing Team)
17 Tucker Thomas (Rad Racing)
18 Gonzalo Escobar (squadra coppi)
19 Chris Saxton (Team Snow Valley)
Junior Women 15-18 - 7 Starters, 4 Laps
1 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                           45.37
2 Thais Da Silva (Club Wissahickon)                         1.55
3 Sarah Uhl (Wheelworks)                                    3.40
4 Laura Hanlon (TEAM Fuji)                                  5.43
5 Catherine Dudley (UNH)                                    8.03
6 Sierra Siebenlist (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS)
7 Kristin Siebenlist (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS)
Junior Men 13-14 - 12 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Collin Carbaugh (Rad Racing NW)                          48.52
2 Christopher Stockburger (Monsoon Racing)                  0.38
3 Taylor Lane (Zia Velo)                                    0.40
4 Derek Laan (Gopher Wheelmen)                              4.46
5 Charles Marzot (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)                5.39
6 Stuart Knight-Williamson (
7 Matthew Beriau (Team Bike Alley)
8 Robert Crowther (NCC/
9 Daniel Stevens (Trek/NYTRO/RBC)
10 Nick Pence (Charlottesville Racing Club)
11 Tony Goncalves (SNOW VALLEY)
Junior Men 10-12 - 5 Starters, 2 Laps
1 Alex Coelho (Fort Collins Racing Club)                   24.37
2 James Wittwer (crc/extreme sports)                        3.00
3 Fulton Paisley (MVC-BLUE WHEEL)                           3.30
4 Kyle Foley (Laurel)                                      13.13
Junior Women 10-14 - 3 Starters, 2 Laps
1 Lauren Trull (JAmes River Velosport)                     25.01
2 Danielle Haulman (Lakewood Racing)                        6.02
3 Allerton Johnson (UNATTACHED)                             8.55
Master Men 40-44 - 67 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Scott Wade (Gearworks/SRP)                               45.36
2 Frank Hibbitts (RAINBOW RACING)                           0.26
3 Stephen Knight-Williamson (                     1.08
4 Robert Bisson                                             1.22
5 Randy Daniels (Ticycles Avanti Racing)
6 John Roden (Shickluna Cycles)                             1.32
7 E.J. Sigety (
8 Rudy Sroka (Team Lake Effect Racing)                      2.12
9 Tom Stevens (Gearworks/SRP)                               2.45
10 Richard Pence (Charlottesville Racing Club)              2.53
11 Charles Mcdaniel (Team Delaware)                         2.56
12 John Grenier (Rainbow Bike/Maine Cycling Club)           3.01
13 Darrell Davis                                            3.05
14 Paul Lynch (missing link bicycle club)
16 Robert Bobrow (                          3.11
16 Roger Wilson (squadra ardennes)                          3.18
17 Rob Frederick (evolution racing)                         3.44
18 Eric Marro (Team BOB/Skofield Builders)                  3.53
19 Scott Paisley (MVC-BLUE WHEEL)
20 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)                   4.03
21 Gary S. Keblish (Century-SBCG)                           4.10
22 John Mosher (NEBC/Cycleloft)
23 Kevin Callahan (bicycle link)                            4.27
24 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cyclin)         5.01
25 Wayne Barlow (coyote hill)                               5.10
26 Barton C Adams (Titus Cycles/Vicious Forks)
27 Tom Meyer (VCB/LeggMason/Racepace)                       5.21
28 Kurt Mikeska (Wooden Wheels)                             5.25
29 Timothy Shea (BOB)                                       5.33
30 Eugene Petrella (Beans-Reinhardt)                        5.40
31 George Hebner (Cyclefitness)                             6.08
32 James Perron (Club Trot)                                 6.15
33 Kevin Lee (POWERMAMA)                                    6.40
34 Chuck Pistole (Beltway Bicycle Club - Saturn/Gold)       6.54
35 Bill Johnson (Trek/Jersey Rock 'N Road)                  6.57
36 Richard Cordero (guy's bicycle club)                     7.02
37 Scott Wilson (Evolution Racing)                          7.06
38 Richard Toler (Team Dayton 2003)
39 David Albright (Yellow Breeches Racing)                  7.27
40 Jeff Maclean (BOB)                                       7.45
41 Robert Nixon (team charlotte)                            7.49
42 Derek Wilford (Lake Effect Cycling Team)                 7.57
43 Eric Marshall (Potomac Velo Club)
44 Brad Devries (Squadra Coppi)                             8.15
45 Jim Roegge (Dayton 2003)                                 8.30
46 David Leedberg (GearWorks / SRP /Spin Arts)
47 Paul Lemar (Squadra Coppi)                               8.42
48 David Edinberg (Team Snow Valley)                        9.17
49 John Stimpson (Team Bicycle Alley)
50 Jim Edwards                                              9.49
51 Mark Laser (Yellow Breeches Racing)                      9.59
52 Dusan Strika (Kissena Cycling Club)                     10.09
53 James Bellora (Squadra Coppi)
54 Theo Kindermans
55 Richard Broderick (Richard Sachs Ct.Yankee)             10.21
56 Christopher Houston (Yellow Breeches Racing)            10.30
57 Jerry Hutchinson                                        10.43
58 Dave Reed                                               11.27
1 lap behind
59 David Mitchell (Quaker City Wheelmen)
60 Alan Romefelt (Lateral Stress /VW/Trek East)

Intermediate Men - 147 Starters, 5 Laps
1 Mark Abramson (Boston Cyclocross Association)            44.37
2 Dean Dealy (KHS Bicycles)                                 0.16
3 Craig Virr (RSP Racing)                                   0.25
4 Jon Alegranti (ProPeleton)                                0.36
5 Andrew Shaw (National Capital Velo Club)                  1.08
6 Keith Gauvin (Eastern Bloc)                               1.17
7 Rich Harper (East Carolina Velo)                          1.25
8 Randall Descarreaux (C.S. Ardagna Racing)
9 Joe Reynolds (Wissahickon Cycles)
10 Brian Conant                                             1.42
11 Peter Cariveau (MOOTS CYCLES)                            1.45
12 Christopher White (B.O.B.)                               1.58
13 Scott Livingston (Team Horst Engineering)
14 Brendan Sullivan (PEDROS)
15 Robert Campos
16 Brendan Marshall (Team Beacon)
17 John Lux (First Capital Velo)
18 Matthew Bell (Airborne/Biowheels)
19 David Farabaugh (Cycles De Oro/Greensboro Velo Club)     2.16
20 Andrew Wulfkuhle (Wissahickon Cyclery)
21 Andy Neumann (Evolution Racing)                          2.20
22 John Legere (Benidorm/ Eastern Bloc Cycling)
23 Scott Hannon (Finger Lakes)                              2.35
24 Scott Staubach (Putney West Hill)                        2.40
25 Christopher Hensel (TimeCycle)
26 John Meerse (Buffalo Bicycling Club)
27 Dylan Snodgrass (DFL)                                    2.47
28 Nicholas Shaffer (Bicycle Therapy)                       3.00
29 William Mccracken (Lateral Stress Velo/TREK)
30 Mark Donahue (Southern Me. Cycling Club)
31 Coley Cole (Boston Road Club)                            3.11
32 Thomas Rajala (Raleigh Allstars)
33 Brian Buettner (Putney/West Hill)                        3.18
34 Peter Ozolius (Chris
35 Brian Tober (VeloForce)                                  3.24
36 Justin Torrellas (NECSA/Fraysse's Sports Resort)         3.33
37 Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)
38 Chip Sovek (Potomac Velo Club)
39 Nathan Deibert (Team Harrisburg)
40 Erik Sperling (Webcor/Alto Velo)
41 Ignatius Briar (Artemis)
42 John Burns
43 Brent Biddle (First State Velo Sport)
44 Steve Heibel (Lake Effect Racing)                        3.45
45 Lance Doherty (Cal Cycling)                              4.01
46 Arthur Roti (Team Horst)                                 4.05
47 Joseph Piccillo (Evolution Racing)
48 Benjamin Fitts (Virginia Commonwealth University)
49 Hans Schneider (Team Harrisburg)
50 Byron Holt (BRC/Vintage/ATA)
51 Colin Barry (All Star, Raleigh, NC)
52 Linde Smith (Biogen)
53 Darren Crupi (Bennetts Bicycles)
54 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine CC)
55 Tom Mains (Ready-Pac/Commerce Bank)
56 Walter Conley (CCB International)
57 Jonathan Murray (Dreambikes Cycling Club)
58 Craig Laughman (Gettysburg Cycle)                        4.55
59 Todd Crisafulli (Boston Bicycle Club/Community Bike)
60 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)            5.00
61 Craig Wu (South East Area Riders)
62 David Bozak (Team Extreme)                               5.10
63 Gregg Ford
64 John Buser (Putney/ West Hill)
65 Andrew Crooks (TX A&M Cycling)
66 John Calgiano (Dream Racing)
67 Scott Flynn (Team Snow Valley)                           5.25
68 David Flickinger (Ashby Street Racing)
69 Michael Bertinger (Knapps - Ready)                       5.33
70 Wayne Cunningham (NEBC/Cycle Loft)
71 Peter Lopez (Dynatek)
72 Jesse Semanchik (First State Velo Sport)                 5.41
73 Wade Hess (Team Beacon)
74 Chris Raymond (BBC)
75 George Gandung
76 Scott Spees (Airborne.Net)
77 Myron Baker Jr (table rock tours and bikes)
78 Lee Moser (
79 Jason Scislowicz (ozone)
80 Caan Zarosinski (Team S & M)                             6.08
81 Peter Hibbs (Extreme)
82 Chris Cusack (RC Cola)
83 Devin Shay (SCARR)                                       6.20
84 Christopher Chin (All American Bicycle Club)             6.26
85 Karl Faruzel (Tioga Velo/Metalurges/Chenango Poi)        6.35
86 Chris Mayhew (FORT USA/ESSM)                             6.39
87 Ryan Bosio (Wooden Wheels)                               6.44
88 Thom Reid (Team Horst)                                   6.53
89 Rob Frechette (Crum)                                     7.12
90 Timothy Tobbe (Finger Lakes)
91 Aaron Lee (BBC/Gold's Gym)                               7.18
92 Barry Holman (Fuji T.E.A.M.)
93 Michael Cole (Landry's - Litespeed)                      7.27
94 Jeremy Burton (Onondaga)
95 Les Russell (Yellow Breeches Racing)                     7.32
96 Brian Samia (Crum)
97 David Stonich (Union Bay Cycling)                        7.44
98 Phil Brubaker (putney/west hill)                         7.55
99 David F. Keefe                                           8.30
100 Henry Tremper (First State Velo Sport)                  8.40
101 David Breinig (Quaker City Wheelmen)
102 Tarik Saleh (Kelly Bikes)
103 Thomas Gillespie (Cobbelstone Velo Club (CVC))
104 John Call (LSV/TREK/VW)                                 8.46
105 Brian Oliver                                            9.06
106 Judd Milne (Potomac Velo Club)                          9.19
107 Scott Hoffman (Team Lake)                               9.49
108 Andrew Curry (Squadra Coppi)                           10.15
109 Mark Wysocki                                           10.30
110 Leo Kolshorn (3D / HP)
111 Greg Twentey (Union Bay Cycling)                       10.37