Scandinavian Open - 1.5

Vårgårda, Sweden, August 11-12, 2001

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Renäng wins Scandinavian Open

By Tomas Nilsson, correspondent

The season so far has been awful for last year's Swedish revelation Petter Renäng. During the Team Crescent spring tour in Italy and Belgium he caught a bad cold and didn't get time to recover properly. So when the rest of the team went to Tour of Slovakia a couple of weeks ago Renäng, showing extremely low blood values, was told to stay at home, rest and recover.

The break was the right medicine. Sunday he took his greatest victory so far, the first in a UCI-classified race, by soloing over the finish line after 221 km in the Scandinavian Open in Sweden's cycling Mecca Vårgårda.

Petter Renäng had two goals when he started the Scandinavian open; to help team mate Jonas Ljungblad win the Swedish Cup classification and to be good enough to be picked for the national team for the U 23 European Championships. He succeeded in both. In the first half of the race the Crescent riders worked hard to hook off as many riders as possible. Renäng himself attacked several times during the latter half of the race and finally only six riders remained up front. With some six kilometres to go Petter Renäng made his final attack and arrived in Vårgårda alone. Jonas Ljungblad sprinted in as third winning the Cup Series.

Elite Men - 221 km

1 Petter Renäng (Swe) Team Crescent/team 1              5.17.39
2 Julien Smink (Ned) MGI Fietsen                           1.25
3 Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Team Crescent/team 1
4 Mattias Carlsson (Swe) Team Dole/FK Trampen
5 Peter Johansson (Swe) Alingsås CK                      
6 Henrik Oldin (Swe) Team Mälarenergi CK                   2.37
7 Cas Graafmans (Ned) MGI Fietsen                          4.06
8 Janno Aksin (Est) Estonian National Team
9 Martin Nyman (Swe) Team Visom/Åstorps CK
10 Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Västerås CK                    13.47
11 Martin Axelsson (Swe) Dalarna CF                      
12 Robert Österling (Swe) Skoghalls CK-Hammarö
13 Jonas Rydberg (Swe) Team Crescent/team 2
14 Jonas Gartman (Swe) Team Visom/Åstorps CK              15.12
15 Piet Rooljakkers (Ned) MGI Fietsen                     18.12
16 Viktor Sjöström (Swe) Upsala CK                        22.06
17 Jan Schilder (Ned) MGI Fietsen                         22.17
18 Vahur Valvas (Est) Estonian National Team
19 Fredrik Lindberg (Swe) Team Dole/FK Trampen
20 Erik Wendel (Swe) Team Crescent/team 2                      
21 Carlo Van Lienden (Ned) MGI Fietsen                      
22 Lars Robertsson (Swe) Smålands CF                      
23 Johan Levin (Swe) Alingsås CK                      
24 Patrik Löfving (Swe) Team Skåne                      
25 Håkan Nilsson (Swe) Team Mälarenergi CK
26 Johan Svensson (Swe) Skoghalls CK-Hammarö
27 Anders Dellien (Swe) CK Ringen                      
28 Peter Resar (Swe) Dalarna CF                           22.35
29 Jan Mattson (Swe) Upsala CK                      
30 Raivo Maimre (Est) Estonian National Team              22.41
31 Mikael Segersäll (Swe) CK Hymer                      
32 Mattias Jansson (Swe) Alingsås CK                      
33 Johan Lång (Swe) CK Norr-Ringen/T Olsson Race Team
34 Mattias Carlzon (Swe) Team Dole/FK Trampen
35 Daniel Gloss (Swe) CK Norr-Ringen/T Olsson Race Team   22.57
36 Peter Gustavsson (Swe) Smålands CF                      
37 Roger Karlsson (Swe) Dalarna CF                        24.08
38 Johan Flodin (Swe) Team Crescent/team 2                25.04

Swedish Cup, final classification:

1. Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Team Crescent CK                   395 pts 
2. Mattias Carlsson (Swe) FK Trampen                        340 
3. Oscar Stenström (Fin) Team Mälarenergi                   198

Women Elite, 81.4 km:

1 Jenny Algelid (Equipe Nürnberger/Team Visom)          2.09.24 (37.7 kph)
2 Lotta Green (CK Revanche)                                0.55 
3 Åsa Hagberg (Borlänge CK)                                6.11 
4 Moniaca Holler (Laxå CK) Jun            
5 Emelie Öhrstig (Team Crescent)           
6 Veronica Andréasson (Södertälje CK)                      6.13 
7 Malin Gustavsson (Värnamo CK) Jun            
8 Madelene Olsson (Svanesunds GIF)                         6.18 
9 Anna Delfin (Eslövs CK)                                  9.16 
10 Tina Levin (Malmö-Staffanstorp CK) Jun                 13.59 
11 Tilisha Levin (Malmö-Staffanstorp CK) Jun              14.06 
12 Theres Hennig (Ramnäs CK)                              14.09 
13 Louise Henriksson (Malmö-Staffanstorp CK) Jun          24.53 

Swedish Cup, final classification:

1. Veronica Andreasson (Södertälje CK)                      415 pts 
2. Åsa Hagberg (Borlänge CK)                                370  
3. Emelie Öhrstig (Team Crescent CK)                        335                          

Results courtesy of Borås Tidning and the organizer Vårgårda CK

Past winners

2000 Magnus Ljungblad (Swe)
1999 Martin Kryger (Den)
1998 Vegard Overaas-Lied (Nor) Elite
1997 Frank Hoj (Den)
1989 Johnny Weltz (Den)
1988 Sören Lilholt (Den)
1987 Kim Andersen (Den)
1986 Rolf Sörensen (Den)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin