Results and Reports for August 11 - 12, 2001


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3rd Annual Cycling Challenge Denville
10th Annual Tour de Christiana
Mt Holly-Smithville Invitational Grand Prix

3rd Annual Cycling Challenge

Denville, NJ, August 12, 2001


Pro 1/2
1 Laura Van Gilder (Verizon)
2 John Verhuel (Ideal Tile)
3 Wilson Vasquez 
4 Dave Margolin (Colavita)
5 Ray Diaz (CRCA)
6 Rafel Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)
7 Kevin Browne (Colavita)
8 Charlton Hoag (Olde Mill)
1 Catherine Powers (CRCA)
2 Ann Marie Miller (CRCA)
3 Betty Tyrell (Somerset)
4 Elizabeth Whitney (Somerset)
5 Jackie pouttr (Somerset)
6 Amy Biasicci (Monclair)
7 Mariko Toi 
8 Brooke Wilson (Somerset)
9 Susan Vancuren 
Cat 3-4  
1 Robert Rehiu (Monroe)
2 Jim Carey 
3 Dave Walker (Olde Mill)
4 Matthew Zaccone (Westwood)
5 Scott Nevil (Monroe)
6 Rich Gonzales (Monclair)
7 Chris LaRosa (Olde Mill)
Cat 4-5 
1 Andrew Quinn (Somerset)
2 Pete Wachowiak (Cycleworks)
3 Toi Yasuyuki 
4 Jamison Stephan (CRCA)
5 Jeffrey Olszyk (Somerset)
1 Greg Cordasco (Olde Mill)
2 Ray Diaz (CRC)
3 Scott Bodin (Olde Mill)
4 John Bulter (Lehigh)
5 Abdul Kabia (Somerset)
6 Steve Tinston (Piermont)
7 Dan Coleman (Colavita)
8 Chris Kaeter (Ridge)
9 Rich Gonzalez (Monclair)
10 John Barret (CRC )
1 Earl Perretti (Montclair Cyclists)
2 Larry Dudek (Somerset Wheelmen)
3 John D'Amato (GS Park Ridge)
4 Chuck Carnilla (Mambo Kings)
5 Steve Tinston (Piermont)
6 Joe Canino (Somerset Wheelmen)
7 Roman Paczka (Unattached)
8 Pat Kennedy (Somerset Wheelmen)
9 Don Clapp (3D)
10 Bob O'Hara (Tri-State Velo)
11 Jose Hernandez (Colavita)
12 John Barrett (CRCA)
13 John Lennox (Wachung)
14 Brent Knudson (Olde Mill)
15 Jim Kaeli (Tri State)
16 Greg Shutske (Somerset)
17 Neil Saurwien (Jaeger)
1 Joe Saling (Somerset)
2 Robert Clifford (Sony)
3 John Auer (Somerset)
4 John Autore (Monclair)
5 George Hanson (Jaeger)
1 Jared Gaudet (YSG)
2 Tim Carpenter (Cranford)
3 Tim Petrilla (CJCT)
4 Andres Piedrahita (CRCA)
5 Gavriel Epstein (USA CRC)
6 Canieron Huist (Liberty Cycle)
7 Pat Larcom 
8 Jesse Murry (Westwood)

10th Annual Tour de Christiana

August 12, 2001

By Michael Doupe, Christiana Cycling Club

Thanks to one and all for a great day of racing! The feauture grade 1, 2 & 3 race ended up as the Snow Valley Show, as the Maryland team placed six riders in the top fourteen, with Jon Wirsing taking the win.

From the get-go, Snow Valley sent riders on flyers, sometimes solo, but usually with a Bicycle Therapy rider in tow plus a couple more, including an active Chad Gerlach, Under-23 National Champ Mike Friedman (UPMC), and Jeff Rutter (BiKyle Flyers).

The pack split in two early on, and the back end crumbled each time up the finishing hill on the 1.25 mile circuit. The descent was broken up with four corners and a chicane through a rail underpass.

At the halfway point, after a brief, light rainshower cooled the riders, a solo Wirsing countered a solo move from teammate Rainiel Sanchez to lockup first place. The chase group lingered a handful of seconds back for several laps, then the lead bloomed as the front pack resigned themselves to second place and back.

Snow Valley was not through, however, and a strong solo attack from Skip Menard nearly stayed away for the silver, but the group refused to concede to him. In the end, Bicycle Therapy's Scott Zwinzansui jumped away at the final bell and got a good gap to roll in for second, followed by Sanchez. As the front group finished, the skies opened, and the second pack sprint was impressively won by Mercury's Marty Nothstein, who spent the latter laps clinging to the tail end of the race before his phoenix-like finish.

Earlier, the womens' grade 1, 2 & 3 race was dominated by UPMC's Roz Reekie from New Zealand. Roz showed the form that took her to third overall at last week's Tour de Toona, and repeatedly attacked the shrinking front pack until she solo-motored to the line with nearly a minute and a half lead. A spectacular wreck took out four women early on, but three rejoined the pack, ultimately led in for second by Saturn's Ashley Kimmet.


Men - grades 1, 2 & 3
1 Jon Wirsing (Snow Valley)
2 Scott Swizansui (Bike Therapy)
3 Rainiel Sanchez (Snow Valley)
4 Jason Schneider (Knapps)
5 Chad Gerlach
6 Stephen Kincaid (Bike Therapy)
7 Mike Friedman (U of Pitt Med Cntr)
8 John Delong (Saturn Development)
9 Sean Groom (Snow Valley)
10 Jeff Rutter (Bi-Kyle Flyers)
11 John Dechau (Genesee Valley)
12 George Menard (Snow Valley)
13 Johnathon Schober (Bean's)
14 Glen Rendell (Snow Valley)
15 Dave Black (Enzymatic Therapy)
16 Marty Nothstein (Mercury)
17 Joe Papp (UPMC)
18 Kris Hedges (Snow Valley)
19 Michael Stout (Amorosos)
20 Jason Snow (Fuji)
21 Didier Langois (All-American)
22 Craig Dodson (Avalon)
23 Nate Kokinda
24 Chadd Martin (Bike Therapy)
25 Ed Krasnatt (Leggs Mason)
26 Brian Trdina (Monkey Hill)
Men - grade 3 & 4
1 Todd Yezefski (ECV)
2 Ramon Benitez (Artemis)
3 David Osborne (Artemis)
4 Alexander Gilliam (Beans/Reinhardt)
5 Edward Brignole (LSV)
6 Aubrey Gordon (Squiggle)
7 Scott Farmer (Bike Line)
8 Logan Garey
9 Joe Mennaccio (TSV)
10 David Howes (FCV)
11 Michael Carney (Harrisburg)
12 Kevin Swanson
13 Louis Secreto (Guy's)
14 John Spittal (GS LAncaster)
15 Brad Ober (GS LAncaster)
16 Rich Straub (Nittany Velo)
17 John V\Cameron (Harrisburg)
18 Dan Kane (Finger Lakes)
19 David Gates (CVC/Pig Iron)
20 John Lenart (Bean's/ Reinart)
21 Glen Turner (Wissahicken)
22 Darco Lalevic (QCW/ Bike Addicts)
23 Matthew Lenehan (Avalon)
24 Ron Short (PRo Pedals)
Men - grade 4 & 5
1 Daniel Fry (Main Line)
2 Ken Wareham (TIA)
3 Ryan Sohmer (Harrisburg)
4 Ed Sauder (ECVC)
5 Brandon Ott (Tailwind Cyclist)
6 Dan Burke (BCRC)
7 Samual Kirk (Green Mountain)
8 Offie Clark (Chesapeake Wheelmen)
9 Andrew VanKuren (Tioga Velo)
10 Joe Liberto (Chesapeake Wheelmen)
11 Sam Baum (Green Mountain)
12 William Cukierski (PBC -Bikeworks)
13 Erick Rodenburgh (First Capital)
14 Charles Denton (Montgomery Velo)
15 Michael Schmallandt (Ellsworth)
16 Hans Schneider (Harrisburg)
17 Michael Peters (Harrisburg)
18 John Furminger (TVC)
19 Larry King (Green Mountain)
Women - grades 1, 2 & 3
1 Roz Reekie-May (UPMC)
2 Ashley Kimmet (Saturn Developement)
3 Mina Pizzini (Girl Star)
4 Jennifer Leonard (Evolution)
5 Joanne Kiesnadowski (P&G)
6 Kristy Scheffeacker (LSV)
7 Lenora Felker (TSV)PA
8 Diane Castor (Amoroso)
9 Michele Bote (LSV)
10 Kristine Osterling (Talgo America)
11 Vanessa Mandel (CRCA)
12 Nonnie Howard (Evolution)
Women - grade 4
1 Maria Friga (Evolution)
2 Christa Bromfield (Liberty Cycle)
3 Jen Krebs (Harrisburg)
4 Bonnie Stoekl (Evolution)
5 Catherine Johnson (NCVC)
Veterans - 40+ years
1 Aubrey Gordon (Squiggle)
2 Philip Hepburn (Gold's Gym)
3 Kevin Kolodziejski (TSV)
4 Daryl Atuermolt (Bike Line)
5 Joe Menacchio (TSV)
6 Eugene Petrello (Bean's-Reinhart)
7 Robeert Kehl (TSV)
8 David Howes (First Capital Velo)
9 John Paproski (Atlantic Racing)
10 Charles (Olmstead TSV)A
11 Tim Lung (Pwer/Mama)
12 Keith Kramer (Penn Bicycle Club)
13 Doug Gray (FSVS)
14 David Nesbitt (GS Lancaster)
15 Dan Stockard (Red Glare)
16 Scott Kutz (FCV)
17 Doug Long (Red Glare)

Mt Holly-Smithville Invitational Grand Prix

August 11, 2001

By Kenneth Mills
Click for larger image
Last year's winner
Roosevelt Marte (Toga-/CRCA).

The third annual Mt Holly-Smithville Invitational GP saw the best field to date, as the east coast's top amateur teams competed for the US$6,000 prizelist of the 96 mile event. The field included newly crowned Under 23 US National Champion Mike Friedman (UPMC), 1999 Univest champion Alex Lavalle (Kissena), Tim Unkert - 3rd at the US National Elite road race (Capital Velo Club), Jon Wirsing - 2nd place at the 2001 tour of Somerville (Snow Valley) and Greg Sieniewicz (Ready Pac-Knapp) - the 2nd highest placed Under 23 rider at the recent Tour of Altoona.

The course, which ran through Mt Holly, Eastampton, Westampton, Springfield and 30 mph. Several breakaways formed but never gained more than a few seconds on the field, as the stronger teams controlled the race, hoping for their sprinters to claim the victory when the end became closer.

Click for larger image
The pack enters Mt. Holly.

As the race drew down to two remaining laps, a small group of 12 riders broke from the group, gaining a lead of almost 40 seconds on the hard charging field. Several of the riders in the break refused to work, as they were covering the break for their designated sprinters. In the field, Wilson Vasquez (G.S. Mengoni) had flatted, forcing four of his team mates to drop back from the main field and wait for his wheel change. As the foursome headed through the start/finish area they were around one minute behind the group, with the break still hovering at around 25 seconds further in front. A hard struggle saw the foursome finally rejoin the pack after a one lap chase. By then, the field started to close on the breakaway, due to the work of several teams pushing to the front to lead the charge (mostly G.S. Mengoni, Excite-Smartfuel and Wheelworks-Cannondale).

As the breakaway entered a narrow section of road surrounded by a small wooded area, the lead was down to around 15 seconds. Alex Lavalle (Kissena) chose this time to attack the breakaway group, with only Tim Unkert (Capital Velo club) able to respond and keep with Lavalle, not wanting to lose sight of him now that less than three miles remained. As the charging field started to make contact with the remains of the breakaway group, a large crash took more than 40 riders down in the same narrow wooded section. Most of the riders sustained the usual slight road rash, except for one rider, Ken Walsh (I.C.E-Target), who was transported to the local hospital for observation on a possible broken collar bone and deep facial lacerations.

Click for larger image
Alex Lavallee (Kissena) celebrates his win.

Lavalle was able to open a gap on Unkert as they climbed the small hill that stood between them and the finish line, cruising to a four second victory over Unkert. 15 seconds later the 3rd place podium spot was taken by Vasquez, who gave the crowd a huge victory salute. Disapointment must have hit Vasquez hard, as in the confusion of the last three miles, he thought the entire break had been caught, not knowing that two riders had slipped off the front of the original breakaway.

Lavalle, who had signed a contract to ride with the division III Noble House team (which never materialised) for 2001, is hoping that this will improve his chances to obtain another offer to race as a professional next season.

Results - 96 mile road race

1 Alex Lavalle (Kissena Cycling Team)          3.22.07
2 Tim Unkert (Capital Velo Club)               3.22.11
3 Wilson Vasquez (G. S. Mengoni)               3.22.26
4 Rainiel Sanchez (Snow Valley)
5 Shawn Milne (Cannondale-Wheelworks) 
6 Stephan Kincaid (Bicycle Therapy) 
7 Ken Vida (Ready Pac-Knapp's) 
8 Roosevelt Marte (Toga-/CRCA) 
9 Brian Moroney Lateral Stress Velo-Trek 
10 Conor Hurley (Trek-VW-Goodales) 
11 John Verheul (Ideal Tile-Brielle Cyclery) 
12 Jon Wirsing (Snow Valley) 
13 Eric Min ( Renaissance)
14 Eneas Fryre Kissena Cycling Team)
15 Brian Pinkham (Cannondale-Wheelworks)
16 Chris Peck (Cannondale-Wheelworks)
17 Mynor Pineda (Toga-CRCA)
18 Ted Inoue (I.C.E. Target)
19 Curt Davis (Cannondale-Wheelworks)
20 Dave Black (EnzymaticTherapy-Carrera) 
21 Josh Davison ( Renaissance)
22 Sergio Rolando(Toga-CRCA) 
23 Jonathan Page(Cannondale-Wheelworks) 
24 Greg Sienewicz (Ready Pac-Knapp's) 
25 Dave Margolin (Team Colavita/MBS)           3.22.38
Sprint race results
1 Kyle Wamsley (BiKyle Flyers)                 17 points
2 Todd Herriott (SBCG-CRCA)                    16
3 Joe Papp (UPMC)                              15

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