Results and Reports for April 27-29, 2001

USA - Road

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Coggins Park Criterium
Xcelerate Twilight Criterium
First Charter Criterium
Binghampton Circuit Race

Coggins Park Criterium

Athens, GA, April 29,2001

By Jason Waddell

This criterium the day after two very hard days of racing is a chance for guys to get some extra racing in and to earn some of the $5,000 dollars cash on offer for today before going home. The racers that lined up were basically the same as the two previous days except that Team Saturn was not in attendance.

The course was a 1km square that was basically half uphill and half downhill. This led to MANY attacks on the uphill section only to be reabsorbed on the downhill section.

There was not one breakaway during the 60 minute race that gained over 15 seconds. The slingshot effect of the downhill section made it possible for guys to close gaps very fast and the teams in attendance were very aware of the make-up of each group.

On the last lap with NetZero and 7UP/Colorado Cyclist having their respective trains set up to lead out their sprinters. Franky Van Haesebrouke (Navigators) jumped from about 10th position halfway up the hill only to Jason Waddell ( glued to his wheel. The two overtook the leadout trains of NetZero and 7UP/CC with two turns to go. Van Haesebrouke (Navigators) led the sprint out of the last turn with 200meters to go and Waddell (MB) swung out to pull even with him and won by over a bike length at the finish.

All in all it was a good weekend of racing that I am very satisfied with. I now have a little break before my next National Calendar race which will be the Tour of Somerville in New Jersey on May 28. Thanks to all that have spoken to me and to those that have written to me with words of encouragement, this win today is dedicated to you.


1 Jason Waddell (         1.09.39 
2 Franky Van Haesebrouke (Navigators) 
3 Charles Dionne (7UP/Colorado Cyclist) 
4 Oscar Pineda (7UP/CC) 
5 Joel Chavez (Cyclescience) 
6 Frank Pipp (CZ Velo) 
7 Jesse Lawler (Zaxby's) 
8 Chris Frederick (Jamis/Access Health Care) 
9 Patrick McLoughlin (Defeet/Lemond) 
10 Hilton Clarke (NetZero) 
11 Joe Miller ( 
12 Dan Larson (Cyclescience) 
13 Randy Dreyer (CaneCreek/Subaru) 
14 Alex Palencia (Mercy Fitness) 
15 Adham Sbeih (Navigators) 
16 Emile Abraham ( 
17 Ryan Barnett ( 
18 Glen Mitchell ( 
19 Tim Henry (Zaxby's espoir) 
20 Kevin Miller (YMCA/Sun & Ski) 
21 Rory McAdams (Supplement Watch) 
22 Darren Pipp (CZ Velo) 
23 Chris Knetsche (Earthfare) 
24 Daniel Holt (Ringling Bicycles) 
25 Wambold Torsten (V C Frankfurt) 

Results and Report courtesy of Jason Waddell 

Xcelerate Twilight Criterium

Athens, GA, April 28, 2001


By Jason Waddell

I am sitting in my hotel room writing this report with a ice pack on my neck and a head that is still spinning. The race was crazy and I am still amazed that I survived to write this short report. We started an hour and a half late (10:00 pm) and the crowd for this year's race was the largest that I have seen. The crowd was at least 5 people deep for the entire 1 km four-turn course.

The pace was high from the start and only 5 laps into the race a huge crash happened and split the 220 rider field. Only about 30 guys made the front group and the rest of the field chased to no end. 8 got away from the front group and lapped the second pack with 30 laps of the 60 lap race remaining. The second pack then caught the lead pack and the race was on for 9th.

The were WAY too many freaking crashes to mention. I saw guy stacking it hard and escaped injury more times than I care to remember. But, I did not escape unscathed as with 10 laps to go I was pushed into the outside hay bales in the first turn, only to keep it upright before some guy layed it down in the second turn right in front of me. I went head first into the concrete and my fall and slide were then stopped by the friendly metal barriers!

Dazed and confused but upright I made it to the pits to take my free lap and rejoin the race. I got back in and proceeded to move up as fast as possible. With 1 lap to go Derek Brouchard Hall (Mercury) and some other riders crashed in the first turn and I think that Hall's head was what hit my foot as I barely missed that crash.

After the race the announcers reported that the last lap was the fastest of the night with a 1:02 lap time that equaled a 36mph average. That is flat-out hauling on this tight course.

Graeme Miller(NetZero) was the winner and I finished with all parts of my body intact at 15th. I believe that only 40 or so riders actually finshed the race on the lead lap, that means we were hauling...

Women's report

The 35-lap race featured one attack after another with the team defiantly resisting the same fate they suffered in Austin. Saturn battled it out with them, placing riders in every break, but it was a stalemate between the two teams and it came back together for a bunch sprint.

Saturn led with 5 laps to go, setting things up for sprinters Anna Millward and Ina Teutenberg. A late attack by Autotrader’s Suzy Pryde nearly made for an upset, but Suzanne Sonye and Kristy Scrymgeour worked hard for Saturn to bring the New Zealander back.

Millward led out from the final corner with Teutenberg on her wheel, and that's the way it stayed until the finish. TalgoAmerica’s Laura Van Gilder was third.


1 Graeme Miller (NZl) Net Zero
2 Trent Klasma (USA) Saturn
3 Kevin Monahan (USA) 7-Up Colorado Cyclist
4 John Lieswyn (USA) 7-Up Colorado Cyclist
1 Anna Millward (Aus) Saturn
2 Ina Teutenberg (Ger) Saturn
3 Laura Van Gilder (USA) TalgoAmerica 
4 Tina Mayolo (USA) 
5 Jenny Eyerman (USA)
6 Christina Underwood (USA)
7 Karen Spore (USA) jane Cosmetics
8 Andrea Smessart (USA) Trek 
9 Sarah Ulmer (NZl) 
10 Becky Cozzellman (USA)

First Charter Criterium

Shelby, NC, 27 April, 2001


By Jason Waddell

This is one of the richest criteriums in the US and it is also part of the National Calendar series. The weather in Shelby for the race was the best I have seen in 4 years with 80 deg F and a light breeze it was a great night for racing.

With National Calendar points on the line all the pro teams and many amateur racers were eager to get their share of the $17,500 prize list. The race began at 5:30pm with the pace high and with 8 turns on the 1 mile course the riders were nervous as always with a couple of narrow roads and a fast course.

At approximately 20 minutes into the race, after many failed attacks, Glen Mitchell (Navigators) and Eric Wolberg (Saturn) established a 30-45 second gap which they held for the next 45 minutes. With the many primes on offer, the two escapees raked in the cash.

Once the two riders were caught, the attacks came from every team and no break really got a significant gap to the field. This race has only finished in a breakaway once in seven years.

With around 8 laps to go, a break of 7 containing every team but Prime Alliance got a gap and no team was chasing. But, the field was not giving up and with three laps to go, defending champion Jonas Carney (Prime Alliance) crashed directly in front of me and I slipped back to around 25th place. There were many crashes in this year's race which is very uncharacteristic for this Pro/1 race.

Three riders from the breakaway attacked on the last lap and managed to hold off the field to fight for the win themselves. Jamie Paolinetti (NetZero) got the win with Matt DeCanio (Saturn) and Todd Littlehales (Navigators) finishing just meters in front of the hard charging field.

Tomorrow night is the Athens Twilight Criterium.

Results - 82 km

1 Jamie Paolinetti (USA) Netzero                   1.43.21 (47.6 km/h)
2 Matt DeCanio (USA) Saturn                           0.02
3 Todd Littlehales (USA) Navigators                   0.03
4 Franky Van Haesebroucke (Bel)Navigators             0.05
5 Matt Yates (USA) Netzero
6 Graeme Miller (NZl) Netzero
7 John Lieswyn (USA) 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist 
8 Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury/Viatel
9 Juan Pineda (Gua) 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist
10 Jason Waddell (USA)
11 Jon Wirsing (USA) Snow Valley
12 Roberto Gaggioli (ITA) DeFeet/LeMond
13 Jim Baldesare (USA) Gomart
14 Rainiel Sanchez (USA) Snow Valley
15 Charles Dionne (USA) 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist
16 Shawn Willard (USA) DeFeet/LeMond
17 Kirk O'Bee (USA) Navigators
18 Chris Frederick (USA) Jamis/Access Health Care
19 Alex Candelario (USA) THF Racing
20 Oscar Pineda (Gua) 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist
Clevelind Eye Clinic Pole Position Challenge (1-lap pre-race Time Trial)
1 Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury/Viatel (51.2 km/h)
2 Marty Nothstein (USA) Mercury/Viatel                 0.01.0
3 Erin Hartwell (USA) Saturn                           0.01.7
4 Andrew Broas (USA) Reality Bikes                     0.02.5
5 Ryan Miller (USA) Prime Alliance                     0.03.2

Results courtesy of Tom English

Binghampton Circuit Race

Hosted by Tioga Velo Club, Binghampton, NY 29, April, 2001


Cat 1-2-3 Men- Central NY Men A Series (19 starters)
1 Andy Ruiz (GMBC)
2 Ian Beilby (CBRC)
3 Mitch James (TVC)
4 Tim Tobbe (FLCC)
5 Hans Strusser (Queen City)
6 Glenn Swan (CTS/Velocity)
7 Jim Holmes (Cannondale)
8 Peter Ozolins (Chris Cookies)
9 Chris Harnish (Shirks)
10 Nick Suozzo (CNYC)
11 Stephen Simpson (CTS/Velocity)
Cat 3-4-5 Men- Central NY Men B Series (47 starters)
1 Derek Walsh (CBRC)
2 Shep Meyers (HVCC)
3 Ian Beilby (CBRC)
4 Tim Bingham (OCC)
5 Chris Tidd (GVCC)
6 Andrew Diekema (OCC)
7 Matthew Latyszonek (Colarita)
8 ??
9 Jon Furminger (TVC)
10 Duncan Calloway (FLCC)
11 Michael Swanick (FLCC)
Cat 4-5 Men (45 starters)
1 Steve Krisko (TVC)
2 Chris Tidd (GVCC)
3 Thomas Heiland (unatt)
4 Michael Spaesens (SBRT)
5 Andrew Diekema (OCC)
6 Erik Schmidt (unatt),
7 Jon Furminger (TVC)
8 Leonardo Trolio (Lehigh V)
9 Tony Rotter (OCC),
10 Donal Fitterer (FLCC)
11 Mark Rishniw (FLCC)
12 Jeff Poulin (TVC)
Cat 4 Women- Garden State Women's Developmental Cycling Series (10 starters)
1 Meredith Fowler (FLCC)
2 Theresa Coricchio (SBRT)
3 Laura Carlson (CC Evesham)
4 Eileen Fanning (CC Evesham)
5 Madeleine Cozine (CC Evesham)
6 Laura Gelety (SBRT)
7 Gina Calogero (TVC)
8 Carol Peeling (TVC)
9 Chelsea Reynolds (TVC)
10 Karen Holm (TVC)
Open Women (9 starters)
1 Pamela Mudar (BBC)
2 Theresa Caricchio (CBRC)
3 Margaret Thompson (MVCC)
4 Terrie Kingsbury (BHV)
5 Gina Calogero (TVC)
6 Karen Holm (TVC)
7 Dawn Fox (TVC)
7 Jackie Hendrickson (TVC)
DNF Michelle Costello (CNYC)
Juniors (5 starters)
1 Ben Webster (TVC)
2 Garrett Kruser (CYNC)
3 Josh Benson (MVBC)
4 Ashlee Armstong (FCCC)
5 Brian Thomas (unatt)
Masters 35+ Men (25 starters)
1 Andy Ruiz (GMBC)
2 AD Stabel (CNYC)
3 Steve Krisko (TVC)
4 Dennis Williams (OCC)
5 Tim Huneck (CBRC)
6 Richard Karaz (MVBC)
7 Kevin Duddy (CCE/Knapps)
8 Thomas Morris (CNYC)
9 Steven Simpson (CTS/Velocity)