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83rd Giro d'Italia - GT

Italy, May 13 - June 4, 2000

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Stage 11 - May 24: Lignano to Bibione, (ITT) 42 km

Complete Live Report

15.45 CET - Welcome to the eleventh stage, an ITT from Lignano to Bibione, 42 kms. For the time being two riders share the lead. Alvaro Gonzalez de Galdeano (Vitalicio) and Andrea peron (Fassa Bortolo). Time 50.57.

Most of the riders have started. We have seen Marco Pantani (Mercatone Uno) been overtaken by Tomasz Broszyna (Banesto). And we have seen Serhiy Gontchar (Liquigas) start. One of the best TT riders in the world with several World Championship medals. He is 3.48 behind Casagrande (Vini Caldirola) in the overall classification. He will be closer after this stage, he could take a couple of minutes. Another rider who will be closer is Paolo Savoldelli (Saeco). Before the start it was 3.38.

16.00 CET - Fincato (Fassa Bortolo) comes in at 52.51, which gives him 12th place so far.

Some top times right now: Peron 50.57, Gonzales 50.57, Dekker 51.41, Ivanov 52.12 when Brozyna comes in at 52.07, fourth so far. Pantani gets 56.11 . On the road Gontchar has taken over Santi Blanco (Vitalicio).

16.15 CET - When Casagrande leaves the starting platform Pena (Vitalicio) comes in on a sensational 49.25, and now it's Gontchar coming in as second at 50.31, a minute behind! Peņa is a good TT rider, but this is sensational.

16.25 CET - There are no official intermediate times coming but Hruska (Vitalicio) is reported to be going fast. Di Luca is also a good TT rider and he has only 51 seconds up to Casagrande. More times: Jan Hruska (Vitalicio) at 49.36, seven seconds behind his Colombian team mate. Rubiera has done 51.45 and Rebellin a more human 52.28.

16.30 CET - Savoldelli is coming in at a disappointing 53.30, good night "Falcone". The top rider are on their way now. Buenahora and Merckx will be the next but it is Pavel Tonkov that people are waiting for. Casagrande looks good on the road while Buenahora gets 52.32 barely beaten by Rebellin and Blanco.

16.40 CET - Tomnov is reported to be fast on the road but 50 minutes seem impossible according to his time when 9 kms remain. At the turning point, a bit more than half ways Danilo di Luca had 27 minutes and Casagrande has lost time, half a minute and there is another 21 to di Luca. Gotti gets a very good time for him at 52.21.

16.45 CET - The top contenders are coming in now. Simoni beaten by Gotti: At 52.48 is under control. Wladimir Belli gets 51.21, a minute ahead of Gotti. Tonkov comes now but far to late for the stage win, it's Belli-speed, or rather a little more: 51.17.

16.57 CET - Garzelli coming in below 52 minutes, it's 51.40, Noé 52.07.

17.00 CET - Casagrande now seems to have struck back and hasn't lost to di Luca any more according to unofficial reports. Di Luca will be over 52 seconds and will be passed by Belli and Tonkov. He is a little bit faster than Gotti: 52.16. And here comes Francesco Casagrande who had 1.47 to Tonkov this morning. But Casagrande will get almost 53 mins. He fights for the the leader's jersey with Belli and keeps it by four seconds with 52.57.


1. Pena             49.29
2. Hruska           49.36
3. Gontchar         50.31

4. Gonzalez         50.57
5. Peron            50.57

6. Tonkov           51.17

Belli            51.21
Garzelli         51.40
Noé              52.07      
di Luca          52.16                    
Gotti            52.21
Simoni           52.48
Casagrande       52.57

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