17th Hewlett Packard LaserJet International Women's Challenge - 2.9.1

USA, June 8- 18, 2000

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Stage 7 - June 14: Twin Falls - Glenns Ferry Road Race, 76.7 mi/125 km

Anna Wilson's report

Today we raced 125kms, with a strong headwind all day. There were a lot of attacks and small groups forming but no one ever found the right combination that would work together. So we hit the last 3 kms all together when Sarah Ulmer took off and set about pursuiting to the finish line. She was very impressive out there, as many teams combined to try and pull her back. It was only in the last 100 metres that the fast finishing trio of Petra Rossner, Katia Longhin and Ina Teutenberg flew past Sarah. Victory was so close and yet so far!! So Saturn got another stage win with Petra and the general classification remained unchanged.

Karen Kurreck's report

The day started today by donating 3 vials of blood in the name of science. There is a test for EPO being developed Australia and before it can be used, they need more sample data, especially from elite athletes during competition. The head scientist is here and 30 English speaking riders have volunteered to be a part of the study. They analyze 3 samples: 1 at the beginning, 1 near the middle and 1 at the end of the race.

As for the race, it was another day of headwinds and almost 4 hours in the saddle. Today it was also hot for the first time in the race. There were numerous attacks starting after only the first few miles. After yesterday, I wanted to make sure we didn't miss out again so I tried to cover everything I could. I also attacked a few times myself. I was in a couple of very short lived breaks, but nothing ever stuck. After the initial flurry of attacks, Heather Cole (Jane's Cosmetics) snuck away solo and suddenly everyone sat up. SHe had a gap of close to 2 min. at the bottom of the first climb (the same climb we finished on yesterday) but was gobbled up by the Longo-led pack by the top. Longo has the mountain jersey and since she doesn't like sprints, she just attacks right at the bottom of of every climb and rides everyone but Ziliute and 1 or 2 others off her wheel by the top. The rest of the race, she sits in the back.

The field shattered on both the climbs, but nobody seemed to want to keep going in the front group so things came back together again. Tracey Gaudry and an 800.com rider were away together for a few km around mile 50, but Schwab brought them back before the hotspot sprint for Nicole Freedman who is going for that jersey.

There were many more attacks in the last 20km and Lara and I covered everything we could but Saturn wanted the field together both to protect Anna's 2nd place on GC and for Petra to win the stage. Lithuania was also covering everything and sitting on so we were all together in the end. Sarah Ullmer made a good attack with a bit over 1km to go and got a gap, but Saturn brought her back and Petra won the sprint over Katja Longhin and Ina Teutenberg. I ended up 8th.

Karen's report courtesy of racereport@vcnet.com