US Espoirs Championships - CN

New York, USA, June 16-18, 2000

Event List

  • Day 1 - June 16: Individual Time Trial, 40 km/25 mi
  • Day 2 - June 18: Men's Road Race, 188 km/117 mi


By John Alsedek, correspondent

The town of St. George is the seat of government for Staten Island (total population of about 400,000). It is located three miles southwest of Manhattan, and is actually part of New York City proper. It's an ethnically diverse area- one local elementary school includes students from fifty-one different nations!- that is undergoing a renaissance, as Victorian homes built on the terraces of a Revolutionary War fort are being joined by a variety of new structures. The Staten Island Yankees, a minor league ballclub, have a new stadium under construction, while the $200 million St. George Station Complex will eventually include an arts & sciences center and major improvements to the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

While this is the first time that Staten Island has hosted a national-level cycling event, there was a precursor of sorts in the Tour of St. George, a criterium conducted during the mid-1990's by John Luisi, who was instrumental in bringing the U-23 Nationals to Staten Island. The race included some of the same neighborhoods that Sunday's road race will be held on, including the soon-to-be famous 'Wall Street Wall'.

Day 1 - June 16: Individual Time Trial, 40 km/25 mi

Battling a strong outbound headwind and warm, muggy conditions, David Zabriskie (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist) showed why he is considered one of America's brightest young stars as he blitzed the opposition to win today's U-23 National Time Trial Championship. Contested on a six-mile out-and-back stretch of highway on the southern end of Staten Island, Zabriskie used his European garnered fitness (he just returned from a six-week National Team trip to the Continent) to take ninety seconds out of teammate Michael Creed....and at least three minutes out of everyone else

Said Zabriskie afterwards, "I was getting a little tired at the end of the European trip, but, as soon as I hit American soil, I felt re-energized." Using a 56x16 gear on the outward legs, which were both into a headwind and slightly uphill, Zabriskie switched to a 12-cog on the way back, reaching speeds approaching 40 miles per hour on the straight roads: "As far as I'm concerned, all time trials should be held on freeways!", enthused the Utah native. Brandon Lovich (DeFeet/LeMond), Michael Luther (Knapps/Redpac), and Brad Buccamboso (Nutra Fig) rounded out the top five.

The Men's U-23 Nationals continue Sunday with the 117-mile Road Race in the town of St. George.


1 Dave Zabriskie (7up/Colorado Cyclist)              54.03    (44.40 km/h)
2 Michael Creed (7up/Colorado Cyclist)                1.31.464
3 Brandon Lovick (Defeet Lemond)                      3.01.641
4 Michael Luther (Knapps-Readypac)                    3.06.012
5 Brad Buccambuso (Nutra-Fig)                         3.28.851
6 Ryan Miller (Nutra-Fig)                             3.33.243
7 Josh Thornton (Ccb-Volkswagen)                      3.43.576
8 Dallas Burnum (River City Racing Club)              3.55.161
9 Rusty Beall (Wizards Of The Coast)                  4.00.696
10 Ryan Lane (Net. Zero)                              4.28.063
11 Brian Fagan (Mercy Cycling Team)                   4.30.338
12 Phil Zajicek (Mercury)                             4.52.158
13 David Wenger (Shaklee/Marin)                       4.59.163
14 Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team)                   5.01.422
15 Marc Lanove (Richars Sachs/Cybc)                   5.15.722
16 Michael Norton (Navigators)                        5.22.016
17 Bradley Saul (Porterfield Tire)                    5.34.500
18 Dale Suttle (Mercy Cycling Team)                   5.35.836
19 Michael Kehrberg (Team  Tortuga)                   5.42.737
20 Chad Hartley (Cbike.Com)                           5.46.290
21 Aaron Olson (Nutra-Fig)                            5.47.749
22 John Matthews (River City Racing Club)             5.56.741
23 Eric Walters (Cbike.Com)                           6.07.950
24 Ian Dille (Richardson Bike Mart)                   6.18.312
25 John Osguthorpe (Rhodes)                           6.50.073
26 Joseph Alachoyan (Breakaway Couriers/CRCA)         7.04.892
27 Rad Cunningham (Broadmark Capital)                 7.10.571
28 Adam Bergman (Atomicliving/Croll T)                7.20.498
29 Phillip Briggs (Chatahoochee Cycling)              7.21.774
30 Scott Alexander (Broadmark Capital)                7.42.458
31 Jacob Fetty (Go-Mart/West Virgini)                 7.50.996
32 Alistair Sponsel (Ciclismo Sa)                     7.57.353
33 Jeff Pink (Chippers Cycling Team)                  7.59.430
34 Erik Sperling (Broadmark Capital)                  8.06.563
35 Tom Crawford (Broadmark Capital)                   8.08.579
36 Tom Nelson (Broadmark Capital)                     8.08.854
37 Earendel Fingerson (City Scape/Higher Gear)        8.10.801
38 Szymon Niemotko (Somerset Wheelmen)                8.15.378
39 Peter Baker (Ridgefield Bank/Fior)                 8.27.279
40 Jason Baer (Breakaway-CRCA)                        8.27.461
41 James Wilson (Outspokin)                           8.55.785
42 Joseph Miller (Tokyo Joe's/Daytona)                9.17.982
43 Boyd Johnson (Necsa/Fraysse)                       9.27.235
44 Andrew Crater (Breakaway Courier CRCA)             9.34.790
45 Ryan Nenninger (Cbike.Com)                         9.44.968
46 Jacob Stechmann (Grand Performance/Sp)            10.06.828
47 Frank Dierking (Great Dane Velo Club)             11.12.030
48 Jason Schneider (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cycler)       13.19.289
49 Douglas Gowen (Breakaway/CRCA)                    13.20.563
50 Michael Todrin (Demerspurters)                    13.27.514
51 Jason Fernschuss (Uc Santa Cruz)                  41.24.247

Day 2 - June 18: Men's Road Race, 188 km/117 mi

Jones wins first ever U23 National Road Race

By John Alsedek, correspondent

Sunday was a day of firsts all around in U.S. cycling. The U.S.C.F. held its first National Road Race specifically for riders between the ages of 19 and 22. Staten Island hosted its first national-caliber cycling event, and Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team), a strong track rider who had previously taken gold in the team pursuit, won his first national road title out of the junior ranks.

The weather may have been cold and wet, but the pace was hot from the starting gun, as the N.Y.C.-based Breakaway Courier team launched several short-lived attacks. Combined with the slick roads and a rash of flats that would keep neutral support working overtime all day, the field was quickly whittled down to about 60 riders. At around the 30-mile mark, the first serious break of the day had formed: the trio of Jed Schrober (Team Red Glare), Erik Sperling (Broadmark Capital), and Dale Suttle (Mercy Cycling Team) quickly picked up a minute on the rapidly-disintegrating field. It wasn't long before they were joined by five other riders, including time trial silver medalist Michael Creed (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist).

However, despite the added horsepower, the group was unable to stretch its lead much beyond sixty seconds. Therefore Creed took matters into his own hands, attacking on the short but steep 'Wall Street Wall'....and only Net Zero's Ryan Lane was able to follow. At that point, their advantage began to climb steadily up to a maximum of 2:40 over the pack on the 11th of 16 laps, as Creed's teammate Dave Zabriskie covered the front of the field. But then the chase started.

With the likes of Espoirs National Team riders Josh Thornton (CCB/Volkswagen) and Phil Zajicek (Mercury Jets) driving the pursuit, Creed & Lane's advantage dropped quickly, till, midway through the 13th lap, a powerful five-man chase group left the field and bridged across to the leaders, forming a new leading break of seven that looked to be 'the move' - particularly when they were joined by another Espoir National Team member, Aaron Olson (Nutra Fig), who linked with them after a grueling solo chase. With just nine miles to go, the stage was set for an exciting finale.

Going into the final ascent of the 'Wall Street Wall', there were sporadic attacks among the leaders, but nothing that stuck, until Jones launched himself off the front with only a mile remaining. The rest of the group hesitated, and that was all that it took, as Jones, who had been a driving force in the break, was able to hold off a fast-closing Creed and Olson for the victory. It was a great win for Jones and Mercy Cycling, which is actually debating turning pro next season.

It was also a success that came as no surprise to National Team coach Danny Van Haute: "When I saw who was in the group, I thought that it would be between Brice Jones and Donny Lopez (Wheelworks/Cannondale). In either case, it's an indication of how well our young riders are developing." And with more events like the U-23 Nationals, that development should continue.

Doug Sheppard's report

Sunday, Father's Day, here under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty, brought rather damp conditions for the Espoirs National Road Race Championships. However, it would be Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team) who would deliver his father a special present this day, narrowly beating one of the favorites, Michael Creed (7Up-Colorado Cyclist), in a six-man sprint. Creed, who took silver in the Friday time-trial, along with fifth-place finisher, Ryan Lane (Net. Zero), would be reeled in towards the thirteenth of the sixteen laps, only after having relinquished three-plus minutes and 60km out in front.

Creed and Lane's break benefited from the obvious weather conditions that spurned numerous flats, a field ending with one of three starting and Creed's lone teammate, David Zabriskie, willing to cover numerous breaks back in the pack. With three to go, the break swelled to eight including Brad Buccambuso (Nutra-Fig), Andrew Crater (Breakaway Courier), Donny Lopez (Wheelworks-Cannondale), Josh Thornton (CCB-Volkswagen), Lane, Creed, Jones, Buccambuso's teammate, Aaron Olson. Strength in numbers played no part today as Buccambuso, along with Crater would finish at 0.18. The local boy, Lopez, hoping it would be his day, had to settle for sixth.

Report courtesy of Doug Sheppard, who will supply some photos from the race.


1 Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team)                    4.38.25 (40.51 km/h)
2 Michael Creed (7up/Colorado Cyclists)
3 Aaron Olson (Nutra-Fig)
4 Josh Thornton (Ccb-Volkswagen)
5 Ryan Lane (Net. Zero)
6 Donny Lopez (Wheelworks.Connondale)
7 Andrew Crater (Breakaway Courier CRCA)                 0.18
8 Brad Buccambuso (Nutra-Fig)
9 Jonathan Erdelyi (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cycler)           1.26
10 Brian Fagan (Mercy Cycling Team)
11 Scott Alexander (Broadmark Capital)
12 Adam Bergman (Atomicliving/Croll Team)
13 Bradley Saul (Porterfield Tire)                       1.32
14 Tom Crawford (Broadmark Capital)                      1.43
15 Ryan Nenninger (Cbike.Com)                            2.07
16 Andrew Elstein (Main Line Cycling Club)               2.09
17 Phillip Briggs (Chatahoochee Cycling)                 2.12
18 Jason Schneider (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cycler)
19 Earendel Fingerson (City Scape/Higher Gear)
20 Ryan Zook (Morris Trucking Velo)
21 James Wilson (Outspokin)
22 Peter Devore (GS Lombardis)
23 Rusty Beall (Wizards Of The Coast)
24 Greg Wolf (Ridgefield Bank/Osc)
25 Ben Jacques-Maynes (The Spokesman)
26 Zach Zimmerman (Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor)
27 Phil Zajicek (Mercury)                                2.16
28 Mike Zingaro (Cyclescience.Com)                       4.33
29 Jacob Rosenbarger (Knapp's-Ready Pac)
30 Alan Rigby (Tennessee Valley Bicycle Club)
31 Jason Fernschuss