Results and Reports for June 17-18


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Harlem Skyscraper Criterium
Columbia Plateau Stage Race
Wizards of the Coast Twilight Bicycle Race

Harlem Skyscraper Criterium

Harlem, N.Y.C., N.Y., June 18, 2000


Category Pro/1/2
1. Jeffrey Hopkins (Aus) Beartooth Investments            54.43.27
2. Graeme Miller (Nzl) Auckland Ctr
3. Roosevelt Marte (USA) Toga
4. Brian Walton (Can) Saturn
5. Troy Clarke (Aus) Beartooth Investments
6. Nathan Clarke (Aus) Beartooth Investments
7. Abraham Pollard (USA) unattached
8. Jerzy Wozniak (USA) Ideal Tile
9. Christian Young (USA) Brielle Cyclery
10. Benjamin Lindsay (Aus) Beartooth Investments

57 starters

Category 3/4 Men
1. David Osborne (USA) Artemis                           33.46.34
2. Aubrey Gordon (USA) Team Squiggle
3. German Estrada (USA) CRCA
4. James Joseph (USA) Team Squiggle
5. Raymond Thomas (USA) Island Racing
6. Frank Arroyo (USA) CRCA/Sony
7. Juan Pimentel (USA) CRCA
8. Ian Stanley (USA) UrbanFetch
9. Daniel Byrne (USA) CNC
10. Mark Hill (USA) Citius Fortium AHus

35 starters

Category Masters 30+
1. Peter Vollers (USA) GSM/Giant                         32.57.32
2. Steve Roszko, Jr. (USA) Northampton
3. Mausa Abuethman (USA) Cranford
4. Scott Mercer (USA) G.S. Mengoni
5. Wilson Vasquez (USA) G.S. Mengoni
6. Anthony Taylor (USA) Kissena
7. William Elliston (USA) Hill
8. James Joseph (USA) Team Squiggle
9. Carlos Rogers (USA) Hill
10. Aubrey Gordon (USA) Team Squiggle

34 riders

1. Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) New Zealand National Team    18.40.76
2. Tania Duff-Miller (NZl) Beartooth Investments
3. Elizabeth Varnai (USA) Somerset
4. Vicki Huffman (USA) UrbanFetch
5. Dana Walton (USA) VCB

12 riders

Columbia Plateau Stage Race

Portland, OR, June 9-11, 2000


By David Morgan

The Columbia Plateau Stage Race is one of the very few point-to-point stage races in the US. Riders love it for the remote, traffic-free roads and the down-home attitude. Promoted as a family affair by Mark Schwyhart and his wife Michelle Elligott, the race began with the simple idea that the Columbia Plateau is simply a superb place for bicycle riding - so why not start a race?

Gauging by the number and attitudes of the riders, it's a huge success. The most frequent comment was a reflection of the level of difficulty - as nearly every rider seemed to describe this event as "a race of attrition." Enthusiasm for the race in general was unanimous, and most were along the lines of this comment by Heinrich Wiebe of Nutra Fig.

"This race rocks! No traffic, great courses and competition - and it's point-to-point!"

With the full-scale support of the citizens and governments of the communities of Ione, Heppner and Fossil, the race has become a reality. And, after six years, it has grown to a regional classic - and could become even more.

The race starts in Heppner, about 3 hours east of Portland, south of I-84. It draws many racers from not only Oregon and Washington, but Canada, Montana and Idaho. Most who ride it once ride it again - and come back with friends!

The race circles north from Heppner to Ione, then southwest to Fossil before returning back up to Heppner. A baggage truck carries the racers' gear, and the riders camp either on school grounds or sleep in school gymnasiums. Meals and accommodations, including showers, are included in the entry fee. Riders can opt to arrange for these amenities on their own, but these remote communities are not set up for much tourism.

The experience of the race is warm and friendly. The small farming communities turn out in force to help with the overall race logistics and help cook up large home-style meals for the hungry riders and volunteers.

With outstanding competition, great roads, scenery and topography, the Columbia Plateau Stage Race should continue to grow in popularity. It's unique, challenging and fun.

Racers can check for more information or write to the promoter: Mark Schwyhart, Columbia Plateau Stage Race, 4425 SE Woodward Street, Portland, OR 97206

Dahlberg's strength holds out and strategy pays off

By David Morgan
The break
Photo: © David Morgan

HEPPNER, or Nathan Dahlberg gave it everything he had, and it turned out to be just enough. Going into the fourth and final stage of the Columbia Plateau Stage Race, with just under two minutes on Ron Schmeer, he knew it wasn't a done deal. Dahlberg, the cagey pro from New Zealand, was riding alone. Schmeer, the Northwest's favorite, had his Nutra Fig squad. Each would have to face 85 more miles of steep climbs, unpredictable weather and harsh headwinds before a winner could be decided.

This point-to-point race, with three days and four stages of racing, courses through some of the finest cycling terrain in Oregon - or anywhere, for that matter. Remote, absent of traffic and undeniably challenging, the broad and exposed ridges, forested passes and extremes of weather make this mix of wheatfields and the Wild West a superb setting for serious bicycle racing. It brings out the best in competitors.

And it brings in plenty of riders - approaching 300 Pro, Cat 1/2, 3/4, Masters and Women racers - from all over the Northwest and Canada for this Friday through Sunday race (June 9-11). Most have been here before. Schmeer won it in 1999 and 1997.

Muffy Roy, after winning the Women's title this year said, "This is my favorite race! It's got to be one of the best races around - and for sure in the Northwest. This one is great because it's point-to-point. And the topography, it's phenomenal!"

The race began in Heppner, Oregon on Friday, June 9 with the Heppner Road Race, a relative warm-up course of 74 miles for the Pro & 1/2's and 55 miles for the 3/4's, Masters and Women. Both the men's and women's fields cruised this first day and finished with large pack sprints. With no time bonuses, large knots of riders from each class crowded the standings.

Saturday morning's three-mile Rietmann Time Trial proved to be the pivotal stage in the women's race, as Muffy Roy (KMX/Sunnyside Sports) opened a 12-second lead on Sara Neil (Trek/Volkswagen) and Lisa Magness (Hutch's Bicycles). Ron Schmeer and Min Van Velson (Trek/Volkswagen) finished in 5:29 to edge Dahlberg (5th) by 11 seconds. Jamul Hahn (Nutra Fig) placed second at 5:32 and Peter Devore (GS Lombardis) finished at 5:36 for fourth place.

After the uphill time trial, the afternoon's Ione Road Race promised to challenge racers on the long and winding road to Fossil. Fickle weather cooked up some serious winds to go along with alternating hot sun and cooler, cloudy conditions.

The Pro's and 1/2's, climbing and descended through massive rolling ridges of wheat, battled an epic 83-mile rollercoaster course that shattered the field.

Stage winner Dahlberg described the race. "We raced right from the start. It wasn't easy at all - it's not fast it's just hard. When you're not going up or down, you've got the very strong winds on the tops...."
The feed
Photo: © David Morgan

After repeated attacks from all sides, Dahlberg and nine others went off the front for good at the 15 mile mark. The rest of the pack fought with each other and the terrain, and, by the time they had passed Condon, was in shambles. One group crashed on a downhill, and riders were strung out along the last 20 miles into Fossil.

Meanwhile, ahead on the same stretch, Schmeer attacked twice from the lead group before getting away on his third attempt. Heinrich Wiebe (Nutra Fig) was riding in the group lead group when Dahlberg made his move and showed the amazing strength that would eventually lead to his victory.

"Ronny was out front again and we weren't working together well to go after him. Dahlberg went to the front to pull and, instead of dropping back, rode to the left and just accelerated! It was so smooth and fast...we didn't even hear him shift. I couldn't believe how easy he made it look." said Wiebe.

Dahlberg, feeling strong and knowing he was behind after the time trial, chased down Schmeer. Riding together, they began to put time between themselves and the chase group. Sensing that Schmeer was tiring, Dahlberg, said "sorry, Mate, but I've to go..." and attacked on the final climb.

"He's a bit of a friend, but I was feeling good and I wanted to win - so I just put the hammer down. I needed some room, as I'm here all alone, but now I've got a pretty good buffer," said Dahlberg after winning the stage with a two minute margin over Schmeer.

Heinrich Wiebe and Svein Tuft (Trek/Volkswagen) placed third and fourth, with Brent Davis (Broadmark Capital) in fifth. All were more than three minutes back on the stage.

The women closed the stage with another pack finish, and the 12 second lead of Muffy Roy - a climbing specialist - was a sobering thought as the other women contemplated Sunday's two huge climbs on the route back to Heppner.

Sara Neil, winner of the stage, mother of two and, at 39, probably the most experienced woman in the field, summed it up. "...I've won all the points and everything except the time trial. There's not much I can do now. I didn't have a good TT. Muffy is a great climber."

The Fossil Road Race has each class racing the same 85-mile course leading back to Heppner. With 25 of the first 40 miles climbing 4,000 feet, this stage would be no leisurely Sunday ride.
Riders trying to bridge
Photo: © David Morgan

In the Pro & 1/2 race, a group attacked immediately on the 8-mile, 1200 foot climb out of town. Schmeer and Dahlberg stayed together with the pack. But, according Peter Devore, Dahlberg immediately took control by jumping up the pace.

"We started off after the breakaway on the climb out of Fossil. It was amazing. Dahlberg did tempo all the way down the descent - and all along the flat section by the John Day River. Dahlberg was up there by himself towing the field along at 25 or 26 miles per hour!," said Devore.

Dahlberg's strategy and strength would prove to be the difference. Asked about it later, he said, "I wanted to keep the break within range, but I also wanted to keep a reasonable rhythm going, otherwise they'd all start attacking."

When the race turned north and began the brutal 2,800 foot climb to the pass, Dahlberg continued to push the pace, but Schmeer still began to attack. After four attempts he made a "massive" attack and was out in front alone, racing for the win.

"I knew Ron would try something. He took off on the big climb and I hoped he'd die by the end, but he didn't. I couldn't go any harder. By the end I was really struggling." said Dahlberg.

Dahlberg, with the help of Peter Devore, continued to keep the tempo up on the final two smaller climbs and kept Schmeer close enough.

Immediately after the race, Schmeer knew he was close but didn't make it. "My team rode really well, and I had a good day - I won the stage, but I don't think I was able to take back the overall from Nathan. Nathan's a great rider - he's done the Tour de France and the Giro, and I know what he's capable of. We did what we could, and it almost worked out. We sent a couple guys up the road and the plan was for them to get to the top and I'd bridge up. It didn't quite work out, but, that's racing," Schmeer said.

In the women's race, Muffy Roy nursed her lead from the Time Trial into victory, as the leaders finished together again.

"This has been my best finish here overall. The outcome came down to the time trial, as the ones in contention have otherwise finished together. I couldn't ask for a better race. And today, this was a great course to finish up with because it really tests your mettle," she said.

Sara Neil, who had seen it coming, was realistic, but positive about the race.

"I'm with a climber. On a really hilly course. On the last day. It just wasn't going to happen. There's no way. In hindsight, I guess I should have had a better time trial. I screwed up there. I wasn't really focused on it, I didn't think it was going to be that critical. I mean, I was a bit daft, really.

But, it's been a really good race for training, and I've had a good time. The whole event is really well-organized. It's nice the way all the people from these towns pull together; it's been a great experience."

Results - Final classification

Pro Men 1/2

1 Nathan Dahlberg (NZl) Village Peddler           10.28.47
2 Ron Schmeer (USA) Nutra Fig                         0.31
3 Peter Devore (USA) GS Lombardis                     3.13
4 Heinrich Wiebe (USA) Nutra Fig                      3.23
5 Brent Davis (USA) Broadmark Capital                 3.30
6 Maurice Torano (USA)                                3.48
7 Svein Tuft (USA) Trek/Volkswagen                    4.13
8 Chris McGovern (USA) Wizards of the Coast           5.02
9 Luke Mauritsen (USA) Shaklee                        9.39
10 Zachary Vestal (USA) Nutra Fig                    10.09
11 Bryce McCallum (USA) Trek/Volkswagen              12.34
12 James Allan (USA) ICO                             12.57
13 Michael Scherer (USA) Casper Wheelmen             14.12
14 Min Van Velson (USA) Trek/Volkswagen              15.31
15 Carl Decker (USA) Deschutes Brewery               15.50
16 Scott Alexander (USA) Broadmark Capital           16.43
17 John Grochau (USA) Wizards of the Coast           17.19
18 Craig DeMars (USA) Hutch's                        17.33
19 Bob Brady (USA) Hutch's                           18.17
20 Trevor Mays (USA) Pettit Oil                      18.39
21 Allan Prazky (USA) Giant/Powerbar                 18.57
22 Bruce Copeland (USA) Edmonton Road & Track        19.12
23 Tyler Farrar (USA) Saturn of Bellevue/Pazzo       19.19
24 Bill Fasano (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike         20.25
25 Rusty Beall (USA) Wizards of the Coast            22.59
26 Greg Canfield (USA) Hutch's of Bend               23.26
27 Richard McClung (USA) Broadmark Capital           23.54
28 August Schilling (USA) Torani/NW Velo             26.04
29 Glen Weissman (USA) Ti Cycles Racing              28.47
30 Ric Van den Akker (USA) Reno Wheelmen             31.39
31 Jay Murray (USA) Atomic Racing                    34.31
32 John Bravard (USA) Wizards of the Coast           37.48
33 Jamul Hahn (USA) Nutra Fig                        38.16
34 Randy Nordfors (USA) Saturn of Bellevue/Pazzo     40.56
35 Shane Savage (USA) Giant/Powerbar                 41.23
36 Tim Coffey (USA) Pazzo Velo/Saturn of Belle       43.03
37 Todd Stewart (USA)                                45.13
38 Kiefer Hahn (USA) Wizards of the Coast            45.17
39 Paul Roney (USA) Lake Washington Velo             45.20
40 Douglas Tobin (USA) Lactic Acid                   47.01
41 Graham Hill (USA) Logie Velo                      47.59
42 Tom Crawford (USA) Broadmark Capital              50.20
43 Robert Campbell (USA) Broadmark Capital           52.21
44 Mark Legg (NZl) Five Valley Velo                  52.36
45 Steve Westover (USA)                              56.59
46 Rad Cunningham (USA) Broadmark Capital            58.23
47 Jonathan Wornell (USA) Team Soliton             1.05.27
48 Craig Wilcox (USA) Wizards of the Coast         1.08.32
49 Brent Kirkpatrick (USA) Team Soliton            1.16.03
50 Brian Cavanaugh (USA) Lactic Acid               1.22.33
51 Jim Anderson (USA)                              1.42.03
52 Brian O'Neal (USA) Torani/NW Velo               2.13.56

Men Category 3/4

1 Tim Erickson (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi             10.56.50
2 Cameron Evans (USA) Escape Velocity                 0.05
3 Pete Vordenberg (USA) Ochsner                       0.07
4 Evan Elken (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike            0.18
5 Michael King (USA) Hutch's                          0.39
6 Thomas Liby (USA) George's                          2.00
7 Troy Tucker (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike           2.11
8 Tony McGettigan (USA) Boise Cycling Club            2.20
9 Tyler Nathe (USA) Broadmark Capital                 2.22
10 Owen Murphy (USA) Kestral                          3.02
11 Evan Plews (USA)                       3.07
12 Mike Martin (USA) Thomas Toyota                    3.21
13 Joel Biederman (USA) Gallatin Valley               4.20
14 Eric Smedberg (USA) Lactic Acid Cycling            5.29
15 Mathew Braun (USA) North River Racing              7.03
16 Todd Coglan (USA) Broadmark Capital                9.32
17 Pietro Buttitta (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike      9.39
18 Todd Jones (USA) Broadmark Capital                11.06
19 Scott White (USA) Lactic Acid Cycling             11.30
20 Dan Packman (USA) Hutch's                         11.32
21 Tim Ellis (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi                  14.30
22 Daimeon Shanks (USA) Hutch's/Cannondale           14.50
23 Erik Huston (USA) Hutch's Bicycles                17.11
24 Jason Dykstra (USA) Echelon Cycling Club          17.50
25 David Krick (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike         18.21
26 Steven Williams (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi            18.36
27 Andy Bopp (USA) Lost River Cycling                19.26
28 Jeff Westlund (USA) Ti Cycles Racing              20.07
29 Bryan Horsburgh (USA) Lactic Acid Cycling         22.15
30 Matt Mahoney (USA) Oregon State University        25.08
31 Bryan Chapin (USA) Capitol Cycling Club           28.12
32 Laurence Merling (USA) Aurora Cycles              28.31
33 Cyril Jay-Rayon (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi            28.51
34 Daniel Liberator (USA) Seattle Velo/Armondo's     29.20
35 Tim Marcotte (USA) Paradise Homes                 29.30
36 Scott Goldstein (USA) Paradise Homes              30.50
37 Chad Nichols (USA) Armondos/Fat Tire Ale          31.44
38 Erin Witter (USA) George's                        31.51
39 Thomas Letsinger (USA) Hutch's                    33.38
40 Chris Myers (USA) North River Racing              35.05
41 Jim Laudolff (USA) Lake Washington Velo           36.01
42 Don Stimson (USA) Armondos/Fat Tire Ale           36.02
43 Victor Brudov (USA) Campione                      37.08
44 Scott Powell (USA) Team Oregon/Bike Gall          37.43
45 Marc Papineau (USA) Broadmark Capital             38.03
46 Kevin McHugh (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi               38.45
47 Dan Hayes (USA) Husky Racing                      40.13
48 Chad Davis (USA) Krebs                            40.38
49 Brian Austin (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike        42.13
50 Greg Ariens (USA) Torani/NW Velo                  42.38
51 Ken Dammand (USA) Ti Cycles Racing                42.40
52 Bryan Powell (USA) Lactic Acid Cycling            43.35
53 Marshall Will (USA) Aurora Cycles                 45.21
54 Mitch Denham (USA) Torani/NW Velo                 47.27
55 Andy Vosberg (USA) Kona USA                       47.35
56 Steven Schenck (USA) Team Oregon/Bike Gall        51.41
57 Chris Collins (USA) Safeway/Saturn                54.46
58 Paul Duncan (USA) Paradise Homes                  56.11
59 Andy Luhn (USA) Saturn of Bellevue/Pazzo          58.10
60 Joshua Wright (USA) N/A                         1.00.17
61 Ryan Weaver (USA) Oregon State University       1.01.47
62 Dave Hokit (USA) Ti Cycles Racing               1.01.52
63 Ryan Manner (USA) Lakeside/River's Edge         1.03.56
64 Steven Muschek (USA) Team Oregon/Bike Gall      1.07.58
65 Robert Huff (USA) N/A                           1.07.58
66 Brian Carver (USA) UW Huskies                   1.10.57
67 Adnan Kadir (USA) North River Racing            1.11.13
68 Aias Cienfuegos (USA) Campione                  1.12.57
69 Chris Byrne (USA) North River Racing            1.15.08
70 Gregor Brown (USA) Torani/NW Velo               1.19.06
71 Ben Colombi (USA) Idaho Cycling Club            1.19.23
72 Mark Williams (USA) Five Valley Velo            1.20.58
73 Marc Guichard (USA) Unattached                  1.29.08
74 Steve Cohen (USA) Campione                      1.31.53
75 Gary Buckus (USA) Recycled Cycles               1.35.52
76 David Folsom (USA) North River Racing           1.35.55
77 Glenn Keiper (USA) Paradise Homes               1.46.59
78 Mike Colbach (USA) Torani/NW Velo               1.48.34
79 Phillip Wiant (USA) N/A                         1.55.29
80 Robert Trombley (USA) Recycled Cycles           2.01.01
81 Kevin Won (USA) N/A                             2.18.00
82 Matthew Wall (USA) Serratto/Cyclisme            2.31.38
83 Zach Vanderkooy (USA) North River Racing        3.02.53
84 Jonathon Sieber (USA) Serratto/Cyclisme         3.22.10
85 Douglas Duguay (USA) Team Serratto              3.22.19


1 Muffy Roy (USA) KMX/Sunnyside Sports            12.47.48
2 Sara Neil (USA) Trek/Volkswagen                     0.12
3 Lisa Magness (USA) Hutch's Bicycles                 0.37
4 Darnelle Moore (USA) Intersports/Soliton            5.24
5 Stephanie Hannos (USA) Campione Cycling Team        5.44
6 Mary Ann Fleckenstein (USA) Lost River Cycling      8.57
7 Alice Pennington (USA) Thomas Toyota               11.40
8 Susan Gottschalk (USA) Edmonton Road & Track       11.46
9 Helen Grogan (USA) Hutch's Bicycles                11.53
10 Janelle Smith (USA) Team Goldy's                  12.03
11 Jessica Cortell (USA) Lakeside/Rivers Edge        14.18
12 Liza Rachetto (USA) Lactic Acid                   16.37
13 Shawn Kruger (USA) Hutch's Bicycles               18.20
14 Marni Prazky (USA) Giant - Power Bar              24.08
15 Melissa Erion (USA) Paradise Homes                24.16
16 Heidi Stamm (USA) Five Valley Velo                24.31
17 Allison Beall (USA) Torrefazione Italia/GT        25.04
18 barb Belcher (USA) Team Soliton                   25.18
19 Kimberly Richards (USA) Recycled Cycles           25.28
20 Nina Krack (USA) O'Hagan Cycles                   25.33
21 Martha Walsh (USA) Mongoose/DeFeet                41.12
22 Christina Malin (USA) Cal Cycling                 42.56
23 Kathleen Negraeff (USA) Team Soliton              47.59
24 Jennifer Wiebe (USA) Lactic Acid                1.03.20
25 Michelle Conrad (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi          1.12.47
26 Patty Davis (USA) Mako                          1.15.03
27 Susan Weis (USA) Hutch's Bicycles               1.26.03
28 Roberta Carlson (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi          1.30.07
29 Nicole Novembre (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi          1.30.15
30 Mindy Ziffren (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi            1.41.23
31 Kathy McGann (USA) Five Valley Velo             1.49.03
32 Carrie Edwards (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi           2.55.23
33 Joyce LaGow (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi              3.05.22

Masters 40+

1 Rich Cramer (USA) Presto Velo/Bike N Hike       11.09.14
2 Mike Longmire (USA) Sports and Wellness             1.49
3 Scott Seaton (USA) Hutch's                          6.56
4 John Weyhrich (USA) Five Valley Velo                7.02
5 Scott Yount (USA) Hutch's Bicycles                  7.22
6 Fred Michini (USA) Five Valley Velo                12.27
7 Ted Ritter (USA) Escape Velocity                   12.31
8 Jam Wellington (USA) Hutch's                       14.42
9 Dave Magness (USA) Century Cycles                  16.01
10 Jim Pennington (USA) Thomas Toyota                16.17
11 Tom Atkins (USA) Ti Cycles Racing                 16.22
12 Rob Templin (USA) San Diego CycloVets             19.06
13 Mark Painter (USA) Finley Flyers                  23.03
14 Michael Ryan (USA) Hutch's                        23.59
15 Chris Gulick (USA) Ti Cycles Racing               24.01
16 Kenneth Toth (USA) Flathead Velo                  38.10
17 Jeff Penrod (USA) Flathead Velo                   39.27
18 Jon Nigbor (USA) Safeway/Saturn                   43.35
19 Brad Stewart (USA) Hutch's                        51.40
20 Crai Groendyke (USA) Chinook Cycling Club         31.34
21 Martin Mayock (USA) Old Town Bicycle              40.28
22 Bob Crawford (USA) Nextlink/Bacardi             2.00.57

Wizards of the Coast Twilight Bicycle Race

Ballard, WA, June 17, 2000


Pro Cat 1 & 2 Men, 55 riders, 70 mins. 

Kenny Williams (USA) Nutra-Fig 
Tyler Farrar (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Paul Reed (USA) Shaklee 
Rich McClung (USA) Broadmark 
Russell Stevenson (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Mike Eddy (USA) Greggs Cycles 
Min Van Velzen (USA) Trek/VW 
Sven Tuft (USA)Trek/VW 
Doug Carlton (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Terry Buchanan (USA) Broadmark

Note: The top nine riders listed lapped the field. 

Cat 3- 5 Men, 93 riders, 55 mins. 

Geoffrey Crofoot (USA) Torrefazione 
Derrick Queen (USA) Aurora Cycles 
Travis Kuehn (USA) Tacoma Bicycle 
David Webster (USA) unattached 
Steve Piccolo (USA) Tacoma Bicycle 
Brad Doll (USA) Aurora Cycles 
Lance Simanek (USA) Saturn of Bellevue 
Mitch McDougall (USA) Pettit Oil 
Todd Davis (USA) Broadmark 
Richard Floisand (USA) Tacoma Bicycle

Masters Men 35 +, 33 riders, 45 min. 

Mike Eddy (USA) Greggs Cycles 
Steve Poulter (USA) unattached 
John Sheehan (USA) unattached 
Dan Norton (USA) Greggs Cycles 
Chris Gulick (USA) TiCycles 
Paul Johnson (USA) Mongoose/Defeet 
Mike Baughman (USA) Esola 
Bill Temple (USA) Aurora Cycles 
Todd Gallaher (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Alastair Lockett (USA) TiCycles

Women, 18 riders, 40 min. 

Norrene Valente (USA) Safeway/Saturn 
Jeanette Nussbaum (USA) Recycled Cycles 
Lisa Sweeney (USA) Physical Culture 
Karlee Bradner (USA) Aurora Cycles 
Erinne Willock (USA) Physical Culture 
Leigh Anne Collis (USA) Fairfield 
Sarah Mihailovich (USA) Mongoose/DeFeet 
Emily Westbrook (USA) Recyceld Cycles 
Gina Kavesh (USA) Armondos 
Susan Pappalardo (USA) Mongoose/DeFeet

A special thanks to the sponsors of the race: 
Wizards of the Coast, Olympic Athletic Club, Carter VW & SAAB
Swedish Medical Center/Ballard, Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.